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Character Carnifex the Emperor

Dark Lord of the Sith


RankSith Emperor / Dark Lord of the Sith
FactionThe Sith Empire
Force SensitiveYes
Height2.5 meters
Weight300 kilograms
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack and Yellow
Skin ColorLight
Distinctive featuresSith Tattoos
Battle Scars
Voice SampleDarin De Paul

  • Darth Carnifex, formerly known as Darth Vornskr, born Kaine Zambrano, and commonly known simply as the Sith Emperor, was a Force-sensitive Epicanthix male who became a Dark Lord of the Sith and Sith Emperor of the Eighth and Tenth Sith Empires, shaping modern history and guiding Sith ideology throughout most of the post-Darkness Era. Rising to power through dedicated military service and political maneuvering, the manipulative Dark Lord cultivated a cult of personality among both Sith and Imperials that allowed him to accrue mass amounts of power across the galaxy.

    Born on the Outer Rim planet Panatha around 787 ABY at the start of the post-Darkness Era, Carnifex was groomed to become the heir apparent to the disgraced Zambrano family following their exile to Thyferra. He eventually allied with his great-uncle Braxus to kill his mother and father, embarking on an over decade long journey to eventually join the Eighth Sith Empire as an Intelligence Agent. As a result of his service, he was discovered to be Force-sensitive by the Sith Order and trained by Daxton Bane to become a Sith Lord. Rising through the ranks, he eventually acquired the Throne of the Sith and ruled as Sith Emperor during the final days of the Eighth Sith Empire.

    Dethroned by the Jedi Council on Mon Cala, Carnifex was imprisoned by the Jedi before being freed with the aid of the One Sith en route to Coruscant for trial. Thankful for their aid, Carnifex allied himself with the One Sith and was christened as Darth Vornskr by its reigning Dark Lord. He spent the next ten years in service to the One Sith, amassing more power and more followers with every passing year. He was eventually killed by the Jedi Master Kiskla Grayson, but thanks to an imbalance created by the cosmic being Akala in the Netherworld of the Force he was able to escape and cheat death.

    Following the fall of the One Sith, Vornskr cast off his name and adopted the new moniker of Darth Carnifex. He then used what political and military power he retained to help establish the Tenth Sith Empire with himself as Dark Lord and Emperor.

  • The Dark Lord of the Sith is exceedingly cruel and capricious, ruling over those beneath Him with a carbon-jacketed fist. Having been immersed in the Dark Side of the Force for decades, all semblance of morality has been stripped away from His being to reveal cold heartless disdain.

    Having amassed so much power so quickly, the Dark Lord rapidly grew to believe that He, and He alone, was the dark axis upon which the universe rotated. He cared very little for other creatures, viewing them as little more than vague abstractions that paled in comparison with his magnificent existence. Viewing life other than his as inherently worthless, unless he attributed worth to it, he had very few qualms about murder and planetary destruction. Such rampant sociopathy and solipsism have lead to the deaths of millions at his direct command, his callousness knowing very few bounds of constraint.

    The sole few exceptions to this rule were those that he has attached himself to, chiefly his uncle Prazutis and those women he has taken for his wives. Because they had accepted him into them, germinated his seed, and bore him genetic offspring, he considers them an advanced extension of his will. They are not viewed as entirely separate entities, but rather another aspect of his overall existence. Decades of intimate connection with his uncle has led to the creation of a Dark Dyad between the two of them, linking their powers directly to one another, and connecting their minds across space and time. Their power was greatly enhanced when in close proximity to one another, an exponential replicating multiplier that had no theoretical limits.

    Despite the possessiveness the Dark Lord has shown to those who have become his wives, he shares little of that nefarious affection with his children save for a select few. Indeed, the Dark Lord thinks very little of the majority of his offspring. Most of them have fallen short of his expectations, but the worst of them all were those who had rebelled against his authority as their 'creator'. They are viewed with the highest level of contempt, amalgamations of genetic material that had gone awry from their programming. The Dark Lord is not above filicide and has purged his own lineage more than once in the past.

