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Rebellion The Clockwork King | Oblivion Event Thread

Ty Sibo


Objective: Nexus, Attackers
Location: Omni's Clockwork Castle
Equipment: M-107 Anti-Material Rifle, TDW M-416, L-7 Heavy Pistol, Vibro combat knife, armored body glove and full face gasmask

The ending of Ty sibo music

Ty Would lift his hand off his wounded side as the pain he had had disappeared making him worry. Sure enough underneath the wound small lights and flesh converted to metal was being formed. A failure laughing in the edges of his mind started getting stronger. Damn I thought I cut that out of me when i bought it. Walking over to Corin Autem Corin Autem Ty chuckled. "Your a good soldier caring bout your freinds Reminded me of myself a long time ago." tossing her his rifle he would back up keeping control of his humanity for as long as he could while his alter ego and transformation tried to take over.

"Do me a favor kid IF we see eachother again Put me down with that thing, Its no longer made anymore so its the last of its kind and well I see no better way to go out Than by a gun of the old me." Ty would look down at his hand noting the flesh and uniform sloughing off Reviling a metal apendace with razor claws. with what little Humanity he had left he opened a portal but turned to salute Corin Autem Corin Autem "It was a pleasure serving along side Eternal Empire One last time as short as it was. Good luck troopers Long live the Empress." With that he would exit the portal putting distence between him and EE's forces as he transformation took over. His final moment of being him as he felt his control slipping against his alter ego and Omni he whispered to the winds in the neather. "Look after them like you did for me Abeloth this is my final request of a old Eternal Empire sniper."

Ty would Double over as his transformation finished what step out of the pile of flesh and old armor was no longer ty as it tossed a old set of Eternal empire dog tags From its days when Tacitus was in charge as well as the two wedding bands attached to it symbolically killing what remained of Ty and becoming Lockdown
One Of Many
Post around me for now I'm not sure when I'll get another chance.


The Investigator, for once, was silent, and that left The Manifold to respond to the blathering of these mortals. The drone could sense more of them coming, drawn by the powerful Force emanations of the factory. They were like insects drawn to a sticky trap, smelling its sweetness, yearning to touch and taste... but when they did, they would find themselves stuck fast. Omni's casket of souls would surely swell this day, and the ranks of Its drones would be expanded by these powerful recruits. In the eyes of The Manifold, that was as it should be, a simple returning of the Droid God's gifts. After all, the Living Force flowed from the Netherworld, and Omni was the Netherworld's master. Was the Force not Its to bestow or deny?

Let Sylvia and Elle come and meet their fates. That mortal emotion love paled beside Omni's power.

Meanwhile, the organics at the entrance declared their foolish, futile, self-important, blasphemous opposition to the Grand Design. The Manifold had seen it all before. These creatures all seemed to think themselves the heroes of their own little stories, but the myths they built up in their own minds would not change objective reality. They had marched themselves into the spider's lair, and their fate was now sealed. "Understanding: Soon Granted," the drone assured Caedyn, in a tone that was not at all reassuring. "Your Fate: Unification. Omni's Gift: Knowledge. Become One: Know All." The Jedi Knight would find that his view of the Force had been so terribly limited by his mortal preconceptions.

As a drone, he would find his perceptions expanded beyond the limits of his flawed biology.

Beside the Jedi, one of the scoundrels - Tovald - spoke a similar denial of the inevitable... all while shying away from The Manifold's needle-tipped appendages. It was a typical mortal failing to fear the unknown; it was why so many of them stayed in bad situations, afraid that trying something new and uncertain would lead them somewhere even worse. They had a saying about the devil you know, and it kept them from transcending their limitations. Pitiful, really. It was why their physical galaxy was so full of tyrants and poverty and suffering, keeping them clinging to old traditions and governments that did not serve them half so well as they thought. "Imperative: Do Not Fear," The Manifold told Tovald. "Your Fate: Improvement."

Another Force presence approached, and the snap-hiss of a lightsaber distracted The Manifold from the (ultimately fruitless) conversation. It was a typical mortal demand, full of typical mortal bluster. The drone stared at Darlyn, taking him in, observing his powerful connection to the Living Force... though it was a connection twisted and tainted by emotion. The "dark side", as mortals called it, was a sad, tainted thing inThe Manifold's view, for it took the impartial purity of the Netherworld and warped it. Rage, fear, grief, these were fleeting sentiments felt by flawed creatures, unworthy of the eternal purity of the Force. The Jedi came closer to that purity, accessing the Force through serenity, but they still attributed moral values to their "light side".

The Force did not have morality. It was a law of the universe, measurable by science, as Omni had proven.

"Demand: Accepted," The Manifold said, drifting aside as they spoke their unexpected words. "Invitation: Enter. Witness: Omni's Glory." The drone moved out of the doorway, allowing the motley collection of organics free entry to the factory... for they had sensed that this would better serve Omni's plan. Once these creatures stepped inside, it would be simple to seal the doors behind them and unleash all of the potent drones and machines the Droid God could muster. They might believe they had come to destroy this factory, but their true fate was only to witness the futility of their efforts, and then to be joined with Omni. Perhaps they would even accept it, before the end came for them and their free will was removed.

