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Items and Pricing: A Guide

Captain Larraq

Due to recent events, it was brought to my attention that not many people use or even know how to price items in Star Wars.
"How much should a charge for this droid?" "What do I pay for a Starfighter?" "How much do I tip my waitress?"

To help with this, and to waist several hours of my day that could have been spent posting, I have gone through the Star Wars D20 Roleplaying rulebook (specifically, the Arms and Equipment one) and compiled a list of every item, the price of the item, and often a rough description of the item.

This can hopefully do two things... Help people with their roleplays and help people decide how much to charge for the technology they are submitting through the Factory.

Captain Larraq



(range listing for weapons is the 'base' range as listed in the book. The rules in the game allow weapons to be fired at up to 10x standard range with -10 or -20 penalties to dice rolls. This translates to a 30m ranged rifle having an upper range limitation of 300 meters.)

Ranged Energy Weapons

Blaster Pistols (Power pack weights 0.1kg, costs 25 credits, holds 100 shots)
BlasTech DH-I7: 550 Credits (12m range)
BlasTech DH-23 “Outback”: 500 Credits (8m range)
BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol: 500 Credits (10m range)
BlasTech DL-22: 550 Credits (10m range)
Elmainin Armaments SBP-200 Blaster Pistol: 300 Credits (10m range) [Low Damage]
Greff-Timms Industrial ATA Pulse-Wave Blaster: 600 Credits (6m range) [old]
Blas Tech KK-5 Blaster Pistol: 600 Credits (12m range) [+power, +range, -accuracy]
SoroSuub SC-4 Blaster Pistol: 500 Credits (12m range)
Merr-Sonn Model 44: 500 Credits (10m range)
Merr-Sonn Model 434 “DeathHammer”: 650 Credits (8m range) [increased damage]
Merr-sonn IR-5 “Intimidator”: 750 Credits (8m range) [Low Damage][Full Auto]
SoroSuub ELG-3A “Diplomat's Blaster”: 500 Credits (10m range)

Heavy Blaster Pistols (Power pack weights 0.1kg, costs 25 credits, holds 50 shots)
BlasTech DL-44/Merr-Sonn “Flash” 4 Heavy Blaster Pistol: 705 Credits (8m range)
BlasTech DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol: 900 Credits (6m range) [High Damage]
BlasTech DY-225 Heavy Blaster Pistol: 900 Credits (10m range [comparably low damage)
BlasTech T-6 “Thunderer”: 900 Credits (8m range) [High Damage]
Caliban Model X: 975 Credits (6m range) [High Damage]
Merr-Sonn “Power” 5 Heavy Blaster Pistol: 825 Credits (8m range)
SoroSuub Model Kylan-3” 825 Credits (8m range)
SoroSuub “Renegade” Heavy Blaster: 840 Credits (8m range)
SoroSuub Security S-5 Blaser: 900 Credits (8m range)
[Built in dart launcher and grappling spike launcher]

Hold-Out Blasters (Energy Cells hold 6 shots before pistol requires recharge)
BlasTech HSB-200: 360 Credits (4m range)
[custom power pack, costs 20 credits, holds 12 shots]
Czerka 411: 300 Credits (6m range) [low damage]
Gee-Tech 12 Defender MicroBlaster: 400 Credits (4m range) [very low damage]
[fires only 2 shots, 'very easy to hide']
Imperial Munitions Model 22T4: 360 Credits (4m range) [high damage]
Merr-Sonn Model B22 “Imperial”: 300 Credits (4m range) [high damage]
Merr-Sonn Model JI “Happy Surprise” Palm Blaster: 360 Credits (4m range)
Merr-Sonn Model Q2 Hold-Out Blaster: 300 Credits (4m range)
Merr-sonn Model Q4 “Quickfire” Hold-Out Blaster: 400 Credits (2m range) [high damage]
[Holds 10 shots, recharged via cell-phone cabel over 10 minutes]

Sporting Blaster Pistols
Orearian Defense Conglomerate Defender: 300 Credits (8m range) [breaks into 3 pieces]
Luxan Penetrator MB-450: 550 Credits (6m range) [high damage]
Merr-Sonn Model 6 “Quick-6”: 360 Credits (8m range)
SoroSuub X-30 “Lancer” Target Blast Pistol: 330 Credits (10m range)

Blaster Rifles and Carbines
(Power pack weights 0.1kg, costs 25 credits, holds 50 shots)
Baktoid Armor Workshop E-5 Droid Blaster: 900 Credits (20m range) [for Battledroids]
BlasTech 500 “ESPO” Riot Gun: 1,000 Credits (30m range)
BlasTech DLT-20A “Longblasters”: 1,300 Credits (30m range) [High Damage]
BlasTech E-11 “Freedom One”: 1,000 Credits (30m range)
BlasTech Firespray DL-87 Stun Rifle: 1,000 Credits (20m Range) [very low damage]
[10 shots, fires a 6m long by 6m wide 'cone' that stuns the target for 1-5 'rounds']
Core World Arms Pulse-Blast Rifle: 2,000 Credits (20m range) [High Damage] [old]
[custom power pack, cost 60, 40 shots per charge]
Greff-Timms Industrial Type A Pulse-Wave Rifle: 1,200 Credits (10m range) [High Damage]
Imperial Munitions StarAnvil Heavy Blaster Rifle: 2,000 Credits (30m range)
Merr-Sonn Deck Sweeper Stun Blaster: 2,000 Credits (15m range)
[5 shots, fires a 8m long by 8m wide 'cone' that stuns the target for 1-5 'rounds']
Merr-Sonn Model G8: 1,100 Credits (40m range)
N'Gant-Zarvel 9118 Heavy Carbine: 990 Credits (20m range)
SoroSuub Firelance Blaster Rifle: 1,200 Credits (30m range)
SoroSuub Heavy Tracker 16: 1,100 Credits (30m range)

