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Invasion The Liberation of Ossus [Republic vs. Sith Empire]



The homeworld of the Jedi.

Lost to time.

Now, the Jedi and Republic return.

In one moment, the Ossus system seemed quiet. The next, seemingly countless Republic starships poured out of Hyperspace. Starfighters and gunships immediately sortied from the Republic’s massive Star Defenders. The Republic fired upon any Imperial and hostile ships in Ossus orbit. Just before the attack on Ossus, the Republic managed to free Saleucami from a tyrannical warlord and position its forces for a quick assault.

With a presence in space, the Republic also deployed troops onto the ground. Their targets varied across the planet - some being the ancient ruins of the Great Jedi Library while others being some of the cities scattered across the planet.

Operation Freedom had begun with the Liberation of Ossus, and the Republic gave no warning or offer of peace. The mission known from the top to bottom of chain-of-command was simple: to liberate the planet as a sign that the Republic shall no longer tolerate the Sith Empire’s actions.

The Republic’s thoughts were clear:
Peace would reign only with the Empire’s defeat.


On a gunship, Daella journeyed toward the ruins of the Great Jedi Temple. Below them were the unique jungles of Ossus. Daella wore a set of Jedi armor. She bore the emblem of the Republic on her left shoulder. On her right, Daella had the symbol of the Jedi Covenant.

Roaring through the skies, the gunship had its side doors open much as LAAT gunships could. Daella held onto a safety bar over her head as she looked out of the left door of the gunship. She could spot the Great Jedi Library approaching from the horizon. Surrounding the gunship were many other ships of the Republic making their way to the site.

To Daella and her strike team, which she was given authority to command by the Grand Master, the mission to the Great Jedi Library was one of high importance to the Jedi and Republic. It could serve as their base of operations planetside for driving the Sith off the world and securing it.

For a moment, Daella turned to those that journeyed with her. She was never one of many words, despite being named Voice of the Jedi by the Grand Master.

Before the mission, Daella was advised to give a speech to her team.

On the Republic flagship before exiting Hyperspace, Daella simply gathered the group and told them with a straight face, “You have prepared for this moment for years.

After she said that, Daella pulled out her lightsaber in a salute and said, “So, I have only one thing to say: win.

That was about three hours ago.

Now, the gunship was just a few seconds away from the Great Jedi Library. Fire from Imperial emplacements intensified - rocking the gunship. Daella turned her head back toward the Great Jedi Library with a halcyonic gaze.

Yet before the gunship could reach the Library, one of its engines was grazed by Imperial bolts. It sunk from the air. Daella grasped the safety bar with both hands and gritted her teeth as the gunship fell. The fire from the engine drew a trail of smoke in the sky toward the jungle until the ship crashed.

The impact was rough - yet survivable. The skill of the pilot managed to bring the ship down with a hard slide as it broke trunks of trees in the jungle. Eventually, the gunship came to a stop at the treeline.

Looking out of the ship, Daella saw the Great Jedi Library before them. Ships buzzed around in the air and soldiers began to land. Chaos ensued.

Turning back to her team, Daella saw that they were all alive and said the only thing necessary, “Let’s go.

After saying that, she hopped out of the gunship and began to charge toward the massive ruins.

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Marek S'hadar

Marek stood in silence in his own gunship, on either side of him stood two soldiers, Republic Commandos, Alpha Squad, they were his backup. "Weapons check." he ordered quickly, the only sound which followed was the sound of weapons powering up and clips being slid into place. It made him smile as shadows flashed over his face as the blast shielding opened, letting some light into the hull of the vessel.