But The Manifold doubted it. They were stubborn beings, and willfully blind to Omni's truth.


Caedyn Arenais

Je'daii Knight

Objective: Investigate the Factory.
Allies: Aeshi Tillian Aeshi Tillian | Tovald Kahmen’’a Tovald Kahmen’’a | Elle Mors Elle Mors | Sylvia Virtos Sylvia Virtos | Darlyn Excron Darlyn Excron .
Opposition: The Manifold The Manifold | Omni Omni | Myk Venture Myk Venture .
While the arrival of Darlyn Excron Darlyn Excron was certainly astonishing to behold and the least expected of persons to show up alongside Caedyn in such a treacherous place, the Je'daii found himself temporarily perplexed and perhaps even stunned by the sudden compliance of The Manifold The Manifold 's decision to step aside and allow them entry into the Facility standing before them.

Caedyn's Lightsaber remained active, held in two hands, the blade readied at a horizontal arc, the form known as the 'center of being' while he listened to the words offered to them. He had been ready to defend himself against something that Caedyn was certain would put up more of a fight trying to protect the place, but instead...

"Demand: Accepted, Invitation: Enter. Witness: Omni's Glory".

"I can't be the only one thinking this too easy..." Caedyn muttered under his breath, his weapon slowly falling to be held at his side, the blade of energy being disengaged as he looked more so to Darlyn who stood alongside him now, while at the same time not wishing to take his eyes off of the Manifold who remained aside from the mouth of the factory.

Their fate was apparently inevitable. To become one with Omni. That's what the Manifold had just told them...-And now they were basically being invited within. It was most certainly a trap...-And yet without entering the facility, there seemed no other means to identify its purpose and potentially put a stop to whatever this Omni creature was doing.

"What is Omni?" Caedyn asked the Manifold. Once more, it might have seemed like a fruitless attempt to converse with the...Thing? But if they could gain some kind of insight without resorting to violence then it was in his nature to try. For the time being, he remained in place, seeking an answer.​



Allies: None
Enemy: Omni Omni

Deep in the bowels of the Factory, hundreds of men stood chained together in a long conga line leading to the centrifuge of it's nexus. Most were sullen, sunken, necrotic looking figures dressed in rags. Upon closer inspection, there was a notable complete absence of women among the prisoners in Omni's factory. Only humanoid men, most of them young and blonde and of average height. They moved together, shuffling behind as drones stood guard over the line.

There was no work being done, no forced labor. This countless posse of humans were merely shuffling about, funneled by their drone guards towards the centrifuge. Every so often, a more massive bulbous figure of Omni's avatar - of which there were countless - would wander into the tunnels to quietly observe. And every so often, an avatar of Omni would select one of the men, removing them from line and bringing them to some unknown different location within the Factory.

As the assault commenced far above, near where the superweapon "Casket of Souls" was being forged, one particular man was selected by a unnerving sentinel.

"UNHAND me, demon."

His cries, very Tarkinesque in accent, seemed to fall on deaf telemetry.

"I am R O Y A L T Y! You will unhand me at once." His demeanor seemed sass, but his voice broke in fear. Dragged into the darkness of the citadel, several other men looked on as yet another one of his own disappeared.

Marion Muir

Objective: Find Will
Location: Aboard the Fatamorgana, parked outside the Clockwork Castle
Tags: Omni Omni | Open

Though she was concerned enough about Professor Nimdok that she felt a need to watch and wait for a message from him, Marion—newly christened Captain Muir of the Fatamorgana—hated standing around doing nothing. She had always prided herself on being active rather than reactive, a small town journalist who wasn’t afraid of anything the great big galaxy could throw at her. Or universes beyond that, for that matter.

Yet here in the realm of the not-quite-dead, she was an outsider, a stranger in strange lands. Being active wasn’t as simple as stepping outside her comfort zone—leaving the protection of the sail barge could very well get her killed, or worse.

As the minutes ticked by, her agitation grew into a sense of helplessness, until at last she turned away from the castle, unable to stand the sight of it any longer. All around her, the undead crew of the Fatamorgana worked at their various posts like the finest of pirates. The Maestro had even outfitted them to look like swashbucklers, in hopes of fooling the drones into underestimating his veritable army of loyal ghouls and ghosts. An army he had placed Marion at the head of.

“Keep watch,” she ordered. “I’m going down for a few minutes. Report anything unusual to me at once.”

A chorus of aye-ayes followed her as she descended below deck.

Her mission? To get a snack.

Heading for the storerooms, she turned on the lights, beholding shelves full of rations, many of them left over from the barge's previous owner. She hadn’t done any exact calculations, she was sure there was more than enough to feed her for the next year or so—and to her knowledge, she and Nimdok were the only two aboard who needed to eat. Unless they were here until danse macabre, and the family wanted a proper celebration complete with the mimicry of a feast… but she doubted they’d be so cheerful if they were stuck in Oblivion for that long, still looking for their lost friends.

She hummed softly to herself as she perused the shelves, disliking the silence down here in the bowels of the barge. As her hand closed around a metallic wrapper, she felt a sudden chill. The temperature in the hold dropped enough that her breath appeared as fog when she next exhaled, the tune dying on her lips.


