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Coryth Elaris

Shortstack of Fire
Of all the weapons we take into battle, there is none more powerful than the mind. It holds our instincts and our training and allows us to distinguish friend from foe, love from hate. But if that weapon is unsound, it is by no means disarmed. For the mind is all the more dangerous when damaged. And there's no guarantee that it won't choose itself as it's next victim.

Coruscant - Healing Halls

Trapped in a healer's trance, though hardly aware, her mind blissfully dreaming. Though her dreams were often disturbed by a visitor, that same box that had disturbed her, breaking her concentration while they worked to try and mend her wounds. For a time, the darkness was defeated, but they did not know for how long.

The box spoke to her, radiating a warmth, a softness that she'd come to know as a healers touch. It spoke directly to her mind so as no other could heard them. "Come child, and I shall help thee, take these horrors away from your frail, failing body. You are dying, but I need not tell you so. It leeches at your very being. You need me, so come, find me. The force, it shall be your guide. Find me, and I shall end all that plagues you." Something that had she been in a normal state of mind, Coryth would have questioned, but ... nothing was right about her mind, not now. Though, she was hardly aware of the tiny manipulations happening inside of her. It would take the best of the best to notice what was playing out in her mind, the dark plot this evil being had in mind for the little redhead. Everything so slight, so small, almost impossible to notice the changes now, and that was just as it had planned.

One of the healers gently touched her good arm, soothingly, gently to try and help pull her from the deep healing trance. It had kept the darkness at bay, the lines slightly thinner this morning as the light gleamed down from overhead. "There is a meeting in a few minutes on this Master Elaris. If, if you feel up to it I can get you a hover chair and I'll see to it that you are taken to it." In response, Coryth gave a small exhausted nod, usually rather quiet under circumstances as grave as these. She had to pry her eyes open feeling much as though they were lead filled, so heavy. So tired. Finally she took a deep breath, a hand found her way to her neck where the pendant had been placed. Running fingers over the smooth almost copper-ish toned metal, a sigh of relief seemed to follow that simple action.

The reminder of her family, long gone, but so close, always she felt their presence near her. A small comfort, one that was much needed in a time like this. Eyes darted around the room for Siobhan, hoping she was still here, but more than understood if the woman had to rest or take a break from the little Jedi's bedside. "Siobhan?" Her voice soft, weak but notably stronger than the night before. "I want her to come with me." The redhead spoke firmly, not willing to part with the only comfort she had. "I will not face the council or any meeting of any kind without her." Though by now certain that Hevana had been contacted too, maybe not in the temple with her, but at least aware of her dear friend's condition. The healer sighed, and waited only a moment or two for the dark jedi to show, if not she'd move on taking the weakened woman to the meeting.

Eyes watched as the tired Jedi shifted in the bed, seeing the hover chair brought to her small area, a curtain drawn as the woman had too brought a set of fresh clothing. "I did not figure you would wish to wear what you came in with, the darkness still clinging to it and we need more samples to confirm and run more tests."

The nameless woman was correct. She certainly did not wish to put back on her cloths with the evil venom soaked into it in places. "Okay..." Coryth said softly as she looked over what the healer had brought her, Jedi robes. Robes she'd not worn in some time, a very long time truly. Brow furrowed for a moment as the healer already was helping to pull her shirt away. It wasn't long before she was finally dressed and in the chair. Every bit about the robes felt weird, wanting to pull them off instantly, while she was certain a few in the room would love that, most .. would rather not.

Quickly pushed through the halls, a warm blanket laid over her legs she was rushed to a meeting room. Not the council room, which felt more comfortable if you asked her, as she never got along with the council and too many times tossed from that sacred circle, to "contemplate her actions" Not that it ever did any good. Coryth generally too stubborn to change her mind on most matters, especially involving the tomfoolery of the Council.

Jedi Temple - Meeting Room

Finally pushed inside, she glanced around the room to see who upon the council had decided to come, to see who would join her in this quest. For a moment she grimaced, shutting her eyes tightly as she heard the same whisper inside her mind, Find me ... Nothing else can save you. These here, only fools. They know nothing .... But as quick as it came, the voice was gone. It left her lost, dumbfounded for a moment. Nothing seemed right to her, but yet nothing out of place either. Her trust never was with the Council, but whom would she choose now.... to wait and see if the Council and other Jedi had answers, or to see if she could find them on her own. You can't do this alone, you know it... She firmly reminded herself pushing back the whisper, ignoring it's words for now.

