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Approved Tech Nabooian Crystal

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Mishel Kryze



  • Intent: To create a lightsaber crystal that makes a lovely shade of violet and magenta, that can be used by lightsiders.

  • Image Source: Brilliant Earth // Pinterest (x)

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Lightsaber Crystal

  • Weight: Very Light

  • Resistances:

    Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): None, on its own.

  • Kinetic: None, on its own.

  • Lightsabers: None, on its own.

  • Other: None, on its own.


  • Light Violet-Silver [Uncommon]

  • Magenta-White [Common]

  • Pink-Magenta [Rare]

  • Rose-Magenta [Ultra Rare]


  • Increases the feeling of compassion within a seven foot radius, or a little over two meters.

  • Allows the user to focus their force abilities with increased clarity.

  • Brings the user a sense of calm even in the most intense/dire situations.

  • Attuned to the lightside this crystal will form a bond with its host once the lightsaber is picked up. When the user dies or parts with the lightsaber, the crystal will shatter - as if its heart had been broken.

  • The crystal will also shatter or break if corrupted by the darkside.

  • Forms a thinner blade allowing for more finesse, dexterity thus not requiring so much strength from the lightsaber user. However, it is not strong enough to maintain a serious duel as it does shutter, recommended as secondary crystal to allow the user to benefit from the crystal’s primary attributes.


  • Heart: Amplifies the feeling of compassion within a seven foot radius.

  • Focus: Allows the user to focus their force abilities.

  • Calm: Brings a sense of calm to the user even in the most intense/dire situations.

  • Finesse: Creates a thinner blade allowing for a more dexterous weapon. [Primary]


  • Corruption: As a lightside attuned crystal, it can easily be destroyed through darkside corruption.

  • Fragile: The crystals themselves are very fragile which make them even more difficult to find. Since you cannot find them outside of Lake Country, Naboo.

  • Blinded: Much like Amidala herself, one can become blind due to their emotions - thus a user of this crystal must be wary not to fall into the same pitfalls as the beloved Queen.

  • Shutter: Due to the thinner blade that it forms, the crystal tends to shutter a lot. [Primary]

  • Bound to Person: When used as a lightsaber crystal, the crystal will bind to the person upon their touch/equipping of the weapon. When the user dies or parts with the lightsaber the crystal shatters.

After the Fall of Coruscant to the hands of the Sith Empire, Mishel and her Jedi Master Coren Starchaser retreated back to Coalition space. On the way they stopped off at Naboo, here Mishel found the calling of a new lightsaber crystal. It drew her to Lake Country perhaps one of the most isolated places on the planet itself, and there she found this strange crystal. She managed to find two to three of them before returning to her ship. There she studied them and found their properties were on the emotional spectrum much like some of the other crystals she had found.

Only this time, this crystal seemed to be more attuned to the lightside than the dark. Mishel felt right then and there to craft something for the Queen of Naboo. Coren told there would be no possible way to know that this crystal would truly work the way it did. It’s just not how things worked - Mishel wanted to prove him wrong. After the construction of the unique weapon, Mishel placed it in a case and left it within the Palace. A note requesting it for the Queen’s hand only, as signed by her ‘friendly neighborhood Sentinels.’

The properties of the crystal much like the Eyes of Zeltros, Fear of the God-King and Vader’s Demise range on an emotional spectrum. This one pulled at the emotion of compassion, compassion - one of Queen Amidala’s greatest strengths. How fitting Mishel had thought as she looked out toward the Palace of Naboo, compassion. And so she logged the crystal as the Heart of Amidala, for in these times of darkness they so desperately needed more of Amidala’s kind, people of heart and compassion.


Self-Imposed Exiled
[member="Mishel Noren"]

Mishel Noren said:
Intent: To create a lightsaber that makes a lovely shade of violet and magenta, that can be used by lightsiders.
Do you mean 'To create an artificial lightsaber crystal' rather than 'To create a lightsaber'?

Mishel Noren said:
Forms a thinner blade
Another weakness would be, due to it's thinner blade, it would be more difficult to reflect blasts and the like.

Otherwise, I really like this submission.

Mishel Kryze

[member="Raiz Australis"]

Ah yes apologies, I'll get that intent corrected here - um, not necessarily. If someone say is more gifted for Ataru or Jar'Kai then they may want to use something like this instead of a straight on full blade formed by typical crystals. Although this one tends to shutter so up to the user I suppose!
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