So, I guess this is datacron entry… one? Really? Whatever. A bit odd talking to a box that’s recording me, but apparently its been done by me before.
Right, lets just talk then.
Sanctum and Silvers, it seems its time for me to kind of keep a running track of who I am. Starchaser Datacron, I guess. Sounds official enough.
Anyway, lets go for my first topic. Favorite topic, really. Starships. And not just with the Force. Starships in general. What they are is obvious, what they mean, that’s something else.
Now I’ve spent most of my life aboard them. Since waking up in cryo, almost all my time is on ships, or stations. Between that and exploration on planet side. Frontiers Corps, another group that lives off of ships. Right, this talking to the machine is odd.
Most of my time in the galaxy is spend doing a few things, primarily its flying, my innate skill revolves around astrogating, knowing where I’m going in the galaxy, and getting there faster than anyone else. Well, except for Merrill, but that’s me digressing. Starships, they’re a part of the galaxy, most have them, the rest have a desire to have one. But what they are? What they mean?
That’s a representation of the pilot. Its who the pilot is, a ship, the whole connection between man and machine, that’s a personal moment, something where you take the ship, and turn it into something more. She might be mostly stock, but she learns from you, the computer knows your habits, your flying, your fighting styles, she knows your living arrangements, how you treat others. If a ship could talk, she’d be the one who knew the real you.
Its that level of intimacy with the vessel that keeps you moving, gives you your freedom, that everyone wants to attain. You can have more than one ship, but there is always that one that is your first love. She could be a fighter, she could be a freighter, or hell, even a cruiser.
Mine? That’s the Tachyon Rising. My father and I overhauled and rebuilt her from the ground up. I know her better than I know my own body. She was there when Dad and I explored the galaxy for the ExplorCorps, and she brought me to the Empire, brought me to where I am. And I’m making this entry from her. Working the Blood Trail still. Slowly but surely. She knows what I want, she has become everything I can need in a ship.
Upgrades and learning my flight patterns.
There have been others, the Tiburon, the TIE Advanced I flew, the Exalt I fly now, my Rassilon… There are so many markers of ships. Things I like. The design I’m working on now, she’s got a Corellian body that’s inspired by some Santhe concepts, she’s got a Corellian engine, her heart is Corellian, her skills are built by Silk. She’s only a draft. But she won’t replace the Rising.
The ship is freedom, it’s the extension of your body. The guns are your fists, the hull your body and the engines your legs. She should be your first concern, the way you find your freedom. She is your freedom.
I guess I don’t really know where I’m going with this.
Your ship is yours.
She’s who you are, she’s what you need.
Your gate to freedom.
An extension of your body.
Of your mind.
Not really a Warden thing, but for me?
Give me a fast machine, and I’ll make it.