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Character Josh Dragovalor


Josh Dragovalor

The Basics
Name: Joshua Dragovalor
Homeworld: Naboo
Occupation: Jedi Master, Co-Owner of Red Dragon Enterprises
Affiliation: The Silver Jedi Concord

Biological Dossier
Race: Human/Echani
Age: 30
Build: Muscular/Lean
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Skin: Fair
Height: 6'5
Weight: 235lbs
Pronouns: He/Him
Markings: Has a scar on one side of his neck that resembles the shape of a sharp slave collar. Another scar on the back of his right shoulder moving diagonally to the center of his back (SJO vs UCM, Invasion of Azure)

Personality Dossier
Able to form solid plans quickly and on the fly
Leadership Ability - Commands squads well, strong tactician
Indisputably Loyal
Physically Strong - Capable of going toe to toe with a Wookiee in physical combat
Physically Quick (Deceitfully so for a man his size)
Learns techniques quickly
Dedicated and diligent
Skilled in most styles of lightsaber combat - Specializes in Makashi and Niman
Strong hand-to-hand capabilities - Combines a scrappy brawling style with that of the Echani

Brutally honest
Can get carried away
Little regard for own well-being
Overly self-critical
Too Patient
Too Loyal
Quick to blame self for failures
Dwells on issues almost endlessly
Anxiety Disorder
Makes bad jokes at bad times
Doesn't cope well with loss
Bottles in negative feelings and suffering
Social Anxiety
Almost impossible to regain the trust of once lost
Can be impulsive
Sometimes speaks before thinking
Can invest too much into things

Willing to enact plans others may be afraid to
Witty, constantly making jokes
Sometimes uses humor as a coping mechanism
Willing to go to deep lengths for others
Prioritizes Jason as the most important part his life
Will do anything for his son and to protect his son.
Wears his heart on his sleeve
Has too many post-it notes on his dresser
Values friends and family deeply

Spending time with family
Building and tinkering with droids
Hot Tubs
Spending time at home
Warmer weather
People being straight up

Not being straight up
Suffering of others
Cold weather

Power and Ability Dossier
Force Push/Wave/Repulse
Force Pull
Force Senses
Force Speed
Force Leap
Lightsaber Throw
Breath Control
Presence Control
Force Slow
Mind Trick
Force Heal
Force Levitation/Flight
Force Stun/Stasis/Stasis Wave
Force Barrier
Weather Manipulation
Vision Sharing
Battle Meditation
White Current
Force Phase
Electric Judgement
Memory Manipulation
Force Light
Superhuman Strength
Hand to Hand Combat
Lightsaber Forms 1 - 6
Specializes in Makashi and Niiman
Knowledge of Juyo and Vaapad (Does not use)
Shriwook Language
Binary Language
Teaching Capability
Mechanics and Droids
Quick Study Capabilities
Singing and Dancing
Wholesome Dad Energy
Experience and Leadership
Dad Jokes

Silver Jedi Ambassador Robes - Silver Mantle: The aesthetics of this attire doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary when put beside the looks of traditional Jedi Apparel; Something that was perhaps done purposely by Veiere Arenais who was responsible for designing the outfit before handing it over to the Artisans of the Silver Jedi Order to create. Truthfully however, the materials used in these Jedi Garments have come directly from the Silver Jedi's known associates and company investors, offering a much higher grade of fiber and resistant materials than the standard clothing you'd find sold to the known public. The Hooded Cloak that drapes about the wearer is known as the "Silver Mantle". This particular piece in itself is considered to be a privilege to be given by the Silver Assembly, and will also prove to hold the Ambassador's of the Order in high regard by their peers for what the cloak symbolizes in their steadfast dedication to the light. The bottom layer of the Tunic and leggings is made of Protera and offers a fair resistance to temperatures and energy based weapons just on it's own. The combination of these sorts of high grade yet flexible materials allows for greater protection while sacrificing nothing in the sense of the garments rather peaceful monastic appearance. Duramesh is then added over-top of the underlay and makes up the majority of the attire's make, followed by an exterior layer of Sasori Skylar which both offers the greatest sense of protection between the three materials, but also empowers those of the lightside, where Dark-Siders are otherwise discouraged by a feeling of unease and discomfort when in the vicinity. Finally, once having made these garments, they have been imbued with the flow of the light-side of the Force where the Masters of the Silver Jedi Order have channeled their focus into strengthening the Ambassador Robes, hoping to create a truly unique and valuable attire for those they are intended for, Jedi Representatives who will be responsible for traversing the Galaxy in search of diplomacy and to avoid further conflict where possible. Unfortunately, something the Jedi have learned well is that not everything goes to plan in a Galactic Society such as ours.

