I've spent a long time in Wild Space and the Rim, running with people that consider themselves ethical. 'I live by a code,' they say. Sooner or later, if you get them talking about it, you start to see that most spacers' personal codes are more or less the same. They vary, sure; they're all shaped by personality and experience and circumstances. But in the end, how I live, how we live, it basically all boils down to these thirteen rules. Well, they're more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules.
  • Only shoot first if you have to.
  • Honor distress calls and ships in need.
  • Take no slaves or indentures
  • Reject no stowaways or castaways.
  • Pay tariffs when they're fair or when you need to.
  • Never mutiny against a sane captain.
  • Only screw over those that earn it.
  • Never lose your sense of proportion for a cause or a grudge.
  • Don't impose your principles, whatever they are.
  • On someone else's ship, live like you're a guest, but work and fight like it's your home.
  • Give a fair share of salvage to the heirs when you can.
  • Improve your skills and pay your own way.
  • Slavers and reavers get no quarter.
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