He was clad in his Magnus Metal armor, still black like it had been when he'd forged it, accept two details, the symbol of the order in light blue on one shoulder, and the symbol of the Republic on the other. One could say he was kind of enthusiastic about the task at hand, ready, willing, and eager to take the fight to the Sith Empire. No mercy involved.
Good vs. Evil
Operation Freedom
Objective: Jedi Temple
Maybe it was the idea of change that made him be one of the first padawans to volunteer, or perhaps it was a more personal matter...Say to prove to others that he was strong. No that was defiantly not it, Florin was here aboard one of the Republic ships that were impending hyperspace because he knew the sith were evil and it was his duty not as a jedi, not even as a man of the republic but because he was good. It basically came down to that, good vs. evil. Human or alien the line was very clear and he would eradicate the evil that plagued our once prosperous galaxy. Yet he knew he couldn't do it on his own, he wasn't strong enough, yet there was strength and numbers the jedi were a tight nit unit these days; even the padawans. He had to make a choice there were two objectives he could help take the achieves or the temple... Although the idea of recovering lost holocrons (if such things were even still there) was a tempting one there was this gut feeling, maybe something more than that as if the force was calling him out and directing him where to go but no matter what it was he would listen to it. After all it kept the young boy alive till now and thus he choose to join the various strike teams that would take the Jedi Academy so they can set up a base of operations for the full attack.

The large gunship had exited hyperspace and the planet of, Ossus was just below it. Flo could remember all the information he read about this planet, he hoped that the research of the history of the planet would somehow help although it most likely wouldn't you could never be prepared. He was anxious not because he was nervous but because the unknown power of the sith that laid dormant in this planet ran rampart through his mind like a large rancour. Yet it wouldn't matter, he had to focus on the task at hand and alas he gathered himself for a moment doing a brief meditation just before he would be called to descend to the planet. He pulled the three rocks from out of a hidden pocket within his brown robes and looked at them, using the force to pull the threads around them he focused and instantly let them rose via telekinesis. His eyes closed, a low voice emitting from his small frame; "There is no emotion, there is peace."

His words echoed through the force as if he was calling out to the others aboard the republic ship, "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge."

Such serenity and yet such calamity held in his voice, it was a perfect balance, an angel among the demons of the sith one could say. "There is no passion, there is serenity."

Florin knew he would need to step his game up, his Master had taught him well so far and he wanted to prove that he was indeed a student of hers. He would make Nala Tu proud, maybe this was the reason why he would enter this battle. "There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the force."

And with that he arose, eyes widening he placed the small rocks back in his pocket as he clutched his lightsabre that was attached to the right hip to make sure everything was there. He would climb aboard a LAAT upon getting closer to the planet and seeing the vast jungle ahead, he was aboard with the voice of the jedi, Daella Apparine and her personal strike team, which he assumed he was in essence apart of. Yet for the voice of the jedi this girl who he had only briefly seen before was very, very short on words, he would of spoke up but this wasn't some school lesson, no this was real now. WAR WAS REAL.

He followed her by jumping out of the gunship, others nearby as he could see the invasion had successfully begun, now only time would tell what would happen, he secretly hoped he would live to tell the story to the future padawans like him to come, he would strive to live and protect what the good in this world stood for.

@[member="Daella Apparine"]


Came in like a wrecking maul
Saki rolled her shoulders at the thought as the girl spoke, the last time the pair of them had been together it was against a gorax and now as she tapped the sigil on her neck. The boost from the artifact and her own energy danced over her while the braces she got. The twin cortosis bracers made to mirror the ones used by Darron wraith and from old Imperial knights armor were all she needed in this fight. Well that and her lightsaber as she checked it at her hips. They had one objective and that was to win or at least enjoy the hole they have punched into sith space. victory here could lead to some decent renown. "Alright then lets kick some ass."

Serah Oricion

His eyes had been closed the entirity of the flight down, his mind slowly going through the motions as he made several silent prayers. Not to any god or such, just silent prayers to the air as the gunship rocked back and forth with each close hit. He had heard Daella's words earlier, he knew what waited below as he breathed in again. He was in the same gunship as the Jedi Knight and the rest of her squad, their movements around him one that he could feel in the air. He had chosen to not have his droids come with him this time, leaving them at the base on Eshan. Then the Gunship was hit, the entire ship lurching forcing him to open his eyes and grab onto the closest support up until the moment where they smashed into the ground below.

