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The Enclave is a gathering for all Mandalorians, and the Forge is a place for Mandalorians in the Enclave to try out new weapons, discover new items, and prepare themselves for future battles to come.

|>| Enclave |<|
Weapons forged at the Enclave to arm the next generation of Mandalorians (Cost: x5 Shards).
  • ENCL-12 Repentance Blaster Pistol | x
    • A standard blaster pistol forged in the Enclave.
  • ENCL-14 Patronage Precision Rifle | x
    • A standard precision rifle forged in the Enclave.
  • ENCL-16 Purity Blaster Rifle | x
    • A standard blaster rifle forged in the Enclave.
  • ENCL-18 Gallance Light Repeating Blaster | x
    • A standard light repeating blaster forged in the Enclave.
  • ENCL-20 Volkage Sniper Rifle | x
    • A standard sniper rifle forged in the Enclave.
|>| Legendary |<|
Obtained through legendary tokens or planetary tokens (Cost: x1 Legendary/Planetary Token, x10 Shards).
  • ENCL-S14 Paradoxal Slugthrower | x
    • A rare slugthrower designed to decimate enemies at close range. Forged in the Enclave.
  • ENCL-L30 Sacrament Linear Fusion Rifle | x
    • A rare linear fusion rifle that is able to deal immense amounts of damage at long ranges. Forged in the Enclave.
  • DXN-22 Calculation Blaster Rifle | x
    • A rare blaster rifle originally created to fight back the beasts of Dxun. Can fire endlessly without overheating.
  • DXN-57 Breachlight Blaster Pistol | x
    • A rare blaster pistol originally created to fight back the beasts of Dxun. Equipped with a sound suppressor for the silent hunter.
  • KYR-44 Polaris Precision Rifle | x
    • A rare precision rifle originally created to withstand the cold. Able to weather any exterior damage.
  • KYR-54 Skathe Hand Cannon | x
    • A rare hand cannon originally made for hunting. Features high-impact rounds and long range capability.
  • MND-L05 Temperament Trace Rifle | x
    • A rare illegal prototype weapon that fires a continuous beam, doing immense damage over elapsed time
  • MND-R03 Keldabe Precision Rifle | x
    • A rare precision rifle forged by those who kept the Way. Able to acquire and lock onto multiple targets.
  • KSY-11 Shaman Blaster Rifle | x
    • A rare blaster rifle made in the massive Wroshyr forests. The rate of fire increases as the trigger is held down.
  • TKO-20 Valiance Heavy Blaster Pistol | x
    • A rare heavy blaster pistol for a decisive warrior. Fires armor-piercing blaster bolts.
  • TKO-23 Sanctum Sniper Rifle | x
    • A rare sniper made for large amounts of opponents. Semi-automatic and easy to reload.
|>| Exotic |<|
Obtained through discovery in the hidden vaults of the Galaxy.
  • Goran’s Stand | x
    • Forged in the blood of thousands of Yuuzhan Vong as Mandalore burned. The legendary blade of Goran Beviin.
  • The King’s Fall | x
    • Forged to exact vengeance. Only those with an iron will are able to unlock its full power.
  • The Perfected Anomaly | x
    • A weapon that should not exist. Harness the power of the Nether to drain the life of your enemies.
  • The Swordbearer’s Legacy | x
    • A weapon passed down through generations. A stolen force crystal allows its user to harness the swordsmanship of its previous users, if only temporarily.
  • The Brumal Dawn | x
    • Death does not discriminate, and neither does winter. A cryogenic weapon that is the sole legacy of a forgotten clan.
  • The Glacial Heart | x
    • Weaponize the power of the winter. A cryogenic trace rifle that has an exponential damage increase as a target becomes colder.
  • The Huntsman’s Pack | x
    • You never know how many or how few you are hunting. A scattershot with five barrels that can automatically adjust to hit any number or formation of presented targets.
  • The Shyyyo’s Claw | x
    • Named after the elusive, massive bird of Kashyyyk, only the most daring will prove themselves worthy of this weapon.
|>| Activities |<|
In which you can earn currency to spend in the Forge.
  • Reclamation
    • Mission: Ever since the fall of Mandalore, the unique metal of the Mandalorians -- Beskar -- has become rarer and rarer to come by. The blacksmiths of the Enclave are in desperate need of more Mandalorian Iron to use in Beskar’gam and other tools and weapons. In a thread, secure Beskar from Sith-controlled Mandalore or any other location in the galaxy and bring it back to the Enclave for a reward.
    • Requirements: 20 posts, or 3000 words (Solo)
    • Reward:
      • x15 Shards
  • Raid
    • Mission: Each raid is a unique mission of storytelling set across different and vibrant locations across the galaxy. Brave enemies and dangers unknown to find the most legendary of treasures.
    • Requirements: 20 posts, or 3000 words (Solo)
    • Reward:
      • x10 Shards
      • x1 Legendary Token
  • Vault
    • Mission: Throughout the galaxy, secret vaults from the days of the Mandalorian crusaders can be found, containing rare and prized treasure. Brave the depths of the unknown and the perils that may come with it for ao unique reward. Vaults are specific locations that offer the greatest rewards, at the greatest risk.
    • Requirements: 35 posts, or 4000 words (Solo)
    • Reward:
      • x30 Shards
      • Chance to get a Legendary Token (Planetary)
      • Chance to get an Exotic Item

The Forge is only accessible to members of the Enclave
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The Gamorean Mandalorian would send a holo message communicating with the The Quartermaster The Quartermaster the recording would be of the pig faced soldier.

"Sucuy Vod, Squeak Squeak. I am looking for a forge master that can make me beskargam that suits my style of combat. Squeak Squeak. How many shards would it cost? The work you do to help allite's is worthy and just, may you make it to manda when your time comes. Squeak Squeak. Contact my when you can, I would like a sodding answer quicker then an asschab ! Squeak Squeak.."

The enclave may be new, but it had numerous supporters, one of them being Torrack Australis. A rally master that is known to be a ball of rage and strength, the sort the enclave would need in the future. As the message stopped, the green skinned face would disappear.