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  1. Syr Um-Ara

    Character Syr Um-Ara, Jedi Temple Guardian

    Syr Um-Ara, Geonosian Temple Guardian NAME: Syr Um-Ara {Previously Um-Tára} FACTION: Undecided RANK: Brood Beta {Previously}, Temple Guardian {Previously}, Knight {Currently} SPECIES: Geonosian AGE: 43 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 178 Centimeters {Approximately 5 Feet, 10...
  2. The Doppelganger

    LFG A Sithspawn? In the Jedi Temple?

    My boy here got experimented on and turned into a really freaky Sithspawn. Then a nice Jedi found him and took him back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Jedi there have tried to help him, but so far they have not been successful in reversing his condition or improving it. So he's just been...
  3. Spirit of Faith

    Major Faction Orientation | The New Jedi Order

    Ryv Karis, Sword of the Jedi So you wanna join the New Jedi Order, huh? I feel like I should start by saying we aren't the traditional types. Don't get me wrong, we like robes and meditation as much as the next guy, just uh, not as much as something more practical. You only wear a bathrobe to...
  4. Brooke Waters

    Force Training Witches and Jedi

    Hey All Trying something new. Anyone down for a thread of Jedi, Witches and other light side leaning folks to trade and share their skills and capabilities? If there is something someone is looking to learn, especially from a different path. Let me know who is down!
  5. Zenda Tano-Bonteri

    LFG Pregnant Jedi looking for threads

    So Zenda is a Knight in the SJC. She has a husband, Leehak Tano-Bonteri and two daughters, Kuxirra Tano-Bonteri and Darth Faef but doesn't know about Faef because she believes Shaalleesh (Faef's given name) is dead. She usually trains the younglings, but due to recent morning sickness, she has...
  6. Aayla Shan

    Just get out there and do it

    Aayla laid in the sandy dunes of Jakku, groaning in pain and staring at the sky with sweat dripping from pretty much every pore on her person. She laid there for a while, just letting the pain take hold, as it were. "I almost died..." she mumbled to herself, staring at the sky and cracking a...
  7. Thalia Senn

    Spoiler Caption Me [Potential High Republic Comic Spoilers]

    Thalia. My first serious attempt at writing a Jedi since The Hound ... That didn't end well. She's still in her infancy as a character but I thought we could have some fun with her. Knowing what y'all know (or don't know) about Thalia I've found some stuff that I want you guys to caption with...
  8. Kyra Perl

    What's your favorite jedi angle?

    There's countless ways to write a jedi, from crusaders, to pacifists. Staunchly light, to gray, to dark when justified. Orders, solo, rebels, dead! What's your favorite angle to explore when writing? I actually really enjoy a staunchly light-sided crusader that roams solo. Something about the...
  9. Mandalorian Covenant

    Mandalorian Covenant

    The Covenant is a semi-autonomous group of Mandalorians spanning across various clans, united under the banner of the Silver Jedi Concord as part of the military, forming an alliance between the Jedi and the Mandalorians of the Covenant. The sect of Mandalorians formed in response to the rising...
  10. Romi Jade

    The Jutrand Jedi Academy

    The Jutrand Jedi Academy ---------------------------- [Here] ---------------------------- [Here] ---------------------------- Academy Rep: [Here]
  11. Cynna Grayson

    Character Cynna Grayson

  12. Samatharis

    Private Noverskaa Refugees

    Planet Noverskaa The Silver-Bryn Border The Crab invasion force had swept a clean divide across the entire north-eastern territories of the Silver Jedi territories. Those that fled did. Many could not. Sam stood on the planet Noverskaa today. Assisting in a refugee resettlement program that...
  13. ARS VAMI

    Private Coruscant Jedi Library.

    Coruscant Jedi Library. Amanda Vales and Ars Vami were in front of the entrance to the Jedi library. Amanda's lightsaber was in the classic position held by the Jedi even though Amanda wasn't sure she was worthy of the place. They had requested and obtained permission to enter directly from Oros...
  14. Aloy Vizsla

    Private Finding the force part 2

    K A S H Y Y Y K Tag: Jademar Eurisa | Leehak Tano-Bonteri | Music: Kotor - Kashyyyk The echoe of a blaster bolt and the smell of burnt burlap would waft it's way through the forest clearing as another training dummy fell to the ground, A blaster hole burnt right into it's center. A short...
  15. Jademar Eurisa

    LFG Jedi Master

    Looking for a Potential encounter with a Jedi Master or possibly two, This search thread to better understand or well. To help my character progress in the ways of a jedi/the force. Intentionally we have been waiting for another to continue to the post. The Idea is to attract some attention to...
  16. Okkeus Dainlei

    LFG Lost Jedi looking to find his way

    Hey y’all! I am unable to access the last two posts, so here is this new one. I feel like right now in Okkeus’s story is the perfect time for him to meet some new people. After Ziost, he pretty much left the NJO Temple and hasn’t returned yet. He is going through some depression and PTSD, and...
  17. Okkeus Dainlei

    LFG Ignore

    Please look at new post
  18. Okkeus Dainlei

    LFG Ignore

    Please look at new post
  19. Aertan J’kai

    LFG For first thread

    Aertan hasn’t been introduced in a thread yet and I thought this idea would be a good intro for him. I was thinking about what would happen if a Jedi apprentice that was more of a Grey Jedi, was caught up in a questionable situation and then a bounty was set in him - in comes Aertan who’s been...
  20. Kaigann Fossk

    Blood Pack - Jedi Killers

    So I've been fumbling around the idea of a NFU or generally so, Jedi Killer pack since GA/MAW threads are escalating and we are in talks of working with the Jakku Enclave on some threads. The idea is that they will be all suitable trained in various martial arts such as Teräs Käsi to combat...