Sporting Blaster Rifles (extra accuracy)
(Power pack weights 0.1kg, costs 25 credits, holds 50 shots)
Czerka FS-1 Farshot: 880 Credits (50m range) [low damage]
Drearian Defense Conglomerate “Light Sport”: 800 Credits (40m range)
Herloss Hbt Hunting Blaster: 880 Credits (30m range)
Merr-Sonn LD-1 Target Blaster Rifle: 1,100 Credits (40m range) [High Damage]
SoroSuub X-45 Sniper Rifle: 1,000 Credits (50m range) [can be disassembled]
Xerrol Nightstinger: 1,500 Credits (40m range) ['invisible' bolts of energy]
[5 shots from a special gas canister, 1,000 credits per canister]

Light Repeating Blasters [Full Auto / Semi Auto only]
(Power pack weights 0.1kg, costs 25 credits, holds 30 shots)
BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster: 2,000 Credits (40m range)
Merr-Sonn Underslung Rotary Blaster Cannon: 2,400 Credits (30m range) [High Damage]

Ion Guns [no full/semi auto]
(Power pack weights 0.1kg, costs 25 credits, holds 30 shots)
Felebreck Electrical Defense Systems Droid Disabler: 250 Credits (4m range)
Homemade Ion Pistol: 300 Credits (10m range)
Merr-Sonn DEMP Ion Carbine: 800 Credits (30m range)
Merr-Sonn DEMP Ion Pistol: 250 Credits (8m range)

Disruptor Weapons (power packs hold 5 shots for pistol, 10 for rifle)
Merr-Sonn Model MSD-32 Disruptor Pistol: 4,000 Credits (2m range) [4 Range Increments]
Tenloss DX-2 Disruptor Pistol: 2,250 Credits (2m range) [2 Range Increments]
Tenloss DX-6 Disruptor Rifle: 3,500 Credits (2m range)

Ranged Projectile Weapons

Slugthrower Pistols
Czerka Adjudicator: 325 Credits (10m range) [low damage] (4 shot clip, 1 credit/10 shots)
Field Sports Air Pistol: 200 Credits (10m range) (20 shot clip, 10 credits)
Kelvarek Consolidated Arms Dissuader KD-3D: 350 Credits (10m range)
(10 shot clip, 100 credits) [ACID FILLED BULLETS!!!!]
Orolanis Defense Systems Blaster Buster: 700 Credits (10m range)
(4 shots, 1 credit/shot) [Revolver]
[“Using laser-guided targeting along with a heat-seeking payload, the special shell homes in on a recently fired weapon instead of the individual who fired it. The Blaster Buster has been used by corporate security forces seeking to disarm assailants instead of killing them.”]
Orolanis Defense Systems “Striker”: 275 Credits (10m range) (8 shot clip, 5 credits)
Morallian Weapons Conglomerate “Enforcer”: 400m (10m range) (8 shot clip, 5 credits)
Yctor Arms Black Powder Pistol: 200 Credits (4m range) (single shot, 1 credit/10 shots)

Slugthrower Rifles
Czerka Adventurer: 360 Credits (30m range) (15 shot clip, 6 credits)
Dresselian Projectile Rifle: 300 Credits (20m range) (12 shot clip, 5 credits)

Dart Pistols (5 credits per 10 darts of ammo)
Prax Arms Protector PRP-502 Hold-Out Shooter: 300 Credits (4m range) (4 shot clip)
Prax Arms Stealth-2VX Palm Shooter: 360 Credits (2m range) (3 shot clip)

Flechette launcher
Golan Arms FCII Flechette Launcher: 2,000 Credits (20m range) (6 shot clip)
[Antipersonnel ammo: 4m radius, 200 Credits/shot]
[Anti-vehicle ammo: 2m radius, 300 Credits/shot]
Malaxan Firepower Incorporated FWG-5 Smart Pistol: 800 Credits (10m range) (8 shot clip)
[Antipersonnel ammo, 2m radius, 200 Credits/clip]
Salus DF-D1 Flechette Launcher: 1,200 Credits (12m range) (6 shot clip)
[Antipersonnel ammo, 4m radius, 600 Credits/clip]

Crossbows and Magna Casters
Wookiee Bowcaster: 1,500 Credits (10m range) (10 shot clip, 400 credits)
Drolan Plasteel Repeating Crossbow: 400 Credits (16m range) (10 shot clip, 40 credits)
Magna Caster-100: 2,000 Credits (20m range) (10 shot clip, 150 credits)

Wrist Weapons
Drolan Plasteel QuickShot Wrist-Caster: 500 Credits (4m range) (single, 1 credit)
[Wrist-mounted crossbow]
Golan Arms Vac Attack Mk-127: 700 Credits (4m range) (2 shot clip, 50 credits)
[Wrist-mounted launcher; '3-centimeter diameter circular blades']
Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Rocket System: 2,500 Credits (6m range)
[Wrist-mounted rocket launcher; rockets listed below]
Prax Arms LG-5 Laser Gauntlet: 1,500 Credits (10m range) (3 shots pack, 210 credits)
[Wrist-mounted laser]

Bullet Ammunition
Explosive(10x cost), Mercy Ammo(5x cost), Pyro Ammo(5x cost)

Dart Ammunition
Toxin(100 credits per shot)
Knock-Out(10 credits per shot)
Acid(10 credits per shot)
Tracer(20 credits per shot)

