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  1. The Coalition Of Government   (COG)

    The Coalition Of Government (COG)

    What is COG?: It's known to "Founding Father of Serians" as leader of the "Socialist-Communist Government" named "Aseria Greysera" during the "sliver era" civil war as it been masked as "The Coalition " for the people but truthfully , it's known to be "Communism" one-party communist...
  2. Caltin Vanagor

    Relics of an old Republic

    Was thinking of doing a sort of sub-sect of the Silvers based on the apparent (and welcome) influx of characters around during the Clone Wars, be it just living through it or frozen on an ice world or in stasis. Any interest?
  3. Bigger Boss Bruce

    Character Captain Dice, Remnant of the Republic

    Captain Dice NAME: Captain Dice | CT-7774 FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems; Yes, he knows how rich that is too. RANK: Clone Captain; Faction Rank Undecidied SPECIES: Human; Cloned AGE: 26 Years 'Old' (13 Technically) | 889 Years Old Galactically SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6 Feet Tall WEIGHT...
  4. Darth Vulcanus

    Game Republic Commando | Shameless Plug and Discussion

    Hello fellow Chaos gamers. I was loath to come here flashing around my shameless plug, but I figured what the hell? Worst that can happen is someone tells me how horrible I already know I am. My bf and I are huge game lovers and with quarantine still upon us we decided to try our hand at the...
  5. Volts

    Faction Ghosts of the Republic

    Remember the Republic Tag: Aloy Vizsla, Black Hand Crime Syndicate It's been over eight centuries since the Clone Wars. A massive conflict that would change the galaxy forever. It's impact would leave scars on most worlds, some still healing. The Galactic Republic of the past is gone along with...
  6. Thalia Senn

    Spoiler Caption Me [Potential High Republic Comic Spoilers]

    Thalia. My first serious attempt at writing a Jedi since The Hound ... That didn't end well. She's still in her infancy as a character but I thought we could have some fun with her. Knowing what y'all know (or don't know) about Thalia I've found some stuff that I want you guys to caption with...
  7. D

    Faction Forging Ahead [Allies Welcome, PM to Join.]

    Jedha… A planet that had seen the merciless Empire take a part of who it was, many years ago – for the sake of hiding their nefarious deeds. A planet which had seen the brunt of the Imperial war machine, and somehow still flourished. Transition after transition of power, she somehow still...
  8. D

    Interest Check: High Republic

    Alright, round two. I'm going ahead with the idea and asking any and all interested parties - hit me up. We are deep into the development stages of the High Republic, with a lot of collaboration between writers of all backgrounds. We will be taking undertones from all Light-side factions in...
  9. D

    Interest Check: High Republic/New Galactic Republic/Galactic Federation of Free Alliances

    Why?: Why not? The Galactic Alliance is not the Republic. Sure, built on the same premise (I think) but values and system of belief is completely different. Waaaaait, what do you mean?: I mean what I mean. Nothing else to it. They choose to be more a middle ground Faction based off who they...
  10. Republic Engineering

    Approved Starship REC Special Project 0496 - Startide-Class Star Defender "Alliance Ascendant."

    ANS “Alliance Ascendant” OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a Star Dreadnaught for the Galactic Alliance, formerly the Republic. Image Source: Animo App Hosted | Star Wars France - Raddus | Hologram Image created by Bernard of Arca and Edited by Myself. Canon Link: Not Applicable...
  11. A

    Character Akarshaan Naar [Republic Jedi Sentinel] WIP

  12. Spirit of Duty

    Faction Ad The Republic

    The People... For years the Core has been a cruel place. War torn and littered with warlords and pirates the Core struggled to find its identity after the Galactic Alliance fell to the power of the Imperial Bloc Treaty. In its absence a New Republic rose and fell, crushed by its own promises and...
  13. Maron Zanak

    Character Maron Zanak

    NAME: Maron Zanak FACTION: The Republic RANK: Jedi Knight SPECIES: Chiss AGE: 26 years old SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6' 7" WEIGHT: 216 lbs EYES: Red HAIR: Dark Blue/Blackish SKIN: Blue colored FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, he's a Jedi knight, and well experienced with the force STRENGTHS AND...
  14. Saifaddin

    Character Prestor Girard

    PRESTOR GIRARD FACTION: The Republic RANK: Jedi Diplomat SPECIES: Near-Human (Alderaanian Human - Kiffar hybrid) AGE: 40 GSY GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 1.85 Meters WEIGHT: 81.5 kg HAIR: Bald (Black if grown) EYES: Brown SKIN: Tanned FORCE SENSITIVITY: Yes HOME: Alderaan (birth place)...
  15. K

    Looking for: Qoutes and anectodtes on the many Republics

    Crowdsourcing yet another book! Questions as follows What Republics were you a part of? IE name; pre darkharvest; pre Netherworld etc. What was their hayday like? What was the decline like? What were the issues that caused that decline? What is the legacy if any they left behind? Any events...
  16. RC 212

    New Dawn (Republic Exiles)

    0459 Hours Unidentified Craft; Deep Space The sound of footstep pattering down the hall was barely audible to him. He'd been in the pod for hours. After a brief stint in training, and even more flash training they'd shuttled him and his team off to.... He didn't know where. Director Townsend...
  17. Gaia Sunaris Cadera

    Eleutheria Cosimia Overjerr

    INFORMATION NAME: Eleutheria Cosimia Overjerr NICKNAME: Thea, Theria, Ellie FACTION: Republic Exiles OCCUPATION: Refugee ☹ Former Occupations (most recent to least recent:) Waitress – 2 years Holographic Designer – 4 years Clerk – 2 years SPECIES: Hapan/Clawdite (genetically modified)...
  18. Coren Starchaser

    A Living World in the Unknown (Jedi on Zonoma Sekot)

    The New Jedi Order had fought the Yuuzhan Vong. And that was one of those stories that people weren’t completely sure that happened. He knew that there was a world that was living, he’d been there before, before the timelines were re-established, and had spent time working on getting a ship...
  19. Iskandar Thal

    Zhira Osmandis

    NAME: Zhiramuni “Zhira” Osmandis FACTION: Republic / Jedi Order SPECIES: Lasat AGE: 18 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 1.95 Meters WEIGHT: 85 kg EYES: Green HAIR: Dark violet, near-black SKIN: Furry and purple FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes HOMEWORLD: Lira San VOICE: Janet Varney as Avatar Korra...
  20. Avin Starfire

    Approved NPC Legion of the Guardians

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: This Unit is to give the New Republic Jedi order a combat arm for organisation in faction threading and operations. Image Credit: Wookiepedia, Link Role: Combat Group Links: The New Republic, Republic military, Republic Jedi Order GENERAL...