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Character Vulpesen Espadus Torrevaso

Vulpesen Torrevaso

MusicCall of the Wild
AliasesVulps, Fox-Face, Darth Tsolan
Class(es)Arch Wilder
ShipThe Vixen
Personality TraitsFriendly
Abandonment issues
Lifestyle TraitsEx-Valde of Veradune
Rank(s)Arch-Wilder, Ex-Sith Lord, Ex-Jedi Master, Valde, CEO
Faction(s)Galactic Alliance
LanguagesGalactic Basic, Huttese, Amaran,
Togruti,Rodian, Shryywook(non-speaking), multiple other trade languages
Force SensitiveYes
Character AlignmentGood
Weight170 Lbs


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    A Man of Many Lives
    Vulpesen at his heart, is a soldier. He fought for the Republic when the sith were at their height. He fought with the Dark hand when the Bryn'Adul rampaged through the galaxy, and he chose to fight with the Galactic Alliance when he returned from his seclusion. Quick witted and having earned his wisdom through a life longer than he could have hoped, Vulpesen sees the galaxy as the wheel it is, constantly turning through the same cycles again and again. The wars never end, but good must always rise to fight evil.

    Vulpesen has seen the galaxy from every angle. He's been a jedi, a sith, a politician, a CEO, and everything in-between. Still, he has always considered himself, first and foremost, a servant of the force. Where it calls, he will always go. When the Galaxy is in danger, the Valde of Veradune and Arch-Wilder of the Vitae Sect will always hasten to its defense.

  • Jedi Abilities
    Force Sense: Master
    Force Speed: Master
    Force Jump: Master
    Levitation: Adept
    Ballistakinesis; Master
    Electric Judgement: Master
    Force Lightning: Master
    Force Howl: Master
    Whirlwind: Master
    Force cloak: Expert
    Force concealment: Expert
    Force trance: Master
    Telekinesis: Master
    Force Healing: Expert
    Alter Environment: Expert
    Tutaminis: Expert
    Force Communion: Master
    Dark Cloak: Master
    Force Illusion: Adept
    Force barrier: Expert

    Sith Abilities
    Force Drain: Adept
    Force Lightning: Master
    Sith Alchemy: Apprentice

    Wilder Abilities
    Way of the Trees: Adept
    Way of the Iron Claw: Adept
    Way of the Blood: Apprentice
    Way of the Shifter (Beast): Master
    Way of the shifter (Flesh): Master
    Way of the Whispering Wilds: Adept
    Way of the Tamer: Master
    Way of the Elements (Fire): Adept
    Way of the Elements(Water): Adept
    Way of the Elements (Air): Master
    Way of the Elements (Lightning): Master
    Way of the Elements (Earth): Adept
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    The Beginning
    Year 1: Child of the force

    The child of two zorrens on opposite sides of the eternal war between Jedi and Sith, Vulpesen's destiny was sealed the moment he was born. His father, a knight of the jedi order, wanted him to grow up to defend others and serve a righteous cause. His mother wanted him to grow up strong and take everything he desired in life. Of course, knowing that the competition would rip apart any chance of a family, the pair decided that it would be best to give their son to a friend that could teach him both sides of the coin.

    Years 2-5: Zarro's charge
    Zarro never discussed how he knew Garren or Carliah Torrevaso, only that they had left their son with him to learn the ways of the force, and that someday, Vulpesen would need to make a choice. He cared for the young zorren as if he were his own child, though he hid hiz heritage from him, likely as a means of safety due to the zorren's hunted nature in the galaxy.

    Years 5-15: Zarro’s Student
    Teaching Vulpesen of various force philosophies and saber forms, Zarro did his best to foster a neutral environment for his charge. He taught Vulpesen to help him track and bring poachers to justice as his father would have wanted, but also how to squeeze every last credit out of a negotiation as his mother would demand. Given the basics of combat and access to Zarro's personal library of histories and philosophies, Vulpesen figured that he would be well prepared for anything life could throw at him. Of course, he would later learn that he had barely even seen the potential that the force held.

    Years 15-17: The Journey
    +After his training, Vulpesen was allowed to explore the forests near Zarro's home. Having become a beast tamer of an acceptable level, the boy was safe as he traversed the woodlands on many of his training days. On one such day of training, Vulpesen eventually came upon a cave where he found the shallow grave of a nameless jedi. After a bit of searching, the young force user found a single meditation crystal. Taking this as a sign as to the path he should follow, Vulpesen told Zarro of the event and left Amar with the old Amaran's blessing. Over the next two years, Vulpesen wandered the galaxy, learning what he could from any force traditions he could find. After one and a half years of constant learning, Vulpesen finally headed out to the world of Nar Shadaa for one last life experience. Six months of fighting crime rings eventually ended and Vulpesen left for the Jedi temple.


