"Welcome back. I'm Oba Rautha and this is HoloNet News. If you're just joining us, I am joined this evening by Adhira Chandra, Senator from the planet of Balmorra. Now, Senator, before the break we were discussing the current ideological 'battle lines' that have formed in the Senate. You are arguably the most prominent Centrist in the Senate right now, some have even called you the de facto leader of the ideological bloc-"
"While I appreciate the sentiment, Oba, I have not decided to be the leader of anything. My job is to represent the interests of Balmorra, not play politics."
"And yet you command the loyalty of many in the Senate who adhere to Centrist ideas."
"Well, what can I say? I'm terribly charismatic."
"Haha. Indeed you are, ma'am, but I wanted to turn our attention now to the topic of Skako."
"We've been told that you are prepared to make an endorsement in that race. Will you be endorsing the noted Centrist candidate, Blat Slambor?"
"You are partly right, Oba. I have indeed decided to throw my support to the candidate that I believe is best suited to serve the Alliance in the capacity of Senator. However, after much thought, I do not believe Mr. Slambor is the right person for that job. We are facing unprecedented challenges to our republic and what our Alliance requires right now are people with the conviction to do what is necessary to safeguard our people. I will instead be endorsing Gat Tambor-"
"Just a moment ma'am - are you saying that you have committed to supporting a Corporatist candidate for the Skako seat?"
"Very astute observation. Yes, and I would like to add that while some may criticize Chairman Tambor and my decision to support him, I would remind everyone that it was only through the courageous and decisive actions of Gat Tambor that tragedy was averted on Tython. I clearly do not agree with many of his policies, but his advocacy for the Galactic Credit has resulted in a uniform, effective, and strong economy. Never before has the credit been stronger or more widespread. I have full faith that when he wins this election he will bring the same decisiveness needed to help make tough decisions during this challenging time of transition."
"Wow. Powerful words from Adhira Chandra. Madam Senator, thank you for joining me and thank you all for watching. I'm Oba Rautha and this has been HoloNet News."