  • Core
    • Control
      • Force Speed
      • Force Stealth
    • Sense
      • Force Sight
      • Farsight
      • Force Empathy
      • Telepathy (Minor)
    • Alter
      • Telekinesis
      • Force Jump/Leap
      • Force Push/Pull
    • Breath Control
    • Comprehend Speech
    • Convection
    • Force Bellow
    • Force Body
    • Force Deflection
    • Force Throw
    • Force Barrier
    • Force Wave
      • Force Repulse
    • Force Weapon
    • Force Whisper
    • Inertia
    • Protection Bubble
    • Teleport
    • Tutaminis
    Dark Side
    • Darkshear
    • Fiery Energy
    • Force Destruction
    • Force Lightning
      • Chain Lightning
      • Force Shock
      • Force Storm (Lightning)
    • Force Maelstrom
    • Force Rage
    • Force Scream
    • Force Sphere
    • Force Wound
      • Force Grip
      • Force Choke
      • Force Crush
    • Mechu-deru
    • Sith Alchemy
    • Sith Magic
      • Aura of Uneasiness
      • Corpse Vision
      • Dark Energy Trap
      • Dark Side Tendrils
      • Dwomutsiqsa
      • Force Blast
      • Invoke Spirits
      • Odojinya
      • Spell of Concealment
      • Sutta Chwituskak
      • Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut
      • Waves of Darkness
    • Transfer Essence
    • Waves of Hatred
  • Lightsaber Forms
    • Shii-Cho, the Way of the Sarlacc, the Determination Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master
    • Makashi, the Way of the Ysalamiri, the Contention Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master
    • Soresu, the Way of the Mynock, the Resilience Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master
    • Ataru, the Way of the Hawk-Bat, the Aggression Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master
    • Shien/Djem So, the Way of the Krayt Dragon, the Perseverance Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - Advanced - {Master}
    • Niman, the Way of the Rancor, the Moderation Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master
    • Juyo/Vaapad, the Way of the Vornskr, the Ferocity Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - Advanced - {Master}
    Lightsaber Techniques
    • Jar'kai (Dual Wield)
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master
    • Mounted Lightsaber Combat
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master



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Dark Lord of the Sith
    • Born on Panatha to Rameses and Viktoria Zambrano
    • Political tension leads to the exile and exodus of the Zambrano family from Panatha
    • Kaine and his family relocate to Thyferra
    • Servelus, Kaine's uncle, denounces Rameses and Viktoria and departs for Hutt Space
    • His siblings Mordecai and Saeth are born on Thyferra five and ten years after Kaine's birth respectively
    • Kaine is tutored in modern science, mathematics, rhetoric, history, and other fields of study
    • Rameses introduces Kaine to the concept of the Force, particularly the Dark Side
    • Viktoria begins to instruct Kaine in how to harness the Force, often brutally punishing him for any failures or shortcomings
    • After reaching maturity, the dark vestiges of Solomon within Kaine awaken; driving the young man to murder both his mother and his father in cold blood
    • Confused, the young Kaine abandons his childhood home and takes to the stars with his great-uncle, Braxus Zambrano
    • The social skills passed down by his parents and tutors allow him to manipulate the weak-minded, assembling a sycophantic band of thugs and brutes to do his bidding
    • Braxus trains Kaine in the art of combat, transforming him into a skilled warrior and tactician
    • Briefly returns to his homeworld of Panatha, seducing Salara Kesare (the betrothed of a local noble) and copulating with her on the night before her wedding
    • Salara elopes with Kaine after murdering her former betrothed, destroying her own family in the process and absconding with their wealth
    • Kaine journeys across the galaxy, pillaging and indulging in whatever vices he and his newly wedded mate Salara desired
    • As Kaine, Braxus, and Salara marauder across the Outer Rim, the young man's thoughts turn away from wanton slaughter and towards the future
    • During an incursion to the Core World of reconstituted Alderaan, Kaine comes upon a young vampiric noblewoman named Invicta Gaultier
    • Kaine courted and seduced Invicta away from her family, taking her for his second bride after acquiring Salara's approval
    • A year after his marriage to Invicta, Kaine and his new family abandoned their life of marauding and traveled to the burgeoning Sith Empire
    • Trains in sabotage, espionage, and infiltration as an Imperial Agent
    • Graduates the Imperial Academy with high marks, immediately put into service as a Field Agent
    • Meets and recruits Agent Arkoh Grevane, who becomes one of Kaine's inner circle advisors
    • Is introduced to fellow agent Izaszh Kylir, a Shi'ido shapeshifter, by his uncle Braxus
    • Rises through the ranks via diligent service and exceptional results, eventually being promoted to the position of Minister of Intelligence
    • Forms the Hydra Guard, a handpicked cadre of bodyguards that were unwaveringly dedicated to Minister Zambrano
    • Becomes personally acquainted with the Sith Lord, Darth Moridin; a member of the Sith Triumvirate
    • Courts and marries Emma Cuiléin of the Vahla, creating strong ties with the Ember of Vahl that will last for decades
    • Attends multiple meetings between the Sith Triumvirate as an adjutant of Darth Moridin, subtly gathering information on the other two Triumvirs