Wrist Rocket Ammunition
Locris Syndicated Securities Type-12A ---
---Explosive Antipersonnel Rocket: 400 Credits (6m range, 4m radius)
Merr-Sonn K26 Explosive Antivehicle Rocket: 500 Credits (10m range, 2m radius)
Locris Syndicated Securities Type 12-B ---
---Hollow-Tip Rocket; Empty: 200 Credits (6m range)
---Hollow-Tip Rocket with FGA-583 Nerve Toxin: 600 Credits (6m range)
---Hollow-Tip Rocket with Accudrop Stun Gas: 400 Credits (6m range, 2m radius)
Merr-Sonn DEMP Ionization Blast Rocket: 400 Credits (6m range, 2m radius)
BlasTech Lumablast Rocket: 400 Credits (10m range, 4m radius) ('flashbang')
Kelvarek “Dumb” Energy Quarrel: 50 Credits (6m range)

Melee Weapons

Standard Melee Weapons
Drolan Plasteel Sword: 150 credits
Garrote Wire: 50 credits
Merr-Sonn Snap Baton: 100 credits (collapsible police baton)
Ryyk Blade: 500 credits
Sancretti Arms Whip: 100 credits (4m range)
Tribal Longspear: 80 credits
Xana Exotic Arms MSW-9 Molecular Stiletto: 700 credits
“looks like a datapad stylus. Upon activation of a control stud, a 30-centimeter long monomolecular blade springs from the tip. This blade is a single molecule in thickness, and although it is fragile in comparison to other blades, it can deal significant damage.”

Vibro Weapons (blades sheathed in ultrasonic field)
Czerka Great Force Pike: 1,000 credits (4m range) (has a 'stun setting')
Czerka Vibroknucklers: 200 credits (bladed brass knuckles
LaserHone Duelist Vibrorapier: 500 credits
Merr-Sonn Vibro-bayonet: 200 credits (can be attached to most blaster rifles)

Melee Stun Weapons (require power cells, good for 20 'whacks')
(stunned for 1 round, possibly knocked unconscious)
Merr-Sonn Stun Baton: 50 credits
Merr-Sonn Z2 Stun Baton: 700 credits
Palandrix Personal Protection Stun Gauntlets: 500
SoroSuub CS-12 Stun Master: 700 credits
TholCorp Neuronic Whip: 700 credits (4m range)
“The neuronic whip is a slaver's weapon, banned on a thousand worlds. With its capability to stun its target, a neuronic whip is effective for keeping recalcitrant slaves in line.”

Grenades and Other Explosives

Grenades (grenades explode in a 4m radius)
Czerka Chemical Load Grenade: X-Credits
Agent T-23B (Nausia): 650 Credits
Fex-M3 (Nerve Toxin): 1,050 Credits
Smoke: 150 Credits
Plank Gas (Acid Gas): 850 Credits
Czerka Spore/B Stun Grenade: 700 Credits (uses 'inhaled' spores to knock out)
Graff-Timms 0033X Grenade: 400 Credits (explosive)
Merr-Sonn C-10 Stun Grenade: 600 Credits (concussive blast to knock out)
Merr-Sonn C-14A Stun Grenade: 500 Credits ('crowd control' flashbang)
Merr-Sonn C-16 Fragmentation Grenade: 500 Credits
Merr-Sonn C-20 Fragmentation Grenade: 700 Credits (includes a timer, upto 2 hours)
Merr-Sonn G-20 Glop Grenade: 600 Credits (includes a timer, upto 5 minutes)
[traps target in rapidly expanding foam that hardens for 5 minutes]
Merr-Sonn WW-41 Cryoban Grenade: 800 Credits ('firefighting' cold grenade)

Grenade Launchers
Merr-Sonn GL-11 Handheld Grenade Launcher: 2,000 Credits (30m range) (4 shots)
[Can fire either the C-16 frag grenades or the C-10 stun grenades, but not both]
Merr-Sonn Mobile Mortar-3: 4,000 Credits (100m range) (12 shots)
“20kg weapon reduced to 2kg by small repulsorlift-equipped tripod”
[fires C-16 and C-22 frag grenades and, C-14A stun grenades]
SoroSuub TTT-54 “Thumper”: 4,000 Credits (50m range) (5 shots) (20kg tripoded weapon)

Other Weapons and Weapon Systems

Flame Projectors
Czerka CZ Wrist-Mounted Flame Projector: 800 Credits (2-4m range) (5 shots, 30 credits)
Merr-Sonn Model C-22 Flame Carbine: 500 Credits (2-8m range) (10 shots, 50 credits)
Merr-Sonn Model CR-24 Flame Rifle: 700 Credits (2-10m range) (25 shots, 100 credits)
Czerka CZ-28 Flame Cannon: 2,500 Credits (4-20m range) (50 shots, 200 credits) [25kg]

Sonic Weapons
Limited Sd-77 Sonic Pistol: 1,000 Credits (2-6m range) (40 shots, standard power pack )
Limited Sg-82 Sonic Rifle: 2,000 Credits (4-12m range) (20 shots, standard power pack)
Limited Sil-50 Sonic Pistol: 3,000 Credits (2-25m range) (50 shots, standard power pack)

Species-Specific Ranged Weapons
Rodian Repulsor Throwing-Razor: 3,000 Credits (for a pair) (10-100m range)
“Throwing weapon with a built-in repulsor system and homing beacon to allow it to return to the thrower.”
Squib Tensor Rifle: 10,000 Credits (20m range) (15 shots, standard power pack)
[very loud when fired, fires tractor beams, causes cellular damage, invisible beam]
Verpine Shatter Gun: 15,000 Credits (20m range) (50 shots, 500 credits)
“fires a stream of small metallic projectiles suspended in a magnetic field at just under the speed of sound. Produces no sound upon firing.”

