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Unreviewed The Huntsman's Pack

The Quartermaster


H U N T S M A N ' S

"I killed them all. Every last one of them. Every. Single. One."

  • Intent: To create an exotic weapon for future roleplay.
  • Image Source: x
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Slugthrower
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Ammunition Type: Depleted Baradium Pellets
  • Ammunition Capacity: Small
  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire: Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: Low
  • Five individual barrels that fire simultaneously.
  • Trackers adjust each individual barrel to impact as many targets as possible.
  • Enhanced grips for decreased recoil.
  • Glowrod attachment on the bottom of the barrel.
  • Ammunition clip for easy and quick reloading.
  • Crowd-Clearer: The five barrels of the Huntsman's Pack is able to release an extremely large amount of depleted baradium pellets in a single shot, greatly increasing the damage that can be done to multiple targets. On top of that, the multiple barrels of the weapon are able to individually automatically adjust depending on the position of presented targets to better hit as many targets as possible.
  • Scattershot Slugthrower: The Huntsman's Pack is designed to fire a spread of depleted baradium pellets to deal out a high amount of damage at close range.
  • High-Worth: The antiquity and function of the Huntsman's Pack make it an extremely valuable weapon to own.
  • Long-Ranges: The spread of the pellets makes the Huntsman's Pack ineffective at longer ranges.
  • Low Reserves: The Huntsman's Pack has a low ammunition reservoir, necessitating its user to carry extra ammunition on-hand.
The wild beasts of Dxun were a constant problem faced by those charged with clearing out the jungles to make room for the Neo-Crusader's compound. They were vicious, unafraid to attack whether outnumbered, and it seemed every day that a new, highly dangerous predatory species was discovered. Guards took to patrolling in squads of five to ten, and even then they were sometimes no match for the fearsome beasts of Dxun. The wild creatures knew how to hunt in packs too, and some say the casualties at Dxun were some of the costliest in the entire Neo-Crusader war.

Yet one inventive warrior was able to put together a ramshackle weapon that would not fail, even when outnumbered. The thick undergrowth of Dxun's jungles made engagement ranges as close as five meters away. Any closer, and you'd be dead. The warrior crafted a scattershot slugthrower with not one, but five barrels, fine-tuning the weapon until each individual barrel could automatically adjust and fire at a separate target. It wasn't long before the creative Mandalorian was sweeping through the jungles of Dxun solo, leaving trails of animal corpses in her wake.

The Huntsman's Pack is a scattershot slugthrower with five barrels, designed to fire a wide spread of depleted baradium pellets to deal out high damage to a number of targets at close range. While it's five barrels in it of itself already create an extremely powerful weapon, the true secret of the Huntsman's Pack lies in the ability of each barrel to individually target and adjust its position to eliminate as many possible targets in a single shot. Whether you are facing one warrior or a hundred, the Huntsman's Pack will clear them all.