    • Comes to know Darth Voracitos, even orchestrating several operations into the Core; one of which was to empty the banks of Ralltiir to fund the Sith Empire
    • Marries Izaszh after several years of close intimate cooperation as members of the Intelligence Ministry
    • Colludes with Darth Moridin to topple the Sith Triumvirate and install Moridin as the first Sith Emperor
    • Executes Moridin's will on Dromund Kaas, assassinating several members of the government who would stand in opposition to Moridin's rise
    • For his efforts in toppling the previous Sith regime, Zambrano is made Moridin's strong right hand and named Grand Vizier of the Empire
    • Is discovered by the Sith Order to be Force Sensitive
    • Reorganizes the Hydra Guard into the first iteration of the Blackblade Guard
    • Is trained by Daxton Bane in the ways of the Sith, quickly outpacing and rising higher in the Sith than his master
    • Travels to Dathomir where Kaine seduces and then marries Antanasia Cozma, a powerful Nightsister witch
    • Kaine also travels to Thyrsia, where he meets and impresses warrioress Saijo Taal in a fight before marrying her as well
    • Strategizes the invasion of Mandalorian space with Emperor Moridin following several border raids
    • The First Battle of Junction is fought between the Sith and the Mandalorians, resulting in a Sith victory
    • The planet of Junction is ordered to be sterilized by Emperor Moridin and is carried out by Grand Vizier Zambrano in totality
    • Pushing along the Hydian Way, the Empire conducts battles on Botajef, Bandomeer, and Taris before swinging down to attack Concord Dawn
    • The Battle of Concord Dawn is fought between the Sith and the Mandalorians, resulting in a Sith victory
    • Before the Empire could tighten the noose and strike at Mandalore itself, a relief force comprised of Republic soldiers and Jedi Masters aid the Mandalorians during an attack on Junction
    • The Second Battle of Junction is fought between the Sith, the Mandalorians, and the Mandalorians allies the Republican Jedi, resulting in a Mandalorian victory
    • Much of the Empire's progress towards Mandalore is reversed
    • Emperor Moridin is deposed in a coup organized by Ashin Varanin, who enlisted the aid of the Mandalorians in exchange for all hostilities to come to an end once she assumed the throne
    • Empress Varanin signs the Treaty of Junction, reversing any territorial changes between the Sith Empire and the Mandalorian Clans to before the First Battle of Junction
    • Grand Vizier Zambrano retains his position and status within the Empire, pledging his loyalty to the new Empress, while also beginning a romantic relationship with fellow Sith Anaya Fen
    • With the war with the Mandalorians officially ended, the Sith Empire begins a period of rapid expansion across the Tingel Arm.
    • Zambrano continues his Sith training, eventually obtaining the rank of Sith Lord at the age of forty-five
    • The Clockwork Rebellion spreads across the galaxy, with Zambrano being infected by nanobytes
    • Empress Varanin subdues Zambrano and other Sith afflicted by nanobytes, transferring them to a secret research facility known as Styx to undergo treatment
    • Zambrano remains in recovery as the Sith and Republic temporarily align to defeat the mastermind of the Rebellion, the rogue A.I. OMNI
    • Anaya Fen attempts to assassinate Zambrano after succumbing to grief following Zambrano's infection during the Rebellion, driving Zambrano further into the clutches of the Dark Side
    • Empress Varanin engages in hostilities with the Galactic Republic along the Perlemian Trade Route, culminating in several battles across worlds like Metalorn and Roche
    • During the Battle of Roche, Empress Varanin is presumed dead after her last known position was reduced to slag by Darth Voracitos
    • Darth Voracitos uses this power vacuum to seize control of the Sith Empire, reforming the Dark Council with Kaine Zambrano as a senior member
    • After several months of Dark Council rule, Voracitos declares himself Emperor Voracitos and embarks on a campaign to fund the creation of several superweapon projects
    • These projects prove to be highly challenging and excessively costly, quickly draining the Empire's coffers and siphoning resources away from other important areas
    • Tyrin Ardik, infuriated by such wanton recklessness, deposes Emperor Voracitos and declares himself Emperor Ardik
    • Emperor Ardik stabilizes the Empire's economy and dismantles the unfinished superweapons, using what was left to strengthen the sectors of the Empire left near barren after Voracitos' mismanagement
    • The Dark Council is again abolished, replaced by a more tightly centralized triumvirate of Sith Lords, each in charge of a significant portion of the Empire's territories
    • Kaine Zambrano is appointed by Emperor Ardik to serve as one of these Triumvirs, ruling over a third of the Empire from his abode on Thule
    • Despite Emperor Ardik's relatively successful reign, he is overthrown in a coup organized by Mikhail Shorn
    • Mikhail Shorn does not declare himself Emperor but rather nominates the Sith Lord Dranok Lussk to serve as the new Sith Emperor
    • Emperor Lussk improved the capabilities of the Imperial Military, strengthening the Navy, and reinforcing the Empire's southern border in preparation for an invasion of the Galactic Republic
    • Kaine Zambrano, displeased with Emperor Lussk's appointment (and seeking greater power for himself), challenged the Emperor to a Kaggath on Dromund Kaas
