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To steal a man's tea (Invasions of Atrisia)

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
Preparation was key in everything, and in war it was nearly everything. The slow gathering of fleets, the sudden movement of supplies, and finally the loading of the Finality super transports had now all been completed. Phu just a short distance away from Atrisia was the last stop on the journey before the Fringe Confederacy fleets converged there. The Finality ships would be left there until it was deemed safe enough to pull them into unload.

The Chimera would be the tip of the spear coming from Phu, and the Astral Horizon now being commanded by Lord Admiral @Jared Omvar would come in from neutral space with another fleet for a two pronged attack. Once the skies above Atrisia were cleared the call would be sent out for the Finality ships to jump to Atrisia, and then the ground battle would began in earnest. There were several hard targets, the Palace quite possibly being the most difficult to take, but if all else fails permission had already been granted to reduce it to rubble via orbital bombardment. It was distasteful to Sargon, but this was war, and how many Legion lives would be saved by simply destroying that one building was a difficult question to answer.

Still growing used to his new sleeping arrangements the Governor of Bakura was doing most of his work via holo for the moment, but luckily he had some good lieutenants on the planet. As the lights of hyperspace faded, and Phu appeared before them Sargon looked at the communications officer, and waited. Once the signal came from the fleet moving towards Atrisia from the galactic south, they'd move in from Phu to hit them at the same time. "Send the orders to the troop transports, I want them to the east of the planet's gravity well, and ready to jump any moment. One way or the other."

Walking up to @[member="Spencer Jacobs"]' position on the bridge the Zabrak nodded to her, as he looked over the fleet outside the window. "Phu's holo relay has been shut down until we jump, and even then any signals from the planet are jammed. I'm sure the Atrisians are aware by now something is up, but they won't get word on this until we are already there. As the ships didn't even have a target until half way through the jump to Phu, and we've had complete communication lock down no spy will be getting word out. Second fleet has the same protocol, we should have the jump on this."

He felt the communications officer's approach before he saw her, she was excited. "Governor, we've received word from the Second Fleet, they'll reach the point in two minutes for simultaneous convergence on the target."

Nodding to her, he activated his own comm link to relay orders over every ship in the first fleet. ::All ships, we jump in one minute, forty three seconds, and all ships will jump as one. We will be exiting into a combat zone, all weapons should be ready to unleash hell, and all shields should be at full power. All hands to battle station, the Lady Yun-Harla watches over you, do her proud.::

As the seconds ticked away to the jump Sargon smiled at Spencer, "Ready for a little fun?" Finally the count his zero as each ship entered hyperspace as one as every hand on every ship waited anxiously for the exit into Atrisian space.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Aboard the Chimaera
High Orbit, Atrisia

Massassi warriors and their human counterparts moved back and forth across the bridge in a busy haze. Defects from the Empire, specifically the majority of the 501st legion still remained on this vessel. He was the one that had created them, the one who'd trained them to obey his voice without hesitation and slaughter all of his enemies before him. Their loyalty was almost on par with that of the Massassi warriors that swore fealty to their king. New technology from their friends in the Lords of the Fringe, a new leader to unite them, and a confidence that could be toppled by nobody.

"Let's get this show on the road, ladies and gents." King Arcis spoke, judging the nods of affirmation from several officers. "Engage cloaking device and prepare to deploy ground personnel. I want fighters prepped as well as the weapons."


Eater of the Dead
Aboard the Hungry Dark
High Orbit, Atrisia

Shinju laughed as she looked from the view port window oout of the star destroyers window. With a raised eyebrow she took in the Rakatan soldiers who she had brought. Their first chance to really tear into things and get their blades sharpened as it were. Her laugh was audible while she walked back and towards the installed throne she had made from Rakata Beta. It was after all her empire and her prize while she spoke to the baby sitting in it. A few months older now but still an infant not yet a year old. "Well Bundori time for you to observe your first massacre, we're going to kill millions of people just to prove a point. What that point is? Well since you asked so nicely. That we're better then them, we're their superiors and now well now we get to tear into them. We'll make orphans of their children and mourner of their parents, widows of their spouses. All in the name of getting to kill things. It shall be so much fun."

