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Darlyn Excron, Dark Jedi Sorceror

Having spent several years of his life as a bounty hunter has instilled a sort of hunter's instinct into Darlyn's mind. He is frequently taking stock of his surroundings, making sure he is distinctly aware of what is going on around him, as well as tending towards cautious build up to explosive strategies. Often with actual explosives.
A lifetime entrenched in darkness and exploring the potential of the Dark Side has resulted in Darlyn becoming an arguable prodigy at the ability of Force Lightning. As such, he has become a veritable sorcerer, capable of producing powerful force energies in conjunction with physical combat.​
Similarly, despite practicing forms of combat meant to require little practice, Darlyn has taken his chosen combative forms to great heights, making him a powerful duelist in numerous situations.​
​Despite his potential in a duel, Darlyn's bladework is noticeably lacking compared to others who take delight in violent endeavors. Rather than win through superior swordsmanship, Darlyn clearly and evidently relies on his Force capabilities and tricks.​
Darlyn has an intensely theatrical sense of humour and style, often forgoing reasonable action for a more impressive, or bemusing display. This can be taken advantage of if one is well aware of it. Which honestly, doesn't take much time to figure out.​
Dark Tendencies
The problem with having a noble profession and practically swimming in the Dark Side? They don't exactly mesh all that well. Darlyn may have a loose set of moral ideals and stick to what his job says he is supposed to do, but when let to do things his way it can easily become a depraved violent spectacle, or questionable in ethics at the bare minimum. Not to mention his dark aura is probably pretty revolting and revealing to those who serve the light.​
The Niman Form of lightsaber combat is most notable as a 'balanced' or 'moderation' form, implementing basic structure and ideas of the forms which came before, while also stressing the use of Force abilities in combat. This form is lacking in many significant strengths and weaknesses, which can easily fall victim to forms of superior strength and blade work.
Something of a novelty, most often, Jar'Kai is the use of two lightsabers in combat. Two variations on the style exist, utilizing either a second full-length lightsaber or a shorter shoto lightsaber in the off hand. Both styles can be used similarly, with one blade acting as a parrying defensive tool or as a second weapon to increase the pace of attacks. This style also can include the use of a saberstaff with some of the same principles.​
Something of a joke name referring to the use of blasters and slugthrowers in close quarters effectively. Really not much more to say, outside of in this instance including a lightsaber simultaneously. Because why not.​
Tactus Otium
Commonly referred to as Force Sense, the ability to see much farther than ones eyes can travel; Tactus Otium is the answer to the question: How are Jedi able to react fast enough to evade and counter blaster fire; providing a vivid sense of the situation unfolding around those capable of applying this skill in their chosen field.​
The Art of Movement
Essentially what it sounds like, a 'higher movement' form using the Force to amplify one's capabilities. It really doesn't need that much explaining.​
Referred to some as Force Push and Force Pull, telekinesis consists of two branches of the ability. Sustained Telekinesis where an object or person is held in place for a period of time, and then Burst Telekinesis in which something or someone is thrown backwards or pulled in towards the user. In this category, Darlyn is quite capable, on par with the average for his peers (Other Masters of the Force).​
Consisting of more than just communication from one mind to another, Telepathy is the umbrella term for the ability to affect a persons mind on the whole. Whether convincing others to do something they normally wouldn't (mind trick), or otherwise projecting images, memories or words into the consciousness of the target. The effect of Telepathy varies dependent on the mental strength of the foe. In this category, Darlyn is capable of projecting thoughts to those strong in the ability themselves, or mind tricking very weak minded individuals.​
Curato Salva
An umbrella title to the force abilities focused on self healing and rejuvenation of the natural body. Stamina and lost strength can be regained by drawing the force into ones center, healing significant injuries and sustaining ones life in the field of combat given enough time to focus. In this category, Darlyn is capable primarily of sustaining his stamina past normal levels as well as ignoring some pain.​
Force Choke
A particularly violent use of Telekenisis, the user constricts one's throat via the force, by slowly crushing their trachea/throat with the Force. This ability could be used at low levels to cause choking over long periods of time, relative anyways, or at higher intensities to choke one out in far shorter timeframes not dissimilar to actual strangulation. In this category, Darlyn is certainly capable of the ability however only for brief periods of time.
Force Crush
You want violent? This is where that line gets drawn. Force Crush is a vicious, dark ability where the user lifts (or does not lift, but usually lifts) a target into the air and implodes them with the Force, like crushing weights on them from all angles swiftly. This ability can be used to crush an entire object or part of an object, such as the heart, neck, or other areas. In this category, Darlyn is capable of crushing small machines, necks (when able to focus) and apples.​
Force Lightning
Force Lightning is the use of the Dark Side of the Force to project energy in the form of lightning from a user's fingertips, usually. This lightning has the properties of usual lightning, minus being fired from fingers sideways at another living thing, and many variations of the ability itself exist. Variations include, but are certainly not limited to, Force Shock, a mild, low intensity variation of the ability, Chain Lightning, where the blast travels from one target to the next, a 'mild' variation of Force Storm, where lightning is sent from an upwards reaching hand to all willed targets around the user, to Lightning Shield, Bomb, and Grenade which all interact with the lightning in various manifestations. The lightning can even have kinetic force to it, propelling targets struck backwards, or in extremely rare cases cause burning or disintegration, partial or whole. In this category is Darlyn's specialty, as he is capable of producing many, many variations of the ability, control its intensity, and even potentially apply kinetic force with the lightning itself.
Darlyn often appears wearing simple, black robes not unlike those of a Sith. These robes always have the Commenori crest on the left breast side of the tunic, the blue insignia contrasting against the dark cloth. He possesses several sets of these tunic robes, alongside the thick black cloaks with almost comically oversize hoods. In addition to this, he will frequently wear battle armor, in part from paranoia, and possesses two different suits for this purpose.