    • A fierce battle was waged between the Zambrano and Lussk loyalists, while the two Sith Lords fought in single combat in the Emperor's throne room
    • In the end, Zambrano was victorious after he shattered Lussk's spine and banished him to the Unknown Regions
    • Kaine Zambrano, long the right-hand of Emperors and Tyrants, at last, assumes the mantle of Sith Emperor
    • As the new Sith Emperor, Zambrano begins to gear the Empire for an inevitable confrontation with the Galactic Republic, strengthening his ties to the Tionese nobility by marrying Mircalla Dendor
    • Advancing along the Perlemian Trade Route, Emperor Zambrano assaults and conquers the planet of Togoria
    • Utilizing Togoria as a staging area for future incursions into the Republic, Zambrano orders the native population sterilized to prevent rebellion
    • Togoria's population is lowered by nearly eighty percent, resulting in a mass exodus of Togorians from their occupied homeworld
    • The war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic begins, with battles taking place at Onderon, Kashyyyk, and Manaan
    • Though initially successful in the war, the Sith front stagnates along the Perlemian
    • The Mandalorian Clans use this stalemate to their advantage and launch a surprise attack on the Sith Empire, striking at the throneworld of Dromund Kaas
    • Dromund Kaas is sacked by the Mandalorians, who plunge the planet into a nuclear winter after smashing an asteroid into its surface
    • Unbalanced by the sack of its capital, the Sith Empire begins to suffer losses along the Perlemian as they are outflanked by the Republic at Saleucami
    • The Republic cuts off the Sith Empire's retreat at Ossus as the Mandalorians begin to solidify their gains in the Gordian Reach
    • Regrouping for a counter-attack, the Sith draws the Republic into overextending at Mon Cala in an attempt to defeat their greatest warriors
    • Emperor Zambrano engages the Jedi Council in battle but is defeated and imprisoned by the Republic
    • Without their Emperor, the Empire fractures into warlordism
    • Darth Volcanus briefly takes the reigns of power at Korriban, but a Republic assault delivers the killing blow to the Sith Empire
    • The Sith Empire is partitioned by the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Clans, with the Mandalorians taking a large portion of the southern Empire from the Braxant Run to Dromund Kaas, while the Republic establishes territories from Togoria to Mon Cala along the Perlemian
    • What territories were unoccupied continue to spiral to chaos and anarchy as Imperial Warlords squabble over the remains, with the strongest remnant holding court Mytus VII on the edge of the galaxy
    • Kaine Zambrano is transported to Coruscant for trial and execution but is freed en route by members of the secretive One Sith who instead take him into the Deep Core to meet their master
    • Upon meeting the Voss Dark Lord of the One Sith, Zambrano pledges fealty in exchange for a chance at revenge for his defeat and the Empire's destruction.
    • He is christened as Darth Vornskr by the Dark Lord and is given a place of great authority and prestige in the One Sith
    • Hidden on the Deep Core world of Prakith, Vornskr and other leading members of the One Sith strategize for a Sith resurgence from the center of the galaxy
    • With the Republic's focus centered on quelling the rebellious elements of the now broken Sith Empire, the One Sith believe that their secret build-up will go mostly unnoticed
    • To secure alternative methods of supply, the Dark Lord tasks Vornskr with leading an expeditionary force into the Unknown Regions to conquer several outlying systems
    • Vornskr leads the charge from the Deep Core into the Unknown Regions, conquering Dulvoyinn, Constancia, Lialic, Widek, Galantros, Mindabaal, and Asani along the way
    • While charting the Unknown Regions, Vornskr encounters the mysterious alien Attendants who aid the One Sith in navigating and mapping the Unknown Regions
    • Vornskr comes across Tantorus, a lost and half-mystical world inhabited by Red Sith
    • These Red Sith join the One Sith after being awed by Vornskr's power, and a base is established on Tantorus
    • From Tantorus, Vornskr leads an expedition into Chiss space where he makes an alliance with the Chiss and incorporates their ailing Ascendancy into the One Sith
    • Bolstered by the Chiss, the One Sith begin their assault on the Republic by striking out from the Deep Core
    • Their first target is Coruscant, which they conquer in a dazzling display of brute force and ingenious cunning
    • Empress Teta pledges themselves to the One Sith to avoid a similar fate as Coruscant
    • The One Sith then strikes at Alderaan, razing the world and vongforming great swaths of its environment
    • With war now fully engulfing the Core Worlds, the One Sith launches calculated strikes at Manaan and Kashyyyk to surround Republic forces and destroy them piecemeal
    • The Republic begins to concentrate its forces in the Mid Rim to contain the One Sith's offensives, leaving its territories in the Outer Rim to revolt and secede from the Republic
    • As the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the One Sith reached its peak, the interdimensional demi-goddess known as Akala tore several rifts between the physical galaxy and the Netherworld of the Force, transporting half of the galactic population into the Netherworld in the process