"Tell me, please ... That someone has something. Anything but more questions?" She spoke softly, still tired. For her body only wished for the comfort of the healing halls, the warmth of the healing trance, and the softness of the bed upon her skin. Impatient as always, Coryth wanted answers, especially now when every minute counted.

While not as bad nor nearly as rapid, the thin dark lines on her skin were spreading out, though trying hard to remain barely noticeable to an untrained eye. Coryth had a reprieve, but it was not going to last forever, and for her, the need for action and quickly was most important. Already itching to race off to chase what she'd seen in her dreams, to chase what she'd whispered of in the deepest of trances.

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A sympathetic smile in greeting crossed the Jedi Master's face as he walked up to her. He was tired after helping Phylis heal Coryth to the best of his ability, but he had a job to do. Regardless, he had come to check on her before she met with anybody, having been concerned for her safety ever since.

He moved the hair from his eyes, taking a shaky breath. His strength had still not returned. He looked tired, exhausted even. Yet defiant of his own health, he was here.

"How are you feeling, miss?" Josh asked concernedly. She looked just as tired as he was. No shock there. He hoped they really had saved her from this darkness.... But somehow, he doubted it.

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Coryth Elaris

Shortstack of Fire
Tatoonie - Open Dessert

Zefla, a trader when scouring the deserts of Tatoonie for tradable goods left behind by fool-hearty travelers, had picked up a strange object. Cool to the touch, nearly cold in fact, despite the great heat in the sands around it. Having been mid-day, it should have been scorching hot, certainly odd enough for the Rodian to be more than a little interested in it's origins. Being so strange and emanating an odd presence he decided this just might be the thing for his sales. So, loading it into his pack, he soon headed back to his ship taking his wares with him. Though the oddly engraved box he could not get from his mind as he set the ship on autopilot heading for Bothawui.

Traveling through space now safely, he headed back to the hold and removed the object from the crate he'd carefully stored it in. Soft dried grasses kept it held in the middle of the blackened, and well used container. He ran his fingers slowly over the markings having never seen anything of it's kind before. Other than the strange darkness even he could feel, not being force sensitive he could tell no obvious use for it other than perhaps an ancient ceremonial piece. The markings didn't remind him of Sith, but still something about it he just could not block out. Without warning, the object grew hot in his hands, nearly burning him. This forced him to drop it to the ground. For a while the greedy trader seem perplexed. In the heat it had been so cool, almost cold, yet here it burned him.

Words passed through his mind, dark and dripping with malice, You are not wanted. You are not her. The alien seemed even more startled by this new event. A bit frightened, though saying nothing he headed back to the cockpit wanting nothing more than to get that thing off his hands and into someone else's. He had no idea who she was, but he was not eager to hang onto the object long enough to find out.

Bothawui - Open Market Place

Soon enough he'd landed upon his home planet. Or at least what he considered home to be. With care he'd packed the strange object back into it's crate and took it along with the others to the stall where his son was waiting. After arranging all the other goods without many words passed between the pair Zefla came to the dark object's box. Opening it sent a chill down his spin. Looking coldly to his son he placed it up with the other goods. "Get rid of that thing. Whatever you have to do, just get rid of it. It's evil." He shuddered visibly recalling the nightmares he'd been having since the thing had been on board with him. "I don't care what you have to do, just make sure it's gone before mid-day." The notable fear in his father's voice gave way for concern, but he'd never been one to question his father. Never one to ask questions.
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Jedi Temple

"I'm here, Coryth. Right here. You're not alone," Siobhan softly interjected after Coryth called for her. The Jedi Temple was not a place Siobhan wanted to be. The light side purge Phylis had undertaken to drive back the darkness threatening to overtake her friend had given her the wiggings, Jedi were not the company she liked to keep for longer than absolutely necessary.

