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Approved Location Songs of Eons Past Temple

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Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina

  • Structure Name: X Temple
  • Classification: Mandalorian Knights Temple
  • Location: Dxun
  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi
  • Accessibility: Designed in two fold stages... with the exterior and the interior accessible from the anchorpoints which allow the temples main structures to be concealed and harder to disturb. The exterior however is importantly made and through use of dimensional engineering the area can be larger and built up more then it appears using solarite stone and a quasi sentient security system that makes the temples themselves able to react to the ones who are within shifting rooms or locking doorways if it reads darksiders and hostile intent.
  • Description: Designed and built in two parts, the main village which is at the entrance and the second part which is connected to the tomb at the back end and concealed. With walkways leading from the mountian into the middle of a lake. With walls built up of jarcrete around the lake to isolate it in addition to the mountains. Defensive cannons lining it and ability to launch wardroids. The main temples building itself with a large meeting area where battle circles are formed and used for training. The Willamina clan working to make it so the jungle itself while still a large factor in their training and survival would serve them well. With some of the larger and more dangerous creatures in the lake remaining. SMall docks set up with boats that could be used and sensors designed to monitor the water itself. The central area using the solarite stones to channel the living Mandalorian KNights that are trained on Dxun's energies.
Clarity Gate: A gate designed at the top of the stairs going into the higher grounds. Designed to be blocked off through advanced shielding technologies controlled by the Rests collected stars... a quasi sentient spirit in the rest that keeps security measures going and works with the jedi. In this case enforcing the required meditation time and reflection that must go into the jedi to calm them down before entry to the upper areas where the masters and grandmaster are.

Kyber Arch: A reconstructed arch from the one on Coruscant that was made from the crystals of fallen jedi. A meditative technique meant to test those who were called to it.

Lecture Hall: A massive lecture hall allowing for classes to be taught by many of the jedi themselves. Those who need it can book it and the ones who want to get a class going quickly will have plenty of space as it is meant to be modular and shift to accommodate several classes at once.

Medical Hall: Advanced combination hospital, research center and lab as well as a healers hall. Able to give the jedi healers and doctors the edge over many institutions in the galaxy.

Confessional: Located in the center of the council chambers and able to be brought out for those who come before them. The confessionals weigh whoever is inside and many are crushed under the weight of their own self.

Jedi Temple Obstacle Course: Reconstructed from the main jedi temple a thing of beauty for shifting and changing. The jedi have made to it test and challenge even the grandmaster in terms of what it can do with various model droids and biot droids able to be used across it all.

Vaults: IN the main temple and hidden away, to secure dangerous artifacts in nullification resin, holocrons and anything else that might prove a danger to the jedi there. For security the temple guards are located clossest to the vaults to defend and protect them.

Cold Storage: Designed to hold jedi craft for them to use on missions and store ships recovered from enemy forces within a safer area.

Room of a Thousand Fountains: Reconstructed for the silver rest as a deep area od meditation and calmness that can wash over the ones within.

Display Room: Designed to display high value trophies gained and artifacts of importance. Aside from a few animal heads the Blade of Beginnings is n display... With notations for testing it when moon dust can be used as they do not know if it is a high quality copy of the ancient and mystical mandalorian blade.

Jedi Anchorpoints: Designed to be the bridge point between the temple and the planet it is located on. The anchorpoints allow entry and exit from the temples and are in concealed locations.

Advanced Early Detection Systems: Connected to monitors across the planet, in orbit and using the Saotome Monitoring Stations as a means to map the system. Able to give them information as soon as it is alerted by the Saotome Planetary Defensive Network.

Solarite Nexi: Created from the vergence created in the temple and stoked by the living Silver Solarite Stone and Choushin Uneti that has been transplanted to the heart of the temple itself from the main source. It creates a living sensation within the temple giving it a life pulse that grows and extends to the perimeter of the stone.

Roanapur: Built inside and around the entryway to the tomb of Freedon Nadd. The design fo the village was set up to act like protectors for the danger and with the silver Jedi they have transported and begun construction to both convert and seal away the darkside vergence... whichever comes first.

  • Nexus Name: Nexus
  • Nexus Alignment: Light
  • Location: Varies
  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi
  • Size: Medium
  • Strength: Strong
  • Accessibility: Felt as soon as one enters the area of the temple. THe proximity to the solarite stones and their construction enclosing the temple.
  • Description: Created from several factors, the living stone that has been used to rebuild and construct the temples... the choushin uneti tree that serves as the heart and the artificial intelligence that is able to be used by the temple. The nexi created are vergences that are in the locations, weaker or in the beginnings of their strength from use of the area by the jedi. With the living stone acting like a perimeter and the uneti working to stoke it from a small ember to a flame. The nexi isn't all powerful generally just fractionally stronger then it was before and able to enhance or lessen the strain of force users within it. FOr the temple on Dxun it is near a strong darkside nexus from the tomb of Nadd and meant to slowly convert or more likely nullify.
Heavily in tune with the lightside of the force and empowering lightsiders minorly.... it will make them calmer, less stressed and ease mental or physical fatigue while darksiders will feel like they are moving underwater or in syrup. An additional benefit is it can lessen the feelings of the darkside from Nadds tomb on the mandalorians.

Constructed largely away from others in the mandalorians. With the increase in wars and force users among the clans.. a method to train them was important. With the Dxun clan mostly remaining isolated except when working with their few allies. THeir location at the entryway to the old sith tomb meant to help protect against it being raided and exploited by Darksiders. THey spent years upgrading and rebuilding sections of their village to better protect and then expanded. Developing plans for the tomb years earlier and then mining and making the changes needed carefully to not be detected. Constructing the aspects of the tempels from the outside in isolating the lake from creatures with thicker walls and enclosing the lake itself. WIth narrow chokepoints that the creatures could swim through to find food.

Sensors and turrets designed to handle anyone getting curious of the structure on the moon no one would normally come to. Areas built into the mountains around with hangers they could use to conceal their ships... designs for it and potential for it to be able to work on removing the dark taint of the tomb was wondered... if it could work it would take time... but the immediate ideas were for training mandalorian knights. FOrce users trained in both areas who would serve as soldiers for strike teams among the jedi if it was needed. Tysk ordered it as the clans leader and it was started. The construction of the temple would be built off of the tomb so they had access and would be able to use it but also conceal it. THe isolated area of the mountains being given a cloaking device to conceal the main complex.

THe cloaked lake looking like it normally does.. a large lake with small islands in it and mountains enclosing it. The jedi aiding in some of the construction and mandalorians bringing in recruits who would be trained in the first classes. Press forward to 900 ABY and after several years of the temple operating it is making strides to much of its training courses and teachings. From survival on the moon to fighting unarmed against saber wielders or working for tactical superiority through armor and weapons. THey are given a broad education to match what is taught in the jedi educational corps as well for history of the galaxy, various species with an emphasis on military history. THey are taught to think on their feet and be quick witted under stress from combat while composed.

Basaba one fo the few Willamina sisters who goes out and works among the other groups after returning from facing another clan allied with the silver jedi.. reported a few things but tactical data analysized in the temple showed they were much better equipped and prepared compared to the other clan in terms of being able to fight with only using a wardroid and a tank compared to the army that was brought by the other. THey worked more to improve their knights armor and test out the forge while news of other mandalorian clans gathering and disappearing came. Reports of a discovery brought several fo the clan back when they brought what was supposed to be the mystical blade of beginnings for the clan. A boon but their clan mother Tysk expressed doubts putting it on display but there was a chance like the last time it had been found it was a higher quality fake.
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