    • Vornskr was one of the galactic half left in the physical universe following the onset of the Crisis and helps organize a response to stabilize the One Sith while strategizing new campaigns against the Republic
    • The Jedi Master Kiskla Grayson is captured by Vornskr, who intends to use her in an experiment to combat the effects of the Dark Side on his physical body, which had begun to decay under the immense strain of his power
    • Kiskla Grayson escapes containment on Panatha, and in a battle with the weakened Vornskr she kills him
    • Kaine Zambrano dies, and is plunged into the Netherworld of the Force; embroiled in the chaos of Akala's actions
    • He briefly suffers under the torment of the spirits of Rameses and Viktoria, his mother and father, because drawing upon the darkness of the Netherworld to break free and consume both of his mother and father's spirits; gaining both their memories and their powers
    • Through sheer force of will, Zambrano escapes the Netherworld of the Force through one of the many rifts created by Akala and travels through the galaxy as a spirit before being safeguarded by his most loyal followers on Coruscant
    • Zambrano returns to lift following a ritual that anchors his spirit with a clone body, gaining the first step to understanding artificial immortality
    • Akala's spirit is destroyed by heroes within the Netherworld, healing the damage done to the galaxy and sealing several of the Nether rifts; though some remain open
    • Vornskr discovers a woman orbiting a black hole in the Unknown Regions, who reveals herself as Ahani Najwa and is quickly married to Vornskr
    • Capitalizing on their enemy's weakness, the One Sith expands exponentially across the Core Worlds
    • The One Sith assaults the Republic world of Telti, seizing more industrial-strength from the now ailing Republic
    • Rallying together, the Galactic Republic, Omega Protectorate, and the Mandalorian Clans all launch simultaneous assaults on the One Sith at Alderaan, Empress Teta, and Coruscant respectively, but all fail to achieve victories
    • The assault proves too much of a strain on the Omega Protectorate's government, which had been significantly weakened by the Akala Crisis, and the Omega Protectorate is rendered defunct and fractures into smaller government entities; such as the Galactic Alliance
    • The One Sith launches a retaliatory strike at Contruum, cutting the Republic in half after successfully taking the shipyard world
    • Battles continue to rage along the Republic-Sith border, sapping the One Sith's strength as the Galactic Alliance begins to grow in strength and territory after annexing most of the Rimma Trade Route from Elrood to Fondor
    • Vornskr continues to scour the Unknown Regions on behalf of the Dark Lord, refining and improving upon the cloning technology acquired from Aurora Industries while also seeding the Unknown Regions with hidden supply depots and deepdocks
    • Vornskr rediscovers the lost Sith bastion of Exegol, where he submerges himself in the ancient lore and history of the Sith and communes with the spirits of Sith Lords long passed into dust
    • When Vornskr returns to Coruscant from the Unknown Regions, it becomes apparent to many One Sith that the Dark Lord's mind has begun to fray after several failed assassination attempts
    • Fearing that the One Sith would be dragged down with his insanity, Vornskr allies himself with Darth Ophidia to take down the Dark Lord when the opportunity presents itself
    • That opportunity comes after several ambitious Sith attempts to overthrow the Dark Lord and take control of the One Sith, leading to the destruction of the Dark Lord's physical body
    • Vornskr and Ophidia infiltrate the Dark Lord's genetic laboratory beneath Coruscant and confront the Dark Lord right as he returns to life in a new clone body
    • The duo destroys the Dark Lord once and for all, along with all of his clone bodies
    • Vornskr holds off on destroying the Dark Lord's equipment and data, taking it for himself and destroying all evidence of what he and Ophidia had done
    • With the Dark Lord destroyed, and the Sith rebels defeated, the One Sith is reorganized as an oligarchy with a Dark Council made up of Sith and Imperials presiding over the government and the military; Vornskr sits on this council as does Ophidia
    • The Dark Council approves a military attack on Togoria, which would sever the Republic in half again, and appoints Vornskr and Isamu Baelor to jointly lead the assault
    • Togoria falls to the Sith, and the Republic is reduced to little more than a rump state centered around the planet of Yutan
    • After several genetic tests with the Dark Lord's equipment, it's revealed that Vornskr's current clone body was hastily made and thus insufficient to hold his spirit for prolonged periods of time
    • To alleviate this complication, Vornskr willingly dies at the hands of Jedi Master Gabriel Sionoma so that his spirit could inhabit another, stronger body in the future
    • The Galactic Alliance, now comprised of former Republic officers and Jedi, declares war on the One Sith and attacks the Core World of Lujo
    • The Alliance is repelled, but not before Vornskr returns in a physical form and defeats Gabriel Sionoma in a fight and leaves him for dead
    • Several weeks later, the Alliance attacks again at Dulvoyinn and manages to triumph over the One Sith, leading to the Alliance pushing deep into Sith territory to retake Coruscant; the first time a non-Sith government has controlled Coruscant in a decade