She slowly turned around.
Captain Ash
Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais Tovald Kahmen’’a Tovald Kahmen’’a Elle Mors Elle Mors Sylvia Virtos Sylvia Virtos Darlyn Excron Darlyn Excron Pariah Pariah
The Manifold The Manifold Myk Venture Myk Venture

"Would y'all stick-jockeys stop waving those around?" Aeshi said, looking over her shoulder as the lightsabers flared to life. She took several long paces away from the blades as Caedyn and somebody else with terrible color coordination threatened to force their way through. It was something she never quite understood. Why waste time threatening people or... droid-people hybrids. Looking at the two beings around them, she could not honestly say what they were. But if you were going to kill someone/something, don't warn them. Just shoot fast and straight. Or stab fast and straight. If lethality was a bit excessive for the situation, everyone had a price. Sometimes that price was just a beer bottle to the back of the head or a metal fist to the jaw.

She pinched her nose for a moment and stared as more people arrived and the doors just opened on request. The other Omni-ling stepped aside and welcomed them in. It was a bit hard to follow the speech, but it reminded her of her cousin Ardon Ardon and his cybernetic cerebral implant he got after a bad ship crash. The same sort of blending of organic and machine.

Which, if Aeshi was putting things together right, was the point. She shrugged, and hung the scatter-gun across her shoulder and peeled the synthskin from her lower arms, revealing the durasteel limbs underneath. "I already am upgraded, although unfortunately, due to circumstances, my upgrades are inferior to Omni's usual. Everything else is upgraded for my own role already. But I need my arms upgraded to Omni standards."

It was a gamble, but it could work if she played it straight and with all the confidence of an Idiot's Array hand. Granted, it was like playing in the dark with half a deck, but when had that ever stopped a gambler?

And so, she rolled the dice. "With those upgraded, I can resume my mission on behalf of Omni. And preferably with my companions. They have been instrumental so far, even if they do think it is too easy."
"Only an idiot walks into a Flamethrower."

Well, that was less than reassuring, why would he want to become whatever that thing was. Well, he really should have seen that coming regardless. So, taking the chance he entered the Factory entrance, he noticed the mass of machinery and bits of metal sticking out from the walls and floor. Clawed appendages creaked and groaned as they moved in the still air.

The eerie silence became deafening as he continued into the Factory itself, the air still and stagnant. Nothing seemed alive at all and the resurging unease settled deep within his bones and making his nerves jangle.

This is going to be a fun mission, he thought dryly ducking under a stray pipe. Hitting his head is never a fun experience, with or without his helmet. Still, he walked on, ignoring the spit hiss of steam echoing around the seemingly inactive Factory. Keeping his sword out and in front of him in case of an unexpected encounter with the locals, best be on the front foot.

Because if one of the drones had needles that big then, they may all have them and that will end badly for everyone and no one likes to be assimilated into anything that turns you into a robot.

Now he began to backtrack around again as he hit a dead-end layered with robot arms and more pipes, he's not going to get anywhere if he tried to climb around it. If anything he could get a nasty injury off of that jagged piece of metal and getting a cut from it wasn't fun, not one bit.

Tovald slowed his exploration to a slow walk. suddenly aware that this place is an excellent place for an ambush for OmniDrones to spring, they obviously know the place better than him or the group he was with. By now Tovald wandered in further than he had meant to at this point.

Which allowed him to either start pulling at wires or snoop a little more. The mission had been simple; Stop Omni doing whatever he pleased with dead force sensitive people. So he grabbed and pulled at a few wires, a small act of sabotage before he was found out.

Yet he wondered with irritation, why can't the dead be left in peace?

Marion Muir

Objective: Run away from Will
Location: Aboard the Fatamorgana, parked outside the Clockwork Castle
Tags: Omni Omni | Open

She already knew who it was—she’d know that voice anywhere. Yet when she faced Will, his proximity to her was startling, the tips of their noses almost touching. She was abruptly aware of how small and confined the storeroom was—the space felt tight and cramped even though the other occupant was a ghost.

His clothes were different. He now wore a leather jacket over the old-fashioned white shirt she knew so well, along with a belt with a holstered knife. Dangling from his hand was a pink baseball bat. The sight of it unnerved her, but also left her bewildered and bemused.

“You haven’t snuck up on me like that in a long time,” she remarked, hiding her nervousness behind a veneer of humor and good cheer. “Not since you showed up at my place in Jeff’s body, and that was, what—seven years ago?”

“Has it really been that long?” Will asked.

She swallowed. “Yeah.” The word came out barely above a whisper. She had known him a very, very long time—and while he might not have noticed, she was very much aware of the passing years. “Well, I’ve got a lot of questions for you. Do you feel like answering?”

Will didn’t respond. His gaze was fixed on the pale blue stone hanging from a black ribbon around her neck. The pendant, while nothing special to look at, served as a talisman guarding her from possession and other forms of external influence. The Maestro had given it to her for her own protection.

“You scared us all,” Marion continued, hoping against hope that Will was merely overwhelmed at seeing her again. But that excuse made no sense, and she knew it. His depth of feeling might have been bottomless and eternal, but it was also quiet and understated, as befitted the long undead. “We were worried about you. Where have you been?”

