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Judah Lesan

Codex Judge

NAME: Judah Lesan
RANK: Jedi Knight
SPECIES: Human (Telosian)
AGE: 48​


SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 175 lbs...
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: Caucasian with an olive complexion
FORCE SENSITIVE: Force Sensitive

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :​

+ Force Sensitive​

+ Lightsaber Duelist​

+ Confident Leader​

+ Balanced​

+ Open Minded​

+ Holds to his convictions​

+ Exceptional pilot​

+/- Strong Empath​

+/- Very Outgoing​

+/- Forms emotional attachments easily​

- Acknowledges grey, but rarely sees it as he believes in right and wrong​

- Impatient​

- Stubborn​

Judah is about average height for a man standing at 6 feet tall. His body is an athletic build, and very toned. Physical fitness is important to him, and exercises daily. His hair is a dark brown which is never longer than his shoulders. He has a strong chin and is rarely seen clean shaven. Judah's eyes are brown to match his hair.

His clothes are simple. A blue tunic covers his torso along with a brown leather vest. Brown pants of the same material cover him from the waist down, with black boots for his feet. A belt adorns his waist containing at minimum two vibroblades. Leather vambraces cover his forearms. A hooded cloak usually covers his ensemble.​

History: The son of a merchant, Judah grew up learning the business from his father until it became clear that his nack for reading people was more than just a good awareness of people. KeRon wanted nothing to do with Judah at that point and treated him like a second class citizen. Judah's mother and brother joined in on the treatment. His parents decided it would best to ship him off somewhere when word had reached them that the Jedi were coming to test for potential younglings.

Judah's parents took him, and had him tested, and when it was doscovered that he was force sensitive they turned him over to the Jedi wanting nothing more to do with him. He started out with a group of younglings until he was taken on by Odin Gannik as a Padawan learner. Odin trainined Judah in the areas of philosophy, combat, and certain force skills. Recognizing that Judah was a strong empath, he ensured the skills used included the mental ones.

Having lived in two different worlds Judah learned the value of balance. He believes himself to be a defender of freedom and justice, and will do what it takes to fulfill his duty. The Jedi Code is very important to him, and while he does not seem to view things completely through that lens, his decisions are guided by it. Over all Judah's life experience has made him committed to the Light Side.

The Knight carries one secret. While on a mission for the Jedi Order, Judah met and fell in love with Katara Starkos. Despite being taught attachments were wrong, Judah have himself, and his heart, over to her completely. They were married in a private ceremony during a vacation on the Gold Beaches of Corellia. The two have been hiding the truth since.​

Wife: [member="Katara Starkos"] Deceased
Son: [member="Aspen Dray"]
Son: [member="Judah Lesan Jr."]
Adopted Daughter: [member="Sasha Voss"]
Nephew: [member="Jaron Lesan"]
Jedi Sister: [member="Cambria Zadira"]

Padawan Learner: N/A



R9 Droid "Sparky"​


Improved Force Speed​
Improved Force Jump​
Improved Levitation, Pull, Push & Throw​
Force Persuasion,Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy​
Force Sense​
Force Shield​
Force Healing​
Force Resonate​
Force Light​
Force Masking​
Shii-Cho - Knight Level​
Niman- Knight Level​
Ataru- Knight Level​
Soresu- Knight Level​
Broken Gate​
Advanced Starfighter Piloting​

Jedi Starfighter​





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Judah Lesan


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Welcome to the order and if you are a transfer it is always good to have more knights. If your starting from scratch padawan is where everyone begins. Need anything or have questions about the Republic/Jedi see the high council. Any others contact an RPJ