His eyes narrowed as he put on his helmet, there would only be retribution now, for he had survived the Sith's attempts at stopping the Gunship. He bolted out in the back of the pact, heading forth with his mask on and armor ready. His Saber flew to his hand and his mouth curled into a smile as the blade extended out from the handle, its icy blue glow appearent as he charged for the first trooper he saw. With a single flurry of blocks as blasterbolts sailed forth at him from his target, he had closed the distance and cut down the man without hesitation. There would be no mercy from Yusan today and should a sith rear its head, Yusan would cause as much pain as he could to the sith. He was no Jedi after all, so he was prepared to use his hate of the scum to the fullest extent.

@Florin Armetta @[member="Daella Apparine"]
Meta's gunship had diverted from the main ruins. Heading towards the old Jedi Library ruins, the ship rocked as bolts and blasts smacked the gunship around like a ragdoll. "Put us down..!" Meta almost lost his footing. "Quickly pilot!" He commanded, the other jedi onboard with him were also shaken by the blasts. The gunship bellowed as it took another hit. "Pilot!" Meta shouted, the gunship rocking again. "Apologies sir, I can't dodge all of this cannon fire!" The pilot argued. Meta remained silent as the ship flew through the air.

"Troopers, weapon check. Now." Meta checked his armour and his saber, glaive and grappling hooks and all extensive equipment. He held his lightsaber in his palm, paying careful attention to the detail on the weapon. He studied the golden blade for a moment, before once again being disturbed by another cannon blast. "How long until we arrive pilot?" He asked, the pilot was busy dodging cannon fire at the moment. "I'll be right with you sir!" He shouted, dodging multiple blasts and swerving from left to right, dodging oncoming anti-air magazines. "Alright, lets do this.."
Valde of the Vitae
Vulpesen sat patiently within his shuttle, studying and tuning his lightsaber. This was most anticipated one of his most anticipated battles yet. Ossus had been one of the Jedi's greatest planets and know it was owned by the sith. He could not allow this. Now, it was time to fight and fight hard. He was no longer a defender. This time, he would strike fiercely in order to retake what was rightfully theirs.
As he listened to Daella's words, he couldn't help but smile as he realized he was going to actually start a combat mission with his old master. She had certainly gained his respect and now it was time for him to make her proud with his own prowess. He was a Jedi, and as such he now shared a rich history with his brothers and sisters of the force. He would not let such a history be tainted. The sith had taken once piece of his past away. They would not take another.

As they neared the landing zone, he stood up and checked his equipment. His pistol was secure in his robes and his saberstaff lay comfortable against his leg. Along these basic weapons he had various grenades hidden within his robes as well as a few daggers for singling out specific targets. He was prepared to fight, and there was no way he would elt anyone in his way.

As the finally reached the surface of the planet, he stepped out the doors of the shuttle and surveyed the area. It was a beautiful planet, one he would be proud to liberate. Walking towards the group designated to attack the temple, he spoke only a few simple words. "Let the fun begin."

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The invisible currents of the Force rippled harshly through the core of Cameron's being. When he'd been asked to travel to Ossus in exchange for a favor asked of Darth Kyros, the Sith Lord had expected to endure some level of...interesting entanglement. Having been on the planet now for just under two days, Cameron had been content to occupy himself with what passed for rest. Living a life of constant hyperspace travel really was not Cameron's idea of a good time after so many years, but it certainly was a necessity more often than not.

Stirred from his meditation by the warning of impending danger, Cameron was already traversing the large corridors of what was formerly the Great Jedi Library. Cameron recalled when the planet was lost, but this was the first time he'd set foot on its surface since. Drawing his own thoughts inward, the Sith Lord all but ignored the commotion that was rapidly beginning to spread throughout the edifice and the planet itself as several new force presences suddenly arrived in the system. As of yet, none were so recognizable as to particularly stand out to Cameron. He was quite certain, however, that would change all too soon.