Shinju made sure the baby was secure and able to have a front row seat to seeing them burn the planet while she skipped out towards the hanger getting her equipment along the way. One saber and her armor pieces. The other thing she had bought from Iron crown, iron skin. A small thing for the fringe that they had for only those who could afford it and trading some minor tech from her empire wasn't too bad. Not many had to trade Rakatan fighters made from their shipyards. It was enough to get her a suit for combat purposes if it was needed. The black armor covered in a coating of reflec bodypaint and then her armor so it was restricting her just enough. Thankfully she knew how to breathe in shallow breathes as the latex outersuit came over the armorweave and rubber. Shinju took a breathe looking more bulky but the zipped up to her neck and armored mask came on as she tested it. It looked like she was wearing some armor now instead of just being a bondage girls wet dream.

That was the other part while she stood there and let the armored sections get attached, the twin derriphan eyes on her back in an "X", her saber on her belt and the rest of her weapons or equipment. This was a war after all and her hair was in a tight ponytail as she spoke into the comlink. "We are ready to deploy when ordered, we'll make Atrisian dolls for everyone to play with."

Rexus Drath

Well-Known Member
Standing in his emperor's own legion armor, Rexus stood proudly a humble servent of the empire protecting the palace and his emperor. In front of him was his squad newly dubbed jade fist 4-3. "Alright boys and girls, the big bad fringe is upon us! This will be a hard fight, and I promise you if you stay by my side and fight with every ounce of ferocity you have you will make it! And if by some miracle you die serving the empire! You will not be left behind, unless your vaporized. Then there's not much I can do for you." Rex and his men chuckled as he paced around them, "But the thing that I need to ask all of you is who took a dump in Sargon Vynea's corn flakes cause she seems pretty upset." Rexus and his men laughed and loaded their weapons preparing for the assault on the palace. Hopefully the air defenses would hold and it wouldn't result In an all out ground battle for the planet.
The Admiralty
Lord Admiral Ovmar stood on the bridge of the Astral Horizon with a feint smile decorating his face. Today would be the day, the day they invaded the Atrisian Empire or the Galactic Empire -- as they have chosen to call themselves. They would feel the boot of the Fringe. For a second Jared thought about all the people that would surely die today, because they wanted to expand their territory; but only for a second. Because then he reminded himself that it was a necessary move, the Galactic Empire stood in the way of their expansion and would have to move or get crushed.

The Knight then turned around and said to his crew with a loud proud voice: "Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen. We will conquer the Empire, or get killed. Preferably the first, without the second one. All hands on battle stations, they should not know that we are coming. But who knows, we may come in hot."

For a while he did nothing, then he decided to give Spencer and Sargon a call. Their Force Signatures were located easily, for he was very familiar with them after all that they have been through together.

"Spencer, Sargon. I just wanted to say.. I am calling dibs on the Emperor's tea set and fan collection."


- Capture the Atrisian Port. (Defense if GE)
- Capture the Imperial Tower. (Defense if GE)

(Remember, we are trying to capture the planet mostly intact. So not major casualties or ultra-distruction. Minor casualties are allowed.

Katina Etheri

Battle Sister
Jerrick walked up behind Rexus, and tapped his shoulder. Jerrick was pretty sure this was the man. "Going without me?" He asked. Rexus had asked for Jerrick's services for whatever it was Rexus needed. All jerrick cared for was getting the job done. "So what's the sitrep? Never actually gave me details of my mission." Jerrick asked him. @[member="Rexus Drath"]


Thus Saith the Lord
Lucien was stood over a map table lent over it. Alongside him stood Zaadja's Archon ; Rickard Scott One of Zaadjas Praefects; and a few Centurions. Lucien would lead Zaadjas contribution to the offensive. Before them was a hologram of Atrisia "The palace will be our primary target upon landing I want to be sat in the emperors throne and drinking from his cup before the day is out." Lucien said pointing out the palace on a focused map of the heart of the artisan empire. "I would expect strong resistance from soldiers who would rather die than surrender" Spoke the Archon She was a battle hardened lady who had been a serving member of the armed forces since before Lucien was born. The other Leaders nodded "That is precisely why it must be the first target to fall the emperor is what they stand behind and his palace is the standard if that falls it drags their moral with it." Lucien replied and he too was met by nods. The battle ship they were on exited hyperspace Lucien stared out into the stars "You are dismissed prepare our ground forces to land when we receive the order" He was met by salutes as the soldiers, with the exception of Rickard filed out.

