Warden of the Space Lane.
Sure, I’ve done that. I’ve been taught by one, called up to the big leagues, as it were. I know of that gentleman and then the one that seems to be open about this whole operation, the one and only Jorus Merrill. Man knows his stuff, but from my understanding this whole bit of the Wardens being kept under wraps? That bit makes sense for me. I don’t know, he, the Kel Dor who recruited me into this situation, met during a trip in the Unknown Regions, I’ll share the datacron sometime, I’m sure, approached me, seeing what I can do.
Said I was a Force users, said I did play hard and loose with it, and while my approach was something called ‘dark’ to some, for him he saw it as more… free. And that’s how I’ve always seen it. I mean look. I ain’t no Sith, hell I’m not a Jedi either. Frankly, either of those religions give me an itch I just can’t understand. I’ll stop them when they get out of hand. But me? Me… I’m something in between. A rogue as it were, but maybe I’m okay with that, maybe I’m okay with being seen as dark. The Underground needs people who know what they’re doing and ain’t afraid to play hardball.
Hell, I’ll do that. And when it comes to the space lanes? The reason we come to space is to escape. Its freedom between the stars. A ship is an engine, a hull and a navigation system, sure, but what they really are? They’re freedom. Between the stars you are your own government, and that is why I came to my section of space. Some liked wild space, but me? Nah, I prefer the Unknown Regions. Out here? Everyone is new and everyone is different. I’ve got work out here, sure, but that just adds to everything. While I’m jetting between stars, I can get a paycheck and be a bit useful, making that hyperspace route, right?
But that’s something else. What I hold dear? If any potential Wardens show up and I can instruct them, what I’ll teach? Everyone gets the chance to be out here. Even the ones looking to do harm. You give them the chance, but you don’t forget. Hell, my own way of using the Force is to just delay and stall everyone, if they get worse and keep coming back for more? I’ll fight them to the end. And that’s the same out here. Drain and stun, slow someone down, fight to run away. Escort that ship to safety.
Reavers and slavers though? They’re not getting quarter from me. Some people aren’t able to be fixed, and if you’re keeping freedom from most? You’re not going to survive an encounter with me. Maybe I should call the Treader out here. Reavers you just can’t fix. Slavers don’t deserve it.
Smugglers? Bounty hunters? Hell, if the bounty is right, I’ll make sure that justice is done, and smuggling? I’ve been known to run my share of grass.
As for lanes being free. If the taxes, tariffs or tolls are free, just fething pay. No need to get uppity. Everyone needs to make money and those go to keeping the lanes open and safe. And on that same bit, help out a spacer in need. Someone needs cargo or persons moved? Help them out. Someone needs salvage assistance? Help, but make sure you get your share. You’re assisting another vessel? The captain is king there. Its how it works.
Really, yeah… that’s about it. Show up to anyone who needs help, talk someone down, give them a chance. Take the shame of being fooled once. Never take it when you’re fooled twice.