    • Realizing that the One Sith has spent its energy fighting the Republic, and is incapable of mounting any further defense against the invigorated Galactic Alliance, Vornskr renounces his One Sith name and christens himself as Darth Carnifex before taking those forces loyal to him to Panatha and abandoning the One Sith
    • Before Carnifex leaves Coruscant he comes into contact with Jedi Master Taeli Raaf
    • Master Raaf grew disillusioned with the Jedi Order after they callously disregarded the death of her sister, Corvus Raaf, and desired revenge against the Jedi
    • Carnifex and Raaf laid the groundwork for a contingency that would, one day, bring about the destruction of the Jedi Order
    • The One Sith government collapses as other influential Sith and military officers follow suit, with those remaining to descend into warlordism just as the previous Sith Empire had done when it fell to the Republic
    • The Fall of the One Sith leads to the creation of several successor states, the two strongest being the First Order (made up of non-Sith Imperials from the One Sith and the long-defunct Lords of the Fringe who rejected the Sith ideology) and the Iron Empire (led by Isamu Baelor who also rejected the Sith ideology and modeled his successor government off of Fel Imperialism)
    • Carnifex remained on Panatha after the One Sith's fall, restoring his strength bit by bit away from the prying eyes of the Galactic Alliance
    • During his self-imposed exile, Carnifex makes an alliance with the First Order to aid them in their own war against the Galactic Alliance, in exchange for him retaining autonomy over the Pacanth Reach and allowing to practice his Sith religion without oversight
    • Though the majority of the One Sith government had collapsed and fallen into anarchy, there remained a radical group of hardliner Sith who refused to believe that they had lost
    • They gathered as much of the One Sith's naval might as they could and assembled it above the world of Castameer in the Unknown Regions where a superweapon known as Omega had been discovered
    • The threat of this superweapon brought the Alliance, Mandalorians, and successor Imperial states down on the Rogue Sith
    • In the ensuing battle, the Omega weapon was destroyed and the Rogue Sith defeated, but at the cost of the Mandalorian's leadership and many Jedi and Imperials
    • Carnifex, while not having involved himself in the battle, managed to capture several of the technicians who possessed knowledge of Omega and how it operated
    • With the Alliance focused on fighting the First Order, the Republic all but destroyed, and the Mandalorians adrift and leaderless; Carnifex believed that his opportunity to reunite the Sith had come
    • In secret, he met with prominent Sith Lords and Ladies who had laid low after the One Sith's dissolution a year prior, and together they put a plan into action to retake the Sith homeland from those who still occupied it; primarily the Silver Jedi
    • Carnifex abdicates the throne of the Pacanth Reach and leaves it to his granddaughter, Ara Ren
    • Their first efforts were successful in driving off the Silver Jedi, but the Sith briefly splintered under a lack of unity in how to proceed, leading to the creation of several Sith states such as the Sith Ascendancy and the Resurgent Empire
    • Though both states saw some success, the Resurgent Empire's expansion was stymied by the rise of the Dominion; a state which sought to control and repress the Sith homeworld and the territory belonging to the Old Sith Empire
    • In light of this potential threat, the Sith again reconvened and declared that Carnifex would be their Dark Lord of the Sith in order to combat the forces arrayed against the Sith, though all were not happy with his appointment, such as Darth Metus who left the Sith to pursue his own ambitions elsewhere
    • Carnifex reorganized the Sith Ascendancy into the New Sith Empire and began a massive campaign to expand its borders and combat the forces of the Dominion encroaching on the ancestral cradle of the Sith
    • The Battle of Krayiss II went in favor of the Sith, who shattered the Dominion's hold on the region and destroyed the Dominion government; declaring all former Dominion officers and government officials as enemies of the Sith
    • Most of the Stygian Caldera falls into the control of the Sith Empire after a lightning-fast campaign to solidify the Empire's gains, leading to a conflict with the Silver Jedi over Mirial and ending in a Sith victory
    • The Silver Jedi withdraws from the Tingel Arm and relocates to Kashyyyk, leading dozens of star systems vulnerable to the Empire's encroachment
    • Carnifex leads the charge to retake Dromund Kaas, finally reclaiming the old Sith throneworld and proclaiming himself Sith Emperor once again
    • To solidify his legitimacy among the ancient noble houses of the Red Sith, Carnifex takes Visian Dhoruoth for his ninth wife
    • Carnifex travels to Castameer and recovers the body of Ra Vizsla, Mand'alor of the Mandalorian Clans who had died during the Omega War
    • He then travels to Dathomir and enters the Warlock Gate, one of the few functioning Nether Gates in the galaxy, and collects Ra's consciousness from the Netherworld of the Force
    • Carnifex then takes both body and spirit to Khar Delba and reunites them, bringing Ra Vizsla back to life
    • The Emperor then places Ra Vizsla under his control and implants within him several commands that will lead Ra Vizsla back to reclaim the mantle of Mand'alor and rebuild the Mandalorian Clans into an Empire, one that destroys the Emperor's most ardent opponents within Mandalorian society and negotiates an alliance with the Sith Empire