However, she would be there for her friend. She gave Coryth's hand a gentle squeeze as she approached her, following her as she rushed into the meeting room. For her part Siobhan appreciated that it would not take place in the council chambers. She might not have the infamous track record of the short stack of fire, who undoubtedly had so often proved during the deliberations of that so august body that you should never piss off a redhead, but she would do without seeing that chamber again. After all, the last time she had been there she had been facing judgement on whether her exile should be lifted. More than a decade ago, another time, almost a lifetime away. During the night she had sent @[member="Hevana Martin"] a message, informing her of Coryth's condition...in basic terms, enough to show how serious it was.

Siobhan was tired but tried not to let it show, just as outwardly she remained controlled as she saw the dark lines spreading on Coryth's skin. They had not won, her friend had merely been given a reprieve and it frustrated her that she could not think of a way to help her. Beyond trying to reassure and be there for her, boost her morale and make sure the Council did not push her into anything. It still felt inadequate, but nonetheless.

Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
"Trader! Hey trader!" Romeo called out, he was racing towards him, and has sense a great anomaly here on Tattooin, and sense him, and his new fiance had been living here, he wasn't having.it. "hey buddy!" He called out waving his arms. He had been tracking the anomly all day, and it ended up here, at some ship to whom he didn't know.

Romeo was unsure of wether this anomaly was of the dark side, but he had to have it gone, or in his control. Just as any dark sider would want fro such curious things unknown to them. "HEY YOU!! GET OUT OF YOUR SHIP NOW!!" He roared and activated his red blade of energy. He prepared to destroy this ship, and its owner if needed.

@[member="Coryth Elaris"]

Dark artifacts. A reason that Circe had come here to Bothawui, in order that she might hunt for any new relics not claimed by the CIS. While holocrons were not high on her priority list, certain other things were. Things like Taurannik codex fragments or pieces of ancient Sith armor. But as she walked through the marketplace, her human appearance intact, the Vinithi sensed a dark object. One of significant power... Which implied it was complete, or at the least, had not been purified.

Stepping through the crowd of spies and insurgents, she came across the marketplace stall of the man whose possession of the object would soon change hands. "Excuse me... Would you happen to have any items that give off... Unsettling feelings?"

@[member="Coryth Elaris"]
Onyx was with Romeo. He had been tracking Romeo while Romeo was tracking whatever he was tracking. He could feel something, though he couldn't put his finger on it completely. Though whatever it was, it bothered him. So he kept following.

Romeo was making his move, on a ship that Onyx didn't recognize. He sat back, hidden in some shadows of a nearby alley. He felt so many dark things. Some, like the presence of Circe Savan and Romeo, he recognized. Others well... made him uncomfortable to put it simply. He put up his hood and put on his dark mask. He slowly made his way out, walking straight towards his friend. Before Romeo could do anything to the ship, Onyx was beside him. "That's not very polite," he said with a smirk. He didn't know what to think of this unknown force, but he wanted to find out what it was.

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Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
Quickly he turned with his saber ready to fight, the man startled him greatly as he had been focused entirely on the anomaly, but his tension was eased as he realized who it was. "Lord Onyx, you startled me. Can you feel it too? This man as something, and it certainly shouldn't be in his hands." He turned waiting for the alien to come out of this ship. He knew not who he was, or why he was here.

"If you have a love subtle plan of action, by all means, have at it." he stepped back, deactivated his sword. If anyone knew what this was, it would be Onyx. If anything he'd gladly let. Onyx have this thing, and leave with it. He didn't want it on the same planet as his child. @[member="Darth Onyx"] @Coryth Else
Onyx nodded. "I feel it..." He said. Closing his eyes beneath his hood he reached out tried to figure out what it was exactly. A few moments later he opened his eyes. Shifting his gaze to Romeo he shook his head. "I don't know what it is though, however it feels like a holocron... or something in that nature of things."

Onyx looked at the ship. Examining it he couldn't really think of any real plan. All he wanted to do was enter the ship and kill whoever had this device. What he did know was that he wanted it, regardless of what it was. Even if it was worthless, he could make some good credits on the black market back on Coruscant for it. Looking towards Romeo he sighed. "Do what you must." He said, referring to him readying himself to attack the ship.

@[member="Romeo S"]

Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
Romeo listened closely to Onyx, and got excited about the possibility of a it being a artifact of some sort. Being told to do as he wished, he smiled behind his own mask. "Yes Lord Onyx. It would be my pleasure!" He said in his dark and soft tone.