Lucien walked the short distance into his own quarters followed by his Loyal Praefects, They outshone even the admirals. His equipment was laid out before him. Lucien picked up his iron skin Armour and changed into it with the assistance of Rickard, who served as Lucien's batman during military conflicts. Then came a suit. He strapped a heavy pistol and Lightsaber onto his belt. Then he awaited the call to begin the ground assault.

Adan Jax

Active Member
Adan followed Jerrick as they walked up behind Rexus.

Masaru Mori

Entirely Legitimate Businessman
Jar'Kai Commercial District, Atrisia

Masaru had decided to inspect this shipment personally.

He arrived at his warehouse, escort in tow, and found his men already beginning to unpack the containers that had been smuggled onto the planet's surface the day before. After all, if the Reki were to expand in force, they would need all the munitions they could get ahold of. Within the crates were personal shield devices, disruptors, grenades and various other weapons that would be required when the less cooperative of criminal enterprises were encountered. The other oyabun had been worried about his growing arsenal, but Mori had managed to convince them for now that his purpose was aimed entirely outside of the Family.

He was preparing to return to his estate when the air raid warnings began to sound throughout the city. Clearly something had just gone horribly wrong.

"Find out what is happening," he stated to one of his aides, turning around to look back over the weapon shipment. His lips pulled into a thin line. While government was somewhat incidental to criminal operations, at the end of the day Masaru, like many of the Reki leaders, was a noble of Atrisia. Whatever was about to happen, was going to happen to his home.

Perhaps these weapons would be used sooner than anticipated.
White Dragon
Imperial Tower
Under heavy Cover
Mission - Find out what is going on.

Under the reinforced Imperial Tower, a pivotal location for this battle, very hardy to bombardment, difficult to destroy by conventional weapons, with bunkers stretching deep underground, stood the Betrayed. Thyrsians in pure white perfect poise on the upper levels. All waiting ready, in four long lines, not a man moved out of place. Given leave to come to the Artisan tower under guard. Thyrsians were here as honored guests, a couple of hundred waiting inside the upper levels of the complex for their leader, one Taiden Keth. White armored sons of the Sun, loyal to house Keth, joining since the ongoing war with the Sith, and here today to talk about the possibility of house Keth's place within the empire. A future which had yet to be decided.

The ongoing war with the Sith had rallied more Traditional Thyrsians to the cause, and each battle would sway the numbers standing with Taiden while he drew breath. Darkskinned Echani, children of the desert sun. Keth, giving those who sort the old ways most of all, a place and cause to fight for. Armored melee specialists, who lived with a blade in their hands, who communicated through combat, lived and breathed it. House Keth were conflict, the betrayed, by the Sith and their ancestor Raien keth. Taiden was the living embodiment of a man and an Echani who would do anything to restore his family name and its honor.

Unlike regular Echani Thyrsians favoured advanced bladed and axe combat even more so, having a variety of hand to hand weapons. Lacking some of the pure echani's agility because of the heavier armor they wore, they carried ranged weapons which were very much a secondary thought. For their leaders they had a more male favoured cast system, a rebellion against traditional Echani ideals, which had come from their once coveted Sun Guard, an emblem they still wore today. Absolutely lethal melee combat specialists in close quarters, a force to be reckoned with given where they happened to be today, in a heavily fortified tower. Breaking in would require some forethought.

Dressed in pure white, silver eyes and hair, not even the sun's emblem on this arm, Taiden was negotiating with a nearby diplomat in the hall. When he looked up, something felt wrong, "its settled then, you'll see the senior recruiter in the morning," the diplomat answered but was soon cut off, the building was bustling with activity. "You may need us now." If he didn't miss his guess, someone nearby had mentioned ships in orbit? Nothing was said yet, but he moved toward his commanders, who looked up, unflinching, the perfect model of order and discipline.

Flanking Taiden were his chosen hands, the arms of the Thyrsian Sons, all standing on a knife edge, always at the moment to strike but not making it till called. He did not need to say anything to them, they already knew the order by his body language. Be prepared but take no action, yet. The unspoken signal was obvious to Echani who read through motion, and so each man left to speak to his command, preparing them.

