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Character Katina Etheri

The Tiny Tank


NAME: Katina Etheri


RANK: Jedi Knight / Knight /

SPECIES: Human/Sephi Descendant

AGE: 28

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5'6"

WEIGHT: 132lbs.

EYES: Silver-Blue

HAIR: Bleach Blonde Natural

SKIN: Fair Skinned


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Melee Expert: There arn't too many weapons in the melee class that Katina doesn't know how to use, from sword to spear, she is efficient with them.
+Leadership: Katina had lead many into battles, capable of making quick and difficult decisions, and wise beyond her years.
+/-Open Minded: While Katina is capable of war, she is just as capable of sitting down and talking. She is open to new ways of doing things and listening to others. Sometimes, however, people can take advantage of her ability to being compassionate. This can lead to her becoming angry, and vengeful.
-Fearful Of Attachment: It appears anytime Katina gets close to someone, she loses them. In both fear of hurting loved ones and of the Darkside directing her, she tries to keep people at a distance.
-The People's Shield: Regardless of her fear, Katina is not afraid to put herself in harm's way to protect and save others around her.

Katina is a woman who is only slightly above average height, well built and considered rugged at first glance.

Born around the year 837 ABY, Katina was at home on Coruscant and was found to be Force Sensitive at an early age. Her parents were given the choice to have her taken to the Jedi Temple to which they agreed. Fast forward to the age of 7, Katina is well on her way in her Jedi training. It was seeming to be a bright destiny, only more than half the Temple to simply disappear. Learning later that it was not just the Temple effected, it was a dark time for little Katina nearly all alone in the big Temple. A total year later the even dubbed the Netherworld had ended, with many still not returning from where ever they went. Things were never the same.

For the next few years, holes were filled, new faces arrived, and everyone was trying to live relatively normal lives. While it was clear that the fringes of space held the ever growing Sith, it never occurred to Katina that they would soon be knocking down her front door. At the age of 9, Katina was there when the One Sith attacked Coruscant. She was there when the many dark warriors slaughtered many of her friends, teachers and what she had begun to consider; her family. Quickly evacuated off planet, Katina could still remember seeing the fires from the window of the ship far up in space. Kashyyyk had become her new temporary home with the Silver Jedi at the time. This was a major difference to her than the Republic's Jedi, which she found to be fascinating.

A man by the name of Uyera within the Silver Jedi was soon convincing the young Katina to leave the Jedi Order and become his apprentice. At the age of 12, and now the apprentice of Uyera, Katina participated in the Omega War, being apart of at least two major battlefronts. Katina had found a niche in being a shield to those who were defenseless, and earned the respect of many soldiers for putting her life on the line to ensure they were protected. Uyera had once told her that these acts were what made a true Jedi, and he had never been more proud of a being. But, as it seemed to be a trend of her life, Uyera participated and lost his life in the end battle of the war, leaving Katina alone once again. While the Darkside of the Force called unto her to use this anger and pain, she found solus in remember that to Uyera, she was a a true Jedi.

Throughout much of the rest of her known life, Katina was involved in war; war against the Mandalorians, the reborn Sith Empire; battlefronts against the First Order, and so many other enemies. To her, it seemed allies were too far and in between, and she was finding herself shutting herself more and more away from attachment. The more she cared, the more she lost until one day, against the Bryn'adul, Katina had faced true horror. A relentless beast that seemed to devour and destroy everything without prejudice. It was at this time Katina decided the Jedi of both the Silvers and the newly reformed Alliance were not fit for such a battle, and the Sith were simply too willing to backstab anyone to ask for help. She left the orders as a newly ranked Knight of the Jedi, considered a disappointment and failure. This, however, did not truly effect her much, as she had already felt the orders had failed themselves.




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