Magnus Armor: A medium-weight set of armor that is worn under the Jedi Robes, the armor is designed to be attached to the robes in order to provide the most comfort and flexibility possible, though it weighs the robes down in turn. Made of the incredibly rare Magnus Metal, it is very resistant to lightsaber attacks, and is completely impervious to blaster bolts though the impact of the bolts may still be able to move the wearer. Due to the sheer lack of the material, there was only enough to forge armor from the neck down to the boots, with neither a helmet nor a pair of gloves being forged.

Amulet of Talra: An amulet that allows the wearer to be invulnerable to mental attacks and manipulation when worn, but is also unable to receive the benefits of abilities such as Battle Meditation.

Dragelion and Vordun: The lightsabers built by Josh after becoming a Jedi Master. A trip to Tython's crystal caves, this time singlehandedly, led Josh to acquire a new set of crystals that he felt better suited his new fighting style, after many years spent with his old saber and crystal. These particular lightsabers are a Duel-Phase styled set of blades, capable of extending up to double their original length with a simple activation to better match Josh's arm reach. The lightabers themselves are also slightly bigger and sturdier in order to help him grip them more easily with his large hands without losing his grip or accidentally crushing them. While this has the drawback of making the lightsabers slightly heavier, it grants Josh far more comfort in combat. A chance encounter during the Republic Invasion Of Dac allowed for his lightsabers to be upgraded to where they function even underwater without shorting out. The crystals, being imbued with his signature, seem to give off a bit of heat that can be felt when touching the lightsabers. Josh primarily uses Dragelion, and uses both Dragelion and Vordun together when a duel blade style becomes necessary.

R4-J6 - R4-J6 has been Josh's partner and co-pilot since Josh was in his early teens. Bought for him by his first Master as a gift in order to accommodate for Josh's lack of flying ability at the time, R4 has been a loyal companion to Josh throughout his childhood, and his adulthood. The two were separated when the first Final Dragon had been destroyed with R4 on it, but it's parts and it's memory core found it's way back into Josh's hands and he was able to repair and reunite with the R4 unit. The droid is getting a little older, and malfunctions at times as Josh refuses to give it a memory wipe, due to it's dislike of the idea. But R4 is still as loyal and versatile as ever. At present, his role is to manage The Maekrix, from piloting to directing traffic to other droids on the ship in order to keep the ship running. While Josh's flying skills have improved, R4 has proven to be a skilled pilot and Josh is comfortable to leave those duties to the droid. R4 is capable of repairs and other utility functions, and will at times accompany his Master onto the field if it is necessary, generally to perform slicing duties. Most of the time though, R4's place is on the Maekrix providing quick getaways and escapes from the most harrowing of situations it's Master finds himself in. R4-J6 is the de-facto captain of The Maekrix, and the droids on board report to it. Of course, its lack of a memory wipe has led to it developing a bit of a snark-driven personality, and it has been known to delivery a fair amount of binary sass. Which may be part of why Josh never wiped it, because as much as the two go back and forth, he appears to enjoy the droid's company.

HK-D9 - Josh found himself with quite a bit of free time after first leaving the Republic and going into hiding. When he wasn't clearing his mind, learning and training, Josh took a hobby of learning from trial and error how to build droids from scratch. Finding some old HK parts in a ruin he had been exploring on Naboo, Josh spent the next year trying to build the droid from scratch. By the time he had become ready to rejoin the galaxy at large, the HK unit was in a semi-complete state, moving around and serving as a house guard despite being very unstable. Years later, Josh was finally able to complete HK, and the droid was eager to finally be able to accompany it's Master on his adventures when he was ready to set out into the world at large again. Learning more about droid work from the Silver Jedi's mechanics, Josh was able to fine tune HK to fix his instabilities from before, and work out most of the complications that had to do with the droid's original programming. At present, he serves to guard either The Maekrix, the homestead, Josh himself, or Jason depending on the need. HK is brutally honest, for better or for worse. Despite his assassination protocols being re-programmed, HK is still a trigger happy droid, and does need to be talked down from firing at anything he perceives as a threat. For all of his attitude though, the droid does genuinely care for his Master and his son, and is very protective of them both.