Weapon Attachments and Accessories
BlasTech Ramtek: 750 Credits (recharges 30 power packs in 2 minutes, then needs recharging)
Merr-Sonn NonSonic Silencer/Flash Suppressor: 900 Credits (for slugthrowers)
Merr-Sonn Targeter Ranging Scope: 750 Credits
Novaless Soni-Optics Target Imager: 3,000 Credits (Scope that uses sound to target)

Captain Larraq


Light Armor and Protective Suits
Ayelix/Krongbig Textiles Shadowsuit: 600 credits (3kg) (suit absorbs light and sound)
Ayelix/Krongbig Textiles Tracker Utility Vest: 300 credits (0.5kg) (harness with pouches)
Ayelix/Krongbig Textiles Tuffl Combat Suit: 500 credits (2kg) [DR1]
Creshaldyne Industries Barabel Microbe Armor: 15,000 credits (3kg) [DR3 5]
[filled with radiation and energy eating microbes]
[the more blaster fire received, the stronger the protection of the suit becomes]
Kamperdine Clothing Specialist Leather Jerkin: 300 credits (1.5kg) [DR1]
Karfie Corporation Thinsuit: 900 credits (1kg) [DR0] (environmental protection)

Medium Armor
Creshaldyne Industries Blad-Dampening Armor: 6,000 credits (4kg) [DR2][DR5 vs Blasters]
Creshaldyne Industries Camo Scout Armor: 6,000 credits (6kg) [DR4]
[armor absorbs light and changes color to match its surroundings]

Heavy Armor
VargeCorp Polarizing Field Insulator Suit: 3,000 credits (30kg) [DR2] (used by engineers)
[creates 4m radius insulation against electricity and ion energy]
(30 minutes of use per power pack)

Powered Armor
GTU AV-1A Assault Armor: 50,000 credits (60kg) [DR8]
(life support for 12 hours, environmentally sealed, immobile while not powered)
(power for 12 hours, enhances strength of uses, 3 built-in heavy weapon mounts)
(built in Repulsorlift, enhanced sensors, Medpac, Comlink with 100km range)
(Ejection System to launch operator 10m away in emergency: 30,000 credits to repair)
GTU AV-1C Combat Armor: 25,000 credits (25kg) [DR6]
(life support for 24 hours, environmentally sealed, immobile while not powered)
(power for 24 hours, enhances strength of uses, 2 built-in heavy weapon mounts)
(built in Repulsorlift, enhanced sensors, Comlink with 50km range)
GTU AV-1S Scout Armor: 15,000 credits (18kg) [DR4]
(life support for 36 hours, environmentally sealed, immobile while not powered)
(power for 36 hours, enhances strength of uses, 2 built-in heavy weapon mounts)
(built in Repulsorlift, enhanced sensors, Comlink with 50km range)
(Atmospheric Analyzer that can identify individual poisons or diseases in air)
Regallis Engineering EVA Vacuum Pod: 15,000 credits (35kg) [DR3]
(2 hours of life support, environmentally sealed, enhanced strength)
(built in repair kit, 100km comlink)

Other Protective Gear
Ayelix/Krongbing Textiles Camouflage Poncho: 250 credits
Pacnorval Sonic Dampening Helmet: 600 credits
Raflkind Industrials Dampener Aerosol: 600 credits
(sprays a 2m/2m cloud of Blaster dispersing gas)


Breathing Devices
A99 Aquata Breather: 350 credits (2 hours of air)
Gandorthral Atmospherics Oxidizer: 350 credits (4 hour of filtration)
Gandorthral Atmospherics Roamer-6 Breath Mask: 400 credits
(6 hours of filtration, 10 minutes of air)
Mon Calamari Organic Gill: 200 credits (1 month of continuous use)
VargeCorp Easy Breathing Breath Mask: 50 credits (1 hour of filtration, 10 minutes of air)

Communication Devices
BCC MultiNode Communications Link: 75 credits (5km range) (cellphone)
BCC OmniNode Communications Set: 300 credits (50km range) (backpack sized)
[can be connected to a vehicle-sized power source for 500km range]
Ciranian Communications Model SW-95 Message Transceiver: 400 credits
[25km – 2,000km range; 'piggybacks' signal on other signals]
Crozo Industrial Products 3-Mal Personal Comlink: 250 credits (50km range) (cellphone)
Culcanis Microinstruments Tagger: 450 credits
(fires and tracks a dart with 1.2km range, and 40 hours of power)
Fabritech PAC20 Visual Wrist Com: 1,500 credits (75km range) (fancy cellphone)
Naboo Technologies Secure-A3 Comlink: 900 credits (50km range) (encrypted cellphone)
Plascinia Entertainments CS-Mark 12 Hologram Projector: 10,000 credits (receiver only)
(4m diameter console that projects 5m diameter holograms) (Big, Flatscreen TV)
SoroSuub C1 Personal Comlink: 200 credits (50km range) (headset-cellphone)
SoroSuub Hologram Projection Pad: 250,000 credits (HoloNet transceiver)
(2m diameter, computer/cellphone that sends and receives audio, video, and data)
SoroSuub Hush-9B: 4,000 credits (100km range, encrypted, creates a tiny field of white noise)
SoroSuub Imagecaster: 1,000 credits
(handheld 'holoprojector' that can be connected to a cellphone)
Tramora Interstellar Communications VDV-100 Holo Display: 800 credits
(cellphone that can receive holograms but not send them)
Traxes BioElectronics Implant Communicator: 12,500 credits (1km range)
(implants under the skin in the throat and head that allow communication)
Ulquib MicroTronics BX-333 Biorecorder: 5,000 credits
(records audio, video, heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs)
Varge Corp Pocket Scrambler PS-xqt9s: 400 credits
(encrypts signals when attached to cellphone)
Whappamanga Alien Enhancer Voxbox: 75 credits (for Gamorrians and Wookiees)
(a small audio device that says 12 basic phrases in Galactic Basic)
(“Yes, no, Greetings, When, Where, How much, Please take me to someone with authority, I understand, I need medical attention, I mean no harm, I'm sorry, I don't speak Basic”)