The chatter was becoming more intense in the imperial command center, turning back to the most senior officer he could find, "tell your commander Thyrsus will not abandon them to their foes." He felt... something, he wasn't sure what yet, coming, a battle he could stand behind? Possibly. His honor required that if he was attacked he would respond, and if it were by some happy coincidence his age old enemy coming to greet him, a battle he would gladly stand within.

Current Forces:
200 Thyrsian Armored Melee Specialists
5 Thyrsian Heavily Armored Commanders
May be given charge of more depending on the battle circumstance.
Roleplay Judge
Chimera - Bridge - Hyperspace

((Please once all the fighting starts that everyone @'s people and put your location etc. Thanks everyone! ))

Closing her eyes she could feel the excitement and the thrill of this invasion, she had felt these emotions before when she was alongside Ashin and the Empire was making a run of territory. Back then, she would be in the meditation room battle meditating the forces so they were in sync, moving with the guide of a strategist. That’s what she was trained to be, that’s who she was to the great Empress Desimus – a weapon. The Chimera was once Ashin’s flag ship with the Empire, she knew the crew, she knew the layout of the ship and it was almost like home. The meditation sphere had everything she needed and there she was able to fully focus on what she needed to do during that time – also what she would need to do now for the Fringe.

A hand reached up and touched the silver pendent she wore around her neck, the charmed necklace allowed her to scramble her Force Aura making her unrecognizable – protection. Spencer wondered from time to time if the initial purpose of the necklace was to protect the weapon. A smile crossed her face as she remembered the shift in their relationship and everything was put to ease at once.

Sargon had entered the room and she turned to face him slightly, the mask placed perfectly on the bridge of her nose and she tilted her head towards him. Listening to everything he said she forced a smile, he considered this fun, and she was still trying to find the fun in all of it. A hand rested against her chin as she thought about what could happen and what was about to happen. There was no avoiding a conflict with the Atrisians, they were a proud people and wouldn't just flop over and let the Fringe absorb them, but this left them in the way for the expansion of the faction.

“Sargon I’m confused on what you find fun in all of this. I enjoyed planning and the strategy but now that I have to put it into place I don’t know if its fun anymore. How can the life of another being ending be considered fun? I thought I was ready for this”

Second thoughts? No, she couldn’t have them not now. Anaya’s words played in her mind as she wondered if she was taking a step in the darkness that the woman always claimed she had within her. Spencer would have to tread lightly on her path and understand what she was getting herself into. Another movement of the ship and she listened to the chatter on the coms between the ships. Leaning forward onto the small control panel, she looked over her shoulder at the outfitted commander’s chair which always resembled a Throne. Taking a seat, she crossed her legs and the regal attire she wore clung tightly to her frame. Still the hand rested against her chin and she glanced forward.

“I have a friend to make contact with, he owes me a favor – I gave him something that he needed.”

Pressing a few buttons she opened a holofeed with @[member="Soliael Devin Talith"].

“I’ve sent your signal to my fleets; they know you’re on our side. I thank you for your quick arrival Sol, I hope this is worth your travels. Take what you wish, but please keep the casualties to a minimum. I’m not one for bloodshed.”

She pressed another button and opened a feed to the entire fleet. The masked woman smiled from under the mask knowing that everyone in the Fringe now heard their Yun-Harla’s words.

“Today, we go forward to expand our influence over the Unknown Region. We’ve made this cold corner of the Galaxy our own and today we work to remove the wall that blocks us from furthering our cause. The Atrisian Government has always been a good neighbor, but the clock has struck and their time is up. I order you all to secure the space around the planet, once that is done move planet side and secure the palace along with other important landmarks which is on file to you all. I have one rule – do not harm, maim, or devour anyone unnecessarily. I understand casualties, respect your opponents we’re not as low as the Sith. Rise above and fight strong for the Fringe. Tonight we dine on Atrisia…because we all know their take out isn’t the best….and they’re usually late. Also Jared, I at least want a Fan…the Emperor has always had good taste.”

The secure feed would cut out and Spencer smiled towards Sargon as she sat there. Taking in a deep breath she stood and folded her arms casually in front of her stomach.

