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Approved NPC Inanna Yomin

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Witch Queen of Ambria

  • Age: Early 190s
  • Force Sensitivity: Knight - though this is a more complex issue than one might expect. While she received Sith training at the hands of Vanessa Vantai and was apparently on the verge of being promoted when she betrayed her master, she was never officially knighted. Her ability to use the Force is highly specialized, reliant mainly on telekinesis. Modifications to her body resulted in her becoming a "Force Spawn", allowing her to channel the Force with greater ease, but also accentuated her weaknesses, which are glaring enough that she likely cannot ever be considered a master. She has described herself as a "part-time Force Adept".
  • Species: Altered Shi’ido
  • Appearance: As a Shi’ido shapeshifter, Inanna’s appearance is subject to change, but she generally cycles between only a handful of default forms depending on what the situation calls for. Most commonly, she appears as an attractive woman with wavy white hair and amber eyes. She usually speaks with a sultry feminine voice, but this is put-on to make her more persuasive. When under stress her "harsh, slurring" Shi'idese accent tends to become noticeable. Should you manage to make her blush (or bleed) you will notice her blood glows green.
  • Voice: Velvet Velour from Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  • Skinshifter: A natural ability for her species, she is nonetheless a prodigy when it comes to changing form, especially humanoids. She can imitate any creature regardless of size or coloring, and for an indefinite amount of time. (Though adjusting her mass by a significant amount is incredibly taxing.) She can enact such a transformation at will so long as she is able to concentrate, and she will not revert into another form even if she is knocked unconscious.
  • Glamoring: This is directly tied to her shapeshifting abilities and allows her to cover up inconsistencies in her physical appearance which would tip more observant people off that she isn't what she seems, such as smell or pheromones. This ability is negated if she can't use the Force, and it should be noted that she can only control how others see her, not what they think of her.
  • Telekinetic: Inanna has been practicing telekinesis ever since she was a kid. After receiving training from both the Jedi and the Sith, she is quite skilled at moving objects with her mind, and can even dismantle entire buildings (though the circumstances would have to be in her favor - she won't bring a building down if there are, y'know, people inside).
  • Novelist: Inanna is a published writer. She has a fairly wide range including non-fiction (reports, speeches, critiques and analyses), although she definitely prefers fiction. She makes most of her money from writing novels, a few of which have become best-sellers, and even wrote an episode of The Totally Real Adventures of Auteme (although that isn't exactly something she would include on her resume, ahem).
  • Scatterbrained: Possessing zero protection from mental attacks, it is extremely easy for other Force Users to read or influence her mind. To her credit, they will typically find her thoughts chaotic and hard to follow, primarily due to the fact that she's really an alien. Obviously this doesn't apply to her fellow Shi'ido.
  • Lack of Self-Control: Inanna struggles with discipline and temperance, making her prone to vices, infidelity, and other issues which have had a profoundly negative effect on her life. Among other things, her inability to stay on track prevented her from becoming either a Jedi or a Sith.
    • "I don't think everyone is cut out psychologically to be a Sith Lord in the first place. I know I'm not. Most people aren't, or else the galaxy would be full of self-proclaimed Dark Lords. In fact, an old friend of mine [Inanna] was exactly the sort of student you're thinking of. Weak-willed, undisciplined, lacking any real drive to succeed..." - Nimdok, "Private Evolutions"
    • "Inanna had never found her release... she never figured out her way to control her desires or her emotions. She had a constant need for affection, a strong desire to be loved, and she had suffered from that internal strife for such a long time... That's why she didn't make it with the Jedi, because her desires overpowered her willpower, removing all discipline from her." - Subject 73 Red, "This Ancient Autumn World"
  • I Pity the Fool: Inanna is, in many ways, extremely vulnerable. She's not very smart, can't really think on her feet, and is easily bested in a battle of wits. She seems doomed to fall prey to stronger, craftier opponents.
Inanna Hoole was born in Goshen, Lao-mon, to Tammuz Hoole, a Jedi Master, and his wife Lilith, a schoolteacher. She was the seventh of eight children and the couple's only daughter. Her great-grandfather was Mammon Hoole, a famous and well-respected anthropologist whose work The Essential Guide to Alien Species is still widely read and referenced by scholars today.