Detection Devices
Courier Communications Scanner: 4,500 credits (intercepts transmissions)
Chandril Tech PX-7 Heat Sensor: 250 credits
Cryoncorp EnhanceScan General Purpose Scanner: 2,000 credits
Dalabar Micro-Electronics SDS-632 Surveillance Detector: 450 credits (anti-spying detector)
Fabritech SE-Vigilant Automated Sensor Beacon: 3,000 credits
(3 meter long pole that can collapse to 1.4 meters for transportation. An energy cell at the base runs two sensor assemblies at the top. Built-in comlink with 50km range. When activated, scans area within 250 meters of it. Notices vehicles, animals, droids, exc. Can be set to sound an alarm or send an alert by comlink when it detects a ehicle or a creature of a particular size, or when it detects anything at all.)
Idellian Arrays ILF-5000 Life Form Scanner: 2,900 credits (dragonball radar for creatures)
Neuro-Saav 9320/B Sensor Pack: 1,200 credits (general purpose scanner)
Neuro-Saav ChemDetect: 1,500 credits (molecular analyzer)
Neruo-Saav Holorecording Macrobinoculars: 1,500 credits (binoculars that take pictures)
Neruo-Saav TeleSonic Audio Pickup: 750 credits (long range listening thing)
Rhinsome Tracking Corp SureSnoop: 3,000 credits
(tracks 10 small tags that can be hidden in clothing and such)
Saldalith Manufacturing Veridicator 200: 4,000 credits
(bracelet that can scan the vitals/emotional state of someone within 10m)
SuriTech Foodstuffs Ezl Analyzer: 250 credits (checks if food is safe for species to eat)
VidGraph Peer Macrobinoculars: 800 credits (night-vision binoculars)
Ziko 1125 Heads-Up Macrobinoculars 900 credits (wearable binoculars)

Sensor Jammers and Detection Countermeasures
Audio Performance Inc. No-Show: 5,000 credits
(wrist device that creates skintight electromagnetic barrier around the wearer, making them hard for scanners to detect wearer)
Audio Performance Inc. Sheer Silence Bubble Generator: 5,000 credits
(creates a 2m diameter sphere of disruption that blocks noise)
Corellidyne Cq-3.9x Holographic Image Disguiser: 25,000 credits
(2 minutes of a person or object looking like another person or object)
Fabritech CN-15 Camouflage Netting: 3,500 credits
(covers a 15m by 15m area in 'emission emulating' material)
MicroThrust ComTech Eavesdrop Protection Unit: 3,400 credits (150m jammer)

Medical Equipment
Athakam II Med Unit: 3,000 credits (automated medical 'bed')
BioTech FastFlesh Medpac: 600 credits
BioTech RFX/K Medisensor: 1,100 credits
(really long company name) ECM-598 Medical backpack: 600 credits
Fabreth Medical Biochemicals Shock Cloth: 250 credits
(special tarp that covers a patient while connected to a medical scanner)
Nilar Med/Tech Corporation Field Cauterizer: 200 credits
Synthtech Medtech Corporation MDS-50: 75 credits (cheap medical scanner)

Security Devices
Ealewon Electronics DCD-4800 Cryptographic Coder: 2,000 credits (encrypted datapad)
Locris Syndicated Securities MLC-50 Magnolock: 250 credits (magnetic door sealer)
Locris Syndicated Securities SC-401 Stun Cuffs: 100 credits (handcuffs / electric dog collar)
Merr-Sonn Binder Cuffs: 50 credits (handcuffs)
Novaplex Monofilament Screen Guard: 250 credits (a small 'spike strip' of tiny, cutting wires)
TaggeCo MagnaCuffs: 600 credits (magnetic handcuffs)
Thalassian Security Collar: 1,000 credits (electric dog collar for slaves)

Survival Gear
Adenture Hikar & Hunter DuraShelter: 500 credits (tent)
Adenture Hikar & Hunter Ration Packs: 5 credits
Meredex Atmospherics EMS-90 Bubble Cloak: 800 credits
(business suit that inflates to be 1.2m diameter 'bubble' with a 2 hour air and power supply; for emergency survival in space)
Mos Espa Coolth Backpack: 200 credits (desert survival gear; cooling and hydration)
Saladar Systems PED-21 Distress Beacon: 200 credits
SurvivalGear Water JugFilter: 100 credits

Tools and Other Sundries
Alliwon Electronics Vennoc-x Chronometer: 50 credits (a watch)
BlasTech Blaster Repair Kit: 125 credits
Degan Exploration Syntherope: 5 credits per 20m length (climbing rope)
Greel Wood Logging Corporation TreeFelling Vibrosaw: 400 credits
Interstellar Droid Monitoring Inc. Mk-11 Droid Diagnostics: 200 credits (droid status scanner)
MicroData Pocket Secretary: 2,000 credits (fancy datapad)

Captain Larraq


Astromech Droids
P2 Astromech Droid: 3,000 Credits
R1 Astromech Droid: 3,500 Credits
R3 Astromech Droid: 10,000 Credits [Military Grade]
R4 Astromech Droid: 2,500 Credits
R5 Astromech Droid: 1,500 Credits
R6 Astromech Droid: 6,000 Credits
R7 Astromech Droid: 8,000 Credits

Repair Droids
LE Series Repair Droid: 12,000 Credits [Astromech / Administration Humanoid hybrid Droid]
LIN Demolitionsmech Industrial Droid: 7,000 Credits
NR-5 Repair Droid: 2,200 Credits
MSE-6 Repair Droid: 2,000 Credits

Protocol and Commercial Droids
RA-7 Protocol Droid: 3,000 Credits
PD “Lurrian” Protocol Droid: 4,000 Credits
3D-4X Administrative Droid: 5,500 Credits
LOM Protocol Droid: 2,500 Credits
SE4 Protocol Droid: 2,600 Credits
TTS-I5 Tutorial Droid: 3,000 Credits
Serv-0 Communications Droid: 2,750 Credits