Using his anger towards the thing being here on his planet, he let it guide him, be used by him, just as he was taught to. "If you don't come out, ill come in." He said as he jumped up into the glass of the cockpit. He broke it in, and was now in the ship with his weapon ignited again. "What have you got here?! Tell me, or I shall hang your head on this ships yoke! Where did you find it?!" He quickly bombarded the rodian with questions, filling the words with violence, and anger. @[member="Darth Onyx"].


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@Coryth Elaris, @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] @Joshua DragonsFlame
Before Siobh could enter the meeting room fully, she could feel a cold hang softly grabbing her forearm
"Siobhan, have you found Coryth?"
The droid tried to catch up to her before she could disappear in the room, he wasn't aware of what was going on after all, he just knew that something happened to Cory.
Lately it seemed that he was going everywhere with Siobhan, their work together for Firemane company and lack of work from the Protectorate meant that plenty of time HK spent by Siobhan's side. Hopefully much to her annoyance as he kept breaking up her "Poetry sessions" as consequence. Either way, he was near enough Siobhan at the time she got call to see Cory that he could tag along.

HK was currently in his old HK-series body, the one without all the weapons built into it, wearing his usual archaic-styled Jedi robes but not carrying his lightsaber at the time, he didn't wanted to anger the Jedi by carrying weaponry into their temple.

After all, he liked Cory as well, and he trained her somewhat, which caused him to feel sentimental towards the Short Stack of Fire as Siobhan called her.
He was holding a bouquet of white flowers with a little holo-note attached to them, he slightly raised them,
"I got the flowers."
He stated, most likely the reason he did not arrived with Siobhan at the same time
"How is Cory doing, do you know?"
He asked, not seeing there, Cory was most likely just past the doorway in the meeting room, hopefully Sio would catch him up on things or Cory would hear his voice herself. They haven't seen each other for quite a bit of time, after all.

Alli Vern

Well-Known Member
@[member="Coryth Elaris"]

Alli Wren was here, to check up on a friend, a good friend. She was right there next to Coryth. " I am here for you, like you were for me. " She said, standing near her. She had brought flowers and a model of a familiar looking vessal, infact it was a model of the very ship that she had spend considerable time on with Coryth. She smiled " We will get you through this don't you worry. " She said hoping she was telling the truth. She was here with one of her only friends in the galaxy, which meant she needed to find a way to cure, even now she had her medical facility working to find out what
@[member="Darth Onyx"] @[member="Romeo S"]

"Calm yourself. You'll get nowhere here. Understand that." She sighed, listening to the Darksider who was ranting, raving, and otherwise attracting CIS attention as of right now, while Onyx watched in the background. "That artifact may be a large piece of an item I've been looking for the component of for years now. And whoever you are, you need to calm down. I intend to acquire that object through the proper methods of acquisition. Considering the fragile situation you're putting yourself in, I highly suggest you calm down right now and attempt to use the right way of getting it."

Turning back to the Rodian, she smiled. "How many credits do you want for it? A thousand?"

@[member="Coryth Elaris"]

Darth Torment

@[member="Darth Onyx"] @[member="Romeo S"] @[member="Circe Savan"]

Recently Isis had undergone a mind wipe of the fact she had been force sensitive and in doing so she lost all evidence she had ever been able to harness the mysteries of the force, yet she knew who she was and knew she had a goal in life and that for some odd reason was to make the republic fall once and for all yet she no longer had any clue why, during the mind wipe something strange occured as she no longer remembered friendships she had made over the years and no longer remember who she worked for.. just that she was someone important and that she was a hired gun for somebody.

As she roamed the marketplace she roamed as a hired security and patrolled the stalls while looking for trouble makers, she had light weight combat gear on that made her look like a merc from a holo game known as mortal kombat... Yet as she patolled her noticed things, things that made her uneasy. a green skinned woman with red hair, she thought she knew her but couldn't put the face with any memory.

Whats ever more weird is this all seemed like some weird, sick and twisted dream of hers... something that is misplaced and odd. she felt completely out of place, but she had a job to do and she would do it. Her two westar 35's on her hips, and her stun batons in their holsters she was ready for just about anything that could happen on her patrol of the market place.

