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Approved NPC Onna

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō

Onna: "Where others blindly follow honor, remember..." Initiate: "Nothing is true."
Onna: "Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember..." Initiate: "Everything is permitted."
  • Unit Name: Onna
  • Affiliation: Atrisian Commonwealth
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Description: Trained as Yovshin originally the Onna were considered without honor and exiled... those who were angry, who hated the yovshin or the emperor found their way to band together and create their own society that produced bloodlines and leaders but eventually after a war in which one of their leaders were killed... a woman overtook them laying claim to their grandmaster and leader role. FOr thousands of years they have been more open about accepting those with darker intents and doing what is needed or what they want
  • Highly Trained: With the newest changes and improvements to Atrisian education and military technique. THeir skills with guns, blades and vehicles or ships are top tier for the normal units with more getting specialized.
  • Xianghua Initiative: Taken from the ranks of the Onna initially as they are loyal the specialized force users who serve Sawa are some of the most dangerous directing the alchemical bears.
  • Numbers: Smaller in number but highly dedicated to their master. The Dark Yovshin are some fo the most dangerous fighters on Atrisia and have controlled their region for thousands of years.
  • Regionally Locked: Largely restricted in their placement and movements. the Onna are only located in and around the Fortress of the Dawn on Atrisia with its surrounding village.
Discovered by Sawa after the death of Akiko Qui. THe young woman having to watch her back and discovering a darkside of the Emperors Yovshin. THe Onna fled after being discovered, treated as rogues and masterless yovshin for decades until they were found. Sawa fought them and eventually killed their leader now that she was different. Taking them over instead of leaving them to disappear. The Onna, Sawa Ike's personal guard, tasked with protecting the energy vampire at all costs.

After Sawa's rediscovery of Nine, many of her memories regarding her former friend were triggered upon seeing her face when she was discovered in her personal stasis chamber by Sawa while re-exploring Castle Morpheus with Maple Harte. Though greatly tempted to destroy Nine within, Sawa held back just before she could do so, remembering the overdose of painkillers she had given Nine, accidentally triggering the transformation.

The Onna would have exterminated Nine but for Sawa's mercy, instead merely guarding The Psy-Pires within their stasis units in Castle Morpheus. But some of the Morpheus Knights awoke from stasis, a predetermined trigger set by Nine, once she snuck out on her own, prompted against her will by her own instincts as a Psy-Pire. The Onna were brutally overwhelmed by the Knights, but used the experience to teach themselves to hunt Psy-Pires.

Their potential and skill with it as they set about hunting her and her knights. Sawa with her anger and hatred towards Nine Lives Nine Lives used them as a means to imprison her. SHe would be returned to the Fortress of the Dawn, where she could eternally watch over her once again. Instead of her being sealed away and unsure about it the dark lord herself would ensure that all of her children who had escaped would be killed. Ni-Ne made to survive and suffer with her old friend.

Now the unit became a few thousand stationed only at the ruined fortress and the small village below it. Not enough to win a war but keeping and maintaining the area would serve their masters purposes. WIth her efforts to reconstruct now that Shoma Ike Shoma Ike was named the heir apparent the Onna have stepped up on Atrisia. Enforcing the small borders of the village and its farm lands while training and conscripting villagers who can hold weapons.

The Onna have continued to change and shape themselves.. with Sawa cooling down after Nine Lives woke up and the battles with Maranon... they have become a force within the small region for them. As a resistance movement against mythos and his cronies the region was largely untouched... harder to overtake subjects who are willing to use the same tactics as you. With the Onna having the training of the eliote yovshin though none of the honor they were free to use other tactics that were deemed my many as dangerous and shouldn't be allowed in conventional warefare.

After the war though Sawa used influence at court and large sums of credits to make sure equipment was funneled to supply and keep her soldiers up to the latest... the schools received much the same with a slightly twisted intent to make sure the people are loyal to her as the villages were protected by walls and defensive guns but also the monsters that her alchemicsts created to protect them.
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