Medical Droids
MD Medical Droid: 2,000 Credits
FX Medical Droid: 2,000 Credits

Military Droids
OOM Command Officer Combat Droid: 4,500 Credits
SD-9 Infantry Droid: 80,000 Credits
SD-10 Infantry Droid: 140,000 Credits
Eradicator Battle Droid: 18,000 Credits
M-3PO Protocol Droid (Military Logistics): 4,500 Credits

Security and Guard Droids
DZ Tracker Droid: 18,000 Credits
G-2RD Guard Droid: 7,000 Credits
GV/3 Guardian Droid: 4,000 Credits
TT-8L “Tattletale” Guard Droid: 7,000 Credits
5DI-Z “Zed” Police Droid: 15,000 Credits

Surveillance and Probe Droids
DRK-I “Dark Eye” Probe Droid: 16,000 Credits (Stealth)
Mk VII “Inquisitor” Seeker Droid: 4,000 Credits
RMD-2D “Eye in the Sky” Monitoring Droid: 2,000 Credits

Messenger Doirds
AS-MI2 Messenger Droid: 8,000 / 16,000 Credits (1-shot Hyperspace Pod)
M4 Messenger Droid: 4,000 Credits

Labor Droids
B1 Worker Droid: 800 Credits
CLL-8 Binary Load Lifter Worker Droid: 2,000 Credits
Scrubber Droid: 1,000 Credits
EV Supervisor/Interrogator Droid: 2,000 Credits
U2-C1 Housekeeping Droid: 750 Credits
II-17 Mining Droid: 3,500 Credits

Other Droids
Mk X “Executioner” Gladiatorial Droid: 35,000 Credits
M38 Explorer Droid: 10,000 Credits
TX-III8 “Terminax” Assassin Droid: 50,000 Credits
Mk VI Scarab Assassin Droid: 20,000 Credits
Gyrowheel 1.42.08 Recycling Droid: 2,000 Credits


Airspeeders and Cloud Cars
Utilitech Metrocab: 20,000 (new), 7,000 (used) [Droid Taxi]
T-16 Skyhopper: 14,500 (new), 6,500 (used) [Military/Police scout vehicle]
V-Wing: 35,000 (new), 7,50 (used) [Combat Speeder]
Cargohopper IO2: 13,200 (new), 6,500 (used) [5 meter long flat-bed truck, 1,000kg cargo cap]
Talon I Combat Cloud Car: 15,500 (new), 7,500 (used) [Upper atmosphere patrol craft]

Gliders, Jetpacks, and Rocket Packs
Aratech “Jumper” Rocket Pack: 500 Credits (100 credits for fuel cell)
R82 Jump Boots: 150 Credits (25 credits for fuel cell)
Hobbycraft Microweight: 500 Credits (backpack hang glider)
Z-6 Jetpack: 300 Credits (100 credits for fuel cell)
OKC-167 Repulsor Pack: 1,800 Credits
R-23 Paraglider: 400 Credits (powered hang glider

Speeder Bikes and Swoops
74-2 Military Speeder Bike: 8,000 (new), 3,000 (used) [weapons]
JR-4 Swoop: 9,000 (new), 3,000 (used)
R-2000 Raptor Speeder Bike: 10,000 (new), 7,000 (used)
MVR-3 Speeder Bike: 10,000 (new), 2,500 (used) [weapons]
Flare-S Swoop: 6,500 (new), 2,500 (used)
Overracer Speeder Bike: 13,000 (new), 4,500 (used) [weapons]
FC-2O Speeder Bike: 4,000 (new), 1,000 (used)
Air-2 Swoop: 6,000 (new), 2,000 (used)

Civilian Groundspeeders
Arrow-23: 10,000 (new) 8,000 (used)
HVP-200 Hover Shopper: 400 (new), 160 (used)
[Literally a hovering version of the electric wheelchairs at Wal-Mart]
TR-14a Land Carrier: 180,000 (new), 120,000 (used) [Pod Racer / Stage Coach]
A-1 Deluxe Floater: 30,500 (new), 8,250 (used) [Fancy car]
JG-8 Luxury Speeder: 40,000 (new), 20,500 (used) [Fancy car]
V-35 Courier: 6,500 (new), 1,500 (used) [Family car]
XP-38 Sport Landspeeder: 12,500 (new), 3,500 (used) [Jeep]
SCS-19 Sentinel: 60,000 (new), 40,000 (used) [armed/armored vehicle for VIP's]
Hyperfoil 1000-XTC: 12,500 (new), 7,500 (used) [high altitude 'flying car']
A-A5 Speeder Truck: 30,500 (new), 8,250 (used) [21 meters long, 25,000kg cargo cap]
Commuter Gravsled: 1,900 (new), 900 (used) [slow, cheep, crappy car]
Personnel Skiff Model VI: 23,000 (new), 12,500 (used) [cheap bus-like vehicle]
Astral-8: 25,000 (new), 18,000 (used) [Fancy car]

Military Groundspeeders
BAW Transpeeder: 10,000 (new), 7,000 (used) [hover-bike]
KAAC Freerunner: 140,000 (new), 110,000 (used) [Hovering APC]
CMO-1 Speeder Command Vehicle: 40,000 (new), 20,400 (used) [mobile CQ]
WW-676 Repulsorlift Sled: 10,000 (new), 7,000 (used) [Cop Car with grenade launcher]
Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle: 20,000 (new), 13,000 (used) [Hovering “Warthog” from Halo]
V-19 Speeder: 20,000 (new), 10,000 (used) [Hovering Humvee]

Arakyd Emperiax Walking Throne: 40,000 (new), 24,000 (used)
Caridan Test Grounds MT-AT: 80,000 (new), 48,000 (used) [spider looking AT-AT variant]
Kuat Drive Yards AT-PT: 60,000 (new), 36,000 (used) ['stumpy' AT-ST]
SecuriTech Espo Walker: 40,000 (new), 24,000 (used)
zZip Motor Concepts Gladiator Walker: 40,000 (new), 24,000 (used) [open topped walker]