“Once the fleet movements and we arrive, I’ll retreat to the meditation sphere. I’ll help our fleet the best I can by meditating, make sure the Peregrine is ready; she’s our ride planet side. I’ll be going to ground when the time is right – you can tag along if you want, unless you feel more comfortable in the commander’s chair @[member="Sargon Vynea"].”

The tone in her voice questioned him; she knew his choice already since he had been glued to her side for some time now. She was his Charge and with Ashin’s current absence he was the one looking after her protection. A soft smile she reserved for a select few spread across her face, she reached out and patted the Zabrak’s cheek, her finger lingered where she had blood marked him. Dropping her hand, she turned on her heel and moved towards the Meditation Sphere located on the Chimera.
Fringe Fleet-Hyperspace
Soliael sat within his tiny craft among the entire gathered fleet of The Fringe. His Blackbird class starfighter was dwarfed by star destroyers, cruisers, frigates, and pretty much everything else in the fleet, yet he felt safer than he would have aboard any of those ships. The Blackbird was a stealth ship, undetectable by anyone or anything in the known galaxy, on board the ship were two Jedi Shadow bombs. Powerful pinpoint weaponry that he could deploy when he wished, though he doubted he would use them.

He was here simply as a favor to Spencer. She had taught him much about his father, and he felt that he owed her a debt. With her invasion of Atrisia and his natural skill in battle it seemed that this was the least he could do. This was also the reason that Soliael wore a mask, a different one than usual.

He was not here as a representative of Moross, and none of his clothing or anything else he had pointed to his connection with the faction. He was here as a friend of @[member="Spencer Jacobs"], as a son of war and nothing else.

“Few will die at my hand. I promise.” Soliael said in quick response to Spencer's holo-communication before she shut down the feed. He had no reason to want the Atrisians dead, he had no reason to wantonly slaughter his way across the battlefield, he simply wished to help The Fringe achieve a quick victory, and that is what he would do. He would find the fastest way to end this battle, and then head straight for it.

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Imperial Palace

There had been signs. The peace negotiations and the plans to build a hyperlane route linking the two nations had suddenly... stopped. That alone had set off warning signs, and the Empire had started watching its neighbor closely. The IIB had noticed the unusual fleet movements, but that had been as far as they could penetrate. The final warning had been when Phu went silent. There were of course other possible targets, Fondor was equal in status to Atrisia, but it was better to expect the worst than hope for the best.

So the defenses had been readied. The planetary shield brought to full power. The ground based anti-ship and anti-fighter weapons activated. A second shield formed around the Palace, its generator underneath the buildings. Every present leader of the Empire's government and military moved into the secure underground bunkers below the Imperial Tower, taking control of defensive forces throughout the system. Civilians were grounded, with only military vessels allowed in the sky. The fortress of Atrisia had brought its drawbridge up and readied for an attack that might not even come.

Except it did.

When the invasion began, Akio stood in his throne room. He used his emergency broadcast signal to send a message to every Imperial in the system, it was short. There was no need for a long-winded speech today, it was not was his people needed. "My fellow Imperials, today the Fringe has declared war on us. There can only one answer to this. Destroy them. Destroy them all. For the Empire!"

By the time he finished the transmission, all twenty five of his Imperial Guards had appeared. Moving through the Palace's secret tunnels, they made their way to the Emperor's room. There he donned his armor and weapons, including three of the White Lightning swords he had kept for himself, and a maser rifle he had received after Csilla had joined the Empire. Now ready for combat, they moved to the room in the lowest level of the Palace, beneath the mountain around them. Between him and the entrance was a veritable maze.

But before that they would need to reach the Palace. The invaders would have to come from the plains, and fight up the mountain path to get through the shields and AA guns. Guarding that pass was the Emperor's Own Legion. Should a few enemies manage to make it through all the defenses to Akio's chamber, then the Emperor would meet them. Until then he used the armor's internal HUD to monitor the battle, and its com system to communicate with his commanders. The Fringe had made a fatal error when they invaded Akio's home.