As Cameron ascended several flights of stairs towards the upper-most floor of the Great Jedi Library, his mind returned to a somewhat recent audience he'd had with a member of the Jedi Council. The Jedi Master had informed him that, well, there were actions being taken to supposedly take the fight to the Empire, the Sith. That very same Jedi had, quite directly, asked Cameron to give her insight into the way the Sith think and act. Cameron respected the woman to no end for her capability and intellect, but he knew she would never fully embrace the truth of the answers to her question. More to the point, nobody on this planet was ready to embrace that which would bring either to success. Cameron was fine with this, of course. The outcome of Ossus would be as irrelevant as any recent operation undertaken by either side.

Exiting onto the stone roof of the Great Jedi Library, Cameron turned his silver-green gaze to the horizon as the sounds of Imperial defenses struggled to overcome the sounds of Republic assault forces. The ordinarily clear sky was blotted with the outlines of countless vessels rocketing towards various mission objectives. To say that Cameron Centurion never broke his word would be...completely false. However, he did what he could to maintain relationships he viewed as worthwhile. As a result, Darth Ashmedai would happily do what Darth Kyros no doubt desired. Stepping to the edge of the roof, Cameron watched with curiosity as Imperial defenses forced down several landing craft. His dark blue and grey cloak fluttered violently in the wind behind him as the scent of heated metal filled the air. Images of superheated bolts of energy racing across the sky provided an all too familiar light show.

Yet still, Cameron's cold gaze remained fixed on the warm bodies gradually advancing upon their precious library. All things seek balance... Eye for an eye. Smiling thinly, the Sith Lord allowed one, simple thought to linger. Conflict forces us to become the best version of ourselves. In victory or defeat, both sides will stronger. They've been here before, and they shall be here again.

"You should be here to see this, Inari."

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"] | @[member="Daella Apparine"]
In another Gunship, was a regiment of troops, as well as any Jedi who might volunteer to be in DragonsFlame's command. Yes, in the thick of it all was Jedi Master Joshua DragonsFlame, who was hell bent on liberating Ossus, once and for all. It was time, they had let this planet be ruined by the Sith's influence and corruption for FAR too long....

DragonsFlame stood on a platform as they began making preparations to land. Josh was to lead a ground team, as a Jedi Master and member of the Council, as well as being the Republic's Grand Admiral, Josh was confident he could lead this team to victory.

"Ossus is a VERY important part of the Republic" the Jedi Master began, looking each and every single one of his troops in the eye as he spoke. He was clad in his Jedi Master Doshi Robes, under them his Magnus Armor. His brown eyes shined brilliantly as his face showed nothing but pure determination.

"As well... It's a very important part of the Jedi. It is our HOMEWORLD, gentlemen. This is where it all began. This is where people like me were first housed, to FIGHT for you. To FIGHT for this REPUBLIC!" he said firmly, yet passionately.

"This planet is just as much yours, the Republic's, as it is ours, guys! And the Sith have had it for FAR too long now! We have sat on our hands and watched as the Sith have stormed our worlds, destroyed our Senate, destroyed our buildings, destroyed our homes... Put OUR families, OUR loved ones in danger! For some of us, they've taken our loved ones. Before we go down there.... I just want to say that I trust each and every single one of you. The Republic has given me some of the best men that they can offer, and I trust you guys with my life, just as I'd expect you to do with me. And because of that, allow me to share something personal"
"About a week ago, the Sith took something very special away from me. They took away my sweetheart, the love of my life. They took her out of my arms and killed her, because they could! They KILLED the love of my life! They KILLED my unborn child! And now here I am, fighting alongside you today to strike a blow in their honor! Tonight, we take back Ossus, tonight, we put one more roadblock in the way of the Sith, one more roadblock that keeps them from our homes! One more roadblock that keeps your families, YOUR loved ones safe at night! And on THIS DAY.... We get up, we take our guns, we take our blades, and we take it to the Sith Empire!"

Josh paced as he spoke, confidence and determination in his eyes, a fire in his heart. He had turned his grief into determination. He was hell bent on taking out the Sith in memory, in honor of his beloved.

