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  1. Loreena Arenais-Valhoun

    New Faction Owner

    Hey everyone, Due to unforseen circumstances, our Faction Owner is no longer on Chaos. König had left it all in my hands as the OOC FO and had been planning on doing so when we went major since I had the experience. But now I'd like you all to have your say. Who would you like as the FO of...
  2. Dolor Cordis

    Faction Pirate Faction Discussion

    This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of a Pirate themed Faction minor or Major to be made.
  3. Heath Valhoun

    Suggestion Move Discussions in the faction page

    The title. I found it very irritating that you can't organize discussions in the faction page....you can copy one to Google docs, change the name, copy another one, and paste it there and it technically "Moves" it, but this is a lot of work. Would it be possible to add a way to organize the...
  4. Heinrich Faust

    Major Faction Korriban Must be Cleansed!

    Join the Ashlan Crusade today, and help us purge the Darkness from the galaxy!
  5. Vrun Ryssic

    [Faction Development] Roles & Hierarchy Discussion

    This is a brainstorming & Feedback thread. The Canon Bounty Hunter's Guild consisted of 11 Houses/Factions which all fell under the umbrella of the Guild, its code and coordination. Crimson Nova (specialized in Jedi) House Benelex (specialized in kidnapping retrieval) House Neuvalis (rarely...
  6. Tefka

    Staff Major Faction Rules | The Classification Of PvE Threads

    Major Changes: 1. Remove Hybrid Support Mandate. 2. Allow Junctions/Populate threads to be provided in place of Dominions. 3. Introduce the classification of "Player Vs Environment (PvE)" threads. 4. Classify Junctions, Dominions, and Populate threads as PvE threads. 5. Cap PvE threads at...
  7. Natasi Fortan

    Faction Owner Vote

    Is it still called a banana republic if you're a constitutional monarchy?
  8. Natasi Fortan

    Faction Owner Nominations

    Just like we did last week.
  9. Tefka

    Staff Inactive Faction Auto-Prune Raised To 180 Days

    Previously, it was set at 90. What does this mean? If you create a faction, it'll be deleted after 180 days of inactivity (inactivity = no activity in the faction at all. Even a status update refreshes it.) Can I save my data if I forget? Yes, it's fairly easy for an admin to recover your...
  10. Adhira Chandra

    Faction Owner Election

    The nominations have been made, the nominees have told you why they think they should be chosen, and the time has come for members of the faction to elect the new Faction Owner. Each member may cast ONE vote, only members of the faction may vote for the next owner, and if you choose 'other' you...
  11. Cedric Grayson

    Faction whoops

  12. Isley Verd

    Vote || Faction Owner Nominations

    A NEW ERA Greetings Confederates! It's been nearly four years since this community came together, and it's been my highest honor to serve as your leader. But, with time comes change - and I find myself in a position where I am unable to commit the time and attention that the Confederacy...
  13. Thaelius

    Historical Repository | IC Information

  14. Darth Vird

    New Faction New Group Created - The Sith Imperium

    A new group has been created, The Sith Imperium
  15. Darth Vird

    Request Faction Banner Request

    Hey I need a banner for my new faction, the Sith Imperium as I have just created the faction, I would really appreciate it
  16. The Sith Imperium

    The Sith Imperium

    The Sith Imperium Government: The Sith Imperium is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by an Emperor and a ruling seat of Regional Governors the latter oversees the day-to-day operations of the Imperium while the Emperor serves as the head of State and head of the Military. Their Seat of...
  17. D

    Faction Resources

    Starships Battlecruisers Star Destroyers Dark Herald-Capital of the One Sith Cruisers Frigates Iezkon Class Frigate Corvettes Starfighters Assorted Vessels
  18. D

    Faction Lore

  19. Kiara Ayres

    Current Faction Threads

    Invasions: Coming mid-late July Dominions: Dominion of Sarko IV Junctions: As the Dust Settles Other Faction Threads: Guns, Ammo, Shooting, War Stories, shots... you know... a Monday... (SJDF/Mando) Every Jedi deserves at least one amazing day (Open to any/all Jedi/Mando Cov) Ode to Sev...
  20. Eldritch Whispers

    Future of the faction Poll... Round 2

    Hello friends and fellow warlords! It sure is a crazy time to be writing Sith RP on Chaos, and you may have seen the TSE’s vote to go minor. We’ve already had one vote to go minor following Hiss’ departure, and today we’re introducing another. This is not a spur of the moment decision on the...