Inanna grew up at the family's mansion and had a relatively happy childhood. She befriended her father's young protégé Arimanes Bosch, and the two became close friends, then childhood sweethearts. Arimanes' failure to live up to Tammuz's expectations led to friction between them, as he grew jealous of Inanna. Upon coming of age, a frustrated and disillusioned Arimanes left the planet in search of new purpose. He and Inanna lost contact and would not see each other again for over half a century.

Inanna, who had resisted her father's attempts to train her in the Force, was encouraged by her family to attend the Jedi Academy on Coruscant. She reluctantly enrolled, and was quickly overwhelmed. A tendency in her personality to slack off in favor of partying and pleasure-seeking led to her quietly dropping out. Severing contact with her family out of shame, she began working as a prostitute at various brothels around the galaxy, banking on her ability to shapeshift into whatever a client desired. This was her job for the next five decades; she lived in obscurity, often using pseudonyms to hide her identity.

Then came the fateful day when a man named Nimdok came to see her. At the time she was working at the Harem Club, a brothel and gambling den in Coruscant's Urscu Entertainment District, under the name "Maetel". She took Nimdok to a private room, where he revealed his true identity: he was Arimanes Bosch, and he needed her help. After a run-in with agents of the Sith who were after Nimdok and his daughter Miri, Inanna agreed to help them escape into hiding. But the situation the two were in, being hunted by a Sith Lord named Messala who had at one point kidnapped and experimented on young Miri, haunted Inanna. After hiring a mercenary named Red to assist her, she launched her own investigation into Messala and his activities.

Her investigation would take her to Dromund Kaas, where she masqueraded as a propagandist working for the Sith Empire. It was there that she met Adrian Vandiir, a Sith alchemist with connections to Messala. In order to obtain valuable information from him, she was required to erase a mistake; sending a Sithspawn whom Adrian had created back to her family on Lao-mon to hide. Unbeknownst to her, the Sithspawn had stolen valuable data from Adrian, and he wanted it destroyed. Doing so resulted in Inanna being disowned by her father, and she fell into a downward spiral, becoming an alcoholic. This cost her her job as a propagandist, so she resorted to briefly working as a manager at Euphoria, a nightclub on Zeltros.

A Sith Lord named Vanessa Vantai picked Inanna out from among a lineup of potential apprentices. Inanna was brought to Vanessa's space station in orbit around Nathema, where she was tortured and "broken" by her new master in hopes of turning her into a powerful Sith. Inanna plotted to escape with the help of her trusty HRD companion Ayreon and her assistant Hal Yomin, who in turn made arrangements with Nimdok and a few of her other friends to rescue her. The result was a harebrained plan that involved Nimdok impersonating Adrian Vandiir, coming to the station, and offering to take Inanna on as an apprentice. This enraged Vanessa, who discovered the ruse. In the ensuing fight, the group actually was defeated - but they caused enough trouble when captured that Vanessa basically begged them to just leave.

She continued to search for Messala (even coming face to face with him during a coronation ball), but her time under the cruel Sith Master had left its scars. Inanna suffered from recurring nightmares and a bad case of Sith poisoning, for which there appeared to be no cure. Nimdok approached Alyosha Drutin, an acquaintance of his, for assistance. Alyosha suggested a purifying ritual which had been previously employed by his master, Darth Themis, using a gemstone known as the Star of Atrisia. Inanna traveled to Atrisia for the ritual, which cleansed the poison from her body, but also altered her form, turning her into a "Force Spawn". Her strengths in the Force were doubled, but so were her weaknesses.

After the ritual, Inanna married Hal and retired to Erakhis. The couple adopted two children, Ophelia and Galahad, and Inanna seemed content to focus on her family and her writing. She left the quest to hunt down Messala to others, only emerging from retirement when a disturbance in some nearby ruins led Inanna to discover her old master Vanessa, now calling herself "Onrai", was the culprit. The ensuing chase and battle saw Inanna briefly trapped in the Netherworld, while "Onrai" got away. She was saved by Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir, the widow of Adrian, and returned to her own reality only to discover that Lao-mon had been invaded by the Brotherhood of the Maw...
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