"TODAY, my friends.... The Republic says NO MORE! No more do we let them walk all over us! No more do we let them get close to our loved ones and put them in danger. Today, we begin our conquest to put the Empire down for GOOD!"

"Today, my friends.... We fight... FOR THE REPUBLIC!"

Cheering reverberated throughout the shuttle at Josh's motivational speech. And as the ship touched down on the planet, they were motivated and ready to go, as was the Jedi Master....

"Tonight, we will stand on the roof of the Great Library, VICTORIOUS!" he yelled out as they marched.
The Black Flame
So, the Jedi had finally come. The weaklings had come in order to claim the land that they were too weak to hold onto, but all they would find was a nightmare beyond imagining. Upon a small hill, overlooking the Jedi Ruins from a from a few miles away, stood monstrosity of nature that seemed to drain the very life from his surroundings. The figure's armor was as black as night and its yellow eyes burned holes in the very fabric of the force as they observed the descending gunships of the Republic. Krag, the beast who was aforementioned, had been ordered to mobilize his Graug armies as soon as the Republic ships appeared on the Sith early warning systems. The notice was short and Krag had but a few hours to move his ships and men from Sector I and onto Ossus, but the Graug were always ready for war and Krag had been waiting for the day that the Jedi scum made their move.

Placing a hand on his lightsaber, Krag turned on his heel and looked down upon the armies of Gratos that now readied themselves for battle. Perfection was all that Krag could see in their barbaric features, perfection of war and battle and perfection of the hunt. Among the ranks were some of the most fearsome beasts known to the galaxy and the standard war beasts of the Graug army. Krag, as soon as he had landed about two hours ago, began to order his armies to dig massive trenches with the their massive Dread Spiders*. The spiders were expert diggers and were capable of tearing through the rock and earth as if it were paper, thanks to their naturally sharp and slightly blaster resistant forward legs. Even as Krag stood on the hill now, the Spiders were already fast at work digging massive tunnels under the jungles of the planet. There was no technology involved in the process and the Republic would have no way of knowing that the Graug were digging under the surface until Krag's forces acted on them.

Also among these forces were massive Rancor-like beasts that were known to the Graug as the Glycons*. The Glycons were ugly things that the Graug had strapped with mass-driver cannons in order to act as living artillery. Krag was also in the company of his fellow Imperials, who were no doubt setting up their own defense and preparing counter attacks on planet. Today would be a grand day for the Empire and, before the day was done, Krag would be posting the heads of fallen Jedi upon pikes.

Raising his hands high above his head and calling out over his en in a voice of thunder, Krag began his war speech "My warriors! Today, we kill Jedi!" Krag's soldiers pounded madly at their stormtrooper armor and hissed like animals "The Graug shall show their dominance and before this day is done, you will have all tasted the flesh of Republican scum! We will tear their heads from their bodies and send their lifeless forms back to Coruscant and they will know true fear and that fear is the Graug!"

Fierce war cries engulfed the air as the anti-aircraft fire began in the distance. The barbaric screams of the fearsome beasts blocked out even the loud cracks of the AA batteries that were firing into the air at the dropping gunships and shuttles. Turning on heel and throwing his hand out towards the Jedi Temple, "They do not understand, they do not know why we wage war. They do not know why we, the truly strong, will fight and fight until we win or die...but they will soon know that they can never kill us all and that we will chase them to the very edges of the galaxy, until all of them have been drowned in a river of their own blood. NOW GO FORTH AND SLAY THEM ALL!" there was a sudden uproar and then legions of barbaric Graug drove into the jungles, a habitat that they had all known and fought in all of their lives.

Krag grinned with cynical pleasure as his men rushed to kill and conquer and watched as the Glycons mounted themselves atop the hill beside him and roared in outlandish growls that rivaled the most viscous of Rancor. The riders atop the giant war beasts forced their mounts to bend at the waste and line up the ancient Jedi Temple in their sights. As the cannons were lined up, the riders pulled the triggers and sent waves of mass-driver rounds flying in the direction of the Jedi Temple. The fire wasn't meant to be accurate, more harassing than anything, but the damage they would cause would be unmistakable.

