Getting to Demonsgate is a bit of a challenge, for a variety of reasons. It's considered one of the most isolated places in the galaxy. Alec Rekali's expedition took 294 days to reach Demonsgate from Kal'Shebbol (the galaxy's gateway to the Kathol), but since a good portion of her work involved setting up support assets for later expeditions, it's possible to do it much more quickly. This entry breaks down the absolute fastest way to reach Demonsgate from Kal'Shebbol, based on well-established and proven star charts. Word of warning: these frontier praedia are slow. Don't expect the same travel times you get when using super-hyperlanes to cross the galaxy. This route skips several useful resupply points, such as Sapella, Exocron, and the Pimbrellan League. All times below are using a Class 1 hyperdrive.
Kal'Shebbol to Torize: 18h
Torize to Kolatill: 28h
Kolatill to Charis: 21h
Charis to Gandle Ott: 15h
Gandle Ott to Peirs: 7h
Peirs to Shintel: 5h
Shintel to Tanquilla Beach: 24h
Tanquilla Beach to Pembric II: 19h
Pembric II to Galtea: 32h
TOTAL: 169h (7 days, 1 hour)
Galtea to Timbra Ott: 14d 6h
Timbra Ott to Jangelle: 12d 20h
TOTAL: 27 days, 2 hours
Jangelle to Dayark (Kathol Republic capital) in the Episol System: 4d 9h
Dayark to the southwest border system of the Kathol Republic: 2d 3h
TOTAL: 6 days, 12 hours
Border to Ehjenla: 6d 14h
Ehjenla to Uukaablis (major world, known for its doctors): 8d 19h
Uukaablis to Shatuun: 13d 6h
Shatuun to Danoor in the Nah'Malis system: 7d 14h
TOTAL: 36 days, 5 hours
THE KATHOL RIFT (known for powerful hallucinations, far worse for Force-sensitives)
Danoor to Q'Maere: 7-21 days
Q'Maere to Alien Construct: 21-35 days
Alien Construct to Yvara: 25-38 days
Yvara to Demonsgate: 1-4 days
TOTAL: 54-95 days
So now for the grand total. Assuming a speed run, not stopping at any friendly ports for repair or resupply, and assuming the best possible travel conditions, an excellent navigator, and superb luck, the absolute minimum travel time from Kal'Shebbol (the only link to the outside galaxy) to Demonsgate is 130 days, 20 hours. That's 18 weeks, almost 4.5 months -- one way. Longer if you take public transit: the Moross Crusade installed HALCYON space trains all the way to Exocron, but those run at Class Four, so multiply all travel time by, yeah, four.
Any trip to and from Demonsgate takes, at absolute minimum, just over eight and a half months.
Of course, that can be mitigated with a faster hyperdrive. A class 0.5 drive could get you there and back in a mere four and a half months. Again, that's best-case scenario. You'll likely pick up another month in resupply and repairs, and another month on top of that (each way) while trying to navigate the Kathol Rift with your mind intact. You can start to see why Alec Rekali's expedition took around a year and a half, and why a quick jaunt to Demonsgate just ain't in the cards. Oh, and the Aing-Tii homeworld? That's even farther.