BL-86 - The first droid that Josh had actually bought, BL is a reliable protocol droid that has played a sizeable role in keeping things running on The Maekrix. Phenex Industries' Saotome P.T.D Droid is designed for both protocol and combat purposes. It serves both as a translator and source of knowledge for Josh and his Padawan crew on missions, as well as serving as a training partner to keep himself and his students sharp. Josh has relied on BL as a training partner when he is lacking one, though has given the droid a bit of a breather due to the holographic simulation technology on The Maekrix. BL assists in keeping the Maekrix running, constantly running diagnostics to report to either Josh or to R4-J6 if they find something on the ship that needs repairing or tuning. BL has also been programmed to help prepare food, or run the medical bay and training terminals if needed and the droid isn't presently busy. BL is also equipped for defense, though it's programming only allows for protecting specific targets and areas. Josh has chosen for it to guard the Maekrix and it's crew. One might think that BL is overworked, but the truth is that these additional duties have come from the insistence of the droid itself. BL prefers to keep itself busy, and dislikes being idle at any point. BL is incredibly interested in self-improvement and always feels as though they can do more. BL also can be a bit of a worrywart over their Master, and tends to criticize the more reckless and extreme aspects of his training. But even the smallest things such as a clear lack of sleep do not escape their notice, and they will certainly tell you about it. Despite their dislike of Josh's reckless training practices, BL is always there to help him in and out of the bacta tanks when it's all said and done and does so diligently.

SD-91, 92, 93, 94 and 95 - Josh's Sasori Dadoria units are assigned to keep The Maekrix in ship shape, conducting repairs as necessary. Unlike the other droids, they do not tend to accompany Josh outside of the ship, and will generally remain in the hanger or on the ship itself, doing repairs and maintenance. They can often be seen wandering the ship, seeking out issues that may need repairs or tuning, or following the directions of either R4-J6 or BL-86. They are loyal, diligent workers that appear to enjoy their work and do not appear to see any challenge as too great. While Josh bought SD-91 from Phenex Industries, he only bought parts from them for the rest of the droids and used SD-91 as a point of reference to improve on his ability to build and maintenance droids. The result was the assembly and commissioning of the other four droids, who he built himself.

R4-J7 - R4-J7 was built using the same programming and schematics as R4-J6, and is meant to act as a slicer should R4-J6 be unable to perform said duties, such as if the droid is needed back on the ship. Should the primary be unable to perform his duties aboard the ship, R4-J7 is steadily being programmed and taught to fulfill said duties as the droid's understudy.



Tank - Josh and Ra's Nek Cyborrean Battle Dog. A puppy that Josh adopted after the Silver Jedi Concord liberated its kind from the brutes breeding them for their arena. Is very affectionate, and never ceases to beg for scraps.

Relationships Dossier
Jason Dragovalor - Son
Sera Dragovalor - Daughter
Riamah Numare Dragovalor - Wife
Cedric Dragovalor - Father
Nicholas Dragovalor - Brother
Gherron Dragovalor - Brother

Close Friendships
Scherezade DeWinter
Madalena Antares
Jyoti Nooran
Asaraa Vaashe

Dragon School
Cirk Voltjak - Jedi Knight
Marek S'hadar - Jedi Master
Orihime Ike - Jedi Master
Gherron Dragovalor - Jedi Master
Dusari Dresari - Jedi Knight
Asaraa Vaashe - Jedi Knight
Reggie Faayare - Padawan
Ura Iolar - Padawan
Metis Athena Elpis - Padawan
Aayla Shan - Padawan

Chapter 1
Josh's parents were Jedi belonging to the Republic’s Jedi Order, framed by Master Icaf for the murder of another Master. They were expelled by the Order and forced to go on the run, having three children during this period. Josh and his brothers were raised by their parents on Naboo for several years before the ex Jedi were discovered by forces that hunted them down, putting them back on the run. A speeder explosion killed both parents, and the children were taken in by different parties. Josh was taken in and raised raised by the Jedi Order. In a cruel twist of fate, he was assigned to the very man who had destroyed his family - Master Icaf.