Leaving the flashes of the cannons behind, Krag jumped from the hill and into the jungle. Landing on the soft ground, the Sith Knight watched as uncountable squads of Graug Stormtroopers marched into the unknown. Giving a quick snort of the air, Krag began his walk to the Jedi Temple so that he may slay those who dared set foot on Sith land.

*Dread Spiders


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Bilquis Abar

Well-Known Member
Sochi had seen most of her fellows off as they were apart of the ground force and had already descended. She wasn't going to accompany them, at least not at this time. She was tasked to assist in the conscription of Ysannan tribes. She had been on one of the many starships, on the bridge talking with captains and strategist, as they communicated with the ground forces as they made their way to the academy. As the descended she began to make her way to the hangar as the shuttle she would be boarding along with her team was being prepared.

She made sure to do as much research about this planet, and its native as possible. She didn't want to go into this blind aided and without the ability to help. As the maintenance prepared the ships, and ran all around the massive hangar, Sochi looked at her data pad to go back over her notes, and information. She was awaiting the arrival of Jedi Knight @[member="Aika Kawakami"]. Sochi would be assisting her superior with their task.

Darc Xavior Talus

Dark Lord of the Sith
The Great Jedi Library Entrance

The sky rained of fire as the Republic stormed down on the surface of Ossus with a swarm of combat ships. Through the fray of battle came a convoy of dropships gliding down towards the Great Jedi Library. As the convoy came within one hundred yards of the library, few of the trailing dropships were shot down sending them spinning uncontrollably to the ground in a fiery explosion. The remaining two dropships came hovering to a stop as a man launched out of the side door into a front flip igniting an emerald blade. As Darc landed onto the ground, a shockwave of energy dispersed around him knocking back the ambush that emerged from the sides. He called upon the Force and blazed forward into a blur as the opposition was mowed over effortlessly with his flourishing blade.

"Once again I jump into the fray of battle. How long has it been old friend?"

He eyed the footsteps of the library just fifty feet away from him as the enemy continued to flock upon him in an attempt to stall his advance. A half smirk grew on his face and the ancient blurred forward once more like a raging typhoon.

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Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many
Balaya moved as she looked at what was coming. There were plenty of sith forces sure but she wasn't so arrogant to underestimate the jedi. The stink of them enough as her mind raced gathering her weapons. She could engage the jedi in the physical fight which would be preferrable... Just sitting around and waiting for them to come to the temple would be boring and she was more interested in meeting one or two of them in the heat of combat and breaking their wills upon her fist. Or she could just completely decimate them with her blades. That would be the way to go about it most likely while the sounds of the graug creatures came to her ears. The other sith moving while she went to the entryway of the temple and looked out.
The Zatitsis
Arcturus could feel it in the force, a disturbance across time and space. In a meditative state the apprentice stood and exhaled slowly. He lowered the hood of his black cloak and passed through the walls of the old Jedi academy, coming out at the main entrance he moved across the plaza then stopped. For a moment there was nothing, then in the blink of an eye thousands of Republic ships dropped out of hyperspace. The sight caused him to tense, and his mind went blank at the sheer size of their numbers.

"Sir!" Arcturus merely looked at the fleet, not turning to the trooper or speaking to him. "SIR! We got to move!"

Snapping out of his moment of shock the Sith turned and looked at the soldier. "Prepare to intercept incoming transports!" regaining his focus Arcturus sprinted off with some soldiers. They moved quickly, coming to an anti-air emplacement, then he barked orders to fire at the transports. "I want everything we got on those troop transports. Get the missile teams ready, fire on my command." Arcturus ignited his lightsaber and pointed at the closing Republic transports. He waited for them to get close, and not be able to evade any incoming fire. After a few moments he dropped his blade. "FIRE EVERYTHING!" Blaster fire erupted from the gun emplacements, and missiles streamed from their launchers into the oncoming enemy. He tried keeping track of solid hits they scored against the wave of transports, but there were too many.