At last he looked her in the eye. She half expected his gaze to reveal something had gone very wrong, but there was nothing visibly amiss. He just seemed confused—and even now, he was shaking his head as if to clear it. “I found somethin’ here, and I had to investigate it further. I didn’t mean to leave you without so much as sendin’ word back that I was all right, but… I’m here now for you.”

He sure did sound sincere. She chanced a small smile. “I assume you want to talk to the Maestro, then. He's somewhere aboard, in disguise of course…”

She trailed off as Will looked over his shoulder, as though afraid someone might be eavesdropping, then looked back at her with an almost giddy expression. “I’ll go talk to him in a bit. But for now, I was hopin’ we could spend some time together. Alone.” He pointed to the blue pendant. “Without this gettin’ in our way.”

Immediately, she was suspicious. But with that suspicion came a sense of dread so acutely painful, it almost made her want to believe him just to avoid facing the truth. “What do you mean?”

“There’s somethin’ I want to show you.” He reached out as if to touch her face. She felt only a slight chill against her cheek; none of the physicality of the ghostly fingers he brushed against her skin. “Somethin’ I can’t explain with words. But if you let me in that body of yours, I can show you everything that I have seen…”

“Is it really worth breaching your personal principles for?” she asked, knowing very well what Will's personal principles meant in the inner language of their little circle. Rule #1: Thou shall not possess the living for selfish or frivolous purposes.

Will hesitated. “Yes—it’s absolutely worth it. You'll see what I mean as soon as I show you.”

But Marion knew he was lying. For you see, nothing in any world was worth Will Wolfe breaking his own private code of conduct for. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, her brow furrowing in anguish as she was forced to accept the hard truth. Either this wasn’t really Will—or something had happened to Will that had changed him into this.

“Maybe later,” she said. “For now, I think we had better go and tell the Maestro—”

No!” he hissed, eyes wide. “Marion, please.”

She took a step backwards as he reached for her, her hand closing around the pendant at her chest as if to protect it from his grasp.
Sworn to Omni
Directly Engaging: Corin Autem Corin Autem
Tags: Lilanna Kelamvor Lilanna Kelamvor | Sophia Bergen Sophia Bergen

The Votary watched as Lilanna moved with a great burst of speed and, somehow, put her arm through the Omni-drone's chest. The Votary stood there with mild shock as the highly unexpected and unpredictable maneuver was taken. As the woman withdrew her arm and The Votary was reaching towards her to take her by the forearm. That is when the device that she had put into the Omni-drone's chassis detonated causing a cloak of smoke and sparks to be emitted from around it. Briefly shrouded by this explosion but none the less able to hear the taunts of Corin, it turned within the murk to receive two solid projectiles to the faceplate. Both made dangerous whirling noises as they ricocheted off and the head of the Omni-drone was knocked backwards.

A grey foot stepped out from the dust and smoke and The Votary emerged with no visible signs of exterior damage although smoke was wafting through the its joints and panels. It moved with a nonfluid motion and its eyes flashed rapidly in a way that was not usual for it. In truth the ability of The Votary to go after all of the present foes was diminished greatly and while it was not weak to these forms of attacks sometimes a more concise goal was in order. It would have Corin.

"You have failed to acknowledge the truth and you have thrown yourself against reason." The Votary stopped its marching towards the breach full of Ultranauts and Corin "I will tolerate your offenses no longer." the Omni-drone raised its two elongated arms and as it did so a loud static noise would be heard from any wireless electronic device, vision enhancing technology would falter to a disadvantageous degree, and purely electronic weaponry may cease to function. It was not a form of ionic, digital, or electrical attack it was wholly Technomancy, a facet of the Force.
The Mighty

Location : Standing tall before his God
Objective : Go out with a bang thanks to Frank Sterling Frank Sterling

Enraged beyond reason by the damage being done to his internal workings, his own giant mechanical brain, for want of a better term, Omnedon was wild now. Thrashing, he tried and failed to slap clear the tiny humans assailing his enormous form, and stomped down repeatedly with his massive legs and feet, crushing both OMNI drones and foes alike; the deity had more servants, many more, it could spare many, and many more again, in its eternal quest to control.

The gargantuan Abominor, buoyed by the near presence of the living God OMNI, was as yet unable to process what was happening inside his head. Frank's damage to its cognitive processes had led to a frenzied rage state from which Omnedon's personality matrix was struggling to recover. Despite the fact he was already blinded by the Force Darkness before his eyes, even Omnedon felt the loss of his left eye, as it was breached from the inside by Frank Sterling.

But he wouldn't leave when he was doing such damage, unless... Omnedon's damaged mind managed one coherent, horrifying thought. No! He cannot! I cannot! Confused and blind, pained, and overwhelmed, the mighty titan staggered once, crushing yet more beneath his great big metallic feet, and put one monstrously large metallic hand to his wounded face, though no blood came away, the very movement of a hand to an injury was instinctual even in sentient beings.

In that instant, vengeful but trapped by circumstances, the massive being realised he might just be doomed. Mortality wasn't something oft considered by a being of his age and stature. But now it was there, in horrifying reality, right before his eye.

