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Sera Inkari

Dream to Be.
Sera Inkari


NAME: Sera Inkari
RANK: Knight
AGE: 38 (Started 26)
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5ft 10
WEIGHT: 136 Pounds
EYES: Sea Blue
HAIR: Auburn Red
SKIN: Light Tan (Minor Burns)
Master: [member="Syn"]



  • Only has one lung, due to this | Left hand burned with the imprint of a large coin / burn marks on her cheek.
  • Sera is rigid in her thinking when following the letter of the law, or the code of a force group.
  • Cannot stand cold climates at all, they actually make her ill, she catches colds, flu and worse very easily.
  • Requires much, much more liquid than most people due to her metabolism, and what her body is used to from her homeland.
  • Her devotion to her studies, duty and ceremony rarely leaves time for much else, such as personal life.
  • Often gets lost in the subconscious when dreaming, deep terrifying nightmares are a common occurrence, but give her glimpses of the future, or will as her force connection strengthens.
  • Has a very strong and utterly unshakable faith in the force, getting her through just about every situation.
  • Due to the sheer gravity of her devotion to the force, she will often see the meaning behind force powers and be able to relate it to the environment, or the situation, the people within it. Over time she will have a more fine understanding of philosophy, and the force itself because of this devotion.
  • Has a great kinship with fire, due to her homeland's nature. The opposite is true of ice, or water.
  • Is a skilled meditator, increasing her ability to heal and find peace of mind, or focus when doing so.
A shared HWK-290 light freighter called the Ambiguous Statement. It has four crew members all calling it home. It's a very old ship, but has seen several patchwork upgrades to put it more in line with modern day ships in terms of performance. However the ship is falling to bits, there is no two ways about it, put one bulkhead right and the next seems to buckle. The statement has been her home for about 6 months now since they've been on the run, it's not where she would choose to spend her days by any means.

BIOGRAPHY (before RP started)
In virtual seclusion since the planet's near genocide, her people come from Kintan. Born and raised there in the cult of serenity, or the burning globe as it's known to those within the cult. It is the polar opposite to the embers of Vahl, the usual cult the Vahla worship, come about because of the planet's exposure to the genocide, the search for a better way. The burning globe studies the philosophy of the force, the Jedi perspectives, it teaches structure, and discipline of mind to those within it. Though her family is the cult, she has four siblings, all of which are members of the same structure. It was a content life, she was taught the laws of the old Jedi orders, their history and their purposes.

All through her life she's been groomed to be a priestess, and was on course to marry an upstanding noble who needed her guidance, when it happened. Out of nowhere the ship she was on blacked out, fire burning around her, she did not panic because she understands fire, and its consuming nature. It burns so that new material can be made in its place. Yet she was helpless to stop the ship venting air and oxygen, which even fire cannot live without. She blacked out, and when she came to, she found herself in a new home, hunted by bounty hunters for what now lays in her body, and it has been that way ever since.

Stranded with four other force adepts, someone or something gave her the gift of a lightsaber crystal, inside her own body. She considers it a lifesaver crystal and does not question it, even the attacks that come with it. All must be the will of the force, for why else would she have endured such a torment?

Chapter 2

Serving various masters when it suited her purpose, unlike the rest of the original Ambiguous statements crew, Sera has lost further grip on reality by her refusal to see the netherworld as a looming threat from her past, she has however gained more and more command with the force, and her abilities as a seer grow with each passing year. Taking positing in the OS navy to better weave her own powerbase, she seeks to serve senior sith, directing her own war from the shadows at other seers who seek to change the future. Sera see's a pure vision, uncorrupted by the hindering moral constructs of others, there is only the force, and she serves it completely.

Chapter 3

After saving the emperor from the Galactic Alliance's assassins, and almost being killed twice in two of the raids. With the fall of the OS she did not abandon them as she might have before. She had lost a lung, and more in their final months, scaring her with marks of their burns. It was then she met [member="Syn"] as the old remnants of the OS fought over ahead, he talked her down, showed her strength of character she had not seen for a decade. Now she is training under his guidance, but still, it is difficult to go from an Emperor's hand to a Jedi overnight, if indeed that is her path. The ongoing battle of the seers has not ended behind the scenes either, nor has her struggles with the burning globe, or Keth's former OS acolytes seeking to kill her. She trusts no one with this information, not even her new Master [member="Syn"] yet, there is a lot tell, and no easy way to tell it.



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Dream to Be.
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Dream to Be.
Force Techniques:


Major Keystone of the character, dream walking, prediction of possible futures.

Force Sense

Alter Environment: Fire

Decent amount of Elemental Experience / Training

Living FIre

Force Push/Pull

Mental Defense

Can draw strength from illusion

Saberstaff Ataru/Juyo Average.
*Elements of Juyo
*Elements of Shii-Cho

Over the years:

Jedi and AoL | Sith Acolyte


Dreamer Robes - Initiate

Wears: Jedi Jewel Robes
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Qhorin Solas

Careful there, @[member="Jonas Vile"]. Melisandre -- I mean Sera -- might spawn a shadow baby to slit your throat. You don't flirt with a priestess of R'hllor... you run the other way.
Soul of Naboo
When I actually watch Game of Thrones, I will let you know how scared of a 'shadow baby' I'm not. @[member="Cronos Aegir"]

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
@[member="Sera Inkari"]
Hello! The Jedi order is lucky to have you and remember,if you get fed up with the Jedi the Omega Protecotrate has a wide assortment of force users that could help you.

Qhorin Solas

Of the four characters you've made, this one is my favorite. I actually think she'd fit the Inquisition better than Nato'line.
Dream to Be.
Cronos Aegir said:
Of the four characters you've made, this one is my favorite. I actually think she'd fit the Inquisition better than Nato'line.
Thank you :) I like to make all the characters malleable based on the threads they are in, just keeping the same core traits, twisted, accepted or healed as it were. In Sera's case her moral battleground would be the dogma ;). It's her shield as well as her pressure point, but it'd take a battle of wits in Sera's case to darken her at all, because she can always fall back on the blind acceptance of the 'force's will being done'.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
She will be interesting to have, there are several active threads you could join for the jedi. The investigations will need all the help they can get