Years into his apprenticeship, his Master began to encourage him to embrace the hatred he held for those who would wrong others. This backfired though, as Josh accidentally outed this tactic to the rest of the Order. Realizing a darksider was in their midst, an investigation revealed that his Master was a Sith Lord masquerading as a Jedi. While his Master was himself expelled and hunted, the seed was planted, and his influence remained. Josh was assigned a new Master, and in time, things stayed on course. That is, until he and his Master were ambushed during a mission, where Josh was kidnapped by slavers. With a special collar keeping him from using his abilities, he was kept in a slave camp for a year, and was on the block to be auctioned before his collar was damaged. His abilities restored, he broke free and liberated the other slaves before escaping. But he had changed in this time, finding anger in his heart for the slavers that had hurt him and others, slowly fulfilling the vision his first Master had laid out for him. He returned to the Order only to find out that his Master had been killed by the slavers while trying to rescue him. His guilt further intensified his resentment.

Assigned to his third Master, the Republic Jedi Order was soon thrust into war. As a result, Josh was named a Jedi Knight a month into his new apprenticeship. Josh was far from ready for this responsibility, but the Order only saw his physical capabilities, and they needed more Knights to serve as Generals to improve the morale of their soldiers. While he learned quickly and proved to be a force on and off the battlefield, serving as one of the youngest Council members in Jedi history, the stress only further degraded his mental stability. Something he hid well, but the cracks were beginning to form. These cracks only grew further as he encountered a familiar face on the battlefield. His youngest brother Nick, now part of a Sith cult. The two fought various battles as Josh did his best to bring his brother back from the clutches of the dark side, knowing they would only control him, not set him free as he seemed to believe. The final battle set the scene for his brother’s final atonement. In a desperate attempt to bring his brother to his senses, Josh leaned into his long-held anger as his first Master had intended long ago, utilizing the dark side to defeat his brother. While it was a harsh struggle, he managed to reign himself back in afterwords, showing Nick that there was still hope for him. Seeing what his brother had done for him, Nick came to his senses. But in an act of sacrifice, he thwarted an attempt on Josh’s life by the rest of the cult, seemingly at the cost of his life. Icaf's vision would come to fruition as Josh gave into his grief and mercilessly slaughtered most of the cult in retaliation.

Perhaps his path would have strayed too far into the darkness to return if not for those around him. Their encouragement and the birth of his son Jason brought him back from the brink. While it took time for him to let go of his hatred and overcome the shame of failing as a Jedi, he was accepted by the Silver Jedi Concord, flaws and all. Eventually taking the mantle of Jedi Master, Josh became one of the Silver Jedi’s pillars in their fight to keep the people safe. His skill in battle was incredible, further complimented by his patience for his students. Taking on many students over time, he earned the title and nickname of “Mentor”, building a foundation for the future of the Jedi.

Chapter 2

Years since becoming a Jedi Master and beginning his voyage into parenthood, Josh had found a great deal of success with the Silver Jedi. Serving as an Assembly member, Master of the Order and at one point as Grandmaster, he had been an integral part of keeping the Order moving towards the future while continuing to take time out for his family. This bliss ended when he was made to believe that his first wife had abandoned him and Jason, though it was later revealed she had been killed by an assailant who had commanded her to come alone if she did not want her family to be harmed. Josh spiraled into depression, beginning to undo the work he had done to find himself years before. In his eyes, he had failed as a husband and a father, something worse than death in his eyes. But with the aid of friends, colleagues and a woman named Riamah Numare, Josh was eventually able to overcome his demons.

In the process, he came to learn that his other brother was also alive in his former student, Gherron Vael. But even as he did his best to slowly repair his broken family, there were still regrets that he had. One of them would be addressed when it turned out that Josh had not in fact entirely eradicated the Sith cult that had caused him pain all those years ago. Forced to confront them in order to prevent them from planting a bioweapon in the Silver Jedi's homeworld, he came face to face with the brother he thought he had lost. Brainwashed, Nick had been used as a Sith tool since the day Josh had lost him. Eventually, Josh was able to bring Nick back to his senses and they were able to stop the bioweapon. But the drama surrounding his family was not yet over. His search for the remnants of the cult led Josh to a facility holding his father, long thought dead, in suspended animation to be used for cloning. Tracing their roots to a criminal organization called The Syndicate, he began to spend time in and out of the Order in his pursuit of answers.

Chapter 3
Several years into his search, Josh had married Riamah and soon after their daughter Sera was born. In the wake of their war with the Bryn, Josh returned to the Silver Jedi Order's leadership hierarchy as their Grandmaster of the Saber. Now a senior member of the Silver Jedi, Josh has to balance managing the Order during a time of war, two growing children and finding the answers that he seeks. Why had his father been preserved for all those years? Who was trying to clone Jedi? Were they targeting the Silver Jedi, his own family, or both? Josh knew he needed to track down the leaders of the Syndicate if he was to find out.
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