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Quekko's Choice Ship Emporium - the finest pre-owned vehicles and vessels

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Welcome to Quekko's Choice Ship Emporium!
Always 20% off for Spacer Guild members!


  • Juxtaposer Wheelbikes - For the perfect getaway.
  • Luminous (unique) - When you need to pinball through a city-planet in what we'd consider style.
  • Big Luuie (unique) - When you need to really mech an impact.


  • The Die Nasty (12.5m) - Top-tier starfighter speed and maneuverability, plus a minelayer with interdiction powers, but also it's a bike.
  • ORC Combat Hauler (large airspeeder, tape measure too short) - A cargo vehicle suitable for bringing things into combat situations and taking things out of combat situations. Has done so.
  • Baas-class Training Vessel (244m) - Going on thirty years old, but a fully functional Jedi training ship. Smells like teen spirit.
  • ORC Castillon Stealth Transport (45m) - A comprehensive stealth ship for transporting small groups or special cargoes. Slight pharmaceutical scent.
  • The Role Model (80m) - A gorgeous mining and salvage ship found inexplicably abandoned on a very strange planet in the middle of the Maw. It appeared that its owner had tried to take a shower in an unsettling body of water.
  • The Bad Habat (21m) - A modified Ithorian shuttle with great legs and durability. No guns, though. That's Ithorians for you. Used by Jerec to smuggle rhydonium fuel out of the Sith Empire.
  • The Blueshift (23m) - A custom Naboo patrol craft once owned by the notorious merc John Ash. Molecular shields, high-penetration short-range scanners.
  • The Jubal Shore Derelict (500m) - An ancient battleship boasting alien alloys and quick-recharge ray shields.
  • A RebelX Light Gunship (21m) - The Underground flew these beefy X-Wing knockoffs against the Lords of the Fringe. At the Battle of Taloraan, this RebelX helped send Fringe battleships down to the crushing depths of a gas giant.
  • The Frogdog (17m) - A quirky little Nar Shaddaa bastich with a blisteringly fast hyperdrive and a few other special modifications.
  • The Bullet Time - Jorus Merrill's blockade runner, lost by his daughter Mara during a notorious Mandalorian attack on Ilum. Has spent roughly a decade in a snowbank.
  • The Defiance - One of only two Seroth-class frigates ever made. The Lords of the Fringe built it to kill dreadnoughts from the inside. Nightfather Ember Rekali, the Warlock of Yavin, called it his home before his untimely death. Definitely not cursed.
  • An H-Wing search and rescue cutter - The authentic BTL-V12 from the grand old days of Koensayr.
  • The Vagrant's Pride - This custom blockade runner has plenty of secrets, and frankly we don't know what half of them are. All we know is she flew with the original Vagrant Fleet, and looks great for her age.
  • The Lethewalker - The Nightsister alchemist Rave Merrill used this ship to haul terentateks. In her will, she left it to whoever could solve a riddle. Nobody solved the riddle. We found the ship drifting and mopped the decks extra well.
  • A Voidwalker Expeditionary Transport - Great stealth systems and countermeasures. Authentic Charon battle damage from repeated trips to Otherspace.
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Requiring a vessel to move from place to place as he wished, Senator Kiyoshi of Corellia had been afforded a Negotiator-class shuttle. But that was operated by the Republic government and thus couldn't be used for his more secretive visits. For when a Senator needed to unwind and do some quasi-legal drugs and meet with ladies of the stars. Reaching out to various used ship vendors, he had yet to find something suitable to his tastes...Until.

The Vagrant's Pride. He saw the ship and fell in love, placing an order immediately. Jerec Asyr Jerec Asyr

Agrippa The Hutt

Scrolling through the listings on his datapad, sifting through the darkweb, and both the holonet something caught Agrippa’s eye. A ship that stood out amongst the catalog of other, less noteworthy vessels. One that had been touched by the force itself. The amber eyes that adorned the Hutt’s skull shined with a hunger for The Lethewalker. Agrippa wasted no time putting in his offer of credits alongside a lifetime supply of Huttaburger, and a few coupons to TacoHutt.

Jerec Asyr Jerec Asyr
"The Fringe? Who were they?" A nasal tone asked politely.

"Humans lording it over the Unknown Regions for a time." An indignant tone responded.

"Surely there were aliens among them."

"Subservient wretches who had no inkling of the power they could have possessed."

"...like your people enslaving thousands of worlds themselves?"

"....I regret telling you about that."

The snail slithered annoyed into the folds of the Feoorin. In response the ashen creature ticked a few buttons. Cursed when he hit the wrong ones, because his hands were far too big. A sigh from somewhere inside of the robes. The hands? They shrunk down. Mildly. Then continued to type, placing an order on the Defiance.

It would be the height of irony to use it as his personal command ship.

A bit large, of course, but nothing sheer perseverance couldn't solve.

Jerec Asyr Jerec Asyr
Warden of lost causes
Jerec Asyr Jerec Asyr

I'm in need of a medical ship but talons are in short supply. Any interest in barter. I can offer something that might be more valuable than coin, informant status with the Judges of the OPA and I would owe you if you catch my meaning.

Would love to put the H wing cutter into service with the Judges, let me know at your earliest if this arrangement would work.