    • Ra Vizsla performs exceptionally, destroying those that opposed his rule and implementing anti-Force policies that minimized the threat of discovering the Emperor's tampering
    • However, revolt eventually resulting in Ra Vizsla's apparent death and in the political vacuum emerged a new Mand'alor, Yasha Cadera
    • Yasha had been one of the countless many transported into the Netherworld of the Force during the Akala Crisis, with her mother having witnessed Carnifex's survival and subsequent escape
    • Having been brought up under Vizsla's tutelage she was considered by many to be his rightful successor, though there were many who disputed this claim
    • In what would become known as the Red Coronation, Yasha Cadera became Mand'alor and fought against violent attempts to end her rule right as it began
    • During the schism, Emperor Carnifex supported Yasha's rise at the cost of his son Ancius' life and began to serve in the capacity of a mentor to Yasha
    • In time, this mentorship would blossom into a secret romance
    • The Sith Empire continues to expand in the Tingel Arm, facing determined resistance from the League of Voss; a rebel movement formed by military officers and Silver Jedi who rejected their order's move to Kashyyyk
    • Several years of intense warfare between the Empire and the League result in the invasion and occupation of Voss, the League's designated headquarters
    • Former Dominion officers and Jedi hardliners not affiliated with the League of Voss form a separatist movement near the Sith Empire's capital of Bastion, threatening the heart of the Empire from Gree Space
    • This Rebel Alliance attempts to drive the Empire from Dubrillion but is thwarted by the Empire's stalwart defenses
    • A reactionary attack on Gree Space shatters the fledgling Rebel Alliance, and the Gree capitulate to the Empire to avoid being punished for the Rebel Alliance's actions
    • With the Empire's borders secure, the Emperor puts into action Operation: Eclipse
    • Phase One was to secure supply lines to the Core Worlds and to do that the Emperor targeted the benign Free World's Coalition
    • New hyperspace lanes were created in secret to attack the Coalition's three major systems, Alderaan, Balmorra, and Kuat
    • Simultaneously assaults wiped away Coalition resistance, allowing the Sith to effortlessly occupy all three star systems and begin to strip them of their resources and technology
    • With the Coalition's destruction, the Emperor initiated Phase Two; the crippling of galactic bacta production, which involved a rapid assault of the planet Thyferra
    • Thyferra had once served as the adopted home of the Zambrano family in Carnifex's youth, but by his own hand the world burned and all evidence of the Zambrano's existence on the planet was scoured away permanently
    • With Phase Two a success, the Emperor began Phase Three - the final destruction of the Galactic Alliance
    • On the eve of Victory Day that commemorated the Galactic Alliance's liberation of Coruscant and the unveiling of their new star dreadnought the Sith Empire launched a two-pronged assault on Coruscant and Fondor, preceded by an entire third of the Galactic Alliance's military and Jedi Order suddenly turning on their comrades
    • Coruscant became a fierce battleground between Alliance and Sith forces, with thousands of warships committed to each side of the battle, and entire legions of Jedi and Sith fighting in the streets and underbelly of the planet-city
    • Emperor Carnifex rendezvoused with Taeli Raaf at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where they fought Jedi Masters Coren Starchaser and Cotan Sar'andor in a dazzling lightsaber duel that stretched from the Jedi Council chambers to the inner depths of the Temple
    • Ultimately, the Sith prevailed against the Galactic Alliance and destroyed their dreadnought, the Vanguard, above Coruscant while also taking control of Fondor
    • The Galactic Alliance crumbled under the political instability in the wake of the attacks and the Empire's unchecked aggression, at last avenging the One Sith's defeat nearly a decade earlier
    • Without the Galactic Alliance to curb the Empire's ambitions, the Emperor launched countless raids on the Core Worlds, Colonies, and Inner Rim to extract resources from the now vulnerable star systems
    • The Commenor Systems Alliance was the next benign government to face the wrath of the Sith, as their territory was initially blockaded, and the planet Commenor invaded and occupied by the Sith Empire
    • When the Sith finally abandoned Commenor, it had been heavily strip-mined and its people enslaved
    • Following the fall of the Galactic Alliance, a rogue sect of Sith calling themselves the Jen'ari attempted to wrestle legitimacy from the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Sith Empire
    • The Empire called for the extermination of these heretics, and successfully opposed them when they attempted to garner a foothold in the Chiss Ascendancy, but Empress-consort Mircalla was killed in the process
    • The Chiss, thankful for the Empire's intervention, allied themselves with the Sith while Carnifex took Mitth'suati'ardau for his tenth wife
    • Emperor Carnifex returned to Bastion as a triumphant conqueror, boasting of his victories, and parading his treasures of war to crowds of many thousand jubilant Imperials
