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  1. Sithspawn Storyteller

    Faction Lore Index

    Locations The Reef - an abandoned Coruscanti factory in the Underworld, and the Sithspawns' sanctuary NPCs Arisso - A male Technobeast who handles most mechanical matters in the Reef. Ridy "Motina" - A female Sithspawn who serves as the Reef's head cook. Claudia Aylmer - A hoverchair-bound...
  2. Sithspawn Storyteller

    The Story So Far/Faction Threads

    While by no means complete, this is a more or less comprehensive list of threads constituting all the most important story beats in the Sithspawn Sanctorium's history. Birds of a Feather - Damsy Callat and The Doppelganger meet at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where both are being confined...
  3. Sithspawn Storyteller

    Faction Inventory Manifest

    This is an updated list of all assets associated with the Sithspawn Sanctorium. Aural Dispersion Charm
  4. Kitter Bitters

    Hapes Consortium - New Faction Interest Check & Fact Checks

    For a few months me and a few others have been fishing out information about what has transpired on Hapes in the Chaos community. We also started to check and see if it would be possible to create a minor faction to focus on Hapan stories. After a few months nobody has objected to this idea so...
  5. Saloarian

    About a New Faction...

    Hopefully this is the place to ask general questions. How/where do I declare a new faction? I was takin' a look-see through the rules and noticed that a character can declare a new faction whenever. I also saw that there's an application process for major factions, but I didn't see an...
  6. Holly Starstorm

    A News Faction?

    So I tried this before in this thread here but there wasn't much interest back then. But I've spotted one more reporter on the board so I thought I'd ask again and see again if there would be enough interest for a small news agency faction? We could basically be a company that isn't truly...
  7. Light of Ashla

    Major faction owership change vote

    Good evening, So the nomination process is done so it is time for a vote. After discussion with the mighty Tef, the only way to do this is an open vote, so please respond to this message with the name of your chosen candidate. Both candidates have said they are happy win or loss. So vote how...

    minor faction

    Is anyone interested (no botm) in creating a mini tech faction based on multiple yards (one-2 per faction)? at the moment I have 2 in approval (ga and rinmword league) and 1 based in the enclave by Christmas (the hexagon borders on them). Formal agreement with Ashan Crusade to open one of them...
  9. Gir Quee

    Long-term faction arcs

    As promised, here are the options for our long-term faction story arc. These are rough plot ideas, and the faction's main story arc may well change based on galactic events or feedback from our faction members. While we are going to concentrate on one main story arc, some of these other ideas...
  10. Tefka

    Staff Some Faction-related Issues Resolved

    Some maintenance got pushed last night, Faction-issues are where I'm looking for problems. I recently fixed a minor bug preventing people from creating Factions, let me know in the comments if you're still suffering.
  11. Gerwald Lechner

    Faction Owner Nominations

    Hey everyone! I want to thank you all for the strong vote of confidence you all gave me this past July. Unfortunately since then life has demanded more of me than I expected or anticipated. Now I’m moving to Texas and I don’t know what to expect when I get there. At this time I don’t feel i can...
  12. Gir Quee

    OOC Faction Planning Direction

    Now that I've had some time to catch up on understanding/becoming the MFO, I thought I'd make some observations and elicit some opinions on where we take the faction collectively. Let me know if you have other ideas or disagree with me. We've been through a fair amount of invasions recently...
  13. Laertia Io

    Public Looking for faction members (Interest Check)

    So, as a lot of you know, I have been developing Laertia's story throughout the third Imperial Civil War, gathering resources, learning from both victory and defeat, and I dare say I am on the verge of launching my own minor Faction, House Io. What House Io is: It's going to be comprised of a...
  14. Jayce Pryde

    joining a faction

    So the site has changed alot since last time i was here and i cant figure out how to find the faction list or how to join a faction... please help
  15. R

    I want to create a faction based around some shipbuilding company. Any takers?

    Hello everyone! So apparently there's hardly any activity around my first character. I'd like to create a second character and a faction based around some kind of corporation that acts as some kind of super conglomerate cum government. Are there any takers? My character is probably going to...
  16. Holly Starstorm

    LFG Information of Faction Leaders

    Holly is working on a current events column and would love some ideas about what the factions (major and minor) are currently up to. Would any faction leaders or even well involved members like to fill me in on Discord? I can take what you say and release it as Holly. my discord is : #...
  17. Kiara Ayres

    Faction Owner Vote

    After the conclusion of the nominations, here's the voting for the next faction owner of the SJC. Please only vote if you are a member of the SJC.
  18. Tefka

    Rules Update Faction Activity Checks

    Link for the lazy: The Recall rules have been rewritten to include Activity checks. Takeaways:
  19. Osam

    Faction Update - The Tenebrim

    It is a time of change throughout the vast Bryn'adul Empire. The loss of the Chieftain has caused the once unified Bryn'adul to begin to fracture and shift from their unity into fractured loyalties and desires. Constant losses from the frontlines have demoralized and weakened the resolve of...
  20. Tefka

    Question What faction do you wish was bumpin’ right now that isn’t?

    Everyone’s got dreams. What’s yours? Massive chiss empire? Yuuzhan Vong synod? Space Prius Emporium? Fae Realm Dynasty? Return of the Galactic Republic? Float your ideas, none too big or small or silly.