Additionally, there are scars on his neck from shrapnel wounds.​
Darlyn Excron was a young child when he first remembers the quiet of solitude. The details are murky, but he remembers being out with his family, trying to get off world to avoid.. something. Perhaps it was his father's debts, as others told him later. Perhaps it was to escape a disease, or a war. He cannot recall, he only remembers looking around to realize he was utterly alone... and the quiet. The boy fashioned himself a pseudonym, which he has now come to adopt as his own name, with his true name forgotten to history, save those who might remember him still, few as they'd be, and began a life living off the streets. What planet did he live on... he recalls snow.. though that could be any number of planets. It matters not, though, as his memories jump from here.
An older boy, perhaps 8 or 9... Darlyn had been living off the streets. No, surviving off the streets, he needed something new, something with hope. He went home, his father's home, and tried to find something there. Of course it wouldn't be that simple, an alarm began to blare when he returned. No one had moved in, but the building was for sale, it made sense, and he'd walked into what was now a trap. He ran for his father's study, desperate to find anything to use. During his search, he found his father's untouched hidden cache, containing his DL-17 blaster pistol, a picture of his family, and his father's most prized possession: a yellow crystal. When he returned downstairs, the authorities that yet remained here came to arrest him for trespassing, and in the young (but older) boy's fear, he shot the blaster, hitting the door panel by mistake and locking the door. What luck, this would hold, perhaps a minute.

Again, he was still trapped, with nowhere to go. It was now that he remembered the solitude from before, the empty lonely abyss coming to engulf him again. He closed his eyes, and decided to fight this fate. He ran again, searching for an out, any, though the only window he could open fully was upstairs, and too far to make. Still, it would have to do. He leaped, closing the window behind him just before doing so. When he landed, he twisted his ankle, and crumpled to the ground. Surely this was the end, he closed his eyes and tried to crawl away before his mind faded.

And then he realized, the bed was soft beneath him, warm. He opened his eyes, to a man in a mask, and hooded dark robes. His savior, and soon his master. The boy's escape was no mistake, not fully. The force, it seemed, was strong within him, or at the least present. With the options of serving this man, or death, he knew full well the proper choice. Thus began his life as a sith, short lived as it would be. Trained from his age to harness the force as a weapon, he began his master's choice of training. Violence, in all its brutal, efficient forms. He fought, nay, hunted jedi his Master most despised, using whatever he could to draw them out into the open. He became a murder machine, using whatever he could to ensure victory. Blasters, lightsabers, and his beloved lightning were the choice forms of death, and with them he became capable, proficient. His philosophy of composing himself, and fighting with calm and measured focus granted him something most sith hunters weren't expecting, an enemy they couldn't always expect. He used his anger, he did not let it control him. He was the master of his emotions, and the bringer of death... until he finally lost, taking the shrapnel from a fragmentation grenade he hadn't seen. His neck was scarred, forcing a retreat. The sentence for failure would be death.