    • Without any true opposition in the galaxy, the Emperor now turned his gaze to his more secretive projects; such as the creation of superweapons powerful enough to destroy entire worlds; Project Triumph
    • Project Triumph began conceptually during the reign of Emperor Voracitos, who envisioned weapons of mass destruction akin to those of the ancient Sith
    • Though Voracitos' projects never bore fruit, the idea still remained in those that followed him
    • Emperor Carnifex, having reclaimed many of Voracitos' old data and in possession of Omega technicians, began in secret a construction project to construct Battlestations powerful enough to destroy an entire planet
    • The most well-known of these projects was ULTIMA, designed by Lord General Kor Vexen
    • ULTIMA's existence would be unwittingly uncovered by members of the Outer Rim Coalition, who had been investigating strange abductions and irregular archaeological digs conducted by the Sith Empire
    • Though outnumbered and outgunned, these agents were able to weaken and then destroy ULTIMA over the Outer Rim world of Sisio, the first major defeat the New Sith Empire had ever suffered
    • Fortunately, the existence of other projects remained a secret and was moved further into the unexplored reaches of the galaxy to avoid discovery
    • Following ULTIMA's destruction, the Empire continued to expand across the Tingel Arm while conducting raids and other expeditions into the core of the galaxy
    • Emperor Carnifex and Mand'alor Yasha kept in regular correspondence with one another, the former bringing the latter to Dromund Kaas on several occasions
    • However, the alliance between the Sith Empire and the Mandalorian Clans would become frayed as more elements within the Clans rebuked the growing influence the Empire was having on the Mand'alor and the Clans
    • Carnifex briefly distanced himself from Yasha to focus on several secret projects, only to return to her side after she had abdicated her position to give birth to her children, Viggo and Taika
    • Not long after that, the Mandalorian Clans came under assault by a joint alliance of the Silver Jedi Order and the Confederacy of Independent System, with the Mandalorian Clans losing ground to these swift assaults
    • Voices within the Emperor's Dark Council argued that if the Mandalorian Clans could not defend themselves, then the Empire should take the Clans' territory by force of arms to protect their interests
    • Considering this suitable justification to exert direct control over the Clans, the Emperor authorized an assault on Mandalore and Concord Dawn
    • Within days the Emperor assembled one of the largest military forces ever deployed by the Empire and launched it at the heart of the Mandalorian Clans
    • Leading the charge on Mandalore himself, Carnifex confronted both the former Mand'alor Yasha and the disgraced Warmaster Kaine Australis in the Sundari Palace
    • Though bereft of the Force, the Emperor fought a harrowing battle against both Mandalorians that ultimately left Yasha on the brink of death and Australis critically wounded
    • Yasha was taken from the battle by her supporters before an explosion, caused by the brief flatlines of both Yasha and Australis' vitals on a deadman switch, engulfed the Palace and destroyed it utterly
    • Though Carnifex was caught right in the heart of the blast zone, he survived through the timely return of the Force and his own savage will to survive, but he was gravely wounded in the process
    • Seeing an opportunity, a Sith going by the name of Kezeroth the Hateful attempted to kill Carnifex and claim the throne for himself but was defeated and killed by the injured Sith Emperor
    • The battle between Carnifex and Kezeroth ruptured what structural integrity remained of the palace grounds, sending the Emperor spiraling down in the beskar mines beneath the city
    • Injured and cut off from his followers, the Emperor drew upon his hate to keep himself alive until he was recovered from the ruins of Sundari
    • Critically injured, the Emperor was forced to wear a respirator and frequently isolate himself in a pressurized chamber to repair his body
    • Despite this, Mandalore fell to the Empire and the Clans were scattered to the winds
    • Following the Fall of Mandalore, the Empire launched new aggressive strikes to conquer Gargon, Krownest, and Feriae Junction
    • Now without a buffer between the two of them, the Sith Empire and the Silver Jedi veer closer towards all-out-war
    • The Empire makes the first strike at Kintan but is rebuffed by surprising Jedi resistance
    • An attempted liberation of Mandalore is conducted by Kaine Australis, but is thwarted by the Empire
    • The majority of Mandalorians living within the Empire are either executed or enslaved, with entire worlds being depopulated to make way for Imperial colonization
    • A growing successionist movement led by former Lord General Irveric Tavlar gains momentum among those disenfranchised with Sith leadership, leading to a substantial portion of the Imperial Military breaking away to form the New Imperial Order
    • Open conflict sparks on Mygeeto and Muunilinst, with the Sith-Imperial line being pushed back as the New Imperials move in to occupy both systems
    • The Sith Emperor withdraws from the public eye, leaving the governance of the Empire to his Dark Council and other advisors
    • Carnifex travels to Lothal to begin an intense study of the mysteries locked within the unearthed Jedi Temple
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