[Last Updated: 2020-05-27]
1. Be mindful of production availability when building fleets/armies. Keep things realistic.
2. Permissions are included below. Please refer to the letter in brackets ( ) next to each listing for the corresponding permissions.
b) Jaeger Solutions Products - (1)
c) Blith-Tech Products - (1)
e) Nargath Holdings Products - (1) (2)
f) Technoid Manufactorum Products - (1)
3. Be respectful of the authors. These are their submissions that just happen to be in our cloud. They are not necessarily the property of the Galactic Alliance and should only be treated as such if stated in the submission.


222nd Nova Corps [Galactic Alliance Marines]


Velser's Pod [Purrgil - Unafiliated]
Lujo Defense Directive [Local System Defense Force - Corellian Confederation]
1st Anaxsi-Imperial Battlefleet [System Fleet - Galactic Alliance]

Combat Units


Military Bases / Military Buildings / Military Outposts
Fort Bastion [Galactic Alliance - Corellia]
Balmorran System Command [Galactic Alliance - Balmorra]
Fort Derik'hur [Corellian Confederation - Talus]


Holocrons / Datacrons
The Merrill-Blake Star Map [Unique - Held at The Saber]

"Media" / News Articles [Blogs]

RNN Special Report - Riots on Alderaan [Feb 19, 2020 - Rebel News Network]
RNN Special Report - Victory! Frozen Hand Defeated [March 2, 2020 - Rebel News Network]
Declaration of Incapacity & the Common Charter [March 10, 2020 - Core Alliance/Grayson Imperium]
Confederacy First: An Official Response [April 25, 2020 - Official Galactic Alliance Statement]
RNN Special Report - CIS First? [April 25, 2020 - Rebel News Network]
REC Statement on the Violet Curtain {CIS First} [May 12, 2020 - REC Statement to HoloNews Network]
A Statement from Senator Chandra RE: CIS First [May 13, 2020 - Senator Statement]
Kuat: State of Emergency [May 15, 2020 - System Press Release]
Kuat: New Chief Prosecutor [May 17, 2020 - System Press Release]
The Free Core: Justice Denied on Kuat [May 17, 2020 - The Free Core]

Government of Balmorra [Local Government - Galactic Alliance]
Azure System Commonwealth [Local Government - Galactic Alliance]
Corellian Jumpers [Criminal Element - Corellian Confederation]
Yōkai [Criminal Element - Corellian Confederation]
Sector Rangers [Intergalactic Security Compliance - Galactic Alliance]
Alliance Marshals Service [Federal Security - Galactic Alliance]
Strategic Intelligence Agency [Faction Intelligence - Galactic Alliance]
Corellian Security Bureau [Local Sector Security - Corellian Confederation]
Corellian Defense Force [Local Sector Defense Force - Corellian Confederation]
Government of Balmorra [Local Government Entity]



Astronomical Objects
Gus Tralva [Corellia System - Corellian Confederation]
Ashla's Embrace [Tython]

Force Nexuses

Important Structures

Jedi Temples and Enclaves
The Saber [Green Jedi - Corellia]

Geographic Landmarks
"The Promised Land" [Corellia]


Resource Locations

Spaceports / Starports

Shipyards / Dockyards / Refueling Platforms
REC-DSS-02 “Besh” Station - Sarapin System [Core Worlds - Off the Corellian Run - Republic Engineering Corporation]
REC-PCDY/01 Centax-II Primary Drive Yards [Coruscant - Centax II Moon - Republic Engineering Corporation]
Centerpoint Shipyards [Corellia System - Corellian Confederation]
Naval Station Govia [Govia System - Corellian Sector - Corellian Confederation]

Space Stations

Star Systems

Netherworld Rifts

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