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Approved Planet Remnicore

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Dark Lord of the Sith

  • Planet Name: Remnicore
  • Demonym: Remnicoran
  • Region: Wild Space
  • System Name: Remnicore System
  • System Features:
    • One Sun
      • Remnicore's sun is a supergiant star halfway through its life cycle, and will eventually combust as a supernova millions of years into the future.
    • Two Moons
      • One moon remains completely intact, while the other has lost over 75% of its mass from an unrecorded event.
    • Three Planets
      • Besides Remnicore, there exist three other worlds in the Remnicore System; all of which are uninhabited dead worlds without atmospheres.
  • Location: Below Tash-Taral Hex
  • Major Imports: None
  • Major Exports: None
  • Unexploited Resources:
    • Silver Ore
    • Sith & Zeffo Artifacts
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Arid
  • Primary Terrain:
    • Rocky
    • Barren
    • Volcanic
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Capital City: None
  • Planetary Features:
    • Ancient Decrepit Remnicoran, Sith, and Zeffo Ruins
    • White Lava Flows
    • Barren Plains
    • Windless Atmosphere
  • Major Locations:
    • The Emperor's Sanctuary: Constructed from the ruins of an ancient fortress, the Emperor made for himself a private sanctum on the forgotten world of Remnicore. In it he installed a variety of machinery that would allow him to keep in touch with the wider galaxy and further his diabolical agenda from behind the scenes. The Sanctuary was protected by overlapping concentric rings of anti-starfighter emplacements and redundant shield generators.
      • Tor Valum's Mausoleum: Located beneath the Emperor's Sanctum is the resting place of the ancient Dark Lord Tor Valum, constructed out of black basalt brick with white mortar and decorated with various Sith and Zeffo imagery. An extensive study of the chamber has revealed various references to Mortis, the Mortis Gods, and the Loth-Wolves of Lothal.
    • Subterranean Production Network: Excavated at the behest of the Sith Emperor, his cultists constructed a vast underground system of manufactories which could produce armor, weapons, droids, and starships of any given dimension as long as there was appropriate material. Each production bay was connected to the surface by a long triangular shaft covered by a pair of retracting shutters.
  • Intent: Create a planet-wide Dark Side aura
  • Nexus Name: Legacy of Tor Valum
  • Nexus Alignment: Dark Side of the Force
  • Size: Planetary
  • Strength: Strong
  • Accessibility: The nexus permeates the entire planet, affecting everyone who steps foot on the world.
  • Effects:
    • Oppressive suppression of Light Side aligned Force Sensitives
    • Significant strengthening of Dark Side aligned Force Sensitives
    • Unintelligible voices and whispers in the dialect of the ancient Sith and the ancient Zeffo
    • Vivid Force Hallucinations
  • Native Species: Extinct Six-Eyed Alien Species (Remnicoran)
  • Immigrated Species:
    • Humans / Near-Humans
    • Various Aliens
  • Population: Insignificant
  • Demographics:
    • 75% Human / Near-Human
    • 25% Assorted Alien
  • Primary Languages:
  • Culture: Though much of the lost civilization of Remnicore is unknown, what is blatantly inferred is that they were highly militant people who were influenced by both the ancient Sith and the ancient Zeffo. From uncovered archaeological evidence, the now-extinct natives of Remnicore were visited by both the Sith and the Zeffo at different points in their long history. The Sith introduced them to the Dark Side of the Force, while the Zeffo introduced them to the Light Side of the Force. For a time, Remnicore lived in harmony with both sides of the Force until the balance was upset by the Sith, and Remnicore was dragged into a war with the Jedi which ended in the planet's utter annihilation. All that remained of their culture were the artifacts found in their desiccated fortresses and across the countless battlefields which littered the dead world.
  • Government: Theocratic Dictatorship
  • Affiliation: Kyantkoshûjontû (Black Empire)
  • Wealth: Poor
    • The entirety of Remnicore's planetary population was wiped out thousands of years ago, and what remained of their once prosperous civilization was reduced to ruin through the degradation of time. No infrastructure remains to continue trade and commerce with any outside entities, even if they were aware of the ruined world. Though the planet has seen an uptick in activity as Carnifex and his followers moved in, they did not instigate new commercial endeavors.
  • Stability: High
    • Being the only living creatures that now occupy Remnicore are the cultists and soldiers of the Dark Lord of the Sith, all minds are driven to his worship and servitude to his will. No dissenting or rebellious thought have trespassed on the dead world of Remnicore since the Sith's intrusion.
  • Freedom & Oppression: The Kyantkoshûjontû rules over the cultists and soldiers it has transferred to Remnicore with visceral brutality, with the Sith Emperor acting like an absolute dictator and many of the cultists serving as little more than slaves to further his agenda. Most, however, are mind-addled by the Dark Side of the Force to serve without hesitation or reserve, giving up their lives in pursuit of the Dark Lord's insidious goals.
  • Military: In the ancient past the world of Remnicore was a formidable bastion of ferocious warriors empowered by both the Light and Dark Side of the Force. Now, the forces of the Sith Emperor Carnifex reign supreme across the dead planet. His starships fill the upper atmosphere while his soldiers stand vigilant atop dizzying precipices of ancient stone reinforced by modern steel. The Emperor's control of Remnicore is total.
  • Technology: Archaeological excavations have uncovered technology similar to that of the ancient Sith and the ancient Zeffo, with several inoperable Tomb Guardians discovered inside the Mausoleum of Tor Valum and other locations with a heavy Zeffo presence. The Sith Emperor has tasked his scientists with the restoration of these automatons and the reverse engineering of their mechanisms.

