Hi there! I don't know how much of my stories you have read, but if you are here, there is a possibility you have read certain characters that I use who I refer to as Force Spawn. If you thought the concept was cool but wanted to know the exact mechanics I use while roleplaying as one, this guide will hopefully get you started on setting up your own! Good luck with that!



Force Spawns in my stories are when already quite powerful Force Users are further mutated heavily by it using certain specialized magics. They are all the '800 years into the future' version of the ancient Sithspawn experiments, except the science has become much more specialized through the efforts of people looking to get particular results.

Generally, they are not mass manufactured, given the extreme danger they pose. The Force Spawn is always someone willingly or unwillingly mutated either by specialty "Boutique" Alchemists, or, more rarely, mutated by naturally occuring phenomena, such as Force Anomalies. Others have become this type of creature simply by being so powerful and overwhelmingly favoring a certain aspect of the Force that their body simply mutated on its own to accommodate. Purpose manufactured Force Spawn are to be considered especially dangerous as they are essentially living weapons, though one should consider themselves in extreme danger if they are the target of a Force Spawn, whether the Force Spawn is on purpose or by accident regardless.

Each Force Spawn encountered is its own unique, lethal hazard. They almost always have an elemental focus to their abilities, greatly strengthened to levels that make them a lethal threat to large numbers of even highly skilled and normally quite durable opponents. Their reflexes are often quite high, and often possess Regenerative attributes tied to the element they are made to channel, or must regenerate by stealing life force. One must often resort to highly powerful and damaging weapons, or must have materials that drive it back momentarily to fend off one to hopefully kill it. Often overwhelming force, such as total destruction of the brain is necessary to put one down for good, and even then the remains will likely have to be completely destroyed to assure it is incapable of ressurecting if enough genetic material is saturated in a Force Rich area.

Studied examples are infamous for displaying how their bodies metabolize the Force or Magic, a horrific effect where the skin and musculature seems to bubble or melt on the bone while channeling powerful abilities in the Force. This effect also sometimes occurs when they have been sufficiently weakened through repeated injury, or are absorbing Force Knowledge from a text or object of power.


The elemental ability they are honed to is often highly advanced in how it is applied, often overwhelming other elemental Force Power users even if highly skilled themselves, or even if they are masters at channeling the very same element. Their bodies further mutate to accommodate this power as their life span advances

Force Spawn are capable of absorbing the remnants of other Force Users through objects they left behind, gaining their skill, form, and personality while channeling them. Or violently absorbing their minds and digesting them for the same purpose. The former is more associated with Light Side Force Spawn, while the latter is more associated with Dark Side Force Spawn

Their Regenerative ability is the single biggest hurdle to overcome when trying to kill one, often necessitating destruction of the whole brain to permanently kill a good many. If the remains are left in a Force Nexus of matching alignment, they could resurrect. This often necessitates full destruction of remains.

Absorbed forms are capable of completely altering their appearance, and even their physiological make up for a short time as to what aspect of the Force they can effectively channel. This makes them frighteningly effective at infiltration, as the Persona they channel is often not aware they are not fully autonomous, and they often genuinely believe they are the person they are channeling, making it difficult to flush them out telepathically

They are excellent at channeling magical forces, and often learn them quicker than they will even Force Skills.

Aside from their Regenerative properties, Force Spawn often have excellent reflexes and are highly intelligent, capable of quickly coming up with a counter measure for any given opponent. As a result, it is best to visit maximum shock and awe, visiting the greatest amount of damage possible in the quickest manner possible on an encountered Force Spawn.

For the most part, they look completely normal when encountered, depending on the species they used to be, save for an often unsettling perfection in how flawless their skin is up close


They have great difficulty channeling any but a select few Nuetral Powers. With only a few exceptions, nearly all are incredibly deficient at telekinesis attacks and in fact are stunned harder and longer than others would be. Only the most powerful of Spawn can channel telekinesis easily

They may look normal, but their blood won't be. For Light Spawn, the blood glows green like Predator blood. For Dark Spawn its chalk white like Android Blood from Aliens.

For all their ability to channel a single element extremely well, it comes at the deficiency of other abilities in the Force. They are always at risk of becoming too specialized, and getting overconfident

The personas they channel have greater weaknesses then their standard persona. If one Persona proves particularly strong it can remain in control of their body for long periods of time. Also, while channeling, they cannot use their standard abilities and skillsets, only those of who they channel

They are highly vulnerable to magical talismans or Force Voids. Force Nexus with an opposing alignment will also severely weaken them more than even a standard Force User.

Deprived of their ability to access the Force or magic, a great deal of their deadliness is reduced.

Nullification Resin is highly toxic to their biology

Tips for RP:

1: Body Horror is always prevalent when dealing with these creatures. Shapeshifting never looks quick or pleasant, and always involves muscles and flesh warping and melting and rearranging on the skeleton, or just using Force Powers in general

2: The uncanny valley effect is a major factor. Other NPC'S should be instinctively unsettled in their presence, even if they don't know the reason. Any Jedi or Sith should immediately sense something is seriously off about them if they aren't actively hiding their presence.

3: The Force Spawn should always be at risk from whatever persona and abilities they absorb, and may have to fight to keep control of the body at times. However, Force Spawn who do not absorb another Persona are never as powerful as those who do, and each absorbed Persona increases their overall Force Strength by a slight amount

4: Magical weapons always do more damage to Force Spawn

5: The ritual that turns your character into one is usually highly painful and unpleasant

Annnnd thats it! Just keep this guide in mind and you'll be well on your way to creating a total badass! Hope it helps!