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Character Jasper Kai'el | Sentinel of Harmony



NAME: Jasper Kai'el

FACTION: Galactic Alliance, New Jedi Order

RANK: Knight, Jedi Council: Sentinel of Harmony

SPECIES: Human Clone

AGE: Early to mid 20s

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5 ft 11 in

WEIGHT: 190lbs

EYES: Gray

HAIR: Blonde

SKIN: White, with a slight worker's tan

FORCE SENSITIVE: Force sensitive

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


  • Highly Proficient in Makashi (Form II)
  • Highly Proficient in Form V (Shien and Djem So)
  • Proficient in Ataru (Form IV)
  • Skilled in Jar'Kai.
  • Standard Shii Cho.
  • Force Light.
  • Tutaminis (Learned from Caltin Vanagor ).
  • Lightside Runes (Learned from Kahlil Noble ).
    • Fire (Fire Punch)
    • Heat
    • Lightning (Thunder Punch)
    • Ice (Ice Punch)
  • Highly skilled in Matukai martial arts (Learned on personal travels).
  • Tapas
  • Skilled swordsmanship.
  • Basic telepathy.
  • Effective piloting/mechanic skills
  • Effective with ranged weaponry.
  • Hobby inventor.
  • Experience with toxins
  • Eager to learn.

  • Low force sensitivity
  • Smart, but still somewhat dense at times.
  • Generally more confident, but sometimes can miss social cues. He understands.
  • Mechanical arm is susceptible to EMP or ION damage.
  • Quick to act, even at the risk of his own safety.

Jasper is a young human male in his early to mid 20s with thin, scruffy beard and blonde hair tied up in a knot. He has distinctive grey eyes, an arm covered in aurebesh tattoos, and a notable prosthetic arm. Beneath his top are Sith runes, scars left by Darth Carnifex and treated with the assistance of Kahlil Noble. The man is never seen out of his flight suit, which he wears tied around his waist.

Jasper was the creation of the late Jastile Kai'el, a genetic Clone made from his own DNA intended to be the perfect Jedi. Deemed a failure and in a show of pitty, Jasper was left with the New Jedi Order. Because his force sensitivity was weaker then most, partially due to the nature of being a Clone, Jasper was forced to shift his focus to more practical skills like lightsaber combat. Despite his prowess as a duelist, when the time ultimately came for him to be selected by a master, he was unable to secure one, fleeing into exile out of shame for two years. In this time, he spent a brief period of time as a Bartender, but would ultimately long for public service.

Upon his return, Jasper would be thrust back into action, quickly rising to help face the rising threats to the Galactic Alliance at Empress Teta and beyond. Through trials and tribulations, Jasper Kai'el would rise to the rank of Jedi Knight and ultimately prove himself in the Second Great Hyperspace War, holding his own in spite of his lower force sensitivity. With the war coming to a close, however, Jasper would shift his focus to reconstruction, establishing the New Jedi Order Shield Core to streamline the process of Jedi lead aid across the galaxy. Recognizing his motivation for a better galaxy and blossoming skills in leadership, Jasper would be approached to oversee relief work from a seat on the Jedi Council. With a hope to help put his order and the galaxy on the right path, he accepted.

Now the Sentinel of Harmony prepares for the next chapter of his journey.

A YT 7990 B Light Freighter called the Lonestar 1, which also acts as his base of operations. It has a class 2 and 12 hyperdrive, an ion cannon, a laser turret, two laser cannons, and 4 maneuvering jets for increased mobility.

T-70 Ultra "Lonestar" Class X-Wing


No Bounties


  • Highly proficient in most lightsaber forms, but prefers Shien (Form V). He often used this with a blend of Makashi (Form II) in duels.
  • Utilizes the unorthodox Shien reverse grip.
  • Right handed duelist, left handed writer.
  • Has a Newfoundland-Canadian accent. (Sound wise, not including slang)
They Will Know Our Names - Xenoblade (Cover)


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