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  1. The Ossus Keeper

    Faction Force Excursions 1: The Future In Motion (Open to Jedi & Lightsiders)

    "The Iktotchi have developed a culture around a common inborn ability to see visions of the future -- a curiosity or threat? For the earliest Republic scouts who arrived at Iktotch, it was a big surprise. They were stunned to find the Republic symbol carved into a mountainside, and a vivid...
  2. Silver Strand

    Populate In the Emperor's Long Shadow (Silver Jedi Concord Populate of Wayland)

    Objective One: Mingle at the Benefit Gala One of the old Mount Tantiss facilities has been requisitioned to host a benefit gala for the world following the Sith's devastating return to the world. It has been particularly troubling to many within the Silver Jedi Concord that even after this...
  3. Lisset Horin

    Public "A Cold new world" (Tales of the new Jedi) Pt.1

    When first landing on Tatooine, Lisset immediately sought shelter in the nearest town not too far from the popular city of Mos Eisley. There she met a Devaronian female by the name of Luiba, who although reluctant at first, took her in along with several others from their transport. The...
  4. The Ossus Keeper

    Force Excursion: The Future In Motion

    Beginning Date [10/22/21] During the waning of the Jedi Order, many of the powerful Iktotchi who might otherwise have joined the Jedi have now turned to the Seer tradition. Most visions arrive unbidden and are not under the control of the recipient. Of those who have the power to call and focus...
  5. Romi Jade

    LFG Force Excursions: The Future In Motion - Signups (Open to Jedi & Lightsiders)

    Beginning Date [10/22/21] "The Iktotchi have developed a culture around a common inborn ability to see visions of the future -- a curiosity or threat? For the earliest Republic scouts who arrived at Iktotch, it was a big surprise. They were stunned to find the Republic symbol carved into a...
  6. Atsá Vyshraal

    Character Atsá Vyshraal | NIO | Dark Jedi

    F A L L E N THE_ANTI_VILLIAN General Information | Name | Atsá Vyshraal | Aliases | The Lost Son | Age | 18 | Species | Togruta, distant Sith Pureblood ancestry. | Homeworld | Shili | Hideout | Rhen Var | Force Sensitivity | Yes. | Force Alignment | Darkside/Grey | Faction | New Imperial...
  7. Bernard of Arca

    Major Faction The Future of the NJO | GA - SGHW

    Following the events of The Impossible Hour and the Sacking of Coruscant, the Jedi of the NJO decided on the future of their Order: "The Alliance has been dealt a terrible blow. The galaxy is on the verge of being plunged into a new darkness. These events have shown us that the Jedi cannot...
  8. Caedyn Arenais

    LFG Future Involvement

    Hey there everyone, I'm finding myself at a bit of a standstill after having been less than active over the past month or two and I'm not sure where Caedyn will be heading in the immediate future. He has strong ties to both the Outer Rim Territories, as well as taking on some part-time work...
  9. Dagon Kaze

    Private Draw the Sword

    DRAW THE SWORD THE GREAT ERROR vol. II Issue #6 w/ Corin Grayson Once more the darkness bears its fangs to the galaxy, its long shadow of death looming over the sanctity of life. Not long ago that same darkness had been vanquished by the righteous blade of the Jedi. With the galactic capital...
  10. Romi Jade

    Minor Faction The Jedi Praxeum

  11. Bendak Crail

    Private Shadow of Mustafar

    SIEGE OF MUSTAFAR 858 ABY Chaos reigned all around the fiery world as the last stand was made between the final First Order holdout and the Outer Rim forces governed by a loose government and aided by the Jedi. The day the mighty Kyrel Ren sought was at hand and so did Bendak Crail. While...
  12. The Jedi Praxeum

    The Jedi Praxeum

    O V E R V I E W Discord Server L O C A T I O N Here T I M E L I N E M O D E L Alternatives to Order: Reimagining the Jedi Credit to Jend-Ro Quill & Seydon[/slide]C U R R I C U L U M [/div]
  13. Dagon Kaze

    Work In Progress Jedi Watchmen | New Jedi Order

    "Or perhaps it is investigating the mysteries of the galaxy, seeking out injustice, and bringing it to light? ..." ―Former Jedi Master Kreia OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Solidify in a submission a piece of NJO lore. Image Credit: GA Art Resources Canon: Ya Permissions: N/A Links: N/A...
  14. Gir Quee

    A Brief Guide to the Silver Jedi Concord

    A Brief Guide to the Silver Jedi Concord Introduction: The Silver Jedi Concord is the latest iteration of the governments that have worked alongside the Silver Jedi Order since its founding dozens of years ago. While the Silver Jedi Order has worked alongside local governments for years, this...
  15. Caltin Vanagor

    Faction Not "Silver". Not "New". "Jedi" (SJC Council)

    IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN... Location: Silver Rest Starport to the Council Chambers Tag: Sakadi Marathi Sinvala Josh Dragovalor Thurion Heavenshield Jairdain Zorah Cinsilo Errik Nimdok "Unity starts with you. If not you then who?" - Anonymous "Confirmed, Starlight Sentinel...
  16. Ignatius

    Game Jedi Fallen Order: End Scene shows how powerful Vader truly is (Spoilers for Fallen Order)

  17. Katarine Ryiah

    LFG Looking For Witch, Sith, Dark Jedi, Sorcery, ETC... Teachers

    Katarine is searching the galaxy for both darksiders and lightsiders who do not mind working together. Ultimately she wants to put together a school for students to learn tolerance for other Force traditions. This school would be a place where dark Jedi, grey Jedi, Regular Jedi, Sith, Witches...
  18. Miri Nimdok

    Work In Progress The Great Plains

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a location for future RP. Image Credit: Pablo Carpio "The Whisperer" | tsonline "Cloudspillargrassfield" | Seven-teenth "Sitala" Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: [ Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, etc here...
  19. Light Rises

    Campaign The Seven (or so) Jedi (Check LFG)

    The Outer Rim was a host to many worlds, some developed, others far flung and developing. Many with resources that all can use, and yet others with very rare properties. The world known only as Taida, was a mundane world, polar caps and a temperate, savannah set up. The world was more than met...
  20. Kanbei Takezo

    Character Kanbei Takezo

    KANBEI TAKEZO Birthplace Mykapo Age 32 GSY Occupation Wanderer Home Nomadic Species Human Gender Male Force Sensitive Yes Height 1.78 Meters Weight 63 kg Hair Color Black Eye Color Brown Skin Color Light tan Voice Paul Nakauchi as Hanzo HISTORY There is an old...