But.. I have... a.... DESTINY??

And with that, massive chained explosions began their work of demolishing the great huge servant of OMNI, as even a God's titan could be felled by enough powerful explosives all placed inside its internal structure. Perhaps at the cost of his own life, such a simple and yet determined being might just have felled a two hundred mile tall titanic war robot. Omnedon's last cry cut of into a very loud, very unintelligible wail of despair, as, crumbling from a dozen flaming wounds, the huge Abominor began to go limp, and topple to the ground.

Ruus Kote Lilanna Kelamvor Lilanna Kelamvor Velexia Felix Aquila Rann Thress Gerwald Lechner Omni Omni
The Guardian

Objective: Keep up the fight.
Accompanied by: 3 scarecrow detachments (reinforcements), Jackle detachment KIA, 1/2 Jager detachment
Equipment: Vangard power armor, 2 d16 slugthrowers, Combat stim
Tags Open

Franks movements were shaky at best as he worked on back tracking the massive robots body. He felt blood trickling down his face and he had trouble seeing out of one eye. Crawling out of the internal reckage of the giant robot collapsed on the ground from the fighting, His armor cracked punctured and rittled with breeches from shrapnel and blaster fire alike He couldnt feel the pain weather it be from the bloodloss of his missing arm or the overall state of his body from the injection. Frank Crawled to the top of the now Dead Omnedon. His suit power failing and his own cybernetics not far behind Warnings in franks mind flashed as his own body was locking up to save power in hopes someone could get him out of there. Frank knew differently A machine would keep trying to mindlessly complete its directives and programing however a living being knew when they had bought it. reaching a closed fist from his only good arm twords the sky Frank let out a bellowing Cry in defiance twords any omni drones and enemies alike.

as his body began shutting down Frank sent out one last telepathic message as enemy drones began opening up on him again.
<it was a honor fighting alongside both of CIS and Eternal Empire forces one last time.> the telepathic message would be aimed at EE forces and CIS forces alike as his body and armor locked him in his position of defiance fist raised twords the heavens as he kneeled on the remains of Omnedon.
Resident President Meme
Again? My stupid plan worked again? How has this happened more than once already? What the feth am I supposed to do when they just listen to the demands?

It probably wouldn't have been hard to see that confusion on Darlyn's face, if he had no helmet on. As it was, he was silent as he moved up to Caedyn's side properly, only really a window into his thoughts if you knew him. He caught a glance from Caedyn, after the younger man disengaged his lightsaber, lowering the tool by his side. Ah, right. Caedyn wouldn't want to fight if he had to, would he? Darlyn wished he could have the same kind of hopeful outlook right now.

He lifted his lightsaber to the same stance Caedyn had taken, though only held the single-saber lengthed hilt in one hand rather than the propper two. One blade, from this stance, at least managed to stand somewhat between Caedyn and the Manifold. About as much protectiveness as Darlyn believed that his beloved nephew would allow him to display. His other hand rested by his side, ready to flare to life with the Force at a moment's notice.

Then of course, so many questions and talking. From Caedyn, from the woman, and even from inside Darlyn's head.

The thing he focused on particularly was Caedyn's question, partly because it was the most useful and because Darlyn felt another migraine come on in that moment. The bits of data, that was the only way he could describe it, that were still stuck in his mind caused no small ammount of pain, before dying down just as quuckly as it started... peaving a noticable look of pain from how his stance tightened and became more rigid.

"A machine that thinks itself a god... or perhaps a demigod. He, It... whatever... thinks it can bring stability and order... thinks it has a right to rule. I don't really know much more than that, and I can't even be certain that's right. One of his... drones?... did something to me, or tried. They try to.. rewrite you. Like a computer getting a new firmware update, to serve as a tool." Perhaps that would also tell the woman what exactly Omni was after, rather than just blending flesh and machine. Of course, perhaps the Manifold would take offense to how he put it all as well... if the thing even could be offended.

Another sharp pain, ah the error message. Something akin to a corrupt installation alert perhaps, he didn't know what it was to be honest. something that let the drones try to kill him, that was where the knowledge ended. He hoped if the Manifold recieved it, it felt alarmed and distressed. Small victories.

As a last precaution, the darksider began slowly drawing the Force towards himself. Not so obnoxious as to be threatening, but enough that he could begin preparations. He wanted to destroy that factory, and he would need to start preparing the abilities that could do so. Being surrounded by death and raw Force energies certainly would help, but only if he could escape notice while doing so. "If I had to guess, there's more in there, right? Like you two, I mean. No point in lying, I can probably sense them the moment we go inside."

The one merc had already gone inside, hopefully he was alright. No one else seemed to have jumped to go in, and Darlyn would not leave his family behind. He was also not so subtly nudging Caedyn and the woman inwards. Factories had machinery, and if this place was for anything resembling what happened to him then they'd want to get moving now.
One Of Many

One by one the mortals tricked into the factory. "Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly. The Manifold drifted in behind them... and the doors slid shut. "Omni: Everywhere," the drone replied to the Jedi, their flat, monotone voice made sinister as it echoed down the claustrophobic corridors. "You: Will See." Somewhere deep in the facility, a spirit was screaming, protesting that it was royalty. But the ranks and titles of the living meant nothing here, nor did their natures or deeds. They were fuel, not individuals, not worthy lives. Omni's gifts would save the galaxy, but they did not provide for salvation on a case by case basis. To make an omelette you had to break a few eggs, and many of the living and the dead would suffer for paradise.