Once more, he chose to defy fate, and escaped his master's planet on a supply freighter, hiding himself in the ship through it's journey. Now, he was a man without purpose. A hunter without prey.. it was... unacceptable. He left the freighter upon landing, and has begun his life anew once more. A hunter needed prey, and in a world as chaotic as this... a bounty would surely be simple enough. He chuckled to himself, putting his black hood up and striding forth. For him, the hunt was on, and his prey had best pray they were worth more alive.

Some time passes, and he's made many allies and connections through his hunts, including a particularly violent expedition on Bespin. Through the selfless act of Lady Kay, he is saved and can live another day, and the man swears quietly to himself to repay her kindness in kind. The opportunity arises on Commenor much later, as the Queen, the once benevolent president Kay, comes into power. Fortune had brought Darlyn there at the right time, and he swiftly moves in to secure a place in her government, to assist her as best he can.
Of course everything could easily change. And in preparation for such a time he moves to secure himself an object of power, the lightsaber of Exar Kun. With the weapon in hand he can weather whatever storm will come through Commenor, surely he can. For now, though, the newly made Head of Security will do his part to keep Commenor, and the Queen, safe from harm, and to keep his debt to Lady Kay until he can truly repay it. His intentions of the time were less than so pure, however, as his mind did not believe the Queen Kay to be the same [member="Lady Kay"] to whom he was loyally indebted. Should such a time come to pass that Lady Kay would be lost to her new persona, Darlyn fully intended to betray her trust, and end whatever beast had taken her place. Still, perhaps some kinship was felt through the darkness, and Darlyn steadily began to befriend Kay, even adopting in part her addiction to tea. While [member="Veiere Arenais"] continued to build trust and rapport with the woman, to restore her memories as safely as possible, Darlyn continued to loyally protect who was growing to be his dearest friend.

Perhaps most surprising to Darlyn was when Kay announced his promotion to the office of Minister, specifically that of the Justice department. He, who hunted criminals on vacations for pleasure, who knowingly practiced the darkside, was to be trusted with Commenor's safety. He accepted the position, naturally, though he spent much time questioning her wisdom. Still, he took to the job whole heartedly, putting his all into curbing crime where his reach could extend. Under his guidance, he did reduce crime dramatically, and for one of rather dark persuasion took the surprising turn of *not* imposing martial law at any point. Instead, Darlyn worked to be as deserving of the office as possible, taking hardline stances only where he could effectively enforce said stance, and resorting to community programs where he could not. The Darkside Knight, as he was at the time, would often take it upon himself to act as an officer himself, patrolling alongside normal officers on foot.
He enjoyed a relatively peaceful life, until the day of the Incursion. Several Shards attacked Commenor's neutral praxeum, and in the following events several children were killed. The event affected Darlyn greatly, and the man began to drink more, becoming intent, almost obsessive, over getting back at them. Though he never had the opportunity, he took great joy in watching the Incursion ultimately fail, though the damage to him had been done. Driven into darkness even deeper, and amplified by the lightsaber of Exar Kun, he began a spiral into self destructive habits. Things came to a head when an unknown individual seeming to impersonate him began acts of piracy within CSA space, the new government of which he was a part of. Needless to say, he was not happy.

After an encounter with one [member="Koda Fett"], Darlyn invested in a second suit of armor, and began to become paranoid, aware of the position he was in.

However, Darlyn was saved from his spiral by a small chance of fate. After discussion with his friend, Kay, and Veiere, her now husband, Darlyn began to open more to the idea of adoption, perhaps to fill a void in his life. Though time spent with others, such as the fellow ministers [member="Darben Skirae"] and [member="Silfe Sosuri"], and other individuals who had grown important to him, Darlyn finally began the lengthy process. By some miracle, he adopted a young girl, [member="Shoden Moz"], a mischievous girl with a certain charm to her. The young woman has kept the man busy no doubt, often keeping him from going too far down the rabbit's hole at any one time.

That is not to say there is nothing of concern, Darlyn did not lose the understanding of Veiere's new, dark path. How could he not? Though he works to keep Veiere from becoming a criminal in CSA space for his actions, he has become concerned of the potential of a dark fanaticism oft found with orders of Sith. As such, he has taken a place as a member of his Dark Jedi Order, in part to act as a voice of reason, ironically enough, to make sure that 'peace by any means' does not devolve into something more sinister. Still, a part of him also merely wished to show Veiere that to be a Dark Jedi was not to abandon law, order, or reason. Perhaps if he could do that, Veiere could find some inner peace Darlyn knew all too well was, difficult to attain.


Rank: Dark Jedi Master
Mentor:NPC i totally forgot while editing this
Disciple/Apprentice: Zesiro Zesiro


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