Hey, what's up, howdy and hello~ To all my spacers, smugglers, scoundrels, hitchhikers and wanderers, I figured it'd be neat to find a way to contribute in some way to help others have a centralized place to check out how to get around the galaxy. My inspiration for this little endeavor comes from Cei Kyros throwing a bit of hyperlane-lore towards us newbies in the Spacer's guild, and from there the rabbit hole just...well...opened up. So here is a compendium of essentially all the custom hyperlanes that I was able to find site-wide, along with a neat map that should have them all [and a few more that unfortunately don't have active site links anymore] too, with credits for it going to Quietus Quietus .

So three, two, one, let's go!


The following hyperlanes are, from what I gather, approved and officially apart of the site's canon lore. That being said, the codex submissions are seemingly no longer accessible. I've included the original links in any case to provide some sort of source- they are, however, supported by the aforementioned map I spoke about, which comes from the here!


And we're at the end, folks. I hope this serves as a useful repository for all of these lanes moving forwards, so they don't get lost to time nor forgotten for their utility for our collective roleplay experiences. Thanks for tuning to what might be the first and last edition of the Spacer's Guide to the Galaxy. o/