Another mortal stepped forward, presenting her cybernetic arms as proof of her acceptance of Omni's plans. The Manifold was less than convinced. They could not detect the Droid God's spark within her, no hint of the Technomancy that It bestowed... but the drone played along nonetheless. "Your Request: Granted," The Manifold replied. One of their arms rose mechanically, and a pale corpse hand beckoned her forward with jerky motions. "Attend: Us. Your Upgrades: Pending." As the drone turned away, though, preparing to lead the little group to the factory floor, one of her companions spoke up. The Manifold paused, listening to what the man with the purple lightsaber said. Then it nodded, slowly and clumsily, like a marionette being jerked about.

"Your Companion: Defective," the Omni drone said, slowly turning on the spot to face Darlyn. "His Essence: Incorrectly Transformed." It was a disturbing thing, facing an instance in which the Droid God's great plan had been subverted like this; the half-drone's presence rang out like fingernails grating across a chalkboard now that The Manifold was aware of it, filling the drone's mind with the imperative to fix this glaring error in the Grand Design. "His Upgrades: Also Required. His Pain: Fixable. His Confusion: Not Beyond Repair." It was meant to be reassuring, to inform this glitch that the agony he felt was not what Omni had intended. Indeed, he should not have been able to feel at all. Wouldn't that be easier? Wouldn't that be better?

"Affirmation: Yes," The Manifold replied to the error's question. "We: Are Many. Imperative: Come With Us." The drone indicated the factory floor, pointing with a long, pale finger toward the shadowy recesses of the production plant. Out there were conduits of ectoplasmic energy, pumping the power of harvested souls into dark metal chassis after dark metal chassis. Omni's legions were being forged, endlessly reinforced to conquer and subdue an ungrateful galaxy... so that they could be lifted up to paradise, free of the agony of a flawed biological existence. "Your Upgrades: Await," The Manifold said, drifting into the dark. Countless other drones waited in the recesses of the building, and the thick, heavy doors were sealed.

Surely the mortals would find no escape... only the path to perfection.


The Jedi was silent this time, perhaps still digesting what The Manifold had said. The drone kept their attention on the Empress instead, listening to her arguments, curious as to her justifications for opposing the divine and invading paradise. They had not heard of this "Voracitos" before, but his existence was an effective counter to what The Manifold had argued so far. They chose their next words carefully. "Voracitos: Not A God?" It questioned. Perhaps this powerful Sith was a lesser divinity, obviously inferior to Omni but still powerful in the Netherworld. "Query: Your Definition?" If the Empress did not consider this Voracitos a god, and would not accept that Omni was, what would she consider a god to be?

"Science: A Tool Of Gods," the drone claimed. And why not? If a being was truly divine, then science, physics, and technology could be Its tools just as surely as mystical power. What was the Force if not another law of the universe, just like magnetism or gravity? Destiny was measurable, quantifiable, if you had the right instruments. It was why Omni was forging the galaxy's fate, crafting an ending to the physical realm like a fusion of storyteller and ghostly blacksmith. But the mortals seemingly could not understand that. The Empress accused Omni of cowardice, and the thought was humorous to The Manifold. Would a cowardly being take on the entire galaxy, fighting against the short-sighted to deliver them from their own evils?

"Netherworld: The Future," The Manifold replied. "Oblivion: Paradise. Omni's Plan: Spread Paradise. Netherworld's Fate: Covering All. All Beings: Become Omni's Subjects. Omni: Makes Them Perfect." The Netherworld would spread, drawing more and more planets into Oblivion, until Omni's domain covered the entire physical galaxy. With Its power in the Force, the Droid God could fix all that was broken, but only by harnessing the Force-rich fabric of the afterlife itself. "Timing: Due to Csilla," The Manifold explained. "Planetary Destruction: Hindrance to Omni. Important Facility: Destroyed. Clear Conclusion: Mortals Unworthy to Manage Their Own Affairs." The destructive organics had to be stopped.

Before they caused more damage. Before they set back Omni's plans to save them all.

Broken Heart and Soul
Lady Ingrid L’lerim Ragal Terassi Vandiir
Eternal Empress of the Eternal Empire, Lord Commander of the Wardens of the Shroud, Leader of the Dawn of Hope
The Red Witch, The Night Queen, Lady Stuztala, Head of the House L’lerim, CEO of the HPI Consortium, Archon of the Primyn Group
Objective: Nexus, Attackers
Location: Omni's Clockwork Castle
Equipment: 2x Sigra vibroblade | 2x Striith vibrosword | Kiss of the Red Witch | The Soulsabers | Heilagr MK. I Assassin Armour | The Last Gift || Empyrean gland
Writing with: The Manifold The Manifold | Kahlil Zambrano Kahlil Zambrano | Omni Omni
[ For the Empire! ]
<"High Nelvaanian language"> | ~ telepathic communication ~

Though she felt no emotion, or the like, from Manifold's direction, but on the basis of his words and reactions, she seemed to have managed to surprise him, as he could not count on the existence of Voracitos. She acknowledged this with cool logic that Omni or his drones don't know everything either. That is, she came to this conclusion based on the reactions obtained. Adrian considered Voracitos as a god, he was the only person. Ingrid never accepted that.