    The Path of the Jedi

    Year 17- The Padawan
    After becoming a member of the Jedi order, Vulpesen blended in with the crowd, seeming to disappear from the eyes of his masters and most of the other students. A serious and studious jedi, Vulpesen had been shaped by his two years as a wanderer and it took time before he would relax, eventually showing a carefree attitude and a zest for life. Still, his ambition meant nothing if no one would teach him how to take that next step. Namelessly among the throng of Republic Jedi, Vulpesen simply threw himself into tournaments and eventually, the field of battle. Some time after the start of his military career, he would catch the eye of Daella Apparine who then took him in as her apprentice. After a few months, Vulpesen was declared ready to journey on, and thus he was promoted to knight.

    Years 18-25: The Shadow
    Upon his promotion to knight, Vulpesen immediately joined the order of Shadows and thus he worked dutifully to help retrieve holocrons and beat back the sith. Through a large number of campaigns and battles, Vulpesen was finally starting to get a name for himself. Becoming well known as a loyal but somewhat strange jedi, Vulpesen had even gone so far as to make himself the mark of assassins sent by those who wished to make a statement. However, this was not to say that he was a paragon of the order. Near the beginning of his time as a knight, Vulpesen was given an Ashlan Wolf by the name of Ace. Forming a strong bond, Vulpesen and Ace became an item of unrest among several masters as their connection went against the old code. Despite this unrest however, his loyalty to the jedi, and his relentless devotion to fighting the sith was something that couldn't be ignored. Marked as a reliable warrior for the Republic, Vulpesen was raised to the rank of Master.

    The rank of master however, was not the boon that Vulpesen believed it to be. A strong believer the the phrase, "There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge," Vulpesen found himself frustrated by the politics of the jedi that constantly walled him away from the teachings and techniques that he craved. While Vulpesen remained a firm believer in the ideals of the Republic, he was increasingly frustrated by the political schemes and red tape offered by masters who were content to wallow in fear of ambition and action.


    Among the Sith

    Year 25-27: The blood Wolf
    During the battle of the Empress Teta, Vulpesen was convinced by the sith, Darth Praelior, that he would do more good among the sith than he could the jedi as they had grown far too weak to protect anyone. At least, that's what he had told the sith. The truth was, that he had joined the sith to betray their secrets to the Republic, something that would earn him the respect he had craved for so long from his superiors.

    Fighting alongside the sith, Vulpesen found himself both at home and agonizingly lonely. His ambition and desires could be sated with a single word to the right person, no knowledge being forbidden to him. But some knowledge wasn't worth the price. The sith were as brutal, sadistic, and cruel as Vulpesen had imagined. The missions he undertook to keep his cover would leave a sour taste in his mouth and a stain on his heart for decades to come.

    In darkness however, there was a light of hope. Among the sith, Vulpesen found himself falling in love with Alexandra Feanor, a grey jedi and another hidden sith with whom he could steal private moments to be himself. Taking retreats to Myrkr, the two would foster a close bond and stumble upon the secret that had been kept from the Heir of House Torrevaso since his birth. Vulpesen having thought himself human since his youth, had started to undergo the trials to become a Full Zorren.

    Year 28 Part 1: The Tenevi
    After almost two years among the sith, Vulpesen found that it was time to leave. Having never had any love for the sith, and having every desire to betray them, he left without remorse. However, his time among the sith had changed him. Looking out to the Republic, he could see it for the shambling wreck it had become. While Vulpesen would regret that he had not destroyed the sith or struck any strong blows agaisnt them in his leaving, he held no regret that his time had not aided the hypocritical jedi that had so readily cheered his disappearance.

    His time on Myrkr and among the Ashlan wolves had given Vulpesen a unique opportunity to study his origins, unravelling the mystery of his true heritage and the lost planet of Veradune. Armed with this knowledge, Vulpesen returned to his ancestral planet to free its people before remaking the ancient Tenevi Order. Then, through some diplomatic playing with former sith Dux Kotass, and his lover Alexandra Lianne Feanor, he formed the Vitae Alliance. No longer would he live among the sith, or live as a puppet of the jedi. He had decided to forge his own path.

    Along with his newfound freedom, Vulpesen found himself beset by another joy. Alexandra, now his fiancé, had blessed him with a pair of twins, Vallen and Daella Torrevaso. With the birth of his own galactic faction, and the continuance of his family, Vulpesen could finally claim to know joy after years of descending fortune.


    Birth of the Vitae

    Year 28 Part 2: The Alliance
    Having helped found the Vitae Alliance, Vulpesen quickly set to work on creating a galactic power. However, while the alliance seemed to initially find a promising start, his success turned to ash as his fellow founders betrayed him, and his people grew idle and apathetic. Seeing no other choice than to give in, Vulpesen disbanded the alliance and retreated to his home on Veradune where he would wait and plan for his next move.

    Compounding this calamity was the dissolvement of his engagement. Alexandra's leaving left Vulpesen as a single father with both a pair of children, and a planet to run. Believing that the galaxy could handle itself for a time, Vulpesen threw himself into the work of rebuilding his home. The Galaxy would always have someone else to defend it. Veradune needed him.