Sedrimotors Amphibion: 25,000 (new), 16,000 (used) [“Amphibious Lander”]

Other Vehicles
Aratech A14 Repulsorlift Disk: 1,000 (new), 400 (used)
CMC Minng Digger (“Sandcrawler”): 150,000 (new), 60,000 (used)
Kuat Drive Yards A5 Juggernaut HAV: 200,000 (new), 120,000 (used)
[Wheeled predecessor to the AT-AT]

Kuat Drive Yards A-9 Vigilance: 130,000 Credits (7.4 meters)
Republic A-Wing: 175,000 Credits (9.6 meters)
Slayn & Korpil B-Wing: 220,000 Credits (16.9 meters)
Slayn & Korpil B-Wing/E2: 250,000 Credits (16.9 meters)
Modified CloakShape Fighter: 83,000 Credits (15 meters)
Escape Pod: 20,000 Credits (3.5 meters)
FreiTek E-Wing Type B: 200,000 Credits (11.2 meters)
SoroSuub Gun Tug: 142,000 Credits (12 meters)
Incom Corporation I-1 Howlrunner: 165,000 Credits (11.4 meters)
Lambda Shuttle: 240,000 Credits (20 meters)
Hapes Consortium Miy'til Fighter: 210,000 Credits (7.5 meters)
Hapes Consortium Miy'til Bomber: 200,000 Credits (20 meters)
Kuat Systems Engineering S40K Phoenix Hawk Light Pinnace: 112,000 Credits (19.2 meters)
Sienar Fleet Systems Scimitar Assault Bomber: 120,000 Credits (13.8 meters)
Silvuit Corporation Svelte-class Imperial Shuttle: 280,000 Credits (17 meters)
Incom X-Wing T-65AC4: 200,000 (new), 180,000 (used) (12.5 meters)
Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Advanced x1: 96,000 Credits (7.8 meters)
Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Bomber: 150,000 Credits (7.8 meters)
Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor: 120,000 Credits (6.6 meters)

Corellian Engineering Corporation Action IV Bulk Transport: 945,000 Credits (100m)
Telgorn Corp Assault Shuttle: 855,000 Credits (30m)
Corellian Engineering Corporation Barloz Medium-sized Freighter: 120,000 Credits (41m)
Modified Barloz Medium-sized Freighter (“Birthright”): 311,500 Credits (41m)
Koensayr ILH-KK Citadel Civilian Cruiser: 205,000 Credits (36m)
Modified Slayn & Korpil B-Wing/E2 (“Deathraven” Double Hulled): 609,000 Credits (32m)
Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-31 Patrol and Attack Craft: 120,000 (21.5m)
Modified Firespray-31 (“Slave I”): 726,500 Credits (21.5m)
Gallofree Yards Transport: 350,000 (new) 125,00 (used) (90m)
Modified Gallofree Yards Transport (Salvage Ship): 685,000 (new) 150,000 (used) (90m)
Unique Vehicle (“Jade Sabre”): 1,675,500 Credits (50m)
Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps ---
--- J-Type Royal Starship: 1,365,000 Credits (76m)
Sienar Fleet Systems Skipray Blastboat: 624,000 Credits (25m)
Corellian Star Shuttle: 2,650,000 Credits (80m)
Silvuit Corporation Vibre-class Assault Cruiser: 2,259,000 Credits (100m)
Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-24000: 130,000 (new) 32,000 (used) (21m)

Capital Ships
Bothan Assault Cruiser: 97,000,000 (850m)
Damorian Manufacturing Carrack-class Light Cruiser: 19,148,000 Credits (350m)
Corellian Engineering Corporation Gunship: 4,800,000 Credits (120m)
Corellian Engineering Corporation Space Cruiser (unarmed): 1,250,000 Credits (115m)
Republic Engineering Corporation Defender-class Star Destroyer: 168,528,000 Credits (1,040m)
Rendili StarDrive's Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser: 35,550,000 Credits (600m)
Olanjii/Charubah Battle Dragon: 68,470,000 Credits (500m diameter)
Hapan Nova-class Battle Cruiser: 19,721,000 Credits (400m)
Kuat Drive Yards Imperial Escort Carrier: 9,775,000 Credits (500m)
Kuat Drive Yards Imperial II Star Destroyer: 145,670,000 Credits (1,600m)
Kuat Drive Yards Imperial Imperial Star Galleon: 17,503,500 Credits (300m)
Sienar Fleet Systems Immobilizer 418 Cruiser: 52,240,000 Credits (600m)
Sienar Fleet Systems Vindicator Heavy Cruiser: 43,000,000 Credits (600m)
Kuat Drive Yards Lancer-class Frigate: 4,760,000 Credits (250m)
Siener Republic Systems Marauder Corvette: 2,398,000 Credits (195m)
Mon Calamari MC90 Star Cruiser: 131,800,000 Credits (1,255m)
Republic Sienar Systems IPV System Patrol Craft: 3,342,000 Credits (120m)
Rendili StarDrive's Victory Star Destroyer: 57,000,000 Credits (900m)
Rendili StarDrive's Victory II Star Destroyer: 50,000,000 Credits (900m)

Space Stations
Kuat Drive Yards Super-class Star Destroyer: 1,143,350,000 Credits (8,000m)
Golan Space Defense SpaceGun: 26,191,000 Credits (1,231m)
Golan II Space Defense SpaceGun: 28,988,600 Credits (2,158m)
Golan Space Defense NovaGun: 39,435,000 Credits (2,600m)
Core Worlds Engineering Skyhook Platform: 25,000,000 (1,200m)
StarForge Station: 429,480,000 Credits (6,000m)
Loronar's Torpedo Sphere: 327,830,000 Credits (1,900m)
It's Real to Pretend
Not trying to diss all the hard work you did to copy this all over here... But I don't recall the price of an item really mattering so much on SWRP.