"Statement: there are no gods. I accept that there are very powerful and almost omnipotent beings, but they are not gods. Another statement: most of these are powerful Force Users, either from a species with strong abilities, or in the case of Omni, a machine. One more statement: this power does not make you a god, only an entity with a great power. I acknowledge their being as an entity, as well as their power. This is also true for Omni." she said in a still mechanical voice.

She looked at Manifold for a moment:

"Tool of Gods? According to this, would anyone who uses science or invent things, you consider them as a god?" she went on to refute the words of the drone and try to persuade him to admit the illogicality in her conclusions.

Sooner or later everything and everyone will go to Netherworld, this is necessary since there was no truly immortal life form. Sooner or later everything dies; death could not be circumvented. But the Oblivion was small compared to the whole Nether, but at least some kind of plan was already beginning to outline in front of the woman about what Omni wants. She nodded at Manifold's words.

"Because sooner or later everything dies … yes, the Netherworld is the future for everyone. Perfection does not equate to a forced consciousness. Perfection is different for a machine, and different for an organic one. It is different for a drone and an AI, and different for a sentient being. Conclusion: Perfection does not exist and intangible, i.e. unreachable."

The drone revealed important information, Csilla was the reason for this. A facility? Interesting.

"What kind of facility?" see asked.



Corin Autem


Tags: The Votary The Votary Lilanna Kelamvor Lilanna Kelamvor Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Sophia Bergen Sophia Bergen
Gear: KC-47 Hybrid Strike Rifle, Lucius-pattern Bayonet, Sk-RS MK. IV Armour, x4 Fragmentation Grenades
At the breach: x20 Ultranauts

Bounding for the breach, Corin didn't see her shots strike home. Shrouded in dust and smoke, the Votary might as well have been on a different battlefield for all it mattered. Scrambling over rock and shredded metal, Cor joined the first rank of Ultranauts where they crouched amongst the rubble. Turning, she watched her foe as it stepped forward from the gloom, limbs smoldering. Lilanna had been taken by her apprentice by then. The Ultranaut hoped so at least. She hadn't gone through all that just to let her friend get swiped by drones at the last moment.

Not that she would've been able to stop them if they had.

Raising her rifle, she fired off a few more bursts at the onrush of drones, adding more bodies to the pile slowly growing at the foot of the breach. A few shots came her way, too, but for the most part they missed. The armor stopped those that didn't. Having switched back to her power cell, Cor brought her rifle to bear on the Votary. Stubborn or perhaps just plain stupid, the drone came on, it's voice raised in what the Ultranaut perceived as... Disappointment? Anger? Both?

Frowning, she shook her head as the drone raised it's arms. Clearly it hadn't gotten the message. "Your truth and reason just don't sit well with me, chief." Cor answered back, the urge she'd felt to humour the drone having now passed. Focusing on the drone, she made to fire, her weapon suddenly unresponsive. A stoppage? Checking her weapon, she winced as the lines of her HUD began to dance and shimmer without her say-so. Information she hadn't sought popped up and out, her people's biometrics fluctuating rapidly from death to life to death again.

It took her a moment to realize what the hell was happening. By then the drones had begun to swarm up towards them, claw-like hands seeking to rip and tear as they scampered closer and closer. One of her men was dragged from the line, three, four drones piling on to him, bearing him down with numbers. Another reeled, his right greave torn open and bleeding profusely. Stepping close, Cor rammed the butt of her rifle into the offending drone's faceplate, sent it careening backwards into it's fellows. "Switch to slugs!" She yelled over the sounds of battle, her voice rough, unfamiliar even to her ears. "Use slugs! Rear rank! Fix bayonets!"

Thumbing from her now defunct power cell to the magazine in her weapon, Cor took aim at the Votary. Squeezing the trigger, she braced as the rifle drove into her shoulder, the snap-snap of two rounds being sent downrange like music to her ears. Two more followed, aimed towards the joints above and beneath the plates protecting the Votary's vitals.


The change from the surreal nature of Chaos to the rather artificial feel of the factory was a jarring one - especially for someone who felt so connected with things of a more natural origin. Cities, concrete, metal and more always set her on edge the more of it that surrounded her and this was certainly no different. "It isn't exactly pleasant." She agreed as they walked in through the entrance to the factory, the doors eerily closing behind them - something she seemed to pay no mind to as they meandered in. The situation with Omni and the changes he seemed keen in were lost on her, she was both unaware of even his existence just as much the purpose he or the ones following him seemed to have in mind.

