DAY 14- Tillian Outer Rim Trading Post
Encryption: //Public//
I've never lived anywhere so quiet. There's nothing but the sound of wind in the trees, distant conversation, and the creak of the tree I've moved into. So I've had lots of time to think between handling customers.
Credits are no good here- barter and favors are the currency on the frontier. Barter is easy enough. One thing for an equal value in goods.
But favors are different. They're a debt, a promise of payment to come, on the asker's terms. They put livelihoods at risk in exchange for future payout.
And there's something sacred there. Some sense of honor that ties us together where there is no lie. If we don't answer our favors, we can't be trusted. And someone who can't be trusted is of no use.
So always repay favors and never offer them if you don't plan on repaying.
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