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Junko Ike

Baifa Monü Zhuan
  • Intent: To create and flesh out the horses from the Lord of the Horse Lords
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  • Name: Longma
  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Origins: Atrisia codex Atrisia wookiee
  • Average Lifespan: 60 years
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: A long and smooth body held up by eight legs and with a fine tail. Their eyes are tri-colored with pinwheels i the iris that varies in colors. Their bellies are scaled and thickly muscled letting them run for long distances. The main breed in the wild and usually domesticated is almost ten feet tall at their heads. Large mouths that have prehensile tongues able to grab food. Eight legs with padded hooves that make them large silent when they are moving.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 3.33m
  • Average Length of Adults: 2m
  • Skin color: White, black, brown and slate grey
  • Hair color: Black and white hair
  • Distinctions:
    Males: Larger with more teeth and longer forked tongues. The males of the species are rarer then the females and in the wild there is usually one who goes from herd to herd within an area of its territory.
    Females: Leaner when it comes to muscle but with far more endurance allowing them to run for longer periods of time.
  • Races: Confined largely to one region they are imported across the world and bred for different cities.
  • Force Sensitivity: Rare
  • Endurance: Thickly muscled and fast, the Longma are made for going long periods of time without rest.
  • A rarity among them is being some being able to connect with the force and bond with a rider. Even more rare is that some can when running fast enough able to tunnel with their connection to the force and to the planet. Not around the world or off of it but distances within its own line of sight.
  • Force Connection: A rarity of the species but something that has been seen in maybe one in every twenty thousand bred. It lets them bond with a rider but carries the detriment that force nullification fields from vong biots, voidstone/steel will confuse them.
  • Gallop: While heavy in terms of endurance and fairly fast at a gallop their limbs slow them down. They are built to keep going for days without resting but not at high speeds.
  • Diet: Omnivore: While they are capable of eating meats and just about anything. Grass and moss are preferred. Large intakes of red meat is dangerous and can lead to cardiovascular problems
  • Communication: There is no big spoken language but more a connection with their riders and almost an understanding. They can whinny and yip or nudge with their heads if they need to alert to something.
  • Technology level: Below galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: No major religions, they are highly prized and regarded for their speed and endurance in areas of Atrisia.
  • General behavior:
    With people: With people around they are fairly docile unless being outright harmed.. they won't fight even though they tower over most Atrisians and
    With each other:
Discovered in the Valley of the Horse Lords a remote area of the eastern continent. The Longma have been bred and shipped, traded and stolen across Atrisia. The horse Lords protecting their finest secrets to the breeding process for centuries while others were around the world. While some can be bred they are often considered lower quality compared to something bred bty the mysterious horselords of Atrisia. The only known tmeof them leaving the valley was when the queen of the dynasty got the finest riders to form her armored cavalry troops to ride down opposing enemies. The rest of what they have developed and shown, surviving the numerous attacks on the planet and living within the area. The horse Lords regarding them almost like a member of their clans and family... each one uniquely named and usually only ridden by a single person.

Their early discovery came with the first tribes fo the horse lords who had broken up from a larger one. Often regarded as the first and according to their beliefs they were the first warriors on Atrisia... riding from the mountains down to take what they wanted and returning. Later as infantry and soldiers formed with Warlords nearby their riding became legendary for how ferocious it was... with few being able to withstand a charge from them and even less being able to beat their archers. They swept across the eastern continent going from warlord to warlord and raiding them. Most foolish enough to have thick walls but the pride and arrogance to want to face them on the field face to face. They continued to sweep across and were mostly stopped and driven back by the Onyx empress and her forts.

At the fortress of Dusk she willingly infected the villagers with sickness so when the horse lords arrived they would be exposed and infected. As they bunkered down she had her men move in during the night and put in place the wall they had created to surround the town. Sealing them in there and keeping them away as the sickness overtook them and was sure to spread. Once it appeared all of them were dead she had fires set to the town and bodies to purge the infection ensuring the people that she placed there would properly adapt and overcome. Rebuilding and burying the history of what she had done save from oral stories of the horse lords and the keisei who recorded it from her side. Working as a court aid and diplomat from the keisei.

The occupation and centuries, plagues and netherworld rifts proved highly effective in culling a great deal of the population of the Longma and even more so of the few that were able to be bred with a connection to the force. They are so rare and prized the Horse lords are willing to give fortunes and artifacts to anyone who has one and is willig to give it to them. To try and preserve the line fo the species and care for it outside the valley. After the most recent attacks the bulk are kept there to be raised by the horse lords and are considered in some ways an endangered species on Atrisia. Aside from the Jade screamers who largely ride them as a mounted force on the world there is few seen outside the valley.