    Year 29: Return
    After swearing off the galaxy Vulpesen spent two years in hiding on his planet, rebuilding his people and learning of their culture and history. In that time, he has learned how the Veran and Zorren people eat, speak, fight, and believe. Once his home was finally established and rebuilt, Vulpesen was once again hit with the wanderlust of his earlier years. Now affiliated with no one but the people of his own planet, Vulpesen took to the stars to see what the greater galaxy has in store, as well as what he might have missed.


    The Rise of Veradune

    Year 30: The CEO

    After dipping his head into the galaxy, Vulpesen started to travel, eventually finding himself in the company of old friends such as master Matsu Ike Matsu Ike as well as a new companion by the name of Riamah Riamah . Encouraged by his new connections to become more active in the Galaxy, Vulpesen looked to what little remained of the old Vitae Alliance and turned it into something new. Thus was born the Vitae Security Forces. Now hoping to create a new business out of defending others, Vulpesen has set his sights on making this new and wild galaxy a better place.

    Year 33: The Exodus
    Among his allies in the Dark Hand, a faction formed by himself and Riamah to contend against the sith, Vulpesen found power and influence from behind the scenes in the galaxy. Once again a threat, Vulpesen brought the armies of Veradune to bear agaisnt the growing Bryn'adul incursions. However, with every battle, the already struggling population of Veradune dwindled. The Zorrens as a race were nearing extinction and something had to be done.

    Vulpesen's allies and experiences had left him with certain skills, talents, and resources that would combine to make the impossible possible. Using a hosts of force artifacts from Matsu's collection, and his connections with the Dark Hand to provide a logistical support system, Vulpesen used his connection with the netherworld, something he had gained during the event's beginning to march through the portals to the underworld. His goal was simple. Find the Zorrens lost to the Gulag plague and the massacres that had beset them, and bring them home.

    His success rang out across the planet and the galaxy. Veradune was no longer a struggling planet with a dying population. The Zorrens were back form the brink, and with them, the full military might of the galaxy's guard dogs. What's more, Vulpesen's actions had made him a hero among his people, now akin to a religious figure. With his position as Valde set, the planet and its people were indebted to the man in ways that few rulers could even fathom.


    The Valde and the Wilder

    Year 33-80:
    The Valde's Education​
    Vulpesen had learned his people's culture, needs, fighting styles, and traditions. But he had yet to learn their ways in the force. Once again, the Galaxy was safe with new guardians rising to defend it. Thus, Vulpesen once again retreated to his planet. The following decades were quiet for him, the Valde focusing on raising his children, building infrastructure, and learning the ways of the Veran Wilders, his planet's own force Tradition. Diving into these lessons, Vulpesen learned all he could and let himself be drowned in the teachings of the Wilders until he was no longer a sith or a jedi. Vallen and Daella joined these lessons, and together his family would create the Vitae Sect.

    Year 81-Present: A New Galaxy and a New Alliance
    Sixty years is a long time. Wars had been waged. Friends and foes alike had died. Borders had been rearranged until they were unrecognizable, protected by factions that Vulpesen had heard of only through the reports that passed along his desk. But while Vulpesen had done his work behind the scenes, destroying the smaller hives of scum and villainy, removing slavers, and purging the occasional sith and dark jedi, he knew that his and his planet's time in seclusion could never last forever. With Veradune set firmly in the borders of the Galactic Alliance, Vulpesen reached out to meet the new faction. In them, he saw the old Republic he had fought for, not as he had left it, but as he'd always believed it could be. The jedi were open and accepting. Knowledge and learning was encouraged, and he saw no shortage of paragons, not of light, but of good. In short, they were a people that he could entrust his planet to.

    Joining Veradune to the Alliance, Vulpesen introduced himself to the jedi, not as a former member, but as a friend and an ally that they could call on for additional knowledge and aid. To the GADF, he offered the Vitae Security Forces with all their weapons and personnel to help protect the Alliance's interests. To the Galactic Alliance's political sphere, he stepped forward with the aid of his diplomatic head, the Howlaw Court Excelsus, Lucas Gracin.

    The Galaxy had changed in his absence. But evil still existed. It was time to once again make his mark see that the galaxy continued to change for the better.

  • GAPostBreaker.png

    Ace (NPC)Ashlan Wolf Bondmate and Partner
    Alexandra FeanorEx-Fiance and mother of his children
    Daella ApparineJedi Master (Deceased)
    Zarro VeresAdoptive Father (Deceased)
    Matsu Ike Matsu Ike Friend and Mentor
    Gweneth Zarari Gweneth Zarari Wilder Apprentice
    Lucas GracinFriend and Diplomatic Head of Veradune
    Vallen Torrevaso (NPC)Son
    Daella Torrevaso(NPC)Daughter
    Riamah Riamah Friend and Former Lover

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