"If the door closing doesn't give it away, don't get too far away." She said, though in reality it was Ellie that found this whole technological business unnerving - Sylv might have a thing for technomancy but there was not an iota of the blonde's soul that wanted anything to do with hostile machines that were linked in any way to the force. The short while she'd spent on Denon with the spacer had been daunting enough, walking through the neon-filled streets and seeing more lights and wiring than trees or grass, and this was on an entirely different level - she was supposed to be in the afterlife for force sakes, she expected the dilated time and space with the floating islands and upside-down mountains. This felt more like she was in the galaxy at large than dead, which was quite a bit more discomforting than that might sound considering she was dead.

The two seemed to be approaching the others that had already arrived, though she didn't recognize anyone - not that she ever expected to.

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Captain Ash
Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais Elle Mors Elle Mors Pariah Pariah Tovald Kahmen’’a Tovald Kahmen’’a Darlyn Excron Darlyn Excron Sylvia Virtos Sylvia Virtos

So many people. All showing up at once and talking. It took Aeshi a few moments to process through that information, sifting through the unexpected stimulus. It was why she stuck to the edge of the galaxy, or her ship, usually. Sentient beings... had a lot of baggage. Or at least, maybe she did. Honestly, Aeshi didn't know. Wardens of the Sky didn't have thousands of years of Jedi doctrine and accumulated resources to draw on, and certainly not a rigidly structured curriculum.

She waited a moment to let everything process again as she assessed the variety of newcomers. It was why she preferred the clean cold of space and the familiarity of durasteel and machinery. They made sense in a way sentiments did not. Gravity, hyperspace, planetary and stellar movements, they all made sense to her. Instinctively, even.

More people behind them and she turned and gave a wave with the barrel of the lever-gun. "It seems Omni has arranged for a great many of us here for some purpose." Another pause as the one Omni spokesman beckoned in one way, gesturing towards a corpse as she was weighing her options.

Everything about it spoke of a trap, despite the ironically comforting feeling when it came to machinery. Options raced through her mind as she assessed and discarded them. This mission violated every principle of guerilla warfare she had learned, both instructed and through the hard way. They didn't know the land, they were outnumbered, they had no plan. Worse, there was no easy way out.

"What brings the rest of you here?" She asked after a moment. "Has Omni summoned you as well? Or was it destiny?"

The best she could do was stall for time and try to figure out a better angle to run. And people loved to talk about their destiny or what somebody else's destiny was supposed to be.

Caedyn Arenais

Je'daii Knight

Objective: Investigate the Factory.
Allies: Aeshi Tillian Aeshi Tillian | Tovald Kahmen’’a Tovald Kahmen’’a | Elle Mors Elle Mors | Sylvia Virtos Sylvia Virtos | Darlyn Excron Darlyn Excron
Opposition: The Manifold The Manifold | Omni Omni | Myk Venture Myk Venture
"What brings the rest of you here?" Aeshi Tillian Aeshi Tillian asked the group somewhere behind Caedyn "Has Omni summoned you as well? Or was it destiny?". Destiny. The Force. In his mind, all things happened for a reason, the Will of the Force. Why and what those reasons were, however, he certainly couldn't answer where Omni and the likes of such a factory being established within the Nether, was concerned.

The hilt of his lightsaber remained in hand, however, he had deactivated the blade for the time being as what had previously appeared to be a threat had in fact proven to be more reasonable than they had anticipated. Had The Manifold The Manifold followed them inside? Caedyn stood alongside Darlyn Excron Darlyn Excron , two of the first to have entered the facility where the likelihood of a trap was indeed without a doubt.

"My Father was killed long ago, and his spirit remains within the Nether. In our communion, we both felt a strong disturbance within the Force, and it was his request that I find a way here" Caedyn answered Aeshi's question while keeping his eyes forward as he walked, stepping with care in his need for caution, uncertain of what lay in wait for them further on ahead.

"According to Veiere, the flow of spiritual life-force felt to be being drawn to this place before vanishing entirely. These were his words...-An unnatural phenomenon that required investigating" he elaborated some, glancing to Darlyn now as his Uncle knew Veiere better than any of the others present within the group.

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"Only an idiot walks into a Flamethrower."

Tovald had been busy unscrewing and pulling Factory components from their places. Knowing about industrial workings and how small things spiral into larger things helped him with his plan. His unscarred skin crawled throughout his acts of destruction, no matter how much energy he put in into helping, he truly could feel himself being watched. Of course, he would be watched, this is Oblivion and even the sky has eyes. Which brought up a very unsettling image of large eyes peering down upon everyone.

<"Ugh, let's not go there."> He muttered to himself, shaking his head.

He noted with both surprise and suspicion that none of the locals has tried to stop him yet in his dismantling of machinery. Well, the Factory objective hasn't been combative in its execution as of yet. But he did wish the others would get a move on and help prevent the Factory from being switched on and the dead being used to power a Superweapon. Which would add more tension to the barely sane Galaxy outside Oblivion.

Getting tired of using his hands he switched to destroying components with his sword which helped cut down the time it took to complete this area of sabotage before heading to the next area. Again the still air pressed in, all the claws above creaked in ominous unison. Soon enough most of the area's consoles, controls and wires were broken and/or cut.

Tovald stole himself a moment's rest leaning on a wall, sword at his side. He'll be glad when this is over, glad to get out of here. Because this is truly the stuff of a very surreal dream with the touch of creepy.