Got any good links or resources for spacing? Post them here! The goal is to create the most comprehensive link directory and resource collection to spacing, smuggling, and interstellar travel on Chaos.

Jerec Asyr's Articles
Code of the Outer Rim
List of Incidental Starship Costs
Getting to Demonsgate
Kolto, Bacta, and Alternatives
Smuggler's Guide- Calrissian Two-Step
Smuggler's Guide- Selected Black Markets & Shadowports
Smuggler's Guide-Species Who Lay Down the Funk (species known for bartering)
Smuggler's Guide- Gunrunning in Bulk
Smuggler's Guide- Exotic Personal Weapons
Smuggler's Guide- Risk/reward for various cargoes in different government jurisdictions
OOC Thoughts- Celestial Navigation
Brief Guide to Hyperdrive Range
The Merrill Guide to Instinctive Astrogation

Lucien Dooku: Spacer's Guide to the Galaxy- Hyperlanes of the Galaxy (May be out of date, 4/13/2020 updated)

Captain Larraq Items and Price Guide (Based on Star Wars D20)

Zef Halo: How 2 Spacer Trash

Dunames Lopez: Star Tours' Guide to Freighters (likely outdated, but has many included and their most crucial info)

Mak Manto: Star Wars RPing and Hyperspace Travel (Some ideas for travel times)

Mara D'Lessio Merrill: The Blood Trail- Backbone of the Unknown Regions (custom hyperlane)

Coren Starchaser: On Being a Warden, On Spaceships

Aeshi Tillian: Code of the Frontier- A Favor Asked is a Favor Returned

Fantasy Flight Games-oriented resources that are still useful:
Operational Costs v1 (PDF fan supplement guide to the operating costs of operating a starship)
Transportation Values (Excel list sheet of trade goods, smuggling goods, and prices)

Hyperspace Navigation-
Star Wars Combine Nav Computer
D6 Holocron
Black Cat's Hyperspace Travel Times