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Approved Location Force Praxeum - The Commenori Order.

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Intent: To create a Force Praxeum upon the world of Commenor for the use of the Faction and those that visit it. For the Training and Character progression of characters affiliated under the faction or world wanting to partake in the aid and defense of the world, or otherwise just extend on the abilities and progression of their characters.
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Structure Name: Force Praxeum of Commenor.
Classification: Force Enclave/Praxeum of learning.
Location: Commenor, Illaria (Forest/woodlands).
Affiliation: Commenor (Faction).

The illaria woodlands can be found to the west of Chasin City, the capital of the world of Commenor. Spanning across the mountain ranges, the dense forest flows for miles yet can be accessible via a multitude of paths suitable only for the likes of speeder bikes or otherwise on foot.

The Praxeum itself holds three landing platforms upon the far rear of the rooftop, of which is entrenched into the side of the mountain, an alcove dug out to shelter the vessels coming and going, the clearing surrounding the structure has been harvested of foliage in order to allow for incoming and outbound traffic.

On foot, the trek can take up to three to four hours from one side of Illaria to the center of which the Praxeum resides. By swoop however the venture is shortened dramatically providing you don't go head first into the thick of a tree and few outside of the Knights of Commenor can find the establishment from the air, least they have immense luck or are otherwise Force sensitive and able to track others of the kind.

Praxeum Security is minimal, given the nature of those training within the facility itself and coupled with the direct contact and co-operation with the Commenori Government, the few devices and personnel that are involved in the safe-keeping of this building are Security Camera's and regular patrols from Chasin City of which occur every few hours, whether by swoop or a simple fly-by from the pilots within the worlds security enforcement sector.

Stationed between Chasin City and the Commenori Praxeum, are several key encampment of which both residents of the Praxeum as well as security personnel from the City use to monitor the Illaria Woodlands. These encampments are purely for reconnaissance purposes and ensuring that contact remains between the head of Government on Commenor, and the leading members of the Praxeum.

Regarding the defense of the establishment, if it were to come under attack from a foreign or rival group, much would fall to the Knights and Masters of the Praxeum to secure their home, both through the use of the force and their experience and skill in the sword arts. Outside of the typical regime of training, students and members are advised to expand on their skills in other area's, thus it's not uncommon to find some with military experience within.

The grace of nature in the Illaria Woodlands surrounding the Praxeum does volumes to keep the facility quietly housed within the forests to the west of Chasin City, Commenor's Capital. First impressions might not strike the large estate as a place of learning and education but rather an expansive manor built for the rich, neglected and draped with foliage falling from the roof. Despite the consistent efforts taken to clear the flora from the pipes and drains of the Praxeum, the immense life of the Forest has kept the construction of the Praxeum safe from public light.

Made from an assortment of Polished stones, elaborately decorated wooden floors and walls, the style of the facility has been built akin to the woodlands using only mostly natural resources collected from the grounds around it. Here, the atmosphere is warming to the mind as though great care has been placed into the creation of such a place, where the force flows more freely around such a naturally vibrant show of life, enabling those living within the Praxeum to better connect to the Force, hindered not from the constraints of a busied City.


Conferance Chambers:
The Private room used for the delegations of the Orders leading members with the Queen Monarch. Here, those in Council spend their time discussing the prospective future over the Order on Commenor, working in co-operation with the Queen to best serve the world and the Will of the Force.

Ceremonial Hall:
Straight forward as rooms go though not without it's share of decor, the ceremonial hall is used strictly for the advancement of personnel ascending from the ranks of students to Knights, Knights to Masters and otherwise celebrating their achievement in open view of those who share/live in the Praxeum.

Residents Quarters:
The living quarters for both Students and Mentors (Knights and Masters) are separated, sectioned into different halls, those for students are shared rooms of which accommodate aspiring future Knights of Commenor. The bedding arrangements are comprised of bunk beds, leaving room for storage and a personal terminal of which can be used to access the holo-net for study purposes. Beyond this, the students are not given a great deal to keep them withdrawn from the rest of the Praxeum, where co-operation and social living is highly encouraged.

Knights and Masters on the other hand have their own personal rooms, larger beds and their own libraries (though much smaller than your standard archive). Here there is much more room to pursue personal interests or studies. It is by this stage that the hope for these Knights and above that the embellishment of such quarters does not keep them from socializing with the rest of the Praxeum more so than not.

Training Wing:
Excluding the Forest itself of which can offer a large variety of places to train, the training wing ranges from Dojo's for swordsmanship to the Archives for study; fitness rooms of which house obstacle courses for physical health, to meditation rooms encompassing the presence of nature in a quiet environment for those wanting to reflect on the will of the Force and within themselves.

Being a school of sorts for those able in the Force, many classes are held in this wing by the leading mentor body of the Praxeum. Students here may spend a great deal of their lives invested in the Praxeum for the continuity of their learnings. Setting aside your typical classrooms and training requires are the minor yet no less significant facilities such as the mess hall, bathing rooms and the grounds outdoors for more enthusiastic training - Treks through the wilderness and competitive sports for positive mental health.

Artisan Wing:
For the education and practice of technological studies such as Spiking, Slicing or Hacking Terminals; Piloting both air and land vehicles and so fourth. As galactic travel is a vital import to the day to day lives of the citizens of today, it's vital that those growing up under the influence of the Order of Commenor are encouraged to learn the many uses and advantages of technology. Beyond these, other subjects can be broached such as the many crafts that go into the make of weapons and armors, devices such as Lightsabers etc.

Here, perhaps the most appealing room of the Artisan wing is the Simulation Arena. Making use of the Holographic Emitters placed all over the arena, this room can re-imagine and simulate events from either documented past history or otherwise custom programs built by the Artisans and technicians of the Praxeum, for the training of personnel. The Simulation Arena is however limited to ground simulations, restricted to the confines of the large area. While it is arguably the largest room in the Praxeum, he simulations held here cannot breach the physical parameters of the building.

More or less an extension from the Artisan Wing, the garage houses the speeder bikes and miscellaneous technologies used for the repair and maintenance of ground and air vehicles. Here both licensed students and higher are free to come and go as they please, working on their bikes, speeders and starfighters before venturing out.


The Praxeum of Commenor was founded by Queen of Commenor, [member="Lady Kay"] under the advisement of key figures within her Administration in order to better support the trade world with the Establishment of a Force-Capable organization willing and able to meet the high demand that is enforcement of the worlds laws as well as the hostile negotiations partaken by foreign opposition in times of conflict.

As is the nature of politics to distrust those capable in the Force for fear that they might use it against the general rulings of the world, the Praxeum was decidedly distanced from the Capital City, both in order to appease the public's sense of security as well as ensure the privacy of the residents of the Praxeum in their training efforts and otherwise often thought unorthodox standards of living.

The advantage of the woodlands concealing the Praxeum hides well the fact that this structure has only recently been built, for the sole purpose of the living and training of Force Practitioners, meaning that rather than reforming an older establishment, this one has been designed with the interests of the Order in mind, lacking little in the way of training and living requirements for those within. Spanning across 250,000 Acres of Forest, the approximate price the Government of Commenor has estimated to be the value of this endeavor stopped at just around Fifty Million Credits. Paying not only for provisions, equipment and security but so too for secrecy over such a project, the build and the presence of Government personnel across such a large plot of land costing a tidy sum for the future security of the trade world. With all it's business in other worlds and across the galactic charts, this financial hurdle has been filled by some of those soon to be organized in the Praxeum's future days.

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