In the ancient annuls of Remnicore it was said that the original inhabitants were a prideful six-eyed species of alien who were militantly inclined. For eons, they evolved and advanced in relative obscurity and solitude, but that changed by the arrival of two important visitors to their isolated world. The first was the Zeffo, a species from the Outer Rim planet bearing the same name that was expanding their culture across the stars to far-flung and distant worlds like Dathomir and Kashyyyk. They brought their knowledge of the Force, which they had referred to as the Life Wind, and taught what they knew to the native Remnicorans. The second was the Sith of Korriban, who were likewise spreading their culture across neighboring systems through the power of the Dark Side, which they also taught to the Remnicorans.
Sith and Zeffo colonists intermingled with the Remnicorans, blending their cultures together into something new as the centuries came and went. Though inclined towards martial strength and battle, the Zeffo had taught the Remnicorans the virtues of peace and tranquility. There existed a balance of harmony between the Light and the Dark on Remnicore, and the people grew prosperous under several successive wise rulers known as the Sages. Ruling jointly from a glittering citadel at the spiritual heart of Remnicore, they guided the Remnicorans on the path to enlightenment and cosmic balance.
That was until the rise of Tor Valum.
Tor Valum was considered a prodigy on Remnicore, a being of stark Zeffo descent, who was trained to one day rise to the position of Sage as his ancestors had in the generations before his birth. He grew haughty and arrogant as he matured, bolstered by the pride of his birthright and his strong connection to the Force. He surpassed others in his generation, even surpassing his peers and tutors on his rise to prominence. He began to view the Light Side as weak, restricting. Upon his ascension to Sage, he fully embraced the Dark Side of the Force and established himself as the premier ruler of all Remnicore with his increasingly destructive powers.
His rise drew the attention of the Dark Lords of the Sith, who arrived on Remnicore and inducted Tor Valum into their ranks. He too became a Dark Lord of the Sith, and his brutal oppression of his people only increased as the Sith occupied Remnicore as his enforcers. Tor Valum learned much from the Sith and practiced his newfound knowledge on the weak and helpless, vampirically draining their life energies until all that remained were shriveled husks.
Tor Valum lived an unnaturally long life, buoyed by his strength in the Dark Side and the countless innocents he fed to prolong his own existence. He was eventually destroyed during the Great Hyperspace War as the Jedi tore apart the Sith Empire he had enthusiastically joined. In a fit of madness, Tor Valum unleashed a superweapon of his own design against the Jedi and his own people.
In an instant, all life was drained from Remnicore in a pulse of vampiric Dark Side energy.
Only Tor Valum survived, the despot of a now empty and lifeless world. He would eventually succumb to the ravages of the Dark Side in his solitude, encasing himself in the mausoleum he constructed by his own hand mere moments before his own demise.
Remnicore would be lost to time as it faded into obscurity.
Thousands of years later, the Dark Lord of the Sith Kaine Zambrano would rediscover the world during a pilgrimage in the throes of the Dark Side of the Force. He would uncover Tor Valum's mausoleum and learn of the world's history through the pictographs inscribed on the tomb's walls, and he would make the planet known only to a select few in the galaxy. As the fires of war raged across the cosmos, the Dark Lord of the Sith would establish himself a hidden kingdom upon Remnicore in preparation for the great destiny he was certain that would be his to inherit.
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I'll be handling the first review for you.

