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Approved Location Fortress of the Dawn

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Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
  • Military Base Name: Dawn Fortress
  • Classification: Personal Fortress
  • Location: Atrisia
  • Affiliation: Sawa Ike Sawa Ike /Atrisian Commonwealth
  • Population: 40,000 servants, 100,000 soldiers
  • Accessibility: Large and within a region of heavy farmlands, lakes with fisheries and surrounded by mountains on three sides. The fortress itserlf has worked over thousands of years to secure its area of engagement and now with the Jishi era has constructed walls in concentric rings that provide coverage and protection. Sectional shielding for the areas of the fortress and for the villages around them.
  • Description: Large and ancient, Dawn was one of the first strongholds for a vassal of the Emperor thousands of years ago. With thick walls that had armored lattice work within to prevent them from breaking down easily. Over the years as technology has improved things have been traded out, repairs done and sections of the fortress. It houses the ancient order of the Onna that enforce the will of the Emperor by serving the needs of the emperor that were less honorable. Over time and with the Jishi era the fortress has largely improved itself... getting equipment and means to produce and sustain the region, defenses and infrastructure support.
Throne Room: Ornate and large with a raised dias that has water and guards around. The throne itself is simple by comparison pillows and ebony wood that has been smoothed down to fit her. Spacing for the different guards and seating that Sawa can have someone int he second seat next to her to receive guests.

Meditation chamber: Once used to house the daughters of the commander of the Dawn Fort. The chambers are equipped for a small family to stay in, with minimal need to be let out. Sawa's conversion of it into a chamber where she can meditate and focus her energies within the force have turned it into something simple but needed for a darksider.

The Crypts: The ancient commanders of the Dawn Fortress are buried here, Yovshin and Atrisian nobles who gave their lives. Now buried in stone coffins with statues made in their likenesses, stone tigers at their feet, jar'kai blades across their laps some so old they have begun to rust, others gone and leaving brown red dust.

The Grand Hall: Massive and made to hold the full compliment of soldiers and servants, with a raised dais where Sawa can sit and observe them. The lighting is from massive chandeliers and glow rods instead of candles to prevent fires.

The Lower Vaults: Ancient but used to store food, fresh water and anything else that might be needed. The lowest of them has become something of a treasure trove as conquered enemies weapons, armors, equipment was kept there or with the Onna riches they took from raiding. Weapons of fallen heroes and gems from the mountains around them.

Bedchamers: One of Sawa's things about it, spending hundreds of years she wanted comfort and didn't waste time on it. Making sure the bedchambers she used were unique and able to augment her shaping skills with earth, fire, wind and water all around her.

The Kitchens: A stone octagon with a domed roof, equipment that has been changed and modified. At the center is a massive tree, left over from the times before. no one knows who planted it but it has been maintained and around the kitchen itself Sawa's cooks handle and prepare all of the food. It is generally bustling with servants and protected minimally by her Onna.

The Deeper Well: A special room, designed to hold Nine Lives Nine Lives when and if she is captured. Sawa while hating the woman... still cares for her and the two of them have a history. She created the room when she started remember Ni-Ne and what was done to her... what she had done and the danger of the woman. So a special chamber that would hold her keyed to Sawa's biometrics with a tunqstoid blastdoor.

Hot Springs: Newly made on the mountain at the highest level of the fortress. Carved as a private hot spring that was fashioned after the Iris empress that Sawa and Nine Lives Nine Lives encountered the quicksilver empress. With three baths and circulating water in a closed system that filters and cleans it. The heat is produced from generators bbut also geothermal vents.

Three Walls: Designed much like the other cities of Atrisia, the three walls cover different areas. The immediate area around the fortress itself with thicker walls that allow soldiers to patrol and oversee from ramparts. The second wall is around the villages that surround the fortress and the third around the mountains of the region and enclosing them with a sectional series of planetary shield projectors able to protect them. Heavy anti air and infantry defensive turrets as well as the main defense a hibridium cloak that can conceal the fortress itself making it just look like villages being protected with a city around a large mountain.

