OOC/ Just some sentient species that might be fun choices for a PC.

A few species who'll give you a great barter experience.
  • Qo'saarai Tuk'ata - best guides on the Tion Trade Nexus or in the ruins on Tash-Taral.
  • Beach possums - no idea how to pronounce their name; I don't speak much buckethead other than cuss words.
  • Vespert - tiny space bats.
  • Arenzebite - super strong masked lizard nomads, some of my favorite people.
  • Maour - my cave bear buddies.
  • Aquuan - shapeshifter balloons!
  • Rakshir - I'm biased because I'm dating Captain Silane of the Jasmin's Wake but yeah, the Rakshir are wild people.
  • Vidhvansaka - lizard apes, do not arm wrestle.
  • Nahant - phosphorescent rock eaters.
  • Azaru - flaming armored precog horses, terrible at pazaak.
  • Sisqa - paralysis fish folks.
  • Merloth - genetically flexible mask boys.
  • Lapangui - big lizards with an incredible bite.
  • Kaija - more lizard apes, but three meters tall and radiation-proof.