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  1. Miss Blonde

    A Home Fit For An Ape

    New friends were nice. Well maybe not friends but associates. Associates and contacts were nice, especially on a planet like Honoghr. From its desolate rocky mountains and general wasteland like appearance, the place was practically a badland where nothing grew and natural life generally died...
  2. Miss Blonde

    Glory to the Commonwealth OOC [Black Tie Syndicate Rebellion of Commonwealth Alexandria]

    I want a clean fight now! No rough housing! Everyone walk don't run! And be sure to drink plenty of water! But in all seriousness this is the ooc thread for the Rebellion have fun and stay classy.
  3. Miss Blonde

    Glory to the Commonwealth [BTS Rebellion of Commonwealth Alexandria]

    Glory To The Commonwealth Failure. It was never a good feeling or situation. It was a constant reminder that you weren't good enough, that you just couldn't quite make the cut. Failure was a real queen and it sucked. Of courts Miss Blonde was no stranger to failure, from the Black Tie...
  4. Miss Blonde

    Glory To The Commonwealth [Rebellion Planning]

    Glory to the Commonwealth Alright guys it's time for another Black Tie Syndicate Raid!! With all the excitement going on with the Deck of 52 and mass levels of destruction going on with the site, now is the perfect time to execute another raid! However this one is going to have actual...
  5. Miss Blonde

    Antecedent Nights

    Two Years Ago President Peter Ross The face of the New Antecedent System Authority. The local government leader of the city planet of Antecedent. The once crime ridden capital of the Red Ravens now a thriving metropolis of industry and law. Or at least that's what it looked like on the outside...
  6. Miss Blonde

    The Best Moment of Your Life

    Antecedent. A planet of gangsters and killers. A miniature coruscant of a world that never slept. Located deep in Wild Space and one of the planet's the Black Tie Syndicate operated on, it was to host a meeting between Miss Blonde and a couple of nobodies. And while that might of sounded like an...
  7. Miss Blonde

    Clear the Air

    Nar''Shadda, The Golden Nautolan Everything about the club was gorgeous, from its open spaces to the lavish dance floor it kept. A relatively small club for people to go and have fun. It was why Blonde chose to have a meeting with Sek here, it's small an intimate setting where two people could...
  8. Miss Blonde

    No Reason Why Murder Can't Be Civil

    People were dead, and Blonde needed to plot her revenge. If the Imperial Remnant hadn't stepped in, then everything would of gone a lot more smoothly. Now, Miss Blonde had the ships, the soldiers, and the resources to go toe to toe with the Remnant. Hell, she could possibly even beat them. But...
  9. Miss Blonde

    It's Cool, Only My Pride Hurts.

    A green shroud of green mist started to coalesce in a back alley of some city on a backwater planet. It spread through the damp concrete like a shroud of fog and soon a burning noise much like wood on a campfire began to sound off, and from that and the mist exploded three individuals...
  10. Miss Blonde

    What's Mine is Mine and What's Yours is Also Mine [Christophsis Raid]

    Friends. Everyone needed friends. Whether it was a shoulder to cry on or someone to help you move, friends were there for you. The intangible relationships that people formed with one another to enhance and enrich their own lives though others. And in the case of [member="Kham Nakgul"] he had a...
  11. Mr. White

    Mr. White

    NAME: Damian Mercer ALIAS: Mr. White FACTION: Black Tie Syndicate, Spynet RANK: Hitman SPECIES: Echani-human hybrid AGE: 34 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'10" WEIGHT: 175 lbs EYES: Crystal blue HAIR: Darker blonde SKIN: White FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  12. Miss Blonde

    Temple Run [Tython]

    Temple Run Location: Tython Highlands Time: 0700 Objective: Take stuff Some parts of Tython still had green and hadn't been touched by the scourge that was dark side corruption. Little pockets of resistance where the light was weak but still kicking, after all even Mordor had a little...
  13. Miss Blonde

    Dead Orbit [pm to join] [Complete]

    Chazwa. It was a planet that held a lot of emotional attachment to people in the Syndicate, hell it was the reason why it existed in the first place. A failed coup caused dozens of people to leave the more legal practices of the galaxy and were forced underground, and when you were in a certain...
  14. Miss Blonde

    Rebellion of Mimban

    As of yesterday the Black Tie Syndicate merged with the Mandalorian Empire to become a minor sub faction. And in doing so we now have the ability to launch Rebellions. So the BTS has elected to launch a rebellion on the Tier 3 Galactic Republic Dominion of Mimban. I am tagging the leaders of the...
  15. Loche

    Shades of Black: Chapter 1 [pm to join]

    A mother frantically washes the blood from the ground where her daughter once lay, as if it would bring her back. A local business owner murdered for failure to pay protection money. A woman trapped in the sex trade for fear of harm from a sleeze bag pimp. This is a taste of what I see every...
  16. Miss Blonde

    Shades of Black [Sign Ups/Info]

    Shades of Black The Story In a spot almost outside the galaxy far from the hustle and bustle of the galaxy's core is the newly formed nation of the United Systems of Antecedent. A nation thriving from industry, rare materials, and fair democratic rule. Where everyone gets a...
  17. Miss Blonde

    What's In The Box?! [Open to Sith and Jedi, PM to join if not]

    What's In The Box? "What are the Jedi all about? Control of ones emotions, peace, safety and the light side of the ever loving force that binds us all together. You know @&$# like there is no passion only serenity." "There is no passion? So you're telling me that these guys don't get...
  18. Miss Blonde

    Approved Location  District Twelve Better Future Society Skyscraper

    District 12 Better Future Society Skyscraper OOC Info Image Source: X Classification: Black Tie Syndicate Outpost Location: In the war torn sector that was District Twelve the sky scraper can be seen from miles in any direction and is one of the tallest buildings on Denon. It's...
  19. Miss Blonde

    The Black Ties: Up In Smoke [Kessel]

    Drugs. You could shoot them, you could snort them, you could smoke them, and in extreme cases you could insert them. But this wasn't one of those cases thankfully. This was the acquisition of that sweet sweet Kesselian bam bam that had been the vice of the galaxy and the cause of many trips both...
  20. Miss Blonde

    In Da Gadda Da Vidda

    The capital building on Antecedent was bustling today, there were workers running messages everywhere and doing various odd jobs. Antecedent was in the starting steps of its transition from a crime ridden planet to an nation of industry and progress. No more were the days of murder and organized...
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