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  1. Renora zambrano

    Character  Renora zambrano

    renora zambrano Age 16 Species half epicanthrix half firrerro Gender female Height 6ft Weight 185lbs Force Sensitive yes Force Sensitive (naturally very strong) PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Renora hit puberty young so her body matured naturally making her body look more mature and...
  2. Darth Aegrotus

    Character  Venthis Zambrano, The Plaguebearer

    VENTHIS ZAMBRANO Music Rise from Decay Aliases Darth Aegrotus Venthis Zambrano Lord of Decay Prince of Panatha Prince of Thule Son of the Warlord of Rattatak The Governor of Eol Sha Birthplace Panatha Age Forgotten Personality Traits Sadistic Insane Playful Education Traits...
  3. Darth Prazutis

    Approved Lore  Koshûtaral Sentinels

    Intent: To modernize the general security force for House Zambrano with a new submission more in line with our current lore. Image Credit: Headers - Teresa Pelles | Darth Pellax Image - Darth Carnifex / John Locke Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Gelian Sentinels Organization Name...
  4. Darth Prazutis

    Approved Tech  TBG/AG-01 "Regrush" Type Vibrosword

    Intent: To make a nifty vibrosword for the Blackblade Guard Officer Corps Image Source: Click - Gambar Katana Headers - MANIAC Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Hask-type Vibrosword Manufacturer: Malsheem Automated Factories Affiliation: The Blackblade Guard - Grand...
  5. Darth Prazutis

    Approved Tech  TBG/AI-01 "Defiler" Ion Disruptor Rifle

    D E F I L E R Intent: To create an ion disruptor rifle exclusively for the Blackblade Guard. Image Source: Click - Ryan Won Young Choi Headers - MANIAC Canon Link: Disruptor Permissions: Aurora Industries Permission Primary Source: T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle Class D Annihilation...
  6. Decima Zambrano

    Character  Decima Zambrano

  7. Reagan Zambrano

    Character  Reagan Zambrano

    Reagan The Wayward NAME: Reagan Zambrano FACTION: Sith Affiliated RANK: ... SPECIES: Epicanthix AGE: Adult SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'6 WEIGHT: 200 lbs EYES: Pale Blue HAIR: Blonde SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: (WIP) Jar'Kai Specialist: Two lightsabers...
  8. C

    Character  Constantinius Zambrano

    Constantinius Zambrano [Theme Music] NAME: Constantinius Zambrano FACTION: The Sith Empire RANK: Prince SPECIES: Epicanthix/Shi'ido Hybrid AGE: 32 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 12ft EYES: Blue HAIR: Blonde SKIN: White FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes PARENTS: Father: Carnifex-Demiurge Mother: Izazsh...
  9. S

    Character  Saeth Zambrano

    SOCIETAL Name: Saeth Zambrano Alias: Voice of the Gods Zambrano The Pious Titles: Grand Archimandrite High Priestess Homeworld: Thyferra Current Home: Malsheem Faction: Kainate Force Sensitivity: Strong Force Rank: - Force Alignment: Darksided APPEARANCE Race: Epicanthix...
  10. Elani Zambrano

    Approved NPC  Rashgarroth

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a sithspawn for future purposes. Image Credit: Angelo Pusso Role: Elani's minion Permissions: N/A Links: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: Innumerable Force Sensitivity: Master Species: Smoke Demon Appearance: In it's true form, Rashgarroth is a...
  11. Darth Carnifex

    Compendium on Kaine Zambrano

  12. Pom Stych Tivé

    Faction  Nightsister Ritual of Communion, to fortify our god - Kainate

    C O N D U I T For my precious Zeptepi. For my beloved family. The Bone Temple of the Nightsisters Wanica 13, Worldcraft Malsheem The weight of the intense presence unleashed by the ritual to reinforce the Darkside connection of Carnifex-Demiurge outweighed the eerie realization of the...
  13. V

    Duel  Season of the Sith

    How Villains Are Made T H U L E 874 A.B.Y To come from wealth, from privilege, greatness, infamy and yet recognize that vile position of evil that might place oneself in is a sobering experience in and of itself, but to walk the wreckage of a planet once ruled directly by both her father and...
  14. Kahlil Noble

    Character  Kahlil Zambrano

    Kahlil Zambrano Identification ALIASES: N/A AGE: Adult POSITION: Sith Knight HOME WORLD: Panatha Biology SEX: Male SPECIES: Epicanthix FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes EYES: Sith Yellow HAIR: White HEIGHT: 6'8" WEIGHT: Average BUILD: Fit Relationships FAMILY Joycelyn Zambrano (Sister)...
  15. Joycelyn Zambrano

    Private  The Meaning of a Name

    Joycelyn's finger tapped the glass idly as her mind travelled back to that day on Thule, and the memory was sharp as glass. She had assaulted the Silver Jedi Order on Kashyyyk, and stormed the stairs of Silver Rest. She was so closed to the home of the Jedi that she could almost taste it, but...
  16. Elani Zambrano

    Character  Elani Zambrano

    img src "How can you fear the dark when you've been so blinded by the light?" Name: Elani Zambrano Titles: Murakami Matron Princess of Panatha Age: 45 Gender: Female Species: Half-Epicanthix, Half-Mind-wtich Affiliation: Murakami Height: 5' 11" Weight: 154 lbs Skin Color: Pale White...
  17. Darth Prazutis

    Approved Tech  TBG/CRO-01 “Ribimilodal” Cellular Replication Organ

    Intent: To continue a series of augments for the Blackblade Guard. Image Source: N/ Headers - Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Banner - Darth Tacitus Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Sith Regenerator Firrerreo Manufacturer: The Blackblade Guard - Biomedical Science Corps, Malsheem...
  18. E

    Character  Ebiah Zambrano

    The Spirit Whisperer Name: Ebiah Zambrano Titles: Witch Spellweaver Sith Knight Species: Epicanthix Planet of Birth: Panatha Current Home: -- Faction: Nomadic Age: 21 Gender: Male Build: Lean, Yet Strong Height: 6'4 Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black Complexion: Tanned Distinguishing Features...
  19. A

    Character  Alcina Zambrano

    Alcina Zambrano NAME: Alcina Zambrano FACTION: The Sith Empire RANK: Sith Lord SPECIES: Epicanthix AGE: 48 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 9'6ft WEIGHT: 700lbs EYES: Glowing Yellow (Originally blue. Changed due to dark side corruption.) HAIR: Black SKIN: Pale White FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  20. Typhon Zambrano

    Character  Typhon Zambrano

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