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  1. Oeana Janin

    Public Faction Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! | Agents of Chaos & Friends

    You have been cordially invited to a once in a lifetime experience… Tonight, the Red Lady opens its doors on Eve… Ready yourself! The show of a lifetime awaits you tonight… Willkommen “Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!” His voice from the darkness as the crowds began to gather. This first show...
  2. Carn Taur

    HI all, new Merc Legion looking for new recruits

    looking for soldiers, officers, pilots, weapons and Armour experts/makers, and other fighting essential crew goal will be to work for other factions on dominions and other threads interested people please DM me.
  3. Spirit of Unity

    Faction Timeline | Galactic Alliance

    THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE FACTION TIMELINE [Last Updated: 2020-05-12] Notes: 1. Dates are based on the following Alliance Standard Calendar. 2. Dates are listed in a [MM:YYY] format. 3. Any timeline conflicts with other factions are to be disregarded. Time is fluid on Chaos and this timeline is...
  4. Alexander Ghost

    DETH RACES, Do You Smell Fuel?

    Its been while since Alexander Ghost has had any activity present, but ever since the Faction he was part of went silent so did he. Alexander spent most of his days drinking in bars and picking up women, he wasn't breaking for credits he had plenty of them his brother has gone missing and he did...
  5. Kren

    Looking for everything or anything

    So I recently made Kren. I wanted to explore a non-force sensitive but realized I also wanted to explore the species I made more. So I compromised with myself and made him both. If you want to skip to what I'm looking for and not read about his story, look for the big orange LOOKING FOR below...
  6. Ruby Sky

    Think You're So Criminal - Ruby's Intro to AoC

    Coruscant Underworld The underworld was never quiet. Even in the late hours when only artificial light illuminated the streets criminals were active. Tonight the Digital Dragons were part of the ruckus. The swoop gang was notorious for their reckless driving and their hacking capabilities...
  7. Paragon of Virtue

    Faction Day After Tomorrow | Agents of Chaos

    Somewhere in the Unknown Regions… They had ventured outside of their corner of the galaxy and this time not just to vandalize someone else's shipyard, but to try to remove a larger government off a planet that was a touch more than this or other kingdom that nobody cared about, tucked away in...
  8. Jai'galaar Gred

    Pirate Enigma (AoC)

    The galaxy could often be a confusing mess of rumors and hearsay, and for the small band of Mandalorians within the Agents of Chaos it was no different. The big difference this time was this one hit way closer to home. All the way back to Concord Dawn really. Reports and rumors of a corvette...
  9. Eternal Saint

    Secret Santa: Have a Holly Jolly Life Day! [CIS/Invtie only]

    Life Day! It comes once a year, and with it a chance to express gratitude toward those who make life what it is. Sometimes it can be fun, and other times it can feel like a pain in the shebs, but on thing is true, there is nothing like this time of year. With that in mind why not have a...
  10. Alliance Alias

    Axed Anaxes

    Anaxes - Crow's Nest They'd sent out the call for help several weeks ago and it was only a few days ago they had recieved a reply. "Help is on the way." Johnston could only imagine what this "help" was. The Crow's Nest might have been out in the middle of nowhere in the forest, but even they...
  11. Romeo Sin

    Fete of the Fallen (Shadow Dynasty & Neighbors/Allies)

    Many heroes on all fronts had left the rest of them behind, watching from wherever they be, whatever awaited those in the afterlife. Granted, did they not know? Was death so fearful when the Netherworld opened up, and took may? How many didn't come back? How many didn't want to come back? Truth...
  12. Alliance Alias

    Calling all "Independently Owned Vessels" - Axed Anaxes

    Calling all owners of "Privately Owned Shipping Vessels" The Corellian Confederation is going through a few changes, many of which have tied up most of our logistics vessels. There are colonies out in the Core that need these supplies but our preliminary reports say that Core Imperial...
  13. Kaine Australis

    The Ecstacy of Beskar

    Tatooine - Home of the kidnappers https://soundcloud.com/ennio-morricone/the-ecstasy-of-gold-from-the-1 It had been some time since Kaine had visited the desert world of Tatooine. He hadn't expected to be back here so soon. The "borrowed" Nubian transport he and his friends were riding in...
  14. Emperor Carnifex

    Where Darkness Gathers [TSE Dark Council]

    The Dark Council Chamber Imperial Palace, Bastion [hr] Deep within the Imperial Palace was a secret chamber, known only to a small handful of Sith that constituted the highest echelons of authority within the Sith Empire. Not even the Crownguard who safeguarded its entry were allowed to gaze...
  15. Tristan Evore

    Silky, Starry Skies | Grayson Imperium

    Thread Header ~Theme~ Courscant 15:00 Life Day. A time of joy, passion, celebration and festivities, has finally found itself on the Core World of Courscant for the first time since the rigns of the New Republic. All across the Econumpolius, thousands celebrated and thousands protested. The...

    Despair | United Rebel Front/ Sith Empire

    Please move to the Archives
  17. Eternal Resolve

    What Summer Things do in Winter (CIS Winter Social)

    The end of the Common Galactic Cycle draws near. And with it, the Winter cycle on many planets. Some see this as a chance to join together in celebration. Another cycle lived, another host of happy memories and fruitful business ventures. For the first time since its liberation, Vylmira seeks to...
  18. Eternal Saint

    The Hunt For Kaine Australis

    Kaine Australis is wanted for notable war crimes against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. His perceived genocide on Eshan already led to war between to nations, and provoked attacks against beloved allies drove those nations deeper into war until one of them broke. He is a plight to...
  19. Lucien E. Irridius

    Warlocks & Warlords

    Compromise. The word clung to the back of Lucien's mind, tearing away at him like a cancer eating away at the fibers of everything he was. Compromise was no better than the fruit of defeat itself and as the First Fleet neared Sith Space, the once Grand Admiral could feel that defeat gnawing at...
  20. S

    A Lifeday to Never Forget! (SJO/CIS OOC thread)

    It is time for Lifeday! The SJO are welcoming our allies in the CIS to a Lifeday party on Kashyyyk, so come along dress formally for this big celebration of the alliance and everything Lifeday. Bring a partner, come alone or bring a group, there will be dancing, drinking and presents to exchange...