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Approved Starship Farstar-class Military Space Station

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  • The Bite's As Mean As The Bark - A Farstar-class station is far from helpless. While the primary intent is to ensure the survival of the facility in combat, it will gladly cut down enemy starfighters and assail Capital vessels with its battery of Laser and Turbolaser Cannons.
  • Can Take More Than A Punch - The MRS-01 Eir Defensive System provides a variety of defensive shielding techniques, while the Impervium coating and multi-layered hull will stand up to a pounding. Provided the enemy fleet overcomes the Anti-Sensor Bandorium Coating, Liquid-Aenite Coating, MXC-T19 Ark Sensor Scrambler, and RAAM-M3 Tactical Ordnance Jammer making a solid lock or an effective hit more difficult.
  • Dont Stir Up The Hive - The greatest offensive and defensive measure a Farstar-class station has is its fighters and support vessels. Unleashing its full compliment can fill the surrounding area in a cloud abuzz with blaster fire eager to dissuade attackers.
  • More Than A Weapons Platform - When not defending the surrounding region, the station can offer materials, personnel, and even docking facilities for large vessels to aid in maintenance and repairs. The station is not well equipped for Super Star Destroyers, but will offer whatever it can supply for such a vessel as needed.
  • Clear Vision Five-By-Five - The MXC-R13 Saja-class Sensor Array will aid in locking on to and tracking enemy vessels; while it and the NAV-DA5 Arras Automated Navigational Assistance will help vessels navigate the solar system, environmental hazards, dock with the station, or facilitate entering or leaving planetary orbit and ground air control. Meanwhile, the MXC-T18 Tyr Tactical Command Network will help call for reinforcements, and sharing data regarding the attackers so those reinforcements don't arrive blind.
  • Its A Space Station Not A Cruiser - Farstar-class stations have the speed and maneuverability necessary to maintain their position even when rattled by passing cosmological events, but they do not 'fly' through space picking fights with Capital class ships. Likewise, the station does not possess a Hyperdrive; it utilizes an extremely powerful RMC-114 Magnetic Energy Generator. When you construct a space station you intend to hold a planet or a solar system; not go sight-seeing.
  • The Broadside of a Barn - If the enemy can't hit a Farstar-class station it's the result of one of two reasons: the defensive systems are jamming, blocking, or destroying anything that tries, or the enemy fighters can't hit a massive target and will soon be ridiculed throughout the galaxy. That is to say, the space station is a very large, very slow target.
  • Where I Stand Is Where I Fall - No hyperdrive and no mind-blowing sublight engines. This station is designed to stand and fight whoever or whatever woke up in need of a bad day. While there are lifepods, no one stationed here is under the delusion they can simply 'run away' in the middle of a fire sight. A Fleet of Capital vessels within rapid response distance is advised.
After the
invasion of Ryloth in 859 ABY by an unknown outside force where the Confederate Defense Force in orbit and on the ground were overwhelmed -- with only the Dauntless staving off the assault until reinforcements could pierce the enemy fleet in orbit -- it became clear that Ryloth, and potentially other planets, needed more defensive measures. The amount of damage inflicted in the time it took Confederate forces to break through the line was considerable.

The construction of defense platforms provided added protection, but a strong facility from which a host of starfighters could be launched from orbit would further aid in buying time for reinforcements to arrive, and stave off the successful creation of a blockage that would cut the ground off from aide. With that in mind, the Confederacy commissioned the construction of a new space station, and reached out to Roble Manufacturing to supply materials and personnel to fulfill that need. Such stations would become common place along the Confederacy's border worlds.
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