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Approved Location The Blood Trail: Backbone of the Unknown Regions

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  • Speed: Low - but still considerably faster than other means of navigating through the back routes of the Unknown Regions. Depending on your navigator, your navicomputer, your hyperdrive rating, and your ability to manage or evade trouble, you can go from end to end in a couple of months.
  • Accessibility: There was a pretty solid PR campaign around the Blood Trail a decade back, so it’s fairly well known if you do business in the First Order or over by Muunilinst and Bastion. Your easiest ways to get onto the Blood Trail are at Annaj off the Sanctuary Pipeline, and at Muunilinst off the Braxant Run. Most of the Blood Trail is unregulated by any government, though the Chiss, the First Order, the Iron Empire, and the Sith have had a thing or two to say about their sections of the hyperlane.
  • Route Hazards: You name it. We’re talking about the farthest reaches of the Unknown Regions, places so remote that most of the systems don’t even appear on maps if you go as much as a light-year off the beaten path. Mynocks and other spaceborne vermin are common hazards; aliens raiders are also fairly frequent threats. For the bulk of the route, there is little law enforcement, much of it corporate. Iron Crown and AEI spend a good bit of time updating waypoint markers and S-thread boosters to account for changes in local conditions, but they can’t be everywhere. The toughest, most isolated portion of the lane is the long stretch between Dasid Anya and Chiss territory.
  • Rest Stops: Chiss space and the First Order anchor a long and lonely portion of the Blood Trail which includes Serpena, Nemexia, and Solovarna. Occasional Iron Crown and AEI space stations offer refueling, repair, and safe harbor all along the way.
Once upon a time, there was a Nightsister tycoon named Rave Merrill. She’d made mindboggling fortunes off alchemy and her position in the highest ranks of the Fringe Confederation. With the Omega Protectorate blocking the Fringe’s access to galactic markets, she set out to do what her older brother Jorus had done: build a hyperlane of her very own. Her project was far less expert and far more ambitious. At three times the length of the Mara Corridor, the Blood Trail - an obscure Nightsister reference, and a pun - was meant to wind its way through the deepest reaches of the Unknown Regions. Rave aimed to connect the Fringe with the wealthy markets of the Braxant Run, and circumvent the Protectorate and the Republic entirely.

A decade after Rave Merrill disappeared from public life, the companies she’d developed - Akure Executive Interstellar and Iron Crown Enterprises - still continued her work, backed by the fortune of her heir and niece. Though the finicky and hazardous Blood Trail was no super-hyperlane, it successfully connected the old Fringe heartland with the financial centres of Muunilinst and Bastion. Money, ships, exploration, trade goods: the Unknown Regions became, in part, known. Well-defended convoys and even cruise liners make constant runs along the Trail. Mapping and exploration agencies make good money stepping off the Trail and carving out routes to remote, undiscovered systems. The curios, resources, and warm bodies of the Unknown Regions get swapped for weapons, spice, modern hyperdrives, and all kinds of other goodies. Colonialism abounds - subject to applicable laws, of course. For all the harm that’s done, though, there’s plenty of good: the people of the Unknown Regions now have far greater freedom to travel and to take advantage of galactic standard technology. High-quality Silk Holdings bacta from Verkuyl makes its way all along the Blood Trail as a common cargo and disseminates into far-flung markets.
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