Tricia Kalamack

Sleeps all day.... yawns all night
Tricia brushed off her armor, or whatever it was called. It was over her silks and itched where it touched bare skin that was enough for her as she moved around the ship it was... strange being here. She was bored and could feel the others around her but it didn't matter. What mattered at this moment was getting ready for the invasion. She had serious doubts she would even find a reason to fight beyond going through the motions. No one on that world would be talented enough to draw her interest. She just checked the flowing cape behind her again and the black bodysuit of armorweave. There was more then enough while the Fringe logo of an iron crown was emblazoned on the chest. Yeah it looked a little gody but the protection values were decent while her alchemically enhanced clothing underneath pulsed with the darkside. Her chains wrapped around her neck and arms still flowing down to her sabers. Then her ankle length hair that showed off her pointed ears. Hr eyes still remained on the hyperspace view. She was prepared to wreck some enemies of the commander wherever she was.

Darth Vazela

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
| @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] | @[member="Darth Arcis"] | @[member="Sargon Vynea"] |

Atrisia, space.

A single Dominus-class starfighter dropped out of hyperspace and into the Atrisia system. Sat in it's cockpit was one of the most elusive men in the galaxy. Vilox Pazela powered down the hyperdrive and engaged the impulse engines. He had arrived at the edge of the system, with a purpose. It was time for revenge; and so he waited, like a silent predator, hovering in the dark expanse that is space for his enemy to come on board the Chimera; and a King would fall to his knees.

Of course, the Dark Jedi did not know if Dranok would be coming to invade the Atrisia. It was a miracle that he had detected the incoming Fringe vessels coming in from Unknown Space. That was with thanks to the Obscurity, who was still at it's post in the void between worlds, but no where in particular. Consulting the force, he told himself that Dranok would be there, somehow; and if he was not, then he could push on with his own intentions. It was time to open dialogue with the Galactic Empire. What better way than to stop the invasion of it's home world?

Cody Weadge

Weadge, Cody Weadge
In the city of Jar'kai, Cody wandered among the crowd. He did not look like an agent, his clothing was the style favored by his generation on the planet. The only thing that set him apart was the extremely long case he carried on his shoulder. By all accounts he looked like nothing more than one of the countless immigrants who had settled on the planet as the Empire grew. Probably, judging by the case, one that made a living through whatever instrument he had brought from his home world. Not entirely inaccurate either, though his instrument tended to be more lethal than most.

Shaded glasses hid his eyes as he watched the streets. When the announcement had begun a final flurry of civilians hurrying to safety had begun, and already the crowd was thinning to the point his camouflage would soon be ineffective. Still word had not come from IIB command. What Cody needed, was a target.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
'War. Compared to it all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance. God help me,I do love it so.'

So the old quote went, and so it was true for Cyrus Tregessar. But more than his passion for it, he was good at it. Anyone can be a brilliant tactician, all it takes is experience, a bit of planning, and a good eye for details. But war, war is a different matter altogether. The skills required to manipulate a single battlefield pale in comparison to those necessary to be a master at controlling an entire theater. Gambling with the lives of tens of MILLIONS in a single move. Directing the movement of fleets, legions of troops, the dedicated resource potential of entire solar systems. It was the greatest game ever played. One that took months, years, or decades, involving millions or billions of players and with the highest stakes imaginable. And to be in control of it all...

Too bad, then, that this one had to start without time for Cyrus to do much besides make a few opening moves. The invasion of Atrisia was not exactly a secret. Diplomatic relations going sour, sudden buildup of troops and ships on the frontier, intelligence reports and so on had all been clear giveaways. The only real question had been where they would strike, but even that was more of wishful thinking than anything. And so the game had begun, weeks before anybody had started shooting. With the approval of the Emperor, Cyrus had begun gradually shifting ships to the capital world. Since he was not mobilizing for an attack, he could afford to be careful, and it would have taken an incredibly bored and inquisitive spy to notice that the number of ships returning to Atrisia for repair and overhaul was perhaps higher than normal. Or that the Inspection, Qualification, and Certification process for newly commissioned vessels was sped up.

After a certain point Cyrus had dismissed all the pretensions. A mass mobilization in response to a military buildup is, after all, a relatively politically acceptable move, and so starting several weeks ago he had begun the shifting of forces in earnest. Entire fleets were relocated to the border, the sort of general buildup that would be expected. All this the Fringe would see and base their offensive plan off. After all, the best deception doesn't change the targets concept of reality entirely, it reinforces it while altering the details. When the Fringe fleet arrived expecting a buildup of a couple weeks, they would instead find one that had gone on for over a month.

