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Approved Tech GCA-12 "Stormwarden" CIWS Turret

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I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge

  • Manufacturer: The Globex Corporation
  • Affiliation: Globex Security Division
  • Market Status: Open-Market
  • Model: GCA-12 "Stormwarden" CIWS Turret
  • Modularity: Limited; can be scaled down to single-barrel or up to quadruple-barrel.
    • Most frequently mounted to starships, but is compatible with ground bases and even large vehicles.
    • Data-Brain may be replaced by organic alternatives for luddites security-conscious clients.
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Misc. Components
  • Classification: Maser Turret (CIWS)
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light
  • Ammunition Type: Gas Canisters
  • Ammunition Capacity: Average
  • Effective Range: Point Blank
  • Rate of Fire: Very High
  • Damage Output: Low
  • Recoil: Average
  • Stormwardens sport sophisticated sensor suites which feed targeting data directly into self-learning data-brains optimised for lightning-fast reaction times. They frequently communicate with nearby turrets (the "grid") through physical data links to circumvent jamming/electronic warfare and may be permitted to open fire without organic confirmation at the discretion of a starship/base's command staff.
    • Organic controllers are normally unviable given the reaction time requirements; Neurocrowns may compensate.
  • Maserstorm: The Stormwarden is designed to unleash a veritable storm of low-yield bolts to overwhelm incoming craft/projectiles.
  • Accuracy: The combination of precise sensors and a rapid-swivel mount affords the integrated data-brain impressive accuracy.
  • Kinetic: As a maser, the Stormwarden's bolts carry enough kinetic energy to potentially interfere with an object's trajectory.
  • Low Yield: Individual bolts are unimpressive; repeated hits are normally needed to down starfighters or shielded torpedoes.
  • Low Range: The Stormwarden is point-defence first and only and is, by extension, pretty useless outside close-quarters battle.
The newest design to emerge from Globex's weapons development programs, the Stormwarden epitomises the idea that whoever shoots first and most often in a close-quarters engagement is likely to come out on top, achieving this by sacrificing "trivialities" like yield and range. Unsurprisingly, these weapons are horribly unsuitable for anti-capital duty, though they may overwhelm corvettes "scraping hulls" through weight of numbers.

Implications that Globex's engineers know exactly how to fool their own defences are, of course, entirely accurate slanderous.
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