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Approved Tech The Corellian Star

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Mishel Kryze

The Corellian Star


Production: Unique



  • Classification: Lightsaber Pike, Telescoping

  • Size: Max Length [Very Large], Shortest Length [Small]

    Hilt, Shortest Length; 27cm

  • Hilt, Full Length; 107cm

  • Blade Length; 60cm

Weight: Average

Built by Mishel for Coren Starchaser the lightsaber had been built with him in mind. Just before finding the Dawn of Dagobah for Mishel, the pair had combed through Corellia searching for Horn’s Future. It held little to no value beside a very nice shade of blue but it seemed to mean a lot to Coren. Mishel then managed a network of contacts to get ahold of some Corellian Bloodsteel to make decorative markings on the hilt design. Songsteel was used for the main casing as it was [SIZE=11pt]lightweight and would make it easier for Coren to use especially given the blade’s telescoping ability going from a mere twenty-seven centimeter baton into a [/SIZE]full-fledged lightsaber pike at 107 centimeters for the hilt and the blade itself another sixty.

Due to the lack of actual property in Horn’s Future, Mishel selected one of her [SIZE=11pt]Gilarian[/SIZE] Crystals and used it as a primary. By utilizing it this gives her Master Coren the ability to focus his abilities, while at the same time feel his willpower and strength become amplified while wielding the lightsaber.

The lightsaber includes a [SIZE=11pt]pontite lense and a damping emitter. The latter of the two is a type of emitter that harnesses power from a carefully modified power cell to create a [/SIZE]stun setting for the lightsaber. However, given that the Will of Gilaria crystal has been fitted into the lightsaber. Mishel had to compensate by creating additional power cell housing in the hilt itself. The Pontite Lens is a focusing lens and as a lens, it was capable of cooling both skins and tempers.

Other features of the lightsaber [SIZE=11pt]include a force manipulated switch requiring a telekinetic skill to activate and deactivate the blade. Telescoping, something that Mishel picked up after her duel with the former Grand Marshal turned Great Deceiver Taeli Raaf. This enables the lightsaber to go from seemingly ordinary baton to fully fledged lightsaber pike. A [/SIZE]data port enabling Coren to transfer data even when he’s without an ordinary method of doing so, as well as a blade power adjustment knob allowing Coren to adjust the blade’s power settings.


  • Can cut through many materials with relative ease.

  • Amplifies will and inner strength.

  • Cortosis[SIZE=11pt] will short the blade if[/SIZE] in contact.

  • Cannot function in water as it is without a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse.

  • Cannot cut through lightsaber resistant material such as [SIZE=11pt]beskar, or [/SIZE]songsteel.
Bonded: STR / WKN
  • Overtime due to the Will of Gilaria's primary attributes the lightsaber will in effect form a bond with Coren. Uptick this allows him to draw on the Gilarian Crystal's attributes however the downside it's vulnerable to corruption and more specifically fears. Should he succumb to his fear and let it overtake him, the crystal will break and cause a severe mental backlash to Coren equal to a Master level Fear spell.
Note: Permission from [member="Mara Merrill-Valkner"] granted for the Corellian Bloodsteel.
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