Unless this is you promoting the establishment of an actual economy...
@[member="Captain Larraq"]

While this will be useful for people to get a basic idea of the relative prices in the galaxy, it is not too relevant to things here for a couple of reasons.
  • After 4 centuries of darkness and 800 years since that source material is accurate, it's never been specified if the credits used currently are even comparable in value.
  • This site does not currently have a currency, purchase system. We allow people within reason to purchase what they wish because it's not been a big issue until now. The site MAY introduce one eventually, in which case this pricing info will be a good baseline comparison.

However, I'm not one to scorn hard work, so good job, I'm sure people will find it useful. :)

Tyr-Kyr Magnus

Active Member
We should implement a currency system I believe. I've played other Star Wars RPs with said systems in place, and the currency factor adds another layer of enjoyment to the game. On large scales such as building fleets and armies it keeps people making tons of military assets, while on a small scale it helps determine how much things like hits pay off.

Captain Larraq

I'm really not suggesting you do or start anything. When I run around trying to negotiate business deals, I like to be able to say 'roughly' how much I am going to charge someone. Now, it might not MEAN anything to anyone, but I like knowing that my Strike-class Frigate is almost twice as expensive as a 'low tech' but similarly sized military frigate. Or that you can purchase/build roughly 10 frigates for the same cost as building a Star Destroyer. These are in no way enforced rules and never should be, nor would they ever have an effect on roleplaying. They are just there for people like me who like to know the fine details. I've already used this list to develop a per-credit price for each item I've submitted for my company. I'll use those prices while roleplaying, but they mean nothing and I don't expect that to ever change. I flat out told you in the opening post why I was submitting this list, so I don't know why you are reading more into this than there is. I did it so people have an example to use when they WANT to use specific prices in their roleplaying and so people can have a rough idea of 'the average' that gets charged for an item. Want the best tank or battle droid on the market? It should cost three or five times the 'average' cost of a 'common' tank or battle droid. Can you enforce that? no. Does anyone care one way or the other? no. At best, someone makes a mental note about it and moves on.

What amuses me is that nobody caught the secondary effect of this submission. You saw a credit based pricing system and jumped to conclusion. What you should have noticed is that I just provided you all with a massive list of cannon technology ranging from communicators and binoculars to little robotic police dogs for home security.

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran
The value of a Credit depends on where you're standing. Location, location, location.

If you're on a depraved backwater that receives next to no economic interaction with the rest of the Galaxy, a single Credit could potentially get you pretty far. If you're on Coruscant, maybe not so much. I've come to realize that the Galaxy is far too big a place for the Credit to ever have a set universal value, or products, even. Intergalactic companies are bound to charge differently depending on who they're selling to or where they intend to throw those funds.

Economic disparity wouldn't even just vary on a planet-to-planet level. Separate regions on those planets are bound to be differing as well.
Personally, I like this guide and will be referring to it in my future posts and submissions. It is hard to introduce and manage a currency system in a play by post RP forum. Hard, but not impossible. That said, I understand that the staff doesn't want to take on that role. However, as @[member="Captain Larraq"] stated, this isn't for the purpose of conforming the board to a credit/currency system. It's just a reference guide that he's summarized from an official Star Wars source. I can see he's put a lot of time into it and it's pretty thorough. Those of us who like company and economic stuff in role-plays will find this guide invaluable in some ways and more or less useless in others, but it's still pretty handy to have.

I mean, I've been asked how much my bullets cost on average when I submit them to the Technology section of the Factory. Do I expect people to actually keep track of their own credits and the going price of ammunition? Nope. It's too much work, even for me, the guy who sells it. But it adds another level of writing to the storyline, which for those who want that level, it's great! I think staff are thinking this is supposed to be a "It's official now, Staff needs to approve it" when it's really more for those of us who want to RP like this, at least with each other, as a reference guide when making tech and submitting it or trading among ourselves.

Captain Larraq

Gerion Ardik said:
The value of a Credit depends on where you're standing. Location, location, location.

If you're on a depraved backwater that receives next to no economic interaction with the rest of the Galaxy, a single Credit could potentially get you pretty far. If you're on Coruscant, maybe not so much. I've come to realize that the Galaxy is far too big a place for the Credit to ever have a set universal value, or products, even. Intergalactic companies are bound to charge differently depending on who they're selling to or where they intend to throw those funds.

Economic disparity wouldn't even just vary on a planet-to-planet level. Separate regions on those planets are bound to be differing as well.
That's actually a really good point. But that's still something that goes into the roleplay element. If it costs 2,000 credits standard, you can reasonably say that its only going to cost 1,200 or less near a major planet, shipping lane, or near the world it was produced on. But go out into the middle of nowhere and you could be looking at 4,000 credits for the same item. That is a very important aspect to keep in mind. The same goes with political relations. If you are on friendly terms with a faction, you sell to them at a discount. If you are hostile towards them, you upcharge them. The actual price you end up charging for an item can be effected by a large number of variables, but having a starting reference point still helps.


Mr. Dizzy Man
I'm kinda confused about why there is hostility toward posting this in the first place >.> A guide is just that, a guide. If you don't like it, ignore it. I could post a guide on how to speak Mando'a, but it's not a required reading. As long as it is not offensive, I don't understand the hostility. If the community wants to see something, they'll say so.

Personally, I like this =) It has some things I didn't know existed in the Star Wars Universe (much less that there was an table-top for it), so I'll probably come back to this every so often. I've been Googling stuff anyway; this just makes it more convenient for me =)
@[member="Vereaux"] I and other staff aren't hostile to it, we just want everyone to be clear that this is not official or mandated. If you want to follow it or use it as a reference, go ahead by all means, but at the same time don't feel compelled to follow it either.