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Character The Mongrel

Thrice-Born Hound
Codex Judge



FactionBrotherhood of the Maw
Age28 GSY
Force SensitiveNo
Height1.81 Meters
Weight84 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorAmber
Skin ColorTanned


Decades ago, as the galaxy began to emerge from the 400-Year Darkness, a child was born on Coruscant. Though he was bright and determined, he was not exceptional. His parents set a good example for him, and supported him fully as he grew. They had enough money to make his life comfortable, but not so much as to spoil him, and he grew up well. In another era, he might have been destined for a quiet life on the city planet, perhaps as a teacher; he was always an outgoing young lad, and dedicated to helping people. But the end of the Darkness only brought a new kind of shadow - the shadow of war. And Coruscant, as always, was an irresistible target.

The boy was lucky, or so it seemed at the time. His family was able to leave Coruscant ahead of the One Sith invasion, escaping the massacre and oppression that followed. They drifted into the Mid Rim, then the Outer Rim, but wherever they traveled the story was the same: blood and death, all in the name of profit, power, and control. Eventually, they joined with other refugees fleeing the many wars, and together they struck out into the Unknown Regions. On an isolated planet, they built a gleaming city, a haven away from the bloodshed. The boy grew into a man there, and worked alongside all the others to keep their refuge hidden and safe.

But then it all went wrong. The Brotherhood of the Maw, horrific marauders emerging from beyond known space, found the planet where the man and his family were hidden. They descended on the shining city and tore it apart in an orgy of violence and desecration. The strong were killed in battle. Those too weak to be of use were murdered for sport. The rest, the man included, were taken as slaves. Their ordeal was just beginning. Marauders of the Brotherhood tortured the man, burning and piercing his flesh endlessly, until he submitted to their will. He became The Mongrel, a broken dog forced to join the pack of wolves and jackals. Swept up by the dark tide, The Mongrel followed his masters as their vile crusade continued...


[+]Tinker and Scavenger: Before he became The Mongrel, the man was a mechanic, skilled with machines. He now brings his knowledge to the Brotherhood, looting and scrapping the cities of the conquered in order to build and repair the engines of war that propel the Maw's conquests.
[+]Dirty Fighter: The Mongrel has been reforged in the fires of the Brotherhood's horrific campaign across the Unknown Regions, earning a reputation as a terrifying warrior. He relies not on brute strength or disciplined training but on cunning, savagery, and experience, making him a tricky foe.
[-]Scarred Inside and Out: The intense torture that transformed the man into The Mongrel left him with severe burns over the right side of his face, arm, and torso. These injuries remain raw and painful. The Mongrel's mental state is even worse, a shattered mirror of who he once was.
[-]Utter Fanatic: The Mongrel is completely devoted to the dark, nihilistic religion of the Maw, which supersedes all other thoughts and drives in his mind. His ability to think critically, plan tactically, and consider his own life (and the lives of his allies) has become subsumed by his zealousness.

Thanks to Thaurond Thaurond for the template idea!
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