In any airborne invasion, the textbook move was to eliminate AA emplacements before moving on to main objectives. This way reinforcements could come in interrupted. Yet as the Sith AA pounded on the descending enemy, Arcturus realized there were simply to many. "Fire Teams, get ready for combat. Defend AA positions until instructed otherwise!" Sure enough what seemed like a tidal wave of Republic soldiers came pouring out of the transports who slipped the Sith's AA defense network. Enemy blaster fire soon hounded his position. Arcturus blocked as many blaster bolts as possible. "Hold the line!" He smiled, letting his hate anger build. Then with a shout he charged one of the Republic landing parties.

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
Alexandra stood nearby Balaya and watched the battle from afar, her eyes following the two forces as they converged and shed eachother's blood. Her eyes shifted to glance at her master before she swallowed and spoke up, her voice resevered and her words carefully chosen. "Master, why have you not joined the battle? I had thought that something along these lines would be something that you would throw yourself into so that you may slaughter the enemies of the Sith?" She kept herself small, this life wasnt hers and she would just serve, she didnt trust Balaya after all, she trusted no one as her supposed allies even cause her harm. @[member="Balaya Zambrano"]

Atlas Kane

Yasuo was in one of the dropships heading for the Great Jedi Library. He was in the same one as the Master Judas. He had chosen to follow him in this battle, since he hoped to gain some experience fighting alongside a Master. When the dropship got closer to the Library, a hail of bolts greeted them, shooting down many of the other dropships. Yasuo had a feeling of helplessness inside the dropship. He had this feeling that any moment now, the ship he was in would get hit and he would fall to his death, or die in the explosion. Exactly that feeling was what made him hate flying in spaceships. He preferred walking towards the battlefield, but in this case it wasn't possible. The Republic had to be fast, that's why they didn't have any time to spare. The Jedi had to get to the front lines as fast as possible so that they stood a chance of winning this battle.

Then his thinking was interrupted when the dropship came to a halt. He looked at the Master he was supposed to follow and waited to see what he would do. Then when the doors opened and Yasuo saw the Master getting ready to jump out. He wanted to try and stop him before he did so, but it was already too late. He had jumped out and left the young Padawan behind. The only options Yasuo now had were waiting for the dropship to get closer to the ground, or jump out as well. He didn't want to make the Master fight all by himself, so he decided he would do the latter. During his fall he drew upon the Force to cushion his fall. When he finally hit the ground he immediately activated the golden blade of his lightsaber and entered an opening stance for Soresu. He wanted to get a good look of the situation first, before he made his first move. While looking around he saw the Master plowing through the sith troopers that tried to stop him. Yasuo would have to follow him and so he did, all the while deflecting a couple of blaster bolts that were sent his way.

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The Rovagug
Great Jedi Library

Finally, the time had arrived.

He had been waiting for this moment, hungering for it and dreaming of the conflict that would be born from this. He had held off on launching the first strike, letting the Republic ensure their own agonizing demise with their hubris. He sat cross-legged in one of the Great Library chambers, knowing that the Jedi would come to claim these ruins for their own, and it is where he waited patiently for them to arrive. He was deeply engrossed in the Dark Side that gathered around him like a blackened tempest, his impregnable mind expanded outward in all directions as the Dark Side flowed through him like a conduit. His power was furthered enhanced by the mystical powers of his Sith Gauntlet, allowing him to expand his influence farther than he could as he began to touch the minds of the Jedi as they approached.

They would begin to feel the darkness probing the edge of their minds, no doubt throwing up defenses to ward off the light probing. Would they be prepared for what the Sith Emperor unleashed next? That would be put to the test in the next few seconds as Kaine unleashed the devastating might of Force Insanity against those who would encroach upon the temple grounds, his assault empowered and kept alive by the Gauntlet, which transformed his assault into a pseudo-Battle Meditation that instead focused on conjuring madness instead of empowering allies. One would have to be strong of mind and will to go toe to toe with the madness that began to blanket the temples grounds, however; any Sith or Imperial would find their minds utterly unmolested by the madness. This ritual would take all of Kaine's concentration, which is why he had isolated himself in one of the larger chambers within the library, surrounded by his Ethereal Slaves to guard him.