So let them come. Let them face the might of the Galactic Empire, the Iron Fist that does not yield, does not bend, and does not break.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
At the Imperial Tower

The slaughter of organics, the razing of cities in a firestorm, the futile cries of the innocent. War had come at last and Moira was well pleased. The Galaxy had long been characterised by inertia and stagnation. An HRD could not feel emotion, for she was beyond such things, but the inability of organics to get a decent war going was most annoying to her. War was the motor of progress after all, a prerequisite for the Age of Steel. The fact that the Protectorate had not yet been invaded despite its evident weakness spoke volumes of how complacent the Galaxy had become.

But now this had been corrected. There might not have been an early warning about the Fringe invasion but for the perceptive it had been predictable. One could not simply amass a large fleet and expect no one to noitce and Phu was the ideal jumppoint to hit Atrisia - or Fondor, where the Kerrigan-Alcori family business had come to an end.

Moira cared not for the lives of organics. They were insignificant, useful only for processing. Their empires came and went, rose, grew and fell, an eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. Oftentimes chanting the same slogans about order, freedom or the greater good and making the same mistakes. But...she had a working relationship with the Galactic Empire. It was of utility...until The Plan could come to fruition and true order would reign. More to the point, she would not miss a war. She had an inkling that another force-user would fall before her.

So here she was deep in a bunker in the Imperial Tower. The chamber was filled with...weapons, lots of weapons. Ranged, melee, all neatly and tidely organised in racks. Grenade launchers, a missile launcher, her trusted flamethrower, her anti-force user grenades, two scatter guns. Then there was the machine herself, fashioned by an unknown Creator into a lethal weapon designed for murder. An array of holo-screens and projectors fed her with updates on the tactical situation, showing the disposition of Imperial forces, her mind absorbing the information at a rapid rate. Eyes flashed crimson briefly and she removed her Mark One Bolter from the rack, loading it with a magazine filled with explosive rounds, bolts that exploded on impact and thus wrecked havoc with forcers, then grabbing grenades.

She did not need patriotic slogans to motivate her, nor even riches really, though the credits for her services would be quite useful for her own purposes. Besides, she might get to drive an AT-AT again!


Jar'Kai Space Port, Atrisia

The presence of so much of the Navy on one world hadn't gone unnoticed in the ranks. Tensions were running high, though whatever was going on hadn't filtered down from those in charge. It was almost a relief when the Emperor's announcement came down, another day or two would have likely caused someone to snap under the pressure.

Somarae made her way to the hangar with all haste. Her mission would be simple. Keep Jar'Kai at all costs. Beneath the Imperial Tower were not only the security bunkers securing Government leadership, but the nerve center for the immediate sector, the local command and control hub of the Imperial Military. With it, the planetary defenders could easily coordinate their movements and firepower to stand effectively against a numerically superior force, responding and reacting on a planetary scale. Without it...

Well, we just don't let them take it.

The young chiss pilot slid her helmet into place, and hoped the techs had her craft ready to fly.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Aboard the Chimaera (Hyperspace)
High Orbit, Atrisia

The cloaked Star Destroyer was the first ship to lurch out of hyperspace into the Atrisian High Orbit. Though invisible to the eye and scanners, hundreds of turbolasers, point defense weaponry, and extra armament bristled across the hull of the Chimaera. Yet these weren't to be used that often, the Lady of the Fringe preferred minimal bloodshed and King Arcis would abide by her laws as long as he was in service of her. The two shared a friendly acquaintanceship from previous engagements when he was a Fringe Lord Admiral. Oh how long ago that was.

As he had no further orders, the ship remained cloaked and primed its weaponry as it inched closer to the planet. In the hangar bay, thousands of Massassi warriors and their 501st brothers-in-arms prepared themselves for combat. Dropships were prepped, starfighters and bombers were supplied with their payloads, and war machines were stuffed into landing barges.

On the bridge, King Arcis sent out an encrypted transmission to the Fringe fleet before it arrived. "Fringe, this is King Arcis. We have a confirmed visual on Atrisia, it seems they were prepared for us." He sighed. "I'm awaiting further orders, my men are ready."