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sith empire

  1. Kelora Priestly

    Minor Faction Announcement: Royal Fantasia Gala

    Dropping July 7th, 2024 For more details visit the Sith Order or the Dosuunian Commonwealth's discord servers.
  2. V

    Trakaton Sub Prep

    FORTRESS ATRUM OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the homebase of Darth Trakaton on Sarrassia. Image Credit: Artstation I, Deviantart, Artstation II Canon: N/A Permissions:s [Please link any Marketplace purchase or similar approvals to use other Writers' content as part of this...
  3. D

    Codex Denied  Chosen Praetorian Guard

    CHOSEN PRAETORIAN GUARD "Those who challenge the Chosen, challenge death itself." OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the guard and enforcer unit of Darth Titanus. Image Credit: Deviantart, Emblem by Lyn (my commission on Discord), The Mandalorian, Screenrant Role: Bodyguard...
  4. Derix Tirall

    The Convergence of Shadows

    Derix Tirall's thoughts swirled like a tempest within him as he stood amidst the serene beauty of the gardens in Dromund Kaas, preparing himself to address the faithful of the former Church of the Dark Side. The dark aura of the former Sith capital seemed to seep into his very being, lending an...
  5. M1G-77

    Character  Isabrai Scardos

    ISABRAI SCARDOS Birthplace: Bastion Age: 19 GSY Species: Near-Human (Echani / Human) Gender: Female Height: 1.70 Meters Weight: 58 kg Hair: White Skin: Pale Caucasian Eyes: Silver (Natural); Yellow-orange (Dark Side) Force Sensitivity: Yes Voice: Kimberly Brooks as Jasper An unknown scholar once...
  6. D

    Exodus from Agamar

    The recent collapse of the Sith Empire has proven to be a shocking development for the dark aligned powers of the galaxy. The once bastion of Sith power in the galaxy has been utterly crushed in it's civil war with the New Imperial Order. But in the chaos, a new power has emerged in the Outer...
  7. Caarlyle Rausgeber


    S T R E H G G E H E I M From: The Office of the Grand Admiral Subject: PREFSBELT COMMAND MEMORANDUM #DB1074 Addressees: Clearance Blau Facility Administration Staff//Prefsbelt Office of Industry and Labour [POIL] To my ever loyal and industrious comrades, As you may have heard...
  8. C

    Chiss National Authority

    Governmental Organization: Federal Republic Government Type: Parliamentary Stratocracy (Sound Weird? It's Supposed To) Head of State: High Regent Head of Government: Prime Minister Supreme Commander: Lord Protector Legislative Branch: Congress of the Great Houses Judicial Branch: The Advocacy
  9. Cedric Grayson

    Major Faction The Wyl Sector Crisis

    Edited by Zef Halo, based on code from Rynn Vizsla and Romi Jade
  10. Aspect of Resolve

    Major Faction A marching we shall go

    Against the NIO Against our honorless foes Standing strong and fighting on A marching we shall go! For the Sith Empire
  11. Darth Voyance

    Rebellion  The Ninn Kaggath | Rebellion of Ninn | WotS vs TSE

    WARLORDS OF THE SITH ||STAFF||: Darth Voyance Kascalion Giedfield Vora Kaar Darth Vinaze Zinn Zinn Bink'sa THE SITH EMPIRE ||STAFF||: Darth Prazutis Alisteri Haxim Cara Dorniarn Arctus Silmar Telis Taharin Having repelled the surprising attack of the New Imperial Order's New Imperial First...
  12. Darth Voyance

    Rebellion  THE NINN KAGGATH | Rebellion of Ninn [WotS vs TSE]

    ------------//REBELLION OF NINN//------------ ------------//START DATE: FEB.24 WED//------------ WARLORDS OF THE SITH ||STAFF||: Darth Voyance Kascalion Giedfield Vora Kaar Darth Vinaze Zinn Zinn Bink'sa THE SITH EMPIRE ||STAFF||: Darth Prazutis Alisteri Haxim Cara Dorniarn Arctus Silmar...
  13. Thaelius

    Approved Starship  SIEC-BC06 "Absolution" Class Star Battlecarrier

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a big bruiser for the Sith-Imperial Armada; To begin a phase of modernization and augmentation of the Sith-Armada Image Source: (x), Artstation Canon Link: Not Applicable Permissions: Not Applicable Primary Source: Me - Autarch Khonsu Amon - A...
  14. Darth Voyance

    Public  Wraith of the Sith [Warlords of the Sith]|[Open to Sith/Jedi]

    [EnRoute to Hallion in the Esstran Sector]Hovering softly a foot over the grate plating floor of her personal starfighter, the Empyrean, Darth Voyance focused upon the floating meditation she had conjured about herself. Orbiting her body was the disparate pieces of her double sided lightsaber...
  15. Isar

    Public  Acid Rain (Vjun)

    A lone courier ship settled on the landing pad of Bast Castle, a Rekali enclave once, and before it a stronghold of Darth Vader himself, though it was long ago. A single figure disembarked the shuttle: a Givin, readily recognized by his bone-white exoskeleton and cavernous eyes. He squinted up -...
  16. Adhira Chandra

    Invasion  Galactic Alliance Victory | Return of the Jedi

    After a long and arduous battle on the desolate plains of Korriban and through the dense jungles of Felucia, the Galactic Alliance stands victorious over the Sith Empire! The New Jedi Order demonstrated their might on the Sith homeworld, repelling the forces of darkness and starting on the long...
  17. Darth Wraith

    Character  Darth Wraith

    NAME: Darth Wraith FACTION: The Sith Imperium RANK: Sith Lord SPECIES: Human Voice Claim: James Earl Jones (Darth Vader), Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker) out of the suit AGE: 31 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'10 WEIGHT: Muscular EYES: Sith Yellow HAIR: Bald (Formerly Black) SKIN: White FORCE...
  18. Darth Voyance

    Skirmish  Duel of Faiths [Warlords of the Sith Story Campaign]

    WHAT IS "The DUEL OF THE FAITHS"? The DUEL OF FAITHS is a Story-Driven Side Story set in the aftermath of the Galactic Alliance and Sith Empire Invasion Thread - Return of the Jedi. It is the jumping-off point for a larger story campaign currently being developed called "Warlords of the Sith"...
  19. Darth Vird

    Character  Darth Vird

    Darth Vird Name: Darth Vird Species: Human Age: 73 Gender: Male Height: 5'7 Weight: Fit Homeworld: Dromund Kaas Faction: The Sith Imperium Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith, Emperor Theme: Little is known about Darth Vird, the only thing known is that he had an apprentice in Darth Achema who...
  20. Adhira Chandra

    In the Name of the Light | The Galactic Alliance

    In the Name of the Light Across the Alliance, the holocast programming wavered momentarily before cutting out completely as the symbol of the Galactic Alliance faded into view on the screen. After a brief moment, there was a flourish of brass instruments before the triumphant melody of 'All...
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