Surrounding Villages: Four villages surrounding the fortress and its mountain. Each one producing for the fortress additional food and supplies while also benefiting from the protection it provides.

High: Designed with the new standard for the cities with three layers of defensive walls around the valley and section planetary shielding. Defensive platforms able to patrol and protect as well as reinforced structures.

One of the Earliest fortress constructed on Atrisia, the Fortress of the Dawn was one of five that the Onyx Empress constructed to secure her power and it has stood on atrisia. Legends speaking of ancient magics worked into the very stone itself using the blood of the slaves who built it. In truth these are not true, the foundation is strong being built on one of the more studry foundations but there is no magic to it. A tale and myth adding to Atrisia's legendary tales of mysticism abounding on the world.

Further down within its history at some point it was visited by one fo the emperors vassal's, his man had killed a young boy to test out a gift of a pair of jar'kai blades. The cook of the fortress learnign the fate of his son, murdered the vassal's first born and baked him into a stew with rice and veggies. Feeding to him and so impressed the man wanted the cook to come back to the capitol as a gift to the Emperor himself. There were other tales, other legends about the fortress.

The Onna eventually rose from it, from the people who had come to the fortress and taken over stewardship of it. These master-less yovshin who had been exiled from the Imperial city served whoever paid them the most. More tales about the cruelity of the Onna and their members from Kagimaru who slew his brothers. Walking the halls of the fortress with his blades slitting their throats and wearing nothing to be silent. Only the sound of their last gasps letting it be known where he was.

Other tales were what brought Unaga Ike to it at the battle of the Dawn with Tugashi. A strange house of atrisia. Almost as old as her family but when they arrived they found bandits and untrained soldiers trying to impersonate yovshin. The battle was short but left a lasting impact.. they had learned about the emperors treachery, hiring the Onna to try and kill those he believed were disloyal to him within his own paranoia. Parts of the fortress were damaged and destroyed.

As the battle concluded and the Emperor's inner demons continued to ravage his mind the Fortress was left to its own devices. Over the centuries the descendants of the Onna it was believe watched and cared for it while living in the village. In truth they continued to exist but didn't show their armor until that they were thought a mere legend within the region. Coming back out to enforce the will of another when someone named Shojo took up at the fortress bringing a mysterious package.

That package was stored within the deepest vaults of the fortress, then sealed up under the threat of death for anyone that mgiht be coming to try and touch it. With her work completed for the time Sawa could visit there and around the planet looking to build up a reputation. Staying secret as she worked to rebuild the Onna into a force for... not good or evil more they were just around the region and set to defend it. The onset of the plague and the darkness brought much suffering.

With the plague the doors of the fortress were closed in an attempt to try and curb the infection and sickness. IN the aftermath the bodies were stacked in the village streets and burned by the highest fires they could do. The bodies were burned, the great darkness settling over Atrisia and Sawa saw the more dangerous aspects of what they would do. She knew they could recover and used her Onna to restore with some fo the Yovshin law and order across the planet. THe Hour fo the Dragon had Begun.

The darkness was really dangerous when more of Atrisia banded together during the Darkness itself. The Ike clan were working to feed and help, prividng food. Sawa knew that what was in her lower vault would have a problem. She was working to keep her past bruied but had spent a great deal of time building her fortress up... well rebuilding it. THe battle between her mother and the Onna that had damaged it and the fire that had taken place before during its history left it in need of greater repairs.

TIme past and events like the netherworld came, with millions dying, the occupation by the ONe sith and their ilk that killed and cost even more lives. With devastation in Jar'kai Sawa worked to make sure the borders of her little region were secure with the Onna. The resurrection and returnof her childhood friend and companion Nine Lives Nine Lives further complicated her ideas of what might be able to be done here. Sawa decided it was time to make a peace and friendship with Shoma Ike Shoma Ike for the good of her home.
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