Aika Kawakami

Can one find true light when shadowed in darkness?
Jedi Temple

Oh, how things went from dull to crazy around here. One moment, the temple was serene and calm. The next, it was a buzz with talk and activity. All of it, seemingly, surrounding the mysterious Jedi that had reappeared; Coryth.

She peeked around corner into the room, her low a bit low as she spoke. "Lady Elaris? It's Aika. I was coming to check on you. After all, I don't think I'd want to be alone if I was....dealing with what your dealing with. N-not to say your weak willed. That's...not what I meant. I simply meant that it might be nice to have someone that could sit with you.." Aika seemed to have regressed back to a stage where she once felt awkward speaking to those she didn't know well. She couldn't help it. The entire situation surrounding the mysterious woman so..odd, so fragile. The last thing she wanted to do was add more cracks into the wall that she was.

@[member="Coryth Elaris"]


Ba'slan shev'la
@[member="Verz Horak"] @[member="Arla Balor"] @[member="Coryth Elaris"]

Ordo walked up the steps of the Jedi Temple. Most days he just stopped at the top of the steps told his Cyar'ika good bye and waited for the next chance for them to see each other.

He didn't tell anyone yet. It was nice to keep a few things for himself some times. He marched up the marble steps his black Beskar'gam now sporting fresh orange clan and rank markings. He wore his heavy Mandalorian ripper on his right hip and a lightsaber on his left. He hadn't worn Beskar'gam here before and he wondered if they would let him in to see if his cyar'ika was in the hall of healers.

He mounted the steps and swallowed down his butterflies and waited for Arla and Verz to catch up.

Siobhan noticed HK just before she entered the meeting room. Unlike her he was still in Protectorate service, but they had worked together here and there since meeting each other on Kaeshana again. As for the poetry sessions, while he meddled a great deal he could not prevent the Order of the Torch from continuing its noble work! Zeltron poetry was most vivid and emotionally engaging, many space elf ladies thought so. For her part Siobhan still carried her lightsabre, no matter what the Jedi might think, though her other weapons had been left behind at her hotel room. She looked very much out of place in her shiny suit, but had not left Coryth's side in the Temple.

There was a ghost of a smile on her face as she beheld the bouquet of white flowers, she appreciated the gesture. Goddess knew Coryth could use all the boosting and friends she had right now. Actual friends who knew her from the past, not Jedi whom Siobhan did not trust, with the exception of Phylis since she knew her.

"She's inside," she spoke softly, pointing towards the room. "She's in a bad way. Some sort of darkness clawing out of her, like some venom has infected her and is trying to break out. Master Alince did a light side purge and was able to drive it back...but it's spreading again...and she has these visions," Siobhan said quietly, speaking in a low tone that was only for the droid to hear before she walked in.

Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
@[member="Ordo"] @[member="Arla Balor"] @[member="Elanim Oke"] @[member="Coryth Elaris"]

Verz followed Ordo up the steps of the Jedi Temple. Verz would have marveled at it's size, excpet he had been here before. He had met with the previous Grandmaster, Ben Watts, to train in swordfighting so he could fight the Sith more effectively during the Mandalorian-Sith War. This was before the Battle of Mandalore though, and before a roof was dropped on his head.

Verz had wondered why Ordo wanted to see the Temple, but hey, who was he to judge?

Arla Ordo

Mandalorian Redhead
Arla was amazed, looking up, leaning back as if she would almost fall backwards. "Wow" She hadn't really noticed yet that Verz and Ordo were headed up the stairs. "Jedi" She had heard so many things about them, about their ways. It was scary, her green eyes touched everything taking it in.

She could hear herself gasping, tripping finally drew her from her daze as she ran up the steps to catch up. "Are we here to see someone?"

@[member="Verz Horak"] @[member="Ordo"]


Ba'slan shev'la
@[member="Arla Balor"] @[member="Verz Horak"]

Ordo turned as Verz and Arla came up the steps behind him. It must have been strange to see the big guy walking up to the Temple like he knew what he was doing. Arla's question made Ordo's cheeks turn a little red.

"I'm just going to see if my friend is in while we're here." He said and cleared his throat and avoided eye contact. "She may not be home at all."

He looked away and walked up to the guard.

"Ordo here to visit the hall of healers." He said trying to look tough.