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Approved Location Othrys

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  • Astronomical Location Name: Othrys
  • Classification: Moon
  • Location: Within in the Pacanth Reach orbiting some lifeless planet
  • Rotational Period: N/A
  • Orbital Period: N/A
  • Size: Small
  • Affiliation: The Government of the Pacanth Reach & by extension the First Order
  • Population: Insignificant Population
  • Demographics: 100% Epicanthix
  • Accessibility: Guarded
  • Description: The small moon known as Othrys has been, up until now, nothing more than a footnote in the grandeur that is the Pacanth Reach. When the Arch-King of the Reach set his eyes upon the small moon as the summit for his meeting with the First Order's Supreme Leader, Sieger Ren, he commanded his vast army of engineers to smooth all creases and craters on the moon's surface in preparation for a grand momument to commemorate the occasion. A massive thoroughfare was created that spanned the moon's entire diameter lined with massive braziers of smokeless promethium that crackled and hummed with a deep blue flame. At the center of the globe-encircling thoroughfare a enormous parade stage was built and decorated with grand statues of ancient Sith and Imperial heroes of the ancient past, and just north of it stood the only structure on the entire moon; a monolithic pyramid of black marble and heavy granite that was known as the Titanos.
  • The moon itself holds no actual defenses, and instead relies on a permanent small fleet that has anchored itself above the moon. The moon holds no strategic value, only symbolic and cultural value.
    [3x] Executrix-class Star Destroyer

  • The Titanos: A titanic structure nearly five hundred meters tall juts from the smooth landscape of Othrys, a monument to the prosperity and strength of the Reach as it stands alongside the First Order as Imperial comrades against the tides of debauched democracy. Most of the structure is made from black marble and heavy gray granite with the interior mostly empty save for rooms decorated with various memorials and chapels for worship of the Dark Side of the Force. The pyramid's apex is made entirely out of transluscent transparisteel, and is known as the location of the historical summit between the Arch-King Kaine Zambrano and Supreme Leader Sieger Ren.
  • The Thoroughfare: To facilitate grand parades and other festivities on the small moon, a massive highway was constructed that encircled the entire globe from one end of the Titanos to the other.
  • The Statues of Ancient Heroes: Alongside the great thoroughfare that encircled Othrys were towering statues of ancient Sith and Imperials arrayed in triumphant poses. The most notable statues were those of Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, Malgus, Marr, Gilad Pellaeon, Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, Rae Sloane, among countless others that line the road to and from the Titanos.

For eons Othrys had been a waystation, a stopping point for travelers moving through the Pacanth Reach for a variety of reasons. It had never known any other purpose and had largely been ignored by the Epicanthix seeking to improve the quality of life within the Reach, but that would all change. With the rise of the First Order and the ascension of Kaine Zambrano to the Reach's throne, many new works and projects were undertaken to permanently stamp Imperial and Sith ideals into the Epicanthix culture. Several grand monuments were built on various planets to that end, but the Arch-King hungered for something even grander, something that would truly show the majesty of Imperialism.

That's when he came across Othrys.

He commanded that all existing structures on the small moon be torn down, their occupants evicted and compensated, and set forth to establish the largest Imperial monument he had ever conceived. The surface of the moon was methodically smoothed by a literal army of engineers, and a massive thoroughfare built to encompass the entire globe. At the joined end of the thoroughfare he commanded that a massive structure be constructed, and so the Titanos was built; a five hundred meter tall pyramid that jutted out from the moon's surface.

Othrys would eventually serve as the meeting place between the Arch-King and Sieger Ren, and after that would attract many Imperials to visit its majesty.
[member="Darth Carnifex"] good work.
Just one minor detail in that moons are, by definition, satellites caught in the gravity of another celestial body, so they'd have to be orbiting something and not alone in the Pacanth Reach. You'll need to add a planet or asteroid to the location or change it's classification from a moon.

Other than that, I'd be happy to approve this.
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