Eenes Kokad

Eenes was jolted out of her meditation as the gunship shuddered under the AA fire. Something is here. Something... dark. That was to be expected, she supposed. Even areas on Tython could seem dark at times, especially when no one has been there in a long time. And here... even if the Sith hadn't been here, no Jedi had been here to keep the corruption at bay.
She turned her lightsaber in her hand, ignoring the troops shouting to each other or gawking at how unconcerned she appeared. In truth, she wasn't entirely convinced about this invasion. Thousands will die today, perhaps millions, and for what? Another spinning mudball to be called part of the Republic? A few lines of data we probably already know? She pushed the thoughts from her head as the ship screeched to a halt and landed with a jerk. Eenes smiled. It seemed that she was lucky enough to be in a surviving ship.

For better or for worse, she was now committed. The Library loomed before her. She opened herself to the Force, letting it flow through her like the blood in her veins. Lightsaber in hand and ready to ignite, she led the troopers in a charge forward the building.

Tyr-Kyr Magnus

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Ossus|Gunship Wreckage|Daella's Strike Team

The door slid open allowing the roaring of the gunships engines and the rush of the wind to fill the cabin of the ship. The thumping of cannon fire could already be heard in the distance as those aboard the gunship drew closer to their intended target, the ruined Jedi Temple and the library within it's walls. Tyr-Kyr's eyes remained closed as he attempted to mentally prepare for the task at hand, and though he felt he was ready, anxiety still filled his body. The ship began jeering left at right as the imperial defenses fired upon the gunship. Tyr-Kyr then opened his eyes and saw her. Standing fearless at the open door, Daella Apparine, the voice of the Jedi should no doubt or worry upon her face. Tyr-Kyr nodded to reassure himself that he was ready. The armor that he donned for this battle dug into his neck slightly as he stood and pulled the lightsaber from his side, however; as he did so a blast struck the rear of the ship and caused an untimely decent upon the planets surface.

The ship had come to a halt after crashing through the forest, luckily they were still on track for the temple could be seen in the distance. Following the lead of the other Jedi aboard the downed craft, Tyr-Kyr leap from the wreckage and activated his lightsaber. Blaster fire was already upon them and Tyr-Kyr was forced to defend himself rather than seeing if the others were ok. He managed to catch a glimpse of Daella from the corner of his eyes and determined he would follow her once she makes a move.

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Cedric Dorn

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Jedi Academy Ruins
Diana stood at the edge of a nearly clean cut forest surrounding the ancient Jedi Academy. This was once where generations of Jedi had been trained where they had come to work together and where they had learned. It had also been the sight of one of the greatest massacres in Jedi history, where the One Sith had almost completely wiped out the Jedi Order in one fell swoop. This place brought back bitter memories in Diana, memories that were not her own.

Quickly the young Knight began her advance towards the sacred ground. The Temple may have been not but ruins and ancient walls, but there was still value to it. The Sith Troopers plaguing the place proved that much.

There was technology here, old Jedi Holocrons, Yuuzhan Vong, biots, all of it was here somewhere. Archeologists had been coming here for hundreds of years, trying to unearth what Darth Stryfe had so long ago destroyed.

Diana's connection to the temple was far more personal however. Her clan was intimately connected with Ossus and the Jedi Academy. One of her ancestors had trained here, had become a Master here, and then had been subsequently slaughtered here. It was a harsh thought in the mind of the young Kiffar, but it was one that lingered. Ossus was close to her heart, it was a planet where she sought to make up for her ancestors failings, a planet that she would reclaim for the Republic, for freedom.

As she crossed the grounds towards the Ruin's raindrops began to fall from the sky.