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Approved NPC Atrisian Assault Corps Infantry

Baifa Monü Zhuan

  • Unit Name: Atrisian Assault Corps
  • Affiliation: Atrisian Commonwealth
  • Classification:
  • Description: Formed out of the original who fought in the resistance movement against mythos and his cronies. The Atrisian Assault Corps has vastly expanded itself becoming the basis for their army and branching off into the royal military and the royal navy.

  • With all citizens of Atrisia serving as part of their duty to the planet. Through service they are given the ability to join and gain government positions or greater prestige and honor for their family. The corp was divided into four divisions each taking on a specific area with color coded armor designed for them that serves to distinguish and rank them. With distinctive animals from Atrisia that are used both new and old to give each one some emblem and flavor, with the latest in technology to make them some of the more superior soldiers and highly educated soldiers. Compared to the old ones who were grunts each soldier is given advanced skills and teachings to make it so they can operate in unison as a group and unit but they are also able to think for themselves in dangerous situations and access the situation to give feedback and information within the chain of command.
  • Unit Size: Large
  • Unit Availability: Common
  • Unit Experience: Trained



  • Combat Function: Serves as the primary backbone of the Atrisian military with special units and groups forming out of it.
  • Service guarantees Citizenship: With many of the changes the Atrisian corps serves as a means to fashion pride within the Atrisian commonwealth and its people with all serving several years and being able to become political candidates or government officials.
  • Highly Trained: With the newest changes and improvements to Atrisian education and military technique. THeir skills with guns, blades and vehicles or ships are top tier for the normal units with more getting specialized.
  • Growth: While the Jishi era has seen the military rebuilt they are still improving and spreading themselves across the world and colonies to restore order. The numbers are not infinite even though the assault corp has become the ground floor of the military operations.
  • Specialty: While Atrisian education and training is top notch the standard soldier of the Commonwealth is not. THeir mandatory service is important to the world but many still go off to return to their farm or families... those who stay move to dedicated careers in other fields of the military.
The remnants of the Atrisian Assault corps were after the events on the world that destroyed Jar'kai instrumental in restoring a semblance of order. What there was though wasn't enough so they absorbed the standing army, the police force and became a more uniformed unit able to be deployed quickly to locations. With their training going to the civilians while more units like the Yovshin, Onna-Bugeisha and police forces branched out from the new Assault Corps. The difference between the ground and the space based forces rely on their armor and weapons. Sasori being used to supply combat armor and weapons for the corp thanks to Shoma Ike being named the heir to the Emperor. it has given them a chance to try and rebuild the forces of the world as well as the infrastructure of the planet.

The years since they have begun rebuilding have gone a long way.. with vast improvements to the education al and military training of the people of Atrisia and a path for status and prestige for their families that sees them serving in the military for several years... WIth all of that done they are better able to handle themselves and improve much of their lots around the system. The reforms have seen vast upgrades to the training academies... improved work done to the holds that they manage and technologies to turn resistance fighters into full blown soldiers... outside mercenaries loyal to Atrisia in the metsuka serve to provide a diversity of tactics so that they can be up to date and outside refugees who serve to protect their adopted home are a beneficial part of the military.

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Deployment: Mass
Drop this to "Limited" since you've mentioned such in the Strengths & Weaknesses section.

This is a closed-market armor, so I will need proof of purchase in the marketplace.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Strengths: A trained and organized military that has been stationed to the planet and taught by veterans of the Atrisian Military.

Weaknesses: Limited deployment, with the destruction of atrisia, fall of the GA and most of their military assets being depleted. The Assault Corps is mostly maintained by the individual houses of Atrisia who pay for weapons and armor from companies.
I'm gonna need more effort on this part, specially regarding strengths.

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Baifa Monü Zhuan

edited image credits and added for the marketplace

With talking to and working the strengths and weaknesses should be better suited for mass production I hope as this is more the base to make limited and rare units from.

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I'm going to need you to switch some of the language in the sub to make sure that it is conveyed that this is not an entire army.

Per the combat unit template:
This template is NOT for large scale combat units or entire armies.

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