Lose your lightsaber to your nemesis? Get your hand cut off by your sibling or parent? Just can't seem to find the right lightsaber that matches your new alignment for the seventeenth time this year? Don't worry! Siverra Lightsabers has your back! Just put your hand here and we'll get a new lightsaber just for you. We promise any data we receive from your hand will not be shared with any bounty hunter, mercenary or vengeful order who may want you for dead. Now just slide your credit stick right into the slot below and enjoy your new lightsaber!

Disclaimer: We are not liable should you be found by any bounty hunter, mercenary or vengeful order who may want you for dead. All orders are final, there are no refunds and if you die we'll dispatch a courier to loot your body and sell your wares for coin!

Any and all requests must now be handled in private, thank you for your understanding! Siverra Lightsabers reserves the right to deny any and all requests at any time, for any reason.


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Any lightsaber crystals found by Mishel, erm, Siverra Lightsabers belong to and are property of Siverra Lightsabers. All lightsaber crystals are typically lent out in a personal distribution setting. That is to say, you need Siverra Lightsabers permission to use any of its technology/crystals.

And remember when you need to catch a saber, think Siverra Lightsabers!

Secondary Proprietor: Alessandra Malvern, for when Mishel is unavailable to approve orders.