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Atrisian Commonwealth

Gathering together the people who wish to rp on the world of Atrisia

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  • Encompassing the Atrisian system with its planets and anomalies. The Atrisian Commonwealth has entered a state of seclusion to rebuild itself after wars and governments. Instead focusing on entering a golden age to revitalize the world itself and their means of productions. Reaching out to their colonies and rehabilitating with them trade and communications. The rich history of the world however goes far back to before the extinction and breaking of the codex. When ancient lords battled against things long forgotten in the galaxy.

    Once the Atrisian system itself was strong enough it started expanding. Creating the first commonwealth with the surrounding systems and forming a strong relationship based on trade and commerce. Mining, food production and tourism for its members as well as a chance to combine and hybridize their technologies. In time the commonwealth grew and became an empire under Akio returning it its roots but slowly fell apart after being taken over by the Lords of the Fringe. Under the One sith and Mythos is suffered and lost many of its people with the sith lord saying how great he made the planet.

    After he left the world taking much of its navy and resources, killing its sons and daughters or breaking them. The Sun Flower Empress rose from the old regime and brought back a sense of unity and prosperity by isolating the commonwealth from the galaxy in order to rebuild. They restored much and then a golden age with the Jishi era brought sweepiong advances in the areas of science and ship development. The Anshin, rediscovery of Chitei, even going so far as getting the ancient imperial network working to create a hyperspace interdiction network.

  • Chosen from a bloodline, usually a clan of high regard and Atrisian borne. The Emperor and Empress are given their titles and monikers from the people based on what actions they have done. The curren emperor and empress Xian Guiying and Natsuo Guiying known as the emperor and golden flowers and rice wine empress have chosen after the deaths of their children Shoma Ike to succeed them.

  • A governing body for the whole of the Commonwealth, every member of the different worlds who have been brought into the governing body for mutual defense and trade purposes has a seat within with the Emperor and Empress serving as the overall leaders who will hear them out and cwork to influence or create the policy to aid all of them. While more democratic in some cases the Emperor has final say and can although rarely force changes.

  • Divided Among two branches the Atrisian Royal Military and Atrisian Royal Navy which have been rebuilt since the beginning of the Jishi era into a technologically and tactically superior force. Both sides serve with distinction and purpose as the Royal family sought to quell rivalry between infantry and fleet attitudes. Instead of competing for resources they are the yin and yang of the Atrisian people. All able bodied Atrisians serve the minimal years of service and are when they make it through able to apply and go for the higher government jobs.

  • Numerous, the primarily lightside orders on the world hold sway with groups like the Wukong rising up after defeating several groups.
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