1. Region
Region: Wild Space
In accordance with the prophecy... er, I mean the template, please link Wild Space here.

2. Unexploited Resources
Unexploited Resources:
  • Silver Ore (Strange Electromagnetic Properties)
  • Sith & Zeffo Artifacts
Since this is the first instance of a reference to the Zeffo, please link Zeffo here. You have it further in the submission, but its mentioned several times before arriving at the link.

On the silver ore, what is it that you're referring to with regard to the strange electromagnetic properties? I looked at the entry for silver on Wookieepedia and didn't see anything in either Canon or Legends that stood out to me there. Reading through the submission, I don't see where this seems elaborated upon or further explained (correct me if I'm wrong on those counts). So it leaves me with a question regarding what the reader is supposed to glean from the one-off mention here.

3. Major Locations
Tor Valum's Mausoleum: Located beneath the Emperor's Sanctum is the resting place of the ancient Dark Lord Tor Valum, constructed out of black basalt brick with white mortar and decorated with various Sith and Zeffo imagery. Extensive study of the chamber has revealed various references to Mortis, the Mortis Gods, and the Loth-Wolves of Lothal
Since the mention of Tor Valum seems to be a plot point in Domination and Secrets, I'd suggest adding that thread to the Links section.

Those are my thoughts. Please let me know if you have any questions, otherwise please tag me when you have completed any edits.
Dark Lord of the Sith
  1. Linked Wild Space
  2. Linked Zeffo; the 2016 script for Duel of the Fates mentioned piles of silver ore in the old fort where Kylo Ren met Tor Valum so I tossed it in there as a passing mention, but I removed the electromagnetic properties line as it had no bearing on the rest of the sub and wasn't a strongly thought out addition to begin with
  3. Linked both of my threads that took place on Remnicore, Descent into Darkness and Domination and Secrets.
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Handling secondary review. Just a few things that need to be handled prior to approval.

  • System Features:
This needs to be filled out.

  • System Features: [ Here you may list suns, moons, other planets, important asteroid belts, spatial anomalies, or other features of the star system. You may also include orbital position, rotational period (length of day), and orbital period (days in a year) in this section. if you have submitted Astronomical Objects for this system, you may link them here, and if you would like to expand on the system in more detail, you may use that template to do it at your leisure. ]
Population: Uninhabited

You say here that the planet is uninhabited, yet you also elaborate on how the planet is inhabited by humans and various aliens and that Carnifex' followers have established a strong presence on the planet, which means it would have a population, if only a small one.

Looking at the template, Insignificant seems like a more appropriate rating.
  • Population: [ Choose from: Uninhabited, Insignificant, Sparse, Moderate, Heavy, Crowded - Optional: include a population number. ]

  • Primary Languages:
    • Galactic Basic
    • ur-Kittât
Since it is quite obscure, especially for members less knowledgeable about the EU, please hyperlink ur-Kittât.

  • Wealth: Poor
  • Stability: Low
As required in the template, please add some description in both sections. A couple lines suffice.

  • Wealth: [ Poor, Low, Medium, High, Wealthy. Describe, briefly, why. ]
  • Stability: [ Low, Medium, High. Are there major issues causing unrest? Is this a planet of chaos or one of peaceful law-abiding citizens? Is it dangerous for travellers to visit or are you safe as an outsider? Describe the general